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this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 10: celebration for south africa as they beat england to lift the rugby world cup injapan, bringing jubilation to fans. bitter disappointment for england fans but, for some, a chance to remember the exciting performances that made them believe they could win the world cup. the best english team we've ever seen, the best mentality, the best players, but you cannot take away from south africa. unreal, unreal. the government halts fracking for gas in england until there's evidence the controversial process is safe. high winds and rain sweep across southern england and wales, with one woman killed after her car
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was struck by a falling tree in dorset. and at 10:30pm, we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with martin lipton, chief sports reporter at the sun, and bonnie greer, playwright, author and columnist for the new european newspaper. england's dream of rugby world cup glory is over as the team slipped to defeat against south africa in the final in tokyo. they lost 32—12 — a result which gave the springboks their third world cup victory. for england, there was just bitter disappointment at their failure to win their first world cup
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in 16 years. south africa overpowered the english in the second half of the game with makazole mapimpi's try putting south africa ahead 25—12. and with less than 10 minutes to go, winger cheslin kolbe outstepped the english and scored another try, giving the springboks the path to victory. the team has made history. siya kolisi is the first black man to captain the springboks and to lift the web ellis cup, and his side is first to win both the rugby championships and the rugby world cup in the same year. millions of rugby fans were watching around the world. rupert wingfield—hayes reports from yokohama. as the final whistle blew in yokohama, half a world away in johannesburg, the streets erupted in celebration. the people of the rainbow nation dancing and singing together.
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for south african fans who had made the long trip to japan, it was also a moment of pure ecstasy. how does it feel? amazing! did you come herejust for this? yes! we love it and we love the people here also. amazing! huge disappointment here for england tonight, but what a night for south africa and what a night forjapan, which has hosted this amazing world cup and now has thousands of new rugby fans. these young japanese fans looked almost as excited as their new south african friends. before the world cup, they told me they had never watched a rugby match. why do you like south africa? because they have an amazing team, that is why we love them.
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in yokohama and back in england, the faces of the fans said it all. the nation's rugby team had come so close, even defeating the all blacks, but today they were systematically beaten. from the start, we didn't look like we were going to win it. i'm just absolutely gutted. south africa played really well. i was really disappointed that england didn't win. but tonight has been a huge victory for rugby. the japanese people have welcomed rugby with open arms, new friendships and many new rugby fans made. of course, the game was being watched by england fans here. our correspondent, chi chi izundu, spent the day at harpenden rugby club. the harpenden rugby club, once upon a time base to train some of those playing in today's match.
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the clubhouse feeling every twist and turn of the match, but a muted round of applause at the results. four out of the 31 england players have honed their skills here at this rugby club, including captain owen farrell, but the fans here have packed it out, hoping that today's match would end in celebration. it hasn't. nonetheless, they have nothing but pride for england's efforts. i thought we played really well, they were a really hard team. yeah, we were really disappointed all around. we lost some of the big moments. they overpowered us a bit. they let us play our normal game, it was a fantastic turnout for the club. we had big expectations, and it just didn't work our way today, unfortunately. george tutt has been part of this club for 3h years, born in south africa, he says that the win will impact communities there. it will do wonders over in south africa. actually, even pre—match,
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if you saw all the dancing in the shopping malls and all of the fun that they have had over there, well, you've got to give it to them. they've got the enthusiasm, and they have got the nation behind them, and they won. and even with a loss, these young men who went to school with some of the england players say pride is all they are feeling now. we are mostly proud. this is such a big rugby school, so every part of the school is all about rugby, really. the kids around here, they really see, you know, the players, they see those players and they think, you know, what can i be in ten years time? regardless, celebrations for the players from this club. singing. earlier, i spoke to sports journalist huw richards. he explained what he saw as the flaws in england's strategy. it's always easy, i suppose, when your side has lost to look
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for what went wrong. it was always known that south africa were going to be very tough to play against. we saw what they did against wales last week when, in fact, they had a much longer struggle to win, but you could see what they were capable of. i don't think there's any sense of england choking or anything like that. there's a possible argument that they played their absolute best last week and, of course, it's worth remembering england, over the last two weekends, have beaten australia and new zealand, which is a fairly extraordinary achievement. to come through that and beat south africa as well, a sort of triple crown, really would have been fairly extraordinary achievement. yeah, a lot of people saying that the final really took place in the match between new zealand. very quickly before we leave you — wales, how do you think they did in the tournament? it's the first time ever that i actually thought wales might win the world cup. this is now nine world cups. it's the first time ever... it's the third semifinal, but i think it was the first time they've gone into a semifinal,
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and you thought they really might go all the way through. in the end, what they couldn't do was cope with the power and focus of the south africans but that, of course, i think is the story of the world cup as a whole this time round. and we'll find out how this story and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30pm and 11:30pm in the papers. our guestsjoining me tonight are martin lipton, who's chief sports reporter at the sun, and bonnie greer, playwright, author and columnist for the new european newspaper.
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triumph for south africa in the rugby world cup as they overwhelm england to become world champions for a third time. for the team and their captain it represents much more than just sporting victory. we come from different backgrounds, different races and we came together with one goal and wanted to achieve it. now wanted to achieve it. the chase over the top. he is gathering now the chase over the top. he is gathering it. back to makazole mapimpi. the springboks overpowered england, winning 32—12, in a brilliant display of strength and determination. in south africa there were riotous celebrations. but there's bitter disappointment for the england team and millions of english rugby fans. the other main story tonight:
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fracking for shale gas in england is suspended indefinitely after a report warns of the risk of earthquakes. and after claims of russian interference in uk elections, calls for an inquiry‘s findings to be made public. good evening. south africa have ended england's dream of lifting the rugby world cup with an overwhelming victory at the final injapan. the springboks delivered a brilliant and relentless attacking game, winning 32—12. for england there's bitter disappointment. for south africans, it's a triumphant moment for a sport that's come to represent huge change in their nation. our sports editor, dan roan, reports from japan.
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south african rugby's produced iconic rugby moments in the past, now another that may surpass anything that's gone before. siya kolisi, the team's first black captain, and the face of a victory that will resonate far beyond this sport. the final had been a repeat of the one played 12 years ago, the last time either side had been on such a stage. england were favourites to become world champions for just the second time in their history. but it was clear that their rivals wanted this just as much, the sense that they were playing for something far greater than just themselves. kyle sinckler‘s emerged as one of the tournament's stars, but his final would last just two minutes, the prop out cold after colliding with his team—mate. england robbed of one of their most important players. handre pollard then hurting them on the scoreboard. having arrived to the stadium late after being delayed, england seemed rattled. was the magnitude of
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the occasion getting to them? commentator: we've played ten minutes. england's world cup final hasn't started yet. their only points in a tight first half coming from the boot of owen farrell. they'd reached the final by taking their game to another level, but not here, not now. outmuscled by south africa who then capitalised on english ill discipline. england were in trouble, penalised time and time again as the giant south african pack began to dismantle their scrum. no team had trailed at half—time in a final and come back to win. could england defy history? not like this. makazole mapimpi starting and finishing a rapid attack to score his country's first—ever try in a final. it is back to mapimpi. brilliant! for the millions of england supporters watching on around the world, the feeling that it was slipping away... south africa had been labelled "boring" in the build—up. so much for that.
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cheslin kolbe celebrating his return to the side with a devastating dance to the try line. the world cup was theirs for the third time. 2a years ago, south africa's first triumph on home soil had given rugby one of its most defining images. now a leader and team far more representative of their country had provided another. we come from different backgrounds, different races and we came together with one goal and we wanted to achieve it. i really hope that we have done that for south africa. left to ponder what might have been, england had been outfought and out thought, this their third defeat in a final. in the biggest game of their lives, their form had deserted them. i can't fault the preparation of the players, they have worked hard the entire world cup and they played with a lot of pride and passion, but we just weren't good enough today, and congratulations to south africa on an outstanding performance. south africa's fans, meanwhile, able to celebrate a historic victory.
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to see siya kolisi lead the team was phenomenal, it says lots about how far the country has come in 25 short years. it's more than a rugby world cup victory, it's about uniting the country. today, we were the best team and we won the world cup rugby, yeah, baby! the first to be staged in asia, this tournament has been hailed a great success. these young japanese fans almost as excited as their new south african friends. amazing team! that is why we love it. but the real triumph belongs to one team. this is a seminal moment for sport and for south africa, united as world champions once again. dan roan, bbc news, yokohama. the springboks' triumph was met with huge celebrations back in south africa. when the country won the rugby world cup for the first time in 1995, they only had one black player in the team.
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today, all the rainbow nation are sharing in the victory, as andrew harding reports from johannesburg. the final whistle, and across south africa, the sense of a nation coming together, celebrating more than just a rugby match. it means unity, it means unity to south africa. we have been needing this. so it wasjust an amazing atmosphere. really the peoples enjoying it, everybody together, south africa as one nation. this is actually something positive that we can actually celebrate as a country, and yeah, well done to the boks. after years of slow racial transformation, south africa finally has a rainbow team. this is what we can do as a team when we decide on one goal and one dream and we give it our best, so thank you very much. cheering. it is 2a years since nelson mandela celebrated south africa's first rugby world cup victory, but that team was overwhelmingly white.
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today, captain siya kolisi has become a new symbol of hope and progress in a country still facing huge challenges. for years, the news from south africa has been relentlessly bad, corruption, inequality, a country losing its way. does today change that? of course not, but this victory is a reminder of the bigger picture of how much has changed here since the days of racial apartheid. this is, after all, a vibrant, young democracy with a world beating rugby team. andrew harding, bbc news, johannesburg. let's speak to our sports editor, dan roan, in tokyo. dan, an extraordinary finale to the world cup. what are your thoughts? put it into context. the final will always be remembered for the power, not only of the south african pie can play about the power of the remarkable image of siya kolisi, a man born in a township,
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lifting the webb ellis trophy. in 1995, when south africa won the world cup for the first time memorably with the support of nelson mandela, they only had one like played in the squad i know they have applied captain and a far more representative team as a symbol of hope and reconciliation for a country still scarred by the apartheid era. it takes some beating. as for england, as they wa ke beating. as for england, as they wake up in their hotel in central tokyo this morning, they will be in a very reflective and sombre mood, no doubt, a devastating victory, the third time they have been beaten any world cup final but the first time they have failed to show up. there has been much progress under eddie jordan since the last world cup when he crashed out in the group stage. they can be proud of what they achieved but the chance of sporting immortality pass them by and for many, that will be a regret they live with for the rest of their
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lives. thank you. the government has suspended fracking in england for the forseeable future. the ban comes after a technical report said it was not possible to predict the probability or seriousness of earth tremors caused by extracting shale gas from the ground. labour, the liberal democrats and the green party have all called for a permanent ban. our business correspondent katie prescott reports. it's farewell to fracking for now. these campaigners in lancashire couldn't be happier to see the back of it. we're delighted about it, it's what we've been hoping for all the time. we don't trust them, of course. they could change their mind yet. it's good news, obviously. it's good news for the whole country, but in particular here, where people have put up with this for the best part of three years now. all this stuff going on for no apparent gain. so, three years, all that money pumped in, all that effort, and they've produced next to nothing. the process of extracting shale gas is one of the most controversial of our time. using pressurised water and chemicals to break up rock causes minor earthquakes.
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today, the oil and gas regulator says the impact on these communities is unacceptable, which means companies must stop their operations. in the past, borisjohnson has called fracking glorious news for humanity. but the government says it has changed its mind. there is no doubt that extracting more natural gas in the united kingdom would be very attractive, but we've always been clear, we can only do that if it can be done safely. we will follow the science, so in future, should the ability to be certain about seismic events and so on, we will look at it again. the government had hoped sites like these would transform our energy policy, creating home—grown sources of power that would reduce our gas imports. fracking's industry body says...
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but the green party says fracking is a fantasy and want to see a permanent ban. labour say they fear the government's stance could be an election ploy. i think it sounds like fracking would come back on the 13th of december if they were elected back into office. we are quite clear, we will end fracking. the big question now is whether the industry will be willing to invest any more money here in the hope that the science will one day find in their favour and the regulation could change. katie prescott, bbc news. a women has died after her car was hit by a falling tree in dorset. strong winds and rain have also suspended passengerferries in and out of dover. gusts of more than 80 miles per hour brought down power lines and caused transport disruption across large parts of southern england. met office rain warnings remain in place for wales
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and north—eastern scotland. the government is facing pressure to release a report assessing the threat posed by russia to britain's democratic process. it's been produced by parliament's intelligence and security committee, whose chairman says the findings are relevant to voters in the coming general election. our security correspondent gordon corera is here. gordon, what's the background to this? the background to this is plenty of evidence has been produced that russia interfered in american politics, particularly the 2016 election but there has always been this question about whether it interfered in british politics, particularly the brexit referendum and this committee report was designed to answer that question. it completed its work in march and went through a security clearance process to check before it was published, there was nothing sensitive on it. that concluded last month and it has been sitting in downing street awaiting release. the crucial thing that has led to the row is if it is not released by tuesday we will not see at the side of the election
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because parliament will rise. ministers have said the delay is entirely normal but today, the trade of the committee, dominic grieve, has had back hard saying that the claims this is a normal process are lies and he said it is important people get to see this ahead of going to vote so we will find out in the next few days if they do. thank you. with all the sport now, here's olly foster at the bbc sport centre. huge diappointment for the england rugby team of course but lewis hamilton should win a sixth world title tomorrow. he'll start the us grand prix from fifth on the grid. qualifying finished just a few minutes ago in texas, minutes ago in texas. only one man can stop hamilton winning the title tomorrow. his team—mate valterri bottas is on pole, but would need to win with hamilton finishing outside the top eight. it was a day of late winners in the premier league. match of the day follows the news,
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but here come the results, if you want them that is. leaders liverpool were heading for their first defeat of the season in the league. they were trailing 1—0 at aston villa before andy robertson equalised in the 87th minute and sadio mane scored the winner in injury time. they remain six points clear of manchester city. city came from behind to beat southampton 2—1 at home, kyle walker with the winner inside the last five minutes. arsenal drew at home to wolves, and there were wins for brighton, sheffield united, newcastle and chelsea. celtic are into the scottish league cup final after beating hibernian 5—2 at hampden park. the scottish champions have won the league cup for the last three seasons. mohamed elyounoussi scored twice in the first half. captain scott brown also added two in the second. rangers and hearts play in the other semifinal tomorrow. great britain's rugby league team are still waiting for their first win on tour. they were beaten by tonga last weekend and this morning in auckland they lost 12—8 to new zealand. adam wild reports.
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it's been more than a decade since great britain's rugby league lions faced new zealand. whilst much in the game has changed, the ferocity of the welcome is not one of them. the challenge laid down with a familiar fervor, but in the first round there was more passion than points, a single penalty for both sides. the closeness wouldn't last much beyond half time, eventually torn apart by the all blacks. sheer brute force would extend the lead. corey harawira—naera taking four british tacklers with him over the line. darrell clark's try reduced the difference and set the game up for a dramatic climax. with moments remaining, jermaine mcgilvery could've leveled the scores, but the ball, like the match, slipped through british fingers. two defeats from three. the rugby league alliance or bag but not the
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result they hoped for. —— rugby league lions are back. it's a big weekend for great britain's hockey teams. a last chance to qualify for the olympics in tokyo next year and it's looking good for them. the women's side, who are olympic champions, are 3—0 up against chile. the men beat malaysia 4—1. the second legs of those ties in london will be played tomorrow. there's more on the bbc sport website, including the irish boxing star katie taylor, who has won another world title this evening. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me. goodnight. hello. a storming start to the weekend, some quite nasty weather for a time across southern england, south wales, the isles of scilly and the channel islands. a very exposed weather station on the isle of wight
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notched up a wind gust of 109 mph, more typical where these. some damage and disruption. the winds have eased this evening but not completely. quite blustery across parts of southern england and northern scotland. overnight, cloud and rain rain, heavy burst into eastern scotland but where winds are light, ireland, south—western scotland, wales and parts of the midlands, fog patches will develop in the morning. low pressure around tomorrow, but it will not be stormy. some will escape dry and get to see sunshine. in eastern scotland, the intensity of the rain will ease, outbreaks of rain in the east of england, showers leading to the east of england. for many in england and wales, dry and sunny weather around but more rain pushing up across south—west england to south wales through the afternoon. around the
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course we could be gusting a0 mph, may be more in the evening. the rain will push north through england and wales into sunday evening. something briefly drier midweek but it will not last very long. many of us notice a change in the feel of the weather. there will be a
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frost for many of us but a lull in the weather does not last long. wet along during the second half of the week.
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hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines. celebration for south africa as they beat england to lift the rugby world cup injapan, bringing jubilation to fans. amazing, amazing, amazing! bitter disappointment for england fans — but for some a chance to remember the exciting performances that made them believe they could win the world cup. the best english team we've ever seen, the best mentality, the best


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