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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 2, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news with shaun ley. the headlines. south africa are victorious in the rugby world cup final, beating england 32—12 at yokohama in japan. it's jubilation in cape town, but disappointment for england fans, though they can take solace in the brilliant performances, that led them to the final. the best thing we've ever seen, the best mentality, the best players. but you cannot take away from south africa. best — unreal, unreal. the government halts fracking for gas in england until there is evidence the controversial process is safe. nicola sturgeon accuses boris johnson and jeremy corbyn of running scared of a tv debate with her — and says scottish independence is within touching distance. vote to escape the chaos and the misery, and the division of brexit, and vote to put scotland's future
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into scotland's hands. that is the message that must ring out. high winds and rain sweep southern england and wales, with one woman killed after her car was struck by a falling tree in dorset. lu kwesa bu ra k lu kwesa burak will lukwesa burak will be here at the top of the evening, her hour. now it's time tojoin top of the evening, her hour. now it's time to join the team for sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday, with me, olly foster, and holly hamilton. these are your headlines this evening. south africa overpower england to become rugby world champions for the third time. huge disappoiontement for england and theirfans, losing their third world cup final, the head caoch eddiejones says he can't explain why they came up so short.
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it was the late show in the premeir league today, leaders liverpool beat villa in injury time. also coming up in the programme... the lions lose again on tour. new zealand are too strong for great britain in auckland. and the last ticket to tokyo: great britain's women, the olympic hockey champions are a step closer to qualification. good evening. it's not the start to the weekend many of us had hoped for. england came up very short injapan, as they were out—muscled and out—classed by south africa in the rugby world cup final. the springboks kicked themsleves into a half—time lead before two tries finished england off.
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32—12 the final score, south africa becoming world champions for a third time, equalling the all blacks record. england's head coach eddiejones could find no explanation for their defeat and wouldn't be drawn on his future. our sports editor dan roan was at the final in yokohama. having outplayed in new zealand here last weekend, england arrived as favourites to emulate the team of 2003 and lift the world cup forjust a second time in their history. sporting immortality was in their grasp, but in the final reckoning, it wasn't to be. it said he wished this tournament would never end. but as coach eddie jones this tournament would never end. but as coach eddiejones and his players left their hotel for their date with destiny, they knew the next few hours would define the rest of their lives. this is thejourney hours would define the rest of their lives. this is the journey england by lives. this is the journey england rugby has been dreaming of for yea rs. rugby has been dreaming of for years. for those who simply had to see it for themselves, it was a
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moment to cherish. the prospect of glory no less tantalising, however, for their opponents. this would be a repeat of the final 12 years ago, the last time england had played on such a stage. whatever was about to unfold, it already restored pride in the jersey. now they had to go to a place where only one english team had been to before. kyle sinkler has emerged as one of the tournament cosmic stars, but his final but less just two minutes, the prop out cold after colliding with his team—mate. england robbed of one of their most important players. pollard then hurting them on the scoreboard. the favourite seemed rattled was the magnitude of the occasion getting to them? england's world cup final hasn't started yet. a tight first half coming from the boot of owen farrell. england were in trouble, penalised time and time again. no tea m penalised time and time again. no team had trailed at half—time in the final and come back to win. could
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england defy history? not like this. mike is only met him pay starting out finishing a rapid attack to score his country's first ever try out a final. brilliant! south africa had been labelled boring in the build up. so much for that. colby celebrating his return to the site with a devastating dance to the try line. heartbreak for england, with a devastating dance to the try line. heartbreakfor england, this their third defeat in the final. there form had deserted them when it mattered most succulent i'm proud of what we've done. the fight we had in the second half, but credit to south africa, they were very good today. we come from different backgrounds, different races, and we came together with one goal and wanted to achieve it. i hope with done proper south africa. 24 years ago, south africa's first world cup on victory on home soil had given rugby one of their iconic images. now he's given them another. a seminal moment for
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his sport and his country. the chance of sporting immortality may have passed them by, but a gang, her young england team can be a child democrat of what they've achieved here. they exceeded expectations. the final will always be remembered for the power not only of south africa's play, but also the image of theircaptain, a man africa's play, but also the image of their captain, a man born in a township lifting the trophy. rarely has sporting victory felt quite so momentous. dan rowen, bbc news, yokohama. lets's hearfrom the england head coach now, who said it wasjust a bad day at the office for them. we thought our preparation this week was good, but at the end of the day, it wasn't because we didn't play well. and you can have the most investigative debrief of your game, and you still don't know what was wrong. it just happens and you still don't know what was wrong. itjust happens sometimes. it's not a good day for it to happen, you know? we will be kicking stones now for four years. happen, you know? we will be kicking
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stones now forfour years. and it's ha rd to stones now forfour years. and it's hard to kick stones for four years. so we are massively disappointed, but at the same time, i've got great admiration for the players did. i can't tell you how much respect i've got for them, how hard they worked, how hard they played in this final. and we came short today. but it's not because of lack of effort, mate. england's players have taken to social media in the last few hours since their defeat. lock maro itoje quoting a proverb... "when a ram goes backwards it is not retreating, it moves back to gather more strength." that's pretty deep. prop kyle sinckler, who was taken off with concussion in the third minute, said words can't express how he's feeling to have the biggest moment of his life taken away from him. and tom curry thanked his family and friends who'd travelled to japan to support him. remember, his brother ben was given special permission by his club to
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travel out there. he was in the stands. he also thanked all the fans who'd watched at home. it's a difficult day for them, we should step away from the rugby world cup. it's been a really dramatic day in the premier league, late wins for liverpool and manchester city, but manchester united's mini—revival has come to an end. ole gunnar solskjaer said there was a lack of quality in his side as they lost 1—0 away at bournemouth. rhia chohan reports. manchester united have faced troubled waters this season. but a fourth consecutive win would be a sign that perhaps this ship is steadying. opportunities came early on for them against bournemouth. ones that with they wood rue missing. like the weather, the game got scrappy at times, anthony tumbling under a challenge byjefferson. a subsequent penalty appeal was lost. otherwise, it was a relatively quiet afternoon for the likes of him and marcus rashford. the wind conditions played havoc with ball control,
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but it did find its way into the sales of former manchester united traineejosh king. the strike set the tone for the rest of the match. they needed to up the tempo and the power, but there just wasn't enough of it. bournemouth‘s first win in six games and sent them back above united in the table, they just didn't live up to recent form. you are always very down when you lose a game. in the form we were in, we were hoping to take three points here. we just couldn't capitalise on a good start. i thought we opened them up and got down the right—hand side, we just couldn't get the goal. game evened out, and that won the game for them. let's get all the rest of the premier league news now, withjoe lysnkey on a day of late—comebacks at the top of the table, joe?
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it's not very often we get the premier league's top two both playing in the traditional saturday slot, it's even rarer that both manchester city and liverpool are up against it at half—time. they both trailed at the interval today for the first time in more than three years. liverpool were 1—0 down to aston villa, but in what could be a pivotal day in the title race, they turned this round in the final four minutes. this was a brilliant, typically frenetic premier league match. that opener for villa came through trezeguet — the egyptian — on the end of a free—kick. there was then var controversy when liverpool had a goal for firmino ruled out debatably for offside, the premier league even released a statement to clear up this decision — they said it was his armpit that had gone beyond the defender. i'm sure plenty of discussion to be had about that in the week coming up. in the end that didn't matter, becausejurgen klopp‘s side
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equalised in the 87th minute through andy robertson — in the circumstances that late goal might‘ve felt like a victory in itself, but then in stoppage time, they snatched all three points through the glancing head of sadio mane. a 2-1 a 2—1victory. absolute heartbreak for aston villa, who for three quarters of this match, thought they were on for a famous win, but liverpool remain six points clear at the top, and 28 games unbeaten. we started off well football—wise, but i didn't like it still 100%. it's playful with words, we played a bit too much here and there, there wasn't really the right moment to finish it off. we didn't shoot from 18—20 yards. we still tried to pass the ball. we had our moments, but we are clearly not clinical enough. too little bit of basic errors of
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concentration for us in the last 5—6 minutes, and that's cost us. very disappointed, but i'm proud of the players in the way they stood up to task today, and did what i've asked of them. we've had a chance in the first minute, we made a good save. you play against a quality team like liverpool, and you know the have a lot of ball. well manchester city were also 1—0 down at half—time. this time against southampton, a side who lost 9—0 in their last premier league game, but the champions city, also came from behind to stay in touch. this was southampton‘s second game at the etihad this week after the efl cupmeeting on wednesday and this time they took the lead throuthames ward—prowse. city toiled for long periods of this game — they faced a southampton wall, but finally on 70 minutes, sergio aguero equalised with a low finish. and by this point the home side were throwing everything at the saints, they finally broke through four minutes from time, through kyle walker.
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now when that walker goal went in liverpool were losing at villa park — city might‘ve thought this could be a game changing weekend where they make up ground in the race. as it is, theyjust stay in touch. we did everything. we attacked... it is so difficult. it's not possible. it is in our target and tried to do it, and we did everything with three corners dust it, and we did everything with three corners dust corners it, and we did everything with three corners dust corners and free kicks and everything. it was difficult, but at the end, art intensity and help for our people in the second half, we could make up and come back. granit xhaka wasn't in the arsenal squad for this match against wolves. that was after he he angrily gestured towards fans when they cheered his substitution.
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he wrote in the programme today to repeat the statement he made on instagram, saying his response was partly down to death threats his wife and young daughter had received. the game itself saw frustration continue for arsenal with 1—1 draw. they had taken the lead through pierre emerick aubameyang, but wolves kept up their impressive run against the big six teams with an equaliser late on. it's been a turbulent week for arsenal given everything that's happened with xha ka, who's their club captain. this result doesn't make things much better. the match for me was equal for two teams. and if you don't discard a single goal,... they did that. more
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pushing than playing, they're getting better opportunities to score. a draw is not good for us. those the results involving the sides at the top but some great stories through the division today. sheffield united are up to sixth now after thrashing burnley 3—0 at home. there were two forjohn lundstram — a man who eiptomises sheffield united — earned his stripes in the lower leagues, has played in all four tiers of english football and on the scoresheet twice today. a crucial win too for newcastle united who survived a late fightback to beat west ham 3—2 — jonjo shelvey among the scorer on his return to the team. so, slowly, newcastle are edging away from the bottom three and things are starting to come together for steve bruce.
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yelling at you know, the first half in particular was the best we've played at the club. we looked rock—solid, and on the counterattack, we looked very dangerous. but the thing is that with the real chances we've got, if we wa nt with the real chances we've got, if we want to be... if we hadn't taken them, it could have been 4—5. the match ongoing right now is at vicarage road where watford play chelsea. they have just taken a 2—0 lead. elsewhere, brighton were winners over norwich. and this is what it means for the table, with liverpool retaining that big lead at the top. sheffield united you can see up there gate—crashing the big six, with bournemouth alongside them on points. at the bottom, newcastle have moved
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four points clear of the relegation zone, while norwich and watford will start to feel the need for urgent points soon. we'll have the goals from that watford match in sportsday at 7.30pm. many thanks indeed, see you then. in the championship, a late goal saw swansea city beat wigan athletic 2—1. kieffer moore's penalty had wiped out nathan dyer‘s opener for the swans in the first half, but the winner came in injury time when connor roberts picked out fellow substitute sam surridge. his header securing the three points and that briefly moved swansea top of the table. that didn't last long. their rivals leeds united's hard—fought 2—0 victory over queens park. rangers at home moved them back to the top. at the other end, middlesbrough‘s winless run was extended to eight games as they lost 2—0 at derby county. nottingham forest are back
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into the play—off places with a win over luton town. details of all todays results are on the bbc sport website. in scotland, celtic are 3—1 up in their league cup semifinal against hibs at hampden park. 30 minutes left in that game. rangers play hearts tomorrow. there were three games in the premiership — aberdeen beat kilmarnock 3—0 to stay fourth behind motherwell who got a late winner against livingstone. ross county scored a late equaliser at hamilton, 2—2 there. still to come on sportsday... can lewis hamilton make it a sixth formula one title this weekend? we'll see how he's getting on in final practice. great britain's rugby league team are still waiting for their first win on tour. they were beaten by tonga last weekend, and this morning, they lost to new zealand. there was nothing in at half—time in auckland but they went down 12—8
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in the first of two tests against the kiwis. adam wild reports. it's been more than a decade since great britain's rugby league lions face new zealand. whilst much in the game is change, the ferocity of the welcome is not one of them. the challenge laid down with a fervent familiar, but in the first round there was more passion than points, a single penalty for both sides. the closeness wouldn't last much beyond have time, eventually torn apart by the all blacks. sheer brute force would extend the lead. corey taking four british tacklers with him over the line. darrell clark's try reduced the difference and set the game up for a dramatic climax. with moments remain, jermaine mcgilvery could've leveled the scores, but the ball, like the match, slipped
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through english fingers. we just ran out time. another five minutes, we would've got that try. but i'm just pleased with their effort and the way we stuck to a plan that we went into the game with. the second half we made some things happen. we just got beat. two defeats from two now, the rugby league lions are back, but not the return they waited for her. adam wild, bbc news. our rugby league correspondent dave woods was at the match. he's been assessing great britain's performance. so another disappointment for the resurrected rugby league at lyons, a second defeat in succession, this time 12—8 against new zealand. first of all, from that neutral point of view, what do you make of the british lions performance against new zealand? i thought it was better than last week, but in test matches,
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you have to take your opportunities. they had a couple especially late in that second half that you would've expected them to take, and you don't get so many in the games these days. so it was a better performance, but i think they will be kicking themselves — the fact they got so close and didn't get the result. there weren't close and didn't get the result. there we ren't many close and didn't get the result. there weren't many chances in the game. it's a test match, but should that be disappointed from eight great britain point of view that's why the column test matches. i saw the last 15 minutes, we saw style from the british liens that we expected earlier. the arm wrestle took the juice out of the kiwis, you have to take it at this level. they have to take it at this level. they have another goal next week in christchurch against new zealand. what do great britain have to do differently? there was too much structure in that second half. when they play a bit more ad lib and second phase, that really troubled the kiwis. i like to see them throw caution to the wind a little bit
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earlier in the tackle account and earlier in the tackle account and earlier in the game. brian, what needs to improve next week? not too much, ijust think they needs to improve next week? not too much, i just think they are needs to improve next week? not too much, ijust think they are a game down in relation to the two games against the kiwis. a little more courage and a little less fear, if that's the right expression, and play a bit more. we are on our way to christchurch, new england against dutch great britain against new zealand. straight after that match, tonga caused a huge upset in auckland beating the world champions australia. the tongans came back from six points down at half time to claim a 16—12 victory. it is australia's first defeat to a side other than new zealand, england, or great britain since losing to france in 1978.
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lewis hamilton should win his sixth world title tomorrow. it's the us grand prix and final practise is under way in austin, texas. hamilton, only needs to finish eighth in the race but might not even need that if his mercedes teamate valterri bottas slips up. he was quickest in second practise, but is fifth fastest in third practice at the moment with a few minutes to go. he's got a great record at the circuit, he's won five of seven races there. and you can follow qualifying on the bbc sport website and bbc radio 5live sports extra — that gets under way at 5—9pm. a huge weekend for irish hockey — as the women's side look to qualify for the olympics for the first time. the world cup finallists are taking on canada at 7pm tonight in dublin in the first of their two legged qualifier. meanwhile team gb's women's side — the olympic champions in rio — took a big step towards securing their place at tokyo.
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after izzy petter broke the deadlock five minutes after half—time, hannah martin and anna towman followed with two more to beat chile 3—0 and give them a solid lead going into tomorrow's second leg. i think ultimately we were controlling the game, so for us, i think we are trying to get more and more goals. we wanted to keep on the front foot, not allow them into the game it all. so really, really happy we kept a clean sheet and we have three goals going into the game tomorrow. and it was a blistering second half performance from the men's side in their first leg against malaysia. after samuel ward's equaliser — this from phil roper put them ahead. before alan forsyth and james gall made it 4—1 to give great britain the advantage going into their second leg tomorrow. let's go back to the story of the day — the rugby world cup final injapan where england were soundly beaten by 32—12 by south africa.
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and from japan to johannesberg, south africa fans across the world have been enjoying their victory as they became world champions for a third time. here's our tokyo correspondent rupert wingfield hayes. as the final whistle blew in yokohama, half a world away in johannesburg, the streets erupted in celebration. the people in the rainbow nation dancing and singing together. cheering. the south african fans who made the long trek to japan, it was also a moment of pure ecstasy. how's it feel? amazing, amazing, amazing! cheering. did you come herejust for this? yes! laughter. love it, love it! but we love the people here, also! cheering.
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huge disappointment here for england tonight, but what a night for south africa! and what a night forjapan, which has hosted this amazing world cup and now has thousands of new by cup and now has thousands of new rugby fans. these young japanese fa ns rugby fans. these young japanese fans look almost as excited as their new south african friends. before the world cup, they told me they had never watched a rugby match before. why do you like south africa? because they are an amazing team! that's why we love it! in yokohama and back in england, the faces of the fans sat in awe. the nation's by the fans sat in awe. the nation's rugby team had come so close, even defeating the mighty all blacks. but today, they were systematically beaten. from the start, it didn't look like we are going to win anything. absolutely gutted. south africa played really well. i was really disappointed that england didn't win. but tonight has been a
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huge victory for rugby. the japanese people have welcomed at the rugby world here with open arms. new friendships have been made, and many, friendships have been made, and any friendships have been made, and many, many new rugby fans created. rupert winfield hayes, bbc news, in yokohama. our commission rations. it's been a hard day for you. i need those two hours back. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more at 7.30pm. but we'll leave the final word to south africa's world cup winning captain and his team. goodnight. we've seen all your videos, all the messages. thank you so much, south africa. this is what we can do as a tea m africa. this is what we can do as a team when we've decided on one goal and one dream. so thank you so much... cheering.
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hello, there's been some horrible weather out there today with the rain, but particularly with those strong winds that we've seen. still very blustery out there on the coast of south east england, gusting 55 mph orso of south east england, gusting 55 mph or so through the bristol channel, around some of the coast of south wales in south england. winds gradually easing overnight, you can see some areas of wet weather overnight affecting england and wales. a wet night into scotland, turning drive for northern ireland, parts of wales to the north and northwest england. and all fog patch in the morning. temperatures mainly around five and nine celsius. tomorrow, a lot of clout in northern england, the occasional rain with showers in south wales, a spell of rain knew think democrat moving northwards through the afternoon.
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average wind speeds, still some guests around 40 mph in northern scotla nd guests around 40 mph in northern scotland torch southwest of england. highs around 10—14dc, but the main message for tomorrow is looking little quiet.
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this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 7pm. south africa are victorious in the rugby world cup final — beating england 32—12 at yokohama in japan. it's jubilation in cape town but disappointment for england fans, though they can take solace in the performances, that led the team to the final. the best thing we will ever see, the best mentality, the best players, but you cannot take away from south africa. it's unreal, unreal. the government halts fracking for gas in england until there is evidence the controversial process is safe. the liberal democrats launch an official complaint over leader jo swinson‘s exclusion from a tv debate between borisjohnson


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