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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 21, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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the headlines. the speaker of the comments, john bercow, refuses a government request to hold a vote on its brexit deal, saying the question was already put the house at the weekend. my weekend. my ruling is therefore that the motion will not be debated today as it would be repetitive and disorderly to do so. i note the dilemmas you face mean that on occasion you will sometimes have to please them and not others, but it is becoming remarkable how often you please one lot and not the other. prince harry and his wife the duchess of sussex open up about the struggles of living in the spotlight. sources say prince william is concerned for his
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brother. there are angry scenes at stormont as members walk out of the first assembly meeting for three years, paving the way for abortion and same—sex marriage to become legal in northern ireland. the dangers of heading a football. a new report on the risk of brain injuries and the higher rate of dementia among footballers. ina in a moment, it is going to be time for the sport, but first a quick look at what else is coming up this evening. president trump faces heavy criticism for his handling of the situation in northern syria as us troops return to the area after previously being withdrawn. that is coming upjust previously being withdrawn. that is coming up just after 7pm. previously being withdrawn. that is coming upjust after 7pm. and then, we will be discussing the decision not to allow a vote on the government's brexit deal today. and what that means for the withdrawal agreement bill, which is due to be introduced later today. and then at
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8:50pm, why it is worth looking up to the sky tonight. i have got a guest who is going to tell us how to spot a very special meteor shower later this evening. first, the sport. hello, i'm olly foster. this is sportsday. here's what's coming up this evening. murray's miracle. after two hip operations, he has his first singles title in over two years. liverpool's perfect record is gone. is that because var is also proving far from perfect? jurgen klopp thinks so. will it be needed tonight? sheffield united and arsenal renew an unlikely rivalry. it's a fixture that has plenty of history. also coming up in the programme: the hundred draft. we look at who's in and who's out and ask a world cup winner what it's all about.
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and another world champion tells us what it's like to get ready for a semifinal at the rugby world cup, as england and wales prepare. hello and welcome to sportsday. football and world cup rugby to come, but what a weekend for andy murray on his comeback trail. he won the european open in antwerp yesterday, his first title since early 2017. he knew he might never play again earlier this year so to say that his second hip operation was a success is something of an understatement. he was understandably emotional after his victory over stan wawrinka in antwerp. the last few years have been
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extremely difficult. both me and sta n extremely difficult. both me and stan have had a lot of injury problems in the last couple of years. amazing, obviously, to be back playing against him in a final. earlier, i spoke to the former british number one annabelle croft. it has been absolutely astonishing andi it has been absolutely astonishing and i think anyone who was around him in that period of time where we just watched him hobbling for a good year, we weren't sure if he was ever going to be back playing professional tennis, certainly not at the level we saw at the weekend, so at the level we saw at the weekend, soiam at the level we saw at the weekend, so i am giving a big shout out to his surgeon, who seems to have done a miraculousjob on his hip, but also the great competitor that andy murray is, that all came up once again at the weekend, and itjust shows once a champion, always a champion. i know it's not the
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highest grade of tournament in the european open, that he beat another grand slam winner in stan wawrinka in that final and just to play that amount of matches in a week and come out a winner takes something. amount of matches in a week and come out a winner takes somethingm does. it takes careful and meticulous planning. what has been impressive is how he has not rushed it. it would be easy for him to be under pressure to perform at some of the grand slams like wimbledon or the grand slams like wimbledon or the us open earlier. he wanted to play doubles to start with. he was very successful in that department. it isa very successful in that department. it is a very different agility on the court to singles. then it was playing slightly lower level tournaments but getting lots of matches under his belt and just careful planning. it has ended, this was his last event of 2019, and what ato was his last event of 2019, and what a to finish. he has exceeded his targets for 2019. he has surprised
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himself and his team around him. what bar is he going to set for 2020? i don't think andy murray will be trying to go back into top level tennis unless he believes he can win another grand slam. you have got all those slightly older players who have so much experience and are so many grand slam titles in their tally, and then you have got the new god coming through, so it is an interesting time for andy murray to come back in, because he would love to play against some of the new guys who are nipping at the heels of the old ones, but he would also like to challenge for grand slam titles once again. i don't think he would be doing this if he did not think he could win one. there's one game in the premier league tonight. we'll get to that in just a moment. but as there often is on a monday, there's been some fall out from the weekends fixtures. former premier league player lee hendrie is here with me. lee, the video assistant referee.
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jurgen klopp was furious that a foul in the build up to marcus rashford's opener was disallowed. he was furious that this happened in the build—up to marcus rashford's first—half opener. he says if martin atkinson doesn't spot it, var should have done. i totally agree. i watched the game yesterday myself and once i had seen the replays of it, i thought, and once i had seen the replays of it, ithought, it and once i had seen the replays of it, i thought, it has got to be overruled surely. looking at the news yesterday and today and what has happened, most people saying it should, should not. this is where var is causing so many problems in football. jurgen klopp probably had a few words for martin atkinson. he has got this theory that martin atkinson thought, i am not going to
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blow for that because var will put it right, but the video assistance are not overruling referees as much as they should. they have got a screen they can revert back to on the sideline. their big issue is, why are they not going and saying, i have made a mistake. i have let things carry on... watford were really unhappy against spurs as well. this was a blatant penalty. it shows the amount of times... well. this was a blatant penalty. it shows the amount of times. .. and thatis shows the amount of times. .. and that is what var is for. penalties, goal—scoring opportunities. that is what var is for. penalties, goal—scoring opportunitieslj that is what var is for. penalties, goal-scoring opportunities. i have seen goal-scoring opportunities. i have seen it in german football, italian football, the referee is not sure, they have gone to the sideline and made that decision themselves. that was allowed. the equaliser. made that decision themselves. that was allowed. the equaliserlj made that decision themselves. that was allowed. the equaliser. i feel that was the right decision. there are so many that was the right decision. there are so many decisions i have found very dubious. somebody pushed the
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wrong button. for those incidents, there watford manager was unhappy. he said, i think var is something objective but i'm starting to think it is something subjective. sheffield united against arsenal tonight. you were in the last sheffield united side to face arsenal. that was 6—0 in the carling cup. this was another match, going back 20 years. do you remember that? i vaguely remember that. i remember the amount of disruption it had on that game. basically, hejust played on, set up marc overmars, and you had arsene wenger saying, let's have a replay. arsenal went on to win that replay. so a lot of history between these two teams. sheffield united have done amazing to get back
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into the premier league. this is such a key fixture for arsenal because they are in a position at the moment where i don't feel they have played particularly well. the past few games, they have got away with results. tonight at bramall lane, that will be packed out. sheffield united player so dynamic, they play attacking football, i feel there are going to be plenty of goals because arsenal's defensive issues. it is going to be noisy on their return to the premier league. another high—profile match on the telly. arsenal can go third if they win. sheffield united just a point above the relegation zone. plenty of motivation for both teams. thank you for joining motivation for both teams. thank you forjoining us. you can hear much more on the monday night club. there's bad news for wales ahead of their rugby world cup semifinal
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against south africa on sunday. they've lost their forward josh navidi for the rest of the tournament. the back—rower, who's mostly been deployed as a number 8 injapan has torn his hamstring. he limped—off in the first half of their quarter—final win over france. centrejonathan davies though, who missed that game with a knee problem, should be fit for the south africa semi. very disappointing for him. he has been very influential, very important for us. so, yeah, it is disappointing for us to have a player ruled out. but, in saying that, these games are so physical and to have only lost one player at this stage is a real positive for us. warren gatland, what a pressure week for him, getting ready for that. a huge week for wales and england as they prepare for world cup semifinals. so it's the start of a huge week for england and wales injapan as they prepare for their own dates with destiny in yokohama
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this weekend. i've been having a chat with a man who knows exactly what it's like to prepare for a world cup semifinal. kyran bracken was part of england's winning side in 2003, but he also lost a semifinal eight years before that. the price of winning against australia is now to take on probably the best team in the world in new zealand and it is all about taking each game as it comes. the last thing you can do, certainly with a quarterfinal against australia, is think ahead about new zealand. he will have said nothing about new zealand before winning that match against australia and now all the detail will be out there for the players, how they are going to face new zealand. i can imagine george ford, owen farrell, will be laying down the blueprint for another great win hopefully. what is it about a semifinal, knowing there is so much at stake? there semifinal is, it is scary because you are in the last four, you have got the excitement of getting there, but also you know
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that it means nothing to be a loser in the semifinal. i suppose the feeling is the same in a final, but the semifinal in particular, you are not really the bridesmaid, you won nothing, really. you then have the calamity of having to play in a bronze final. we did that in 1995 and in1995 we bronze final. we did that in 1995 and in 1995 we played new zealand, having played australia in the quarterfinals, we went on to lose very badly against new zealand. zines and brooke a drop goal from the line. they smashed us. and then we had that horrible extra week where we had to play in a bronze final that nobody wanted to do. everybody wanted to have a drink and commiserate losing. it's a game you really don't want to lose. hopefully it won't be a rerun of 1995. like eddiejones, warren it won't be a rerun of 1995. like eddie jones, warren gatland it won't be a rerun of 1995. like eddiejones, warren gatland has been around the block a few times. he should know how to play things as well but they come out of a very
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different game don't they. that one—point win against the french in which warren gatland pretty much admitted they got away with one. but the good thing is, they have got this momentum behind them of winning. no matter what sort of adversity they go through, they seem to come through. let's hope from a welsh point of view that some of the players, jonathan davies, those important players, are fit for the semifinal. for them to win against south africa, they are going to need everything in their squad to do so. new zealand are favourites, but you just never know. it is very exciting but i am very hopeful for england andi but i am very hopeful for england and i will keep my fingers crossed for wales because they are a northern hemisphere team and it would be nice to see them in a final.
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you might have watched the draft for the hundred across the bbc last night. the eight teams are beginning to take shape for next summer's it really was a first for british sport, sarah. 540 cricket players from across the world available to draft, with 96 eventually picked by one of the eight teams. all of them already had three english players, so the draft was all about filling the rest of their 15—man squads. the earlier a team picked a player, the greater the value of their contract. well, each team had three representatives at the draft last night and they had 100 seconds to make their decision before moving on to the next team. trent rockets had the first pick of the evening and they chose... this man. afghanistan's rashid khan, for a £162,000 contract. the leg—spinner might not be a household name for some, but he's one of the biggest stars around the world in limited over cricket.
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australian batsman steve smith went for a similar contract. the world's number one test batsman is going to the welsh fire. and new zealand captain kane williamson is heading to the birmingham phoenix. however, there were some huge names who missed out. there was no room for sri lankan fast—bowler lasith mallinga, south africa's kagiso rabada, but most surprisingly of all, chris gayle missed out. the self—proclaimed universe boss wasn't picked by any of the teams. and the former england captain michael vaughan tweeted that he couldn't beleive that he wasn't guaranteed a spot. so, with the teams eventually finalised, who's done the best? well, you can decide for yourselves after looking at the squads, in full, on the bbc sport website, with lots of analysis from current and former players. and, of course, a women's competition runs alongside the men's next summer in england. all eight of the teams have two
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english players already, but on sunday each side got to pick their marquee women's signing. with australia captain meg lanning, the biggest name of all, going to the welsh fire. but there's a bit of a wait to see how they all get on, sarah. the tournament doesn't start until next july. let's hear then from a man who'll be playing in the hundred. jason roy, part of england's world cup winning side this summer, is the local pick for the oval invincibles. i asked him about his height and many i asked him about his height and ma ny lows i asked him about his height and many lows this summer and whether the hundred will offer something significantly different in the cricket calendar. the glaringly obvious difference is the overseas
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players and, as far as on paper is concerned, their standard of it is a lot better. you have got the t20 running before it, which will get the guys ready for it, and that is still a great competition to play in. how do you reflect on the summer just gone? enormous highs for you. a world cup winner. but an incredibly frustrating ashes series for you. world cup winner. but an incredibly frustrating ashes series for youm has been an incredible year. the ashes series put a little bit of a dampener on it but i still played and it is a huge honour and it is incredible. it was a shame to go straight from winning the world cup to that, so it was quite a lot to deal with mentally. it was extremely difficult making that switch over, especially opening the batting against such an incredible attack. most of us struggled quite a bit. it
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wasn't easy, however, to play in the ashes is pretty cool. there is a new head coach, chris silverwood is now in charge, and you did not get in the touring party for new zealand. you wanted to be on that to be in chris silverwood's face, to say, i can still do a job for you. absolutely. it was a bit of a shock. idid not absolutely. it was a bit of a shock. i did not have a good ashes series, but it was a shame. i have got to go away and work on my game and try and score a high volume of runs again and hopefully get picked again one day. i have always had a lot of self belief and worked extremely hard on my game. worked very hard to get selected in the first place. u nfortu nately, selected in the first place. unfortunately, it has not worked out for the time being. that is no reason to say the future does not include test cricket for me. at the moment, i have got to work on my game and see where i am at. but
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reflecting on the year, and what are you it has been, undoubtedly one of the best of my life. i can still look back and feel extremely proud. let's have a run through some of today's other sports news stories. new research has found that former professional footballers are more likely to die of dementia than people of the same age range in the general population. the study was comissioned by the fa and the pfa after claims that former west brom strikerjeff astle died because of repeated head trauma. the sheffield united striker oli mcburnie's been charged with drink—driving following an incident in leeds in the early hours of friday morning. the club's record signing will appear at leeds magistrates' court on the 6th of november. and leeds rhinos have been fined £20,000 by the rugby football league following salary cap breaches. half of that fine has been suspended for two years. the eight—times super league champions were found to have exceeded the cap on four separate occasions. leeds chief executive gary hetherington blamed an "administrative error".


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