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tv   The Papers  BBC News  November 3, 2019 10:30pm-11:00pm GMT

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this is bbc news, i'm martine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment. first, the headlines. the bbc finds under 16—year—olds are being housed in caravans, narrow boats and holiday homes, in england and wales in what's being described as a "scandal" in the placement of children in care. it isa it is a national scandal, yes. how can we be happy with children in tents on boats and these transitional things? nigel farage says he won't be running as a brexit party candidate, in the upcoming, general election. 33 people have been injured in a coach crash in france — 11 of them are british. delhi's toxic smog forces airports to cancel flights — the city's chief minister says the air has become unbearable. lewis hamilton wins his sixth formula 1 world title. he's nowjust one short, of michael shumacher‘s record.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with us parliamentary journalist, tony grew, and the journalist and author, caroline frost. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. leading in the guardian, "obey me on brexit," corbyn tells his dissenting shadow cabinet members, as he seeks to shift the focus onto socialjustice for the december election. in the metro, nigel farage says he won't stand to be an mp in the upcoming election, claiming he'll instead focus on campaigning for the 600 brexit party candidates contesting seats. in the telegraph, "the man who threw away brexit." a senior conservative says nigel farage could end up ruining britain's chance of leaving the eu with his campaign message in the upcoming election. leading in the independent,
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ministers are risking migrant lives with policies pushing them into the hands of smugglers, according to mps in the foreign affairs select committee. in the finincial times, saudi arabia set to sell off part of its oil group in what's expected to be the biggest ever public offering, with the hope of raising $60 billion to overhaul the country's economy. the sun's front page, midline crisis, a cocaine epidemic in the over 50s, with hospital cases trebling in five years. lets start with at the metro. a couple of papers featuring nigel farage and the brexit policy. here is the headline. i will not stand to be an mp. he has not had success in the past. he has tried seven times in the past and failed. this could've been a times lucky but he announced this morning he comes to this decision with a heavy heart but about how he can best serve brexit.
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some might say... we will hear from him ina some might say... we will hear from him in a minute. this is a man who doesn't want to be seen to fail practically when it is the highest controversial election and it is his defining all about praxis which he has been forthright his whole career. but how he is spinning it and it is convincing that he will be better served to go around the country where he is promising up to 600 seats to be contested by the brexit party he will land his star power which could help those contenders and it could be that is a good argument because nigel farage as we know is a highly public and publicity loving figure. this could infect work to his favour. only a few days ago he offered services to the conservatives only to have it turn down. the reality is that the brexit party are not going to win 600 seats, i will be surprised if they win even one seat. as has been they win even one seat. as has been the pattern with ukip over
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successive general elections. the question here is what does nigel farage think he is going to achieve by running against candidates? he says he will run in six receipts crossing within scotland. what does he want to do? he would try to tell people is that borisjohnson pots ideal is not really brexit and he wants a hard brexit office this'll bea wants a hard brexit office this'll be a test of the brexit party's supporters. do you lose supporters back to the conservative or back to the labour party? 0r back to the conservative or back to the labour party? or do they chin marginal seats that will tip the election? i can a scenario in which the labour party that voted strongly to leave — — the labour party that voted strongly to leave —— some people from the labour party... if some people send in the contingency, you may have thousands of remainders who do not vote conservative for ideological reasons, therefore take away votes from labour party... you can understand the pain of the brexit party for people who voted to be the
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aeroplane and internet are not sure what it will look like when it happens, they feel that the brexit parties are a sensible place to put their vote, isn't it? the only thing they will do is put the vote and not win and he sees by themselves. what i find interesting about this is that the only brexiteer in favour of this strategy is nigel farage himself. we have had a founder of the brexit party on social media saying to nigel farage this is the wrong strategy. we have arron banks was a major donor to some of nigel farage's other political iterations saying this is the wrong thing to do. that's because the fear here is that the brexit party if faced with the vote, the brexit party takes away conservative votes and therefore conservatives loses seats to labour. if labour wins, there will be no brexit. they will hand it back to the people. if you are a ha rd back to the people. if you are a hard brexiteer, the worst thing you can do is vote for the brexit parties. let's look at the daily
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telegraph. for rog can ruin uk's brexit. eurosceptics saying this stop to it this is what it encapsulates. by spreading that vote and effectively whatever form of brexit... and effectively whatever form of brexit. .. offered and effectively whatever form of brexit... offered so and effectively whatever form of brexit. .. offered so far is not brexiteer enough for nigel farage. he is all most gone full circle and is almost looking like a remainer from where i am sitting. as a remainder, he is my friend because he is the one person putting the spoken the wheel. he is always dumbed down the deal, —— thumbs down the deal. when theresa may offered, he said it was the worst imaginable deal until the one that boris johnson came back with but this is the problem with the investment bank and deals and arbitration going forward and brings abounds that we will be giving over to brussels. it's never quite the brexit that nigel farage wants. he has said that today, there is a couple of him saying that this is a remainer
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brexit deal. he appears to be the only brexiteer thinking that because they have realised what boris johnson's deal does is makes a transitional period which means nothing will change but the uk has more predisposed to negotiate a free trading group with the european union. the problem with nigel farage's position is that the eu have not indicated that they will begin negotiations was at the eu have said that we have negotiated this twice with two british prime ministers, this is the final offer. takeit ministers, this is the final offer. take it or leave it. nigel peru —— nigel farage's deal which is a no—deal brexit which would be catastrophic to the economy according to many analysts but it would effectively chop and cut our relationship with the european union which causes huge problems for the uk and ireland. with the ever broken down at the theresa may deal? the reasonable to —— and again because borisjohnson dropped a series of
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redlines. .. borisjohnson dropped a series of redlines... there will be no solutions other than a border or no border at the i receive. porsche also indicated he be when to accept also indicated he be when to accept a border in the receipt... jeremy corbyn has a lot of cabinet dissenters? he has he is being unfairto us of dissenters? he has he is being unfair to us of the assertive as the guardian because of. he is basically saying effectively to his own party could we stop talking about brexit and start talking about the real issues that matter to people the selection such as schools and hospitals and police numbers? this is one of the interesting things about these generation is that theresa may in 2017 thought that she would call an election on brexit and then rememberthe would call an election on brexit and then remember the election was about everything except brexit. this comes back to the nigel farage argument, but i think the voters are sophisticated enough to know the difference between a protest vote in the european election and an actual vote for a member of parliament and department reelection. if you are knocking on doors trying to drive votes, brexit is bound to come up
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where it has not been resolved yet, we have a referendum which we would three and half years ago but also to runa three and half years ago but also to run a general election on the basis of just run a general election on the basis ofjust one run a general election on the basis of just one issue run a general election on the basis ofjust one issue whatever that issueisis ofjust one issue whatever that issue is is not what a general election is all about. but the problem is as well is that this whole new we proposed a deal that corban has come up with and is now taking some sort of leaf out of coursejohnson taking some sort of leaf out of course johnson ponds taking some sort of leaf out of coursejohnson ponds netbook which isa coursejohnson ponds netbook which is a sort of sweeping away any dissenters within his ranks and it did work for boris johnson dissenters within his ranks and it did work for borisjohnson i would say. 0bviously did work for borisjohnson i would say. obviously it was all very controversial at the time but he seems to know got his ducks in a i’ow. seems to know got his ducks in a row. it was so controversial he perot apartment and told the queen". perot apartment and told the queen... the other thing where he removed the whip from all the dissenters and got his vote from the tory party in line. lucy come the election weather that has succeeded in reaching for the parts of the country. —— we will seek on the election. corbyn pons i'm exit —— m essa 9 es election. corbyn pons i'm exit —— m essa g es to election. corbyn pons i'm exit —— messages to the photo, we have been whacked with this message so often
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that we have... his message would be to go back to brussels, where not the referent party despite what others in the party aside. we will come back, negotiate and then look at it within the confines apartment and give it back to the people. that is befuddled where as tony said, people want to know what about my nhs, police numbers, immigration, hospitals? you say, the general election is brewing and the country still has to keep something going on and some has to look like they care about that stuff. porsche johnson has the chequebook out again so i guess corbyn has looked like he ca res guess corbyn has looked like he cares easily. another weber policy on the daily to graph us up labour plans to ground heater expansion stop or they have to if they're being consistent becausejohn madonna one of his big... usp is is it is all about climate awareness and sticking to emission targets. there was this big figure of 2015, he wants to bring it back to 2034
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sub —— 2050. hitting targets on all that stuff and anja mark saying what about the expansion? —— andrew mark? he has to say something that looks vaguely consistent. he talks about the criteria and then he sneaks it in. it is all aboutjudging each of these things on their merits when these things on their merits when the time comes. he is hoping for a mighty concession and all the sort of miraculous ducks will line up in a row and it will be really ecologically conscious and somehow that will be expansion and all the jobsis that will be expansion and all the jobs is the conditions will be satisfied as well. that's quite a good summary. thank you, tony. this is basically another split within the labour party. and he is straddling a line, and this is why we have got a messy copper mines with the brexit policy but also this isjohn mcdonald setting out his install what he wants to do. which i don't remember reading that
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manifesto but i'm not sure the party has come to a position on its view of the expansion of heathrow. several things, of the expansion of heathrow. severalthings, impressing particular there going off in all sort of different directions at times until they formed a sort of cohesive view. what you like -- see what you like about 20 or but he had a disciplined message. back in the dave and everyone had a pager. everyone had a pager and would be instructed by pager when —— and be instructed by pager when —— and be instructed if they recite the off message socko did you prove that method? i message socko did you prove that method ? i always message socko did you prove that method? i always did because message socko did you prove that method? ialways did because it's message socko did you prove that method? i always did because it's a shambles of it is not ruled with an iron fist. they've only won substantial majorities with one leader and that is tony blair. back to the metro and a bit of sports on the front page. hamilton crowned formula 1 world champion for the sixth time stop it a not bad, is it? ido sixth time stop it a not bad, is it? i do think we give a lot of attention... we do give a lot of
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attention... we do give a lot of attention to the rugby players. did you hear talk? a sore subject for a lot of people in this room. we will move away. in the meantime louis hamilton is one of our greatest sporting icons of this generation. this is no small feat. he has his lovers into satyrs. to some a polarising figure however he won sports personality of the year, this will not feature because someone will not feature because someone will want a cricket hero or rugby hero or andy murray who is coming back from injury. there are a lot of emotional stories. louis hamilton probably will not make the company deserves to subway rob in my ears mentioning the name ben stokes sub out the cricket hero. there are a lot of emotional sports stories. to which bore you polarised?” lot of emotional sports stories. to which bore you polarised? i would question whether driving a car around isa question whether driving a car around is a sport. i do see the
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tv... and national treasure. around is a sport. i do see the tv... and nationaltreasure. she has called for lewis hamilton to be knighted. and i think that is something we should consider. that's all i am going to say. a very mixed message from you. all i am going to say. a very mixed message from you. i am not used to that will stop your firm more emphatic. he has on the sixth time. it feels to me that no one ever wins anything but lewis hamilton... i had anything but lewis hamilton... i had an epic camera for about four years ago when he won it one of the previous occasions i seem to remember. instead of the marker my mind. that is it. that's it for the papers this hour. tony and caroline will be back at 11:30pm for another look at the papers, and don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. we'll all be back for that second review in around 40 minutes. coming up next it is time for to travel show.
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in north—western saudi arabia, 1000 kilometres from riyadh, lies the hidden desert city of hegra. you'd be right in thinking it looks similar to petra in jordan. a cultured civilisation of traders known as nabateans who built that, also built this as their second city over 2000 years ago. the difference is that thses sites are relatively unknown. stunningly preserved and unscathed by years of tourism. hegra sits in the vast governate of al ula. i've gotta say, i'm blown away. this is an epic landscape, they say it is nearly the size of belgium! while saudi's international
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reputation is being questioned right now, billions of dollars are being spent on the whole area, appearing it to welcome tourists as part of the country's 2030 plan to shift saudi arabia's economy away from oil dependency to other sectors, such as tourism. and this is one of their star attractions that they are hoping will draw in the crowds. it's brilliant, and you can't believe that it was done thousands of years ago. whilst hegra has unesco world heritage status, it has remained a largely hidden treasure to the rest of the world — until now. by october 2020, the saudi government hopes to have the site fully open and accessible to tourists. so, the nabateans — they survived, they thrived actually, why? do you know what it means, nabatean? no. nabateans means in arabic, a verb which means in english
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they were discovering the water. so they had a very smart way to discover the water. one of those ways, you can see how they carved from the top of that mountain to that well so when it's raining, the water gets down to that well. through those channels... yes. ..and to that? yes. that's incredible. so it literally cascades into there? yeah, and this. archaeologists have so far found 150 wells like this in this area. wow, it is quite big. but really, it's the tombs that have the wow factor. it's certainly very cool down here. this inscription says this tomb belonged to the leader and his wife. in contrast to jordan's petra, the wonder of these tombs lies in the information that researchers have gathered from the text on these stone inscriptions.
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the occupations, they had a teacher, they had a doctor, so that gives a real example of the civilisation. they live a normal life as we live today. they carved from the top to the bottom. you can see the decoration here so they have steps also. nabateans believed when they passed away they get back to their god. so they have five steps on the right and on the left. i remember when i was a child, we came here with the family and we see these tombs. at that time, there wasn't any information about it. so we used the tomb for playing hide and seek. what does it mean to you, the nabatean culture? 0k, it means to me that my city has a lot of history, if you compare yourself with other countries where they are really proud with their civilisation. so we believe al ula deserves
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to present and offer this for people. for the longest time, the area had been largely closed off to archaeologists due to politics, religion and its remoteness. to go into an archaeological world that's never really been examined or touched before, to me is just a remarkable opportunity. and ifeel genuinely excited every time i walk out onto the site. is there a buzz when you find something in particular? there always is. i wouldn't be doing this — i've been doing it for a very, very long time — if i didn't still get that buzz. and jamie believes there are still yet thousands more sites to discover. be the first to witness a land of fascinating journeys... as part of the big push to change its image to the outside world, the saudi government has released a series of pr campaigns. as well as relaxing certain laws, for instance, on women's clothing and on unmarried tourists sharing hotel bedrooms.
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and they have since launched a new e—visa scheme, open to 49 countries, allowing travellers to stay for up to 90 days. though looking on social media, it seems like there is still a way to go to convince people to visit. we've had a lot of social media messages from our audience who are expressing a lot of concern about the human rights condition here, and the conditions for women, female travellers here. how can you reassure them about that? this is a bit of a challenge but saudi arabia has significant history, historical presence, nature and culture, it is again one of our main assets to saudi arabia. we believe that once you are here in saudi arabia, dealing with its people and you will feel the hospitality of the locals and saudis. we have in petra a comparable site. a footfall of 400,000 visits a year.
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it's going through a big problem in terms of pollution, in terms of over—tourism, really. you want 2 million visits a year here. aren't you worried about the effects on this beautiful landscape? two million might seem a big number, however given the size of al ula being 22,000 square kilometres which is almost the size of belgium and again developing the region, in a responsible and sustainable manner is one of our key objectives. we're avoiding mass tourists, so that's is not going to be an issue. i reckon that changing public perception will be the government's biggest challenge, because of its human rights record, equality issues for women and the country's involvement in the ongoing war in yemen. you could argue that the shift to tourism and the need to attract
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more international visitors may be the trigger to bring genuine reform to saudi arabia. or this could just be a charm offensive. but there's no denying this place has some of the greatest and most unspoiled historical remnants in the world, which you can now experience first—hand. so you've landed after hours in the air, you're dragging your suitcase across town, you're exhausted, you're a little frustrated and you've got a busy trip ahead. so you're feeling far from your best. well, sit back and relax because this week, we've got three gadgets designed to help you take care of yourself on the road. first up, we have my skin track uv. this tiny sensor clips onto your collar or bag strap
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and monitors your exposure to sunlight. it connects to an app and tracks your location to give you real—time information on pollen count, pollution and humidity. the app then recommends skin regimens based on your skin tone and those environmentalfactors. the sensor itself is fairly unobtrusive, its light and batteryless and that clip is nice and sturdy. today, the sun is trying to poke its head out from behind the clouds, so let's give it a go and see how it works. the app is telling me the uv index is a moderate level so there is a very small risk of getting sunburned today, which is something that i definitely wouldn't have predicted, given the overcast state of the day. it's also worth bearing in mind this has been released by a skincare brand so no surprises it's recommending its own skincare products which does give the whole thing a little bit of an advertorial vibe. but the bottom line is we should all be more aware of the harmful effects that uv has on our skin, and the sensor can certainly help make you a little bit more conscious about it. you've made it to your hotel room
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with just enough time to freshen up. coming in a rather sleek travel case, the genius—x electric toothbrush claims to be one of the world's smartest toothbrushes. complete with al brushing recognition. i know, a toothbrush with artificial intelligence. what exactly does that mean? in this case, ai has been used to analyse thousands of different kinds of toothbrushing techniques. that information has been used to give you feedback on the way you brush your teeth. so we are now in the coaching part of the app. apparently i have got a brushing score of 1%, which is pretty poor! i promise i can brush my teeth properly. i was brushing on camera. that is my excuse and i'm sticking to it. so, i'm not sure how i feel about this thing. that was a pretty harsh critique of my technique. what it did do was make me
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want to go back and try again and do better, which i did. i got a much better score. so it kind of gamifies the toothbrushing process, which i think is fun. the fact that last two weeks on a single charge means it is a brilliant though slightly expensive way to look your gnashers on your travels. nothing is worse than feeling run down when you arrive at any destination, but sometimes when you travel on your own, you need an objective opinion to tell you how you really look. the hi mirror slide is a smart mirror with a built—in camera. it can analyse your face and give you feedback on the condition of your skin before giving you tips and product recommendations. a normal mirror at the front flanked by ridiculously bright lights. slab open. all right, it has just taken my photo. a few areas of analysis. pores, red spots, dark spots, wrinkles. this is definitely not for those who offend easily. i'm not sure how i feel about being subjected to quite brutal cosmeticjudgment.
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designed to be portable but it is pretty big for a travel mirror so you might not want to take up space in your suitcase. and while it is a nice idea in theory it's critical and quite clinical in assessment of your facial flaws which is definitely not for everybody. hello. it has certainly been a bit of a mixed weekend weather wise. many of us had some heavy rain and some strong winds on saturday. sunday brought us something a bit quieter, still a few blustery showers around. this was the picture in east yorkshire as the sunset on sudnay, following a few showers earlier on in the day. now what about the week ahead? things are staying unsettled. so further spells of rain at times, it turns colder through the week, and expect to see some frost and some fog from mid—week onwards. but for the here and now, we still have got this area of low pressure with us and it has been slow moving for several days, not in a hurry to get out of the way, so further fronts and showers rotating around that low pressure. some heavy showers this evening
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across the southwest initially and they'll be pushing their ways northwards through england and wales, the odd rumble of thunder around some of those heavier showers. a few showers for northern ireland and for scotland some heavy rain developing in the east, and that is going to be persistent through much of the day on monday. five to 10 degress overnight lows, for most of us so generally a frost free start, could be a bit mistiness here and there across part os southern scotland and northern england as well. parts of southern sc let's take a look at the rain, which will be heavy and persistent in the eastern half of scotland, flooding possible for aberdeenshire. away from east scotland, sunny spells elsewhere and a few hit and miss showers. most frequent and heaviest for southwest england through the south coast as well one or two heavy showers here. temperatures about ten to 13 degress, pleasant enough in the sunshine but watch out for those hit and miss heavy showers. for tuesday then, we see the winds turning to more of a northerly direction, that will bring cooler and crisper weather to the likes of western scotland, and towards northern ireland to still reasonably mild down towards the southeast with a few showers here, and temperatures
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in london 13 degrees. butjust seven celsius the top temperature on tuesday in aberdeen. and that cooling trend then continues into the middle of the week as well, so heading through tuesday night on into wednesday, you can see the blue colours, the colder air mass sinking south across the uk. wednesday morning likely to start off with a bit of frost and fog around especially where you have the clearer skies in the east. towards the west, frontal system trying to move in bringing more cloud and a bit of rain to parts of northern ireland, southwest scotland, perhaps western fringes of england and wales. even a little bit of snow fall over the highest ground of the highlands in scotland. further east, you should keep the sunshine through the day and temperatures will range between five to 11 degrees. bye— bye.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00pm: nigel farage says he won't be running as a brexit party candidate in the upcoming general election. the bbc finds under—16—year—olds are being housed in caravans, narrow boats and holiday homes in england and wales, in what is being described as a scandal in the placement of children in care. it isa it is a national scandal, yes. how can we be happy with children in tents, on boats, in all of these transitional things? 33 people have been injured in a coach crash in france. 11 of them are british.


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