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tv   Our World  BBC News  November 3, 2019 3:30am-4:01am GMT

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an indigenous brazilian has been killed inside a protected area in the north of the country. community leaders say paulo guajajara was shot in the head by a logger who had invaded a reservation. the logger was shot and killed in the clash. iraqi security forces have fired tear gas and rounds of live ammunition to disperse tens of thousands of anti—government demonstrators — in the biggest turnout since the conflict broke out a month ago. protesters are demanding sweeping changes to the country's political system. the online property rental company, airbnb, is to ban bookings by guests who intend to use the accomodation for house parties. it follows the deaths of five people in san francisco, where a party ended in a shoot out on halloween night. the company says screening of customers will be improved,
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the first western ever to be made is being shown in public for the first time in more than a century. the screening will take place where it was filmed, not in hollywood, but in the north west of england. here's colin paterson. kidnapping by indians in 1899 — the world's first western, according to the british film institute, and it was filmed in blackburn. in northgate, in the centre of blackburn on the site that mitchell and kenyon‘s worked from, the year that they made the first western kidnapping by indians. mitchell and kenyon‘s documentaries captured everyday life, including in their hometown, but they also liked to experiment. in 1899, that changes. they stop filming the world around them and start telling stories and one of the first is the first western. jamie holman tracked down a surviving copy in the archives of london's cinema museum. today, it will be shown for the first time in a century
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at the british textile biennial in the town. a very simple story — a frontier family encounters the native americans, who try to take the child, and they are saved by the plucky cowboy, so it has got feathers, smoking pistols — it is a cowboy film. it is often claimed that the great train robbery made in the us in 1903 was the first western. but kidnapping by indians was shot four years earlier, and there are good reasons why the wild west was known in the north—west. there is this connection between the cotton growing obviously in america and the east lancashire weavers. why wouldn't there be some kind of link that allowed them to know about that world and kind of be able to turn it into the world's first western? if you asked anyone in the street, where was the first western made, no—one with say blackburn. no, nobody would say blackburn. it is an example of creativity and culture that comes from the working classes that has been filmed and screened here in blackburn and it's about the people of blackburn get
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to see that and it is their culture. the western is once again home on the range and that home is blackburn. now on bbc news, our world. in the gulf, women employed as domestic workers are being sold on apps provided by google and apple. it's been called an online slave market. in kuwait, 90% of households employ a domestic worker. bbc news arabic and our world go undercover in kuwait to reveal a disturbing illegal online trade in domestic workers. it's been called an online slave market.
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and this trade is taking place on apps hosted by some of the world's biggest tech giants. what they're doing is illegal. if google, apple, facebook or any other company is promoting apps like these, they are promoting an online slave market. there are more than 700,000 domestic workers in kuwait. in 2015, the government here passed a new law giving domestic workers more rights, and imposing stricter regulations on this multibillion dollar industry.
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but it's generated a lot of controversy on tv and on social media. these new laws may have pushed many to turn to a booming new industry, where domestic workers can be bought and sold online. all you need is a smartphone. 0ur bbc team poses a husband and wife looking to buy a domestic worker. for their safety we cannot reveal their identities. they download an app called asale, the most popular commodity app in kuwait. it's available on the apple app store and google play. amongst cars, washing machines
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and tvs, there is a dedicated section where you can buy a domestic worker. 0ur undercover team get ready to meet the seller.
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the seller invites our male reporter outside for a cigarette.
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in the gulf, a domestic worker's visa is tied to their so—called sponsor or employer. they cannot quit theirjob or leave the country without their sponsor's permission, leaving many women trapped. this policeman was breaking the law. he was trying to sell us his domestic worker. he'd confiscated her passport and didn't give her a day off — all of which is illegal in kuwait. over the course of the week,
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our undercover team spoke to 57 users of the commodity app, asale. the app lets you filter by race, violating international law and kuwaiti law. women are advertised at between 2,500 and us$5,000.
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it's not only happening in kuwait, and asale is not the only app being used. in saudi arabia, where the employment system makes domestic workers equally vulnerable, we found hundreds of women being sold on another popular commodity app, called haraj. and on facebook and instagram, we found hundreds more. a new ad appears on asale, an african domestic workerfor us$3,800.
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0ur undercover team travel to meet the seller. nothing can prepare them for what happens next.
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the employer admits she is selling a child. in kuwait, anyone who employs a domestic worker under 21 can face six months in prison. she was a child for sale, deprived of her passport by her employer, and not allowed any time off — all of which is illegal in kuwait. the seller sends us the passport of the 16—year—old girl, who we will call fatou.
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so fatou was evidently a victim of trafficking, even before she arrived in kuwait. 0nce she's sold on, it might be impossible to find her again. we took our video of fatou to someone we hoped could help. ann abunda is a former domestic worker from the philippines. she now runs an organisation called sandigan, which has rescued thousands of women from abusive households. ann contacts the guinean embassy for assistance. she doesn't want to involve the kuwaiti authorities, as it often results in the arrest
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of the domestic worker. but as time passes and no progress is made through the guinean embassy, ann decides to contact the seller directly.
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it was chance we'd come across this child for sale and already, she was lost. conakry, guinea. thousands of girls are trafficked from here each year to work as domestic workers in the gulf. it's often the last resort for many families trying to escape poverty. we've arranged to meet a trafficker to see if he might have information about fatou. he agrees to talk to us, as long as we conceal his identity.
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as we're filming, he spots some girls who've recently returned from kuwait. we arrange to meet esther and two other girls away from the watchful eyes of the traffickers. like fatou, they were all underage
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when they went to work in kuwait. in kuwait, it's a crime for domestic workers to run away
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from their employers, and many end up in prison. that's where biba, nana and esther met. eventually, they were bailed out by their families. we wanted to know if they'd seen fatou while they were in kuwait. we also show them the asale app. their experiences of being moved multiple times between employers without any choice bear the signs of being bought and sold via the apps.
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the majority of migrant domestic workers, women workers, are extremely vulnerable to exploitation in modern slavery. here, we see an example of how digital technology is used negatively to violate their fundamental human rights. if google, apple, facebook or any other companies are hosting apps like these, they have to be held accountable. what they are doing is promoting an online slave market. google, apple and facebook all claim that they prohibit human trafficking on their platforms. but we found thousands of domestic workers being illegally sold using discriminatory language on facebook—owned instagram and apps hosted by google and apple. this is in clear violation of their own terms of service,
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and international law. in a statement, facebook, which owns instagram, told us... but we found hundreds of accounts still active using similar hashtags to sell domestic workers. asale told the bbc: back in kuwait, we were advised to take our video back in kuwait, we were advised to take our video to the authorities to see if they can help find fatou.
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ten days later, the kuwaiti authorities contact ann. there's good news. they've found fatou. we arrive at the state—run shelter for domestic workers. a government official is present and we're not allowed to film ann's meeting with fatou. there are more than 200 domestic workers in this shelter. many are involved in court battles to decide theirfate. as a minor, fatou is likely to be deported. an hour later, ann returns.
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fatou told ann she'd been in kuwait for nine months and worked for three households. but during that time, she'd only received two months‘ salary.
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fatou is back in guinea. her uncle and grandmother can't afford to take care of her, so she's living with an adopted family. fatou didn't want to show her face on camera, but she wants her story to be heard. fatou is looking forward to rebuilding her life and going back to school.
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she has managed to escape her life in kuwait, but fatou isjust one victim of today's online slave market. back in kuwait, the policeman and the woman who tried to sell us fatou declined to comment, and no legal action has been taken against them. as yet, no new regulations have been introduced to tackle the online market in domestic workers in kuwait. following our investigation, asale removed its domestic workers section. both google and apple told the bbc that this type of behaviour had no place on their application stores, and that they are working with app developers to better prevent illegal activity like this on their platforms. but thousands of women and girls continue to be bought and sold online.
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hello. it was a stormy start to the weekend for some of us come up with some nasty weather conditions for a time across parts of southern, south wales, the isles of scilly, the channel islands and there is a few from jersey on saturday where there were some very angry seas on view here. in terms of wind gusts, well, the very exposed weather station on the isle of wight, 109 mph. plymouth, 83 mph. dover, nearly 70 mph winds. it's still going to be blustery for part two of the weekend for some of us, but were not looking at stormy conditions.
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quite brisk winds near this low pressure towards the coast of south—west england and indeed northern scotland where saturday was quite windy. but actually, sunday begins where winds have been light ever night, parts of northern ireland, north—west england, north wales, into the midlands and if you've had some clear spells there could be a few fog patches to start the day. an area of showers working across eastern england first thing. a lot of cloud in northern england with some outbreaks of rain and to northern and eastern parts of scotland as well, but south—west scotland, northern ireland, wales, the midlands, east anglia, parts of southern england as well, there will be some drier, sunnier weather in places. these are average wind speeds. winds will start to strengthen again later around some of the coasts of south—west england as this next area of rain starts to move in and temperatures topping out mostly in the range of ten to 1a celsius. 0n through sunday night and into monday morning, low pressure has another go at us here with this next spell of rain pushing northwards through parts of england and wales, bringing a little bit of rain to parts of northern ireland and potentially some heavier bursts back in towards eastern scotland as well. temperatures not going down too far overnight.
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this says everything for monday, low pressure is in charge and whilst it's not going to be a wash—out everywhere, there will still be some wet weather to be had for some of us, in the form of quite heavy showers affecting some parts of england and wales, especially the further south you are. a lot of low cloud for northern england, northern ireland and scotland giving outbreaks of rain. not too much though towards north—west scotland, in fact places here will stay dry. blustery in scotland. an easterly wind on the south coast of england with a south or south—westerly wind coming in here. cooler weather developing on tuesday, as we see the arrow is pointing down to the north. low pressure moving away. still a few showers around but many of seeing some drier, and in places, sunnier conditions as well. so there is a colder, drier lull in the weather and there will be a frost around as wednesday begins. all happening midweek and then later in the week i'm afraid rain comes back.
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this is bbc news. welcome if you're watching here in the uk or around the globe. i'm james reynolds. our top stories: a prominent indigenous leader is shot dead in a protected zone in the north of brazil. authorities blame illegal loggers. in the biggest turnout since conflict broke out, iraqi security forces disperse tens of thousands of anti—government protesters with tear gas and live ammunition. airbnb promises closer monitoring of potential guests after five people were killed at a halloween house party in san francisco. celebrations for south africans after the springboks crush england in the rugby world cup. for many a victory that goes beyond the sport.


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