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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00pm: nigel farage says he won't be running as a brexit party candidate in the upcoming general election. the bbc finds under—16—year—olds are being housed in caravans, narrow boats and holiday homes in england and wales, in what is being described as a scandal in the placement of children in care. it isa it is a national scandal, yes. how can we be happy with children in tents, on boats, in all of these transitional things? 33 people have been injured in a coach crash in france. 11 of them are british. delhi's toxic smog forces airports to cancel flights. the city's chief minister says the air has become unbearable. and lewis hamilton wins his sixth
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formula 1 world title. he is nowjust one short of michael shumacher‘s record. and we will be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers, the parliamentaryjournalist tony grew and the journalist and author caroline frost. stay with us for that. the leader of the brexit party, nigel farage, says he won't be running for a seat at westminster in the coming general election. instead, he says he will focus on touring the country to support his party's candidates. the news comes days after borisjohnson rejected a call from mr farage to form an electoral alliance with the conservatives. here is our political correspondent nick eardley. love him or hate him, nigel farage has been a key face in british politics for years.
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it's like sponsored drinking. there might be fewer pints these days, more chats with us presidents instead. but after years of trying, seven elections, to be precise, this time he won't be standing to be an mp. i don't want to be in politics for the rest of my life. do i find a seat, try to get myself into parliament, or do i serve the cause better traversing the length and breadth of the united kingdom, supporting 600 candidates? and i've decided that the latter course is the right one. so you are not going to stand yourself? no — very difficult to do both. not that he is disappearing. after borisjohnson rejected his offer of a pro—brexit pact, he is stepping up his attacks on the government's deal. it doesn't get us out of anything. it doesn't work on any level. it is a gigantic con. we should not sell out to this. it's a remainers‘ brexit.
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it is virtually worse than staying where we are, and if we go through this route, we will finish up rejoining. does it matter? some think it could split the pro—brexit vote, allowing labour through the middle, like happened here in peterborough in june. but, with polls suggesting more leave supporters backing the tories, they are hoping to squeeze the brexit party's vote. the only way to end this uncertainty, to end this indecision, and move on to focus on what they want is to vote for a majority conservative government that, yes, is going to get brexit done in a matter of weeks, but also has an exciting and inclusive agenda. the brexit party are gunning for labour votes, too. jeremy corbyn had this to say on mr farage‘s decision not to stand. well, it's obviously his decision. it's a bit weird to lead a political party that is apparently contesting all or most of the seats up in the election, and he himself is not offering himself for election. he's obviously very comfortable on his mep salary. the brexit party will unveil hundreds of candidates here in westminster tomorrow. but the fact that their star name
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won't be among them may be for some a tacit admission that this could be a tough general election for the party. and perhaps there was a personal calculation for nigel farage too — that the threat of possibly failing for an eighth time to become an mp just wasn't worth it. nigel farage still wants to be part of the brexit debate, but at this election, that doesn't mean standing. nick eardley, bbc news, westminster. let's take a look at some of the day's other election news: jeremy corbyn has been setting out labour's plans to upgrade around 27 million homes in the uk to make them more energy—efficient. the party says the move would cut uk carbon emissions by 10% and is the largest home improvement programme for decades. the government has confirmed the freeze in increases in benefit payments is to come to an end next year. working—age benefits such as universal credit and jobseeker‘s allowance will rise by 1.7% from april. it means someone on jobseeker‘s allowance will see payments rise from £73.10 a week to £74.34, a rise of £1.24.
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the leader of the scottish national party at westminster, ian blackford, says the election will be an opportunity to prove there is a mandate for another referendum on scottish independence. the conservatives and scottish labour oppose the idea of another vote. the liberal democrat leader, jo swinson, says she is considering an electoral alliance in dozens of seats across the uk to try to maximise the number of anti—brexit mps in the new parliament. she says talks are being held with plaid cymru and the greens. a bbc investigation has found that children in care in england and wales are being placed in caravans, narrowboats and holiday homes. the bbc has also seen examples of some providers exploiting loopholes in the law, with the number of under—i6—year—olds living in these types of unregistered accomodation having tripled in the last two years. the head of the watchdog for children's services, ofsted, has called the situation a national scandal. our special correspondent ed thomas has this exclusive report.
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i couldn't believe that such a place actually existed. i found it very restrictive. it was enclosed, with a fence around it. the sleeping arrangements are very tough. yasim runs children's homes. he was asked to assess a narrowboat by a london council who had placed a 14—year—old there. the company running it was unregulated. they were placed over 200 miles from their family. i'm absolutely disgusted at how this has been allowed to happen. this is the boat. ofsted says it is legal for an unregulated home to accommodate children if they offer support and not care, short holiday breaks, or are mobile, like the narrow boat. we understand the boy was unhappy with his placement. he wanted to give an interview to us, but the council denied permission for him to speak to the bbc. bromley council says it only uses such placements in exceptional circumstances.
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the company says the narrowboat offers comforts normally found in a bedroom, and provides short, outward—bound courses supporting the child, who was free to leave if supervised. but elsewhere, we've learned of loopholes being exploited. here in blackpool, care children would spend up to four weeks in one caravan before being moved to another in the same park. what was happening? in a different case, dorset council placed a 15—year—old girl in eight unregulated homes run a number of companies, including at this holiday home. she picked the knife up and started waving it round in front of my face. just didn't want to be here. an absolute nervous wreck. you know, she was upset. the two carers then started explaining why she's here, to be assessed and all that. and i said, well, you can't be here. this is not for that. dorset council says the girl was moved so much because there aren't enough registered placements to support children with very complex needs.
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she described it as a prison. one of her sad words to us was, wouldn't it be nice to wake up with the same faces, instead of getting different carers in every other day? what i witnessed that night will stay with me for some time on that. these children, many of them, will go to bed in an unsuitable place tonight. the head of ofsted says our findings are a deeply disturbing. it is a national scandal. how can we be happy with children in tents, on boats? when a child is taken into local authority care, it is precisely because their family isn't providing for them properly, precisely because they need permanence in their life. clearly we're failing the child when we do that. but, even where ofsted believes providers have broken the rules, we've learned there have not been any prosecutions. this is extremely urgent. what could be more urgent than children's lives?
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and there has not been one prosecution for one of these providers. no, as far as i'm aware, there hasn't. is that a deep concern? but that's why we've investigated 150 unregistered children's homes. this september, we revealed that children as young as 11 are being placed in unregistered homes. now, our information requests show more than 400 children were placed in such settings last year, three times the number two years ago. ed thomas reporting there. ten british people have been injured in a bus crash in northern france. the vehicle was travelling from paris to london when police say it toppled over taking a motorway exit. in all, 33 people were injured, four of them seriously. millions of people in the indian capital, delhi, have been told to stay indoors due to an alarming rise in hazardous levels of air pollution. farmers burning crops, industrial emissions and car fumes have created a toxic smog blanketing the city. visibility has been so poor, hundreds of flights have been diverted or delayed.
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from delhi, pratiksha ghildial sent this report. delhi is choking. people here are breathing the city's most toxic air in years, with pollution levels more than 20 times their safe limit. the problem returns here every winter, but many are saying that this is the worst they have experienced. protesters gathered outside the prime minister's house demanding a basic right — clean air. they believe there isn't the political will to find a solution. you can obviously see how terrible it is, and it's actually scary. you can't see things in front of you. patients are coming with more lung respiratory diseases, more affected by asthma. one major source of the solution is stubble burning. farmers in delhi's neighbouring states say they don't
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have the modern machinery they need to clear their fields without setting them alight, so the smoke from their fires drifts over the city, where it stays for days on end. but the worst sufferers are people who work on the streets, like traffic police, tuktuk drivers, and the homeless. india's government says it is doing what it can. it has banned construction activities, is limiting the number of cars on the road, and has asked for schools to remain shut for a few days. but, despite the public health emergency, no long—term solution seems to be in sight. there was virtually no sunlight in delhi today, due to the thick layer of smog hanging over the city. here on the streets, it is particularly difficult to breathe, and i can feel an itch in my throat. it is a huge concern for residents,
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with studies showing that the pollution is causing high levels of lung cancer and premature deaths. pratiksha ghildial, bbc news, delhi. a mass has been taking place in a catholic vietnamese church in london to remember the 39 people who were found dead in a refrigerated lorry in essex ten days ago. police have not confirmed the individual identities of the victims, but believe they were all from vietnam. 0ur correspondent chi chi izundu was at the service. they gathered to remember. this mass started with a short video of the removal of the trailer with the 39 bodies inside. a minute's silence followed. the service was led by the bishop of westminster, who offered prayers for the victims, their relatives, and the emergency services. i suggested that we pray as well for the traffickers themselves. they might have a change of heart. and i did say that i do think human trafficking is an abominable crime, which needs to be eradicated. this community is following news
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of this investigation closely. it is a community in mourning, as it is believed some members possibly related to those victims found in that trailer two weeks ago may have attended today's mass. the parish priest, father simon, confirmed some families in the uk and vietnam have contacted him with information to help identify their loved ones, and he has passed that on to the police. so far, i've got eight people, and i have given six of them, and two more maybe tomorrow, i will see the police and get more information about these people. there is a reluctance in this community to speak out. an escape from vietnam by boat meant witnessing the deaths of those trying to make the same journey, according to this woman. why we have left vietnam?
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because we wanted to have freedom. essex police believe they may have identified families for some of the victims, and have been in contact with relatives both in the uk and vietnam. they say they are still conducting their investigation, which is spanning many jurisdictions across the world. a 36—year—old man has died and three people have been hurt after a car drove into a pub in colchester. a man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. the ao—year—old is also being held on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, as well as death by dangerous driving and assault. jenny kirk reports. tyre tracks across the pavement leading to this, the smoking area of the spinnaker inn. a group of people were hitjust before 1:00am when a car crashed through the fence. one man aged 36 was killed, another left with life—changing injuries, and two others were taken
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to hospital as well. was at the pub after 1:00amm all we heard was a massive bang. but because of it being halloween and guy fawkes, we put it down for fireworks, went back to sleep. it was a very busy pub. locals go to it, especially on a sunday. it's very popular on a saturday night, so whilst there were a couple of casualties, it could have been a lot worse. people were out to party, which is why it was packed out. it was closed for seven hours this morning and police are urging anyone who saw a white nissan car sky before the crash to contact them along with anyone else in the public area at the time who they have not yet spoken to. the shop next door to the pub have a number of cctv cameras
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and when i went inside they were replaying the footage of one of the once up here. they should the aftermath of the scene with the emergency services arriving on a number of people already standing around. this is a very residential area and this was a very loud noise so police are hopeful that there will be a number of witnesses who can help with the investigation. the headlines on bbc news: nigel farage says he won't be running as a brexit party candidate in the upcoming general election. the bbc finds under—16—year—olds are being housed in caravans, narrowboats and holiday homes in england and wales, in what's being described as a scandal in the placement of children in care. 33 people have been injured in a coach crash in france. 11 of them are british. sport, and for a full round up, here's the bbc sport centre. good evening. lewis hamilton has won his sixth formula one world championship. second at the us grand prix in texas was enough for him to secure the title with two races to spare. he's now one title behind michael schumacher‘s record, and his mercedes team boss says there is no limit to what he can achieve. here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. everything in his view could be chaos.
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it didn't matter, all lewis hamilton had to see was the end of this grand prix. to win the title he didn't need to win, eighth place would do but look at the silver car overtaking. always racing. sebastian vettel was soon out and he didn't wait for the ferrari mechanics. he had his own diagnosis. i think that the suspensionjust failed. something broke. hundreds work in a team, but all for the driver. hamilton's career was inspired by his father. anthony watched as lewis gave everything and wouldn't let his team—mate passed him. he is a rival. eventually bottas passed him safely. second place for hamilton meant he was champion again. what a drive, that is it. radio waited for his words. through the mask, we could just imagine his emotion. then hamilton was back, safe on the summit. he never left it. 0n the all—time grid,
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hamilton is second with only michael schumacher winning more drivers titles. why should hamilton, aged 3a, stop here? he's in a great place to equal michael's championship wins. he might even go for an eighth world championship in 2021—22. we'll see. it depends on when lewis decides to give up. when you're winning races, you don't really feel like giving up. races, titles — does this look like a man who is tired of winning? a1- a1 — one draw between spurs and everton was marred by an horrific injury to the midfielder andre gomes, who suffered a broken ankle. dele alli picked up on a mistake to give spurs file. there was a long stoppage as vr looked at a penalty to everton, which was not given. it is the injury to gomes which will make the headlines for all the wrong
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reasons. he was tripped by son heung—min, who tripped awkwardly. everton, would the man advantage, snatched an equaliser. it means spurs are still without a league win at home since january. leicester city are up to third in the premier league after a 2—0 win at crystal palace. jamie vardy was on the scoresheet again, he's now up to 10 goals for the season. mario balotelli threatened to walk off the pitch after suffering racial abuse. mario balotelli, who now plays for his hometown club breschia picked up the ball and kicked it into the stands. he then tried to leave, during the game at hellas
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verona. his own teammates and the opposition trying to stop him from leaving. the referee suspended players part uefa's antiracism protocol, and after being persuaded to stay on the pitch, balotelli scored his team's only goal in a 2—1 defeat. it was an absolute stunner. great britain's women will defend their 0lympic hockey title in tokyo next year after coming through their two—legged qualification tie against chile. and the british men have also qualified after beating malaysia. the women, were already 3—0 up on aggregate after yesterday's match at lee valley in london, and they won 2—1 today. this was their last chance to secure a place at next summer's games. joining them will be island's women who have qualified for the olympics for the first time. they needed a penalty shootout when in the second leg against canada to do it. do it they did. 0 the celebrations. —— cue. there
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it's been a weekend of celebrations in south africa, after their rugby there team comprehensively defeated england to win the world cup injapan. the man who led the springboks to glory was siya kolisi, the national side's first ever black captain, in a country where rugby was once the preserve of the white minority. born and raised in poverty, his success is now an inspiration to millions. 0ur africa correspondent andrew harding has been to the city in the eastern cape where kolisi grew up. the celebrations are continuing. here on the street where south africa's first black rugby captain grew up. it's still a poor neighbourhood, but a proud one today. it's inspiring these dirty streets, it's inspiring the country as a whole. it's inspiring the continent. siya kolisi's younger brother still lives here, in the family's humble home. he shows me pictures of the boy who won a scholarship that transformed his life.
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when he came home for the weekend from school? yeah, he used to sleep here. so it was a poor family? yeah, poor, poor. very poor. at a local bar and butcher's shop, an older generation of rugby players remembers the dark days of racial apartheid, when black players such as zola yeye were barred from the national side. so much has changed here. he later became the springboks' first black manager but there's still much be done. if sport is a unifying ingredient, so be it. south africa is a beautiful country. it's got beautiful people but it needs healing and that healing must be sustainable. so this is about nation—building? it is about nation—building. because this is an unfinished project. social cohesion is unfinished business. on these streets, more than half of all young people are jobless. democracy has failed to deliver for many poor, black south africans. and at siya kolisi's old rugby club,
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children dream of following in his footsteps, but many still turn up hungry. it's still a challenge when it comes to equality. for black players? for black players, of course. we struggle first with facilities. we lack nutrition. it is tempting to exaggerate the impact of sport on any society but south africa is a young democracy, still finding its feet, and badly in need of the sort of inspiration that nelson mandela once provided. so, this victory really does matter here. it's given an increasingly disillusioned nation a taste of the old mandela magic. andrew harding, bbc news, port elizabeth. a professional musician who left his rare violin worth a quarter of a million pounds on a train has been reunited with the instrument. stephen morris said a young man
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handed the violin back in a late night meeting in a supermarket car park in south london. tara welsh has the story. (amazing grace). 1709, it was made. mozart was not even thought of. buck was in his 20s. —— bach. a310 year old violin, but just last was in his 20s. —— bach. a310 year old violin, butjust last week stephen feared it was gone for ever. —— a 310—year—old. he left it on 0rpington bound train after a long day. this violin is probably one of the closest instruments to the human voice. it is your voice, as a violinist. so it is quite strange to have that taken away for a while. he was desperate to find it, and made an appeal on this programme. was desperate to find it, and made an appeal on this programmem was desperate to find it, and made an appeal on this programme. if you have it, hand it in. because it
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would be extremely difficult to sell. the story went viral on social media. i have had messages from new york, australia, everywhere. and then came a breakthrough. the first thing was a tweet saying, i know somebody who knows somebody who knows where your violin is. please give me your phone number. and at this point i was thinking, it could bea this point i was thinking, it could be a hoax. but something made me think it might be right. i had a chat, and it turned out, i was pretty sure it was the guy. the man agreed to meet stephen in this waitrose car park in beckenham, and at just after ten o'clock at waitrose car park in beckenham, and atjust after ten o'clock at night, this is where the violin was returned. i saw him coming towards me and he just returned. i saw him coming towards me and hejust had returned. i saw him coming towards me and he just had this lovely big smile on his face, and it was clearly just very happy to be
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bringing it back. we shook hands, we had a warm conversation. he said he was sorry that he had put me through so was sorry that he had put me through so much stress. and on future journeys, stephen won't be letting go of his violin. and we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers, the parliamentaryjournalist tony grew and the journalist and author caroline frost. that's coming up just after the headlines at 11:30. now it's time for a look at the weather with nick miller. hello there. no big surprises in the weather. it is pretty much as you well. low pressure in control throughout the week ahead. just a brief lull midway. plenty of evidence of how wet it has been recently. there is a bit more rain on the way, as you might imagine with low pressure. it won't be wet all the time, mind you, but there is all the time, mind you, but there is a little change in the forecast, turning colder compared to what we've had recently. low pressure around to start the week. there is a
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gap between weather systems when it turns cold and mid week, and then into the cold air we bring in more weather systems from the atlantic, some rain, hills no formal northern england and scotland later in the week as well. —— hill snow for northern england. this area of cloud and rain pushing further north into areas of wales and northern ireland. heavy showers in south—west england and turning wetter across western scotland. tomorrow is a wet day in eastern scotland. rain totals mounting, flooding a disruption in places. some cloud and rain in parts of northern england and northern ireland, but other parts looking mainly dry. heavy showers still in southern england and south wales. these are average wind speeds. some gusts with the rain in eastern scotla nd gusts with the rain in eastern scotland along the coast could be approaching 50 miles an hour, so it isn't just wet but very windy. it will feel chilly here as well, but high temperatures around 10— 13 celsius. as we go through monday evening and night, the rain is still falling here but eventually it will ease and push down across more of north—east england. a few showers
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elsewhere, where show is a light across southern parts, a few fog patches as tuesday begins. low pressure still close by but beginning to pull away on tuesday, allowing drier conditions to develop across the western side of the uk. still a few showers on tuesday in the east, look at the window is coming down from the north. this is the colder air, moving on. so some of us with temperatures nowjust peeking only in single figures. the big picture from tuesday until wednesday, but low pressure is gone and we have this between weather systems, frost and fog in places as wednesday starts, then here come the next rain bearing weather fronts from the atlantic stop so maybe starting dry on wednesday but gradually turning wetter from the west. we have got to be chillier hourin west. we have got to be chillier hour in place now. so as the rain gets further east, but also reaches the elevation of the pennines, into the elevation of the pennines, into the hills and mountains of scotland, there could be a bit of snow falling for some of us, because apparently it is that time of year. for most of us, the second half of the week, though stop temperatures are just in
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single figures. the forecast for where you are aware you single figures. the forecast for where you are aware you are single figures. the forecast for where you are aware you are going is a lwa ys where you are aware you are going is always available online through the app. 11 of them are british. hello, this is bbc news. we will be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first the headlines: nigel farage says he won't be running as a brexit party candidate in the upcoming general election. the bbc finds under—16—year—olds
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are being housed in caravans, narrowboats and holiday homes in england and wales, in what is being described as a scandal in the placement of children in care. it is a national scandal, yes. how can we be happy with children in tents, on boats, in all of these transitional things? 33 people have been injured in a coach crash in france. 11 of them are british. delhi's toxic smog forces airports to cancel flights. the city's chief minister says the air has become unbearable. and lewis hamilton wins his sixth formula 1 world title.


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