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she's now in her 905. she is extraordinary. and hasn't stepped away from it. yeah. i've become almost obsessed with her. she's amazing. and the show is much an investigation of the institution as it is the people, so it's about those figures within this organisation, the sort of pressures, the weird loneliness of it. tell me, it's all any of us want to know. what do you want from us? well, the truth is we don't know what we want. a recurring theme in the crown is the relationship with her prime ministers. jason watkins is harold wilson. i'm not going to do the voice now, you'll have to wait. it's called a high larynx. he has a particular voice, but myjob is to sort of show him in all his eccentricities, perhaps, and his voice, and it's a much impersonated voice, but i have to fill it up with what's going on and what the real emotions are going on and the real events
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of the day, which were traumatic. age is rarely kind to anyone. nothing one can do about it. acting royalty playing real royalty, as the crown and the woman who wears it return. john maguire, bbc news, carnarvon. should i curtsy now? time for a look at the weather. here's ben rich. no need! mixed fortunes across the uk, quite damp in some areas and murky, for others it has turned brighter, particularly across northern areas, but in the brighter weather we have more colder weather sinking into the picture. northerly winds bringing the cold air from the arctic, we will feel the effects over the next three days. through the rest of the afternoon, generally lots of cloud and showery rain over central and eastern england, further west and further north, some brighter skies and sunshine, a
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scattering of showers, you will notice the northerly breeze, particularly in north sea coasts, really accentuates in quite a chilly feel. height of 9 degrees in aberdeen and may be 13 in cardiff. it is bonfire night, if you are going to a fireworks display there will be lots of dry weather, some showers, turning chilly. some showery rain affecting east anglia and the south—east for a time, then the sky is clear, a peppering of showers across coastal areas, you could see someone stand for, especially because of the smoke from the bonfires. overnight temperatures will be a talking point, widely very close to freezing, some spots below, quite a widespread ground frost to ta ke quite a widespread ground frost to take us into tomorrow morning. a cold start to tomorrow, some sunshine and showers for many. those double we bring this band of showers and then more persistent training to northern ireland, wales and the south—west later in the afternoon. we keep the brighter skies further
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east and further north, but these are the top temperatures, six to 10 degrees, slightly below what we would expect at this time of year. as we move out of wednesday into thursday, here is the next area of low pressure siding through, this little weather front will become very slow—moving, bringing persistent rain, most likely across parts of the midlands and east anglia but perhaps in two parts of north—east england. could be unafraid to cause problems. sunny spells and heavy showers to the south about, one or two showers to the north, one or two could be turning wintry, bigger temperatures in aberdeen and glasgow six or 7 degrees. into friday, this area of low pressure clears away, you get a bump on the isobars, high pressure trying to nose in, a drier day on friday but more unsettled, rain into the weekend thundery as well. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me,
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and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. the punishment see saracens drop to the bottom of the premiership. the essential points about this is how does premiership rugby ensure there isa does premiership rugby ensure there is a level playing field and this certainly is a severe punishment? the disciplinary panel has found that saracens were found to have failed to disclose payments to players and to have exceeded the ceiling for payments to senior players and when we are talking about senior players employed by saracens about senior players employed by sara ce ns we about senior players employed by saracens we are talking about some of the most famous players in world
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by. of the most famous players in world rugby. when we look at the statement that premiership rugby have put they talk about upholding the principle of the salary cap and it is important to see this in the broader issue of professional rugby union's ongoing viability and premiership by ongoing viability and premiership rugby has to ensure there is a competitive level playing field. saracens have said they are disappointed by the heavy sanctions and will launch an appeal against the disciplinary panel's findings. the owner has said it is devastating and he never deliberately sought to mislead anyone but saracens have the right to appeal against it and as it stands the severe punishment for seen to threaten their ongoing viability and certainly superiority asa viability and certainly superiority as a sporting force.
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he's a two time rugby world cup winner with new zealand's all blacks but now sonny bill williams is set to play in rugby league's super league next season. he's likely to sign a two year multi million pound contract with newly promoted canadian side toronto wolfpack. he'll become one of their marquee players. williams was part of the new zealand team beaten by england in the rugby world cup semi finals last month and has made 12 appearances for new zealand's rugby league team before. staying with new zealand where their cricket team have beaten england in the 3rd t20 international in nelson after an england batting collapse. the kiwis now lead the 5 match series 2—1. new zealand post a competitive but chasable 180—7 from their 20 overs, colin de grandhomme top scoring with 55 from 35 deliveries.
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a 63 run partnership betweenjames vince and dawid malan looked to put the touring side on course for victory before a late collapse. eoin morgan's wicket triggered the loss of 5 wickets for 10 runs as england lost by 1a runs. morgan said a lack of experience may have cost them. he may not be featuring for real madrid at the moment but that hasn't stopped gareth bale being picked for the wales squad for theirfinal two euro 2020 qualifiers. juventus midfielder aaron ramsey has also been picked again by ryan giggs after missing last month's matches through injury. wales wrap up their qualification campaign with games against azerbaijan and hungary. there was disappointment for frankie dettori at the melbourne cup as his horse was demoted from second to fourth after a stewards' inquiry.
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vow and declare won a dramatic race in a tight finish ahead of dettori's master of reality but a stewards inquiry ruled that the horse impeded il paradiso. that meant il paradiso was promoted to third, with british hope prince of arran second. dettori was also given a nine meeting ban. let's get more now on campaigning for the general election, and the labour leaderjeremy corbyn has been in harlow this morning. he's been laying out his party's plans for a future government, including how he aims to get brexit done in the next six months. the tories are offering an extreme and damaging form of brexit while the liberal democrats want to ignore the result of the 2016 referendum and revoke article 50. the brexit crisis does need to be resolved but it must be done democratically. because walk down any street in britain and you'll find people who voted to leave and people who voted to remain. whatever our differences may be on this one issue, at the end of the day we have so much else in common.
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the liberal democrats launched their general election campaign this morning, with leader jo swinson telling voters that stopping brexit would deliver a £50 billion remain bonus for public services over the next five years. let's have a listen. when we stop brexit we will be able to use that remain bonus to invest in other public services. we are the only party standing up to say that we will stop brexit and build a brighterfuture, and everybody knows brexit has taken longer and cost more than anyone said that it would. but any type of brexit will damage our economy, will costjobs and starve our public services of the resources they need. so, we know that that remain vote will be £50 billion that we can spend on other public services,
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investing in our schools and in the welfare system to help the poorest in our society. so, every vote for the liberal democrats is a vote to stop brexit and invest £50 billion in our public services. we are checking the party's pig claims and look into whether the data packs up the claims. —— big claims. the exams regulator, quual, says french and german gcse exams will be marked slightly less severely from 2020 in england, after a review of grading. it could mean a boost of between a quarter and a half of a grade for some pupils. bra nwen jeffreys is
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our education editor. explain what is going on. just french and german? just french and german gcse science stilljust in england. it is the regulator'sjob to make sure exams are the same standard across different subjects and figures language teachers have been complaining it is really hard for teenagers to get the same kind of greats as they are getting in other subjects when doing languages. although spanish has been booming french and german have seen a long—term quite catastrophic decline in the numbers and that's one of the things they have taken into account in terms of making it slightly easierfor people to in terms of making it slightly easier for people to nudge over into a better grade for next summer so good news if you are revising at the moment. it is interesting in terms of the take—up. it is hard to know whether people start opting for
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foreign languages for the sort of reason because they think it is so ha rd reason because they think it is so hard they will not get a good grade 01’ hard they will not get a good grade or whether there is complacency and they think they don't have to be able to speak a foreign language. there are certainly a mixture although as the british consul points out about 75% of the material online is not in english so the world is changing rapidly. the bbc did a massive debt of research and found that in some areas french has declined but german has almost totally disappeared and that is despite the fears of business people and mps and peers that these are skills we are really going to need whatever happens with brexit. we have to be able to go out in the world and do business with them. thank you. health and social care staff working in the nhs in england will receive training on autism and learning disabilities following a campaign led by families.
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the training programme has been named in memory of teenager oliver mcgowan, whose parents campaigned for better staff training since his death in 2016. a trial of the new training will begin in england next year. a little earlier dan scorer from learning disability charity mencap told the bbc why it was so crucial. every year, over 1,000 people with a learning disability die avoidably. when if they'd got good quality health care at the right time, their lives could have been saved. so this training was a key recommendation coming out of a government review looking into those deaths and so it's absolutely vital now the government move ahead with this and implement it as soon as possible. earlier our presenter annita mcveigh spoke to caroline dinenage, the minister of state at the department of health and social care, and asked whether she was confident the program will be followed through on, no matter who is in government? it's not a trial as a way of kicking it down the path, it's a trial to get it 100% right.
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this needs to be meaningful. we know that some health and care professionals do get the right sort of training but actually this is for everybody, so it's notjust medical staff, it's everyone who may come into contact with patients. so you know yourself that if you have a negative experience with a gp front desk, with a receptionist, for example, it can ruin your day, but if you are an adult with learning disabilities or an autistic person that might actually stop you wanting to go back to that doctor's surgery again and some long—term health conditions may not be picked up, and that could significantly impact your long—term health prospects, so we really wanted to make sure that everybody who has some kind of interaction with patients has that real training that will make a difference to the way that they support people. is there the money to really make this have an impact? absolutely. we are putting the money in for the interim training for the trial that starts next year
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but in addition to that the long—term plan has committed £4.5 billion additional spending to community provision, which is all about making sure that we do have that opportunity to intervene in people's health journeys, to be able to make sure there is the provision there in the community which means people don't end up in a long—term inpatient setting. a report on bronzefield women's prison in surrey where a newborn baby died in september says there's a "severe shortage" of nurses at the jail. the independent monitoring board which conducts regular visits to the prison compiled its assessment before the baby's death, which is the subject of a separate inquiry. the headlines on bbc news: the liberal democrats officially launch their election campaign.
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jo swinson promises a "remain bonus" of £50 billion over five years if brexit is stopped. in a speech this morning, jeremy corbyn promises to "get brexit sorted" within six months of winning power. the conservatives dismiss labour's pledge as "fairytale politics" and insist they are the party to deliver brexit. a scheme designed to help people aged under a0 get on the housing ladder in england has failed to result in a single home being built. the national audit office said £174 million had been spent on buying land for the starter homes project. polly neate who is chief executive of the homelessness charity shelter says it was the wrong kind of scheme in the first place. the scheme was not going to tackle oui’ the scheme was not going to tackle our housing crisis so 80% of market rent to buy is simply not affordable to people living in private rented accommodation, who are the people
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who desperately need a home, and two thirds of people living in private renting have no savings, so the idea they can buy a home at 80% of market rent is a bit of the mark anyway. what we think is the government needs to stop churning out these glossy products that are supposed to appeal to people who think they offer a chance of home ownership when they don't and instead they need to focus on tackling the real crisis which is the shortage of genuinely affordable social housing. a diy home urine or swab test could potentially help more women discover whether they are at risk of cervical cancer according to researchers. the new method could be used as an alternative to the smear test and would not require a visit to the doctor. dr belinda nedjay who helped develop
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the new test has been explaining how it works. we are testing a change in dna manipulation and sample from self swapping so women are invited to give a you're in sample and then we test the changes. we designed this test the changes. we designed this test to reach women who would not attend abnormal screening programme because they find too painful or difficult in the first instance. if the nhs is happy with the stress could be rolled out in the first year to reach out to these women and then to be registered for the whole public may be in five years, three to five years exactly because we need to test less than 10,000 women throughout the country under the
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necessary checks to roll it out. men born at high risk of developing prostate cancer should have extra checks every year from the age of 40, according to experts. scientists at the institute of cancer research in london say that checking men, or anyone with a prostate, to identify a substance called psa in the blood, could help them find tumours earlier when it's easier to treat them. the united states has formally notified the united nations that it intends to withdraw from the paris climate change agreement, sparking international condemnation. it is the first formal step of a one—year process of leaving the deal, culminating the day after next year's presidential election. the paris agreement commits nearly 200 nations to reducing greenhouse emissions.
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barely a week after the us killed the leader of the islamic state group, abu bakr al—baghdadi, turkey now says it has captured his elder sister. officials say they picked up rasmiya awad, in a turkish—controlled area of syria in aleppo province. they say they are interrogating her, along with her husband and daughter—in—law. gareth barlow reports. islamic state is winning in the face of international campaigns against that. the hope is that rasmiya awad will provide vital information. it is unlikely she will have knowledge of the group's strategy but she may provide insight into the life of the former leader abu bakr al—baghdadi. she might know networks that abu bakr al—baghdadi trusted. more people that he trusted. people who
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facilitated her travel. that should be able to give allied intelligence officers if you entered the isis network and to the trusted. for turkey this is an important moment. criticised for a campaign against the kurds in northern syria but the ca ptu re the kurds in northern syria but the capture of the central is vigour and territory turkey controls allow for vital justification for its operations. spain goes to the polls this weekend for its second general election of the year. in barcelona on monday, as politicians took part in a televised debate, demonstrators burned images of spain's king who was visiting the region's capital. alex cairns has more details.
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as they burned posters of his image, the demonstrators chanted "catalonia has no king". the separatist protesters unafraid to make their views known or heard. translation: i live in a republic, not a monarchy. i don't agree with a foreign king coming to barcelona, even less now that it's us, the catalans, that are suffering. inside the venue, king felipe called on catalans, many of whom seek independence for the region, to put aside violence and seek a new reality. translation: a reality in which there can be no place for violence, intolerance, and the disregard for the rights and freedoms of others. spain has become increasingly divided, especially after catalonia's thwarted independence attempt in 2017. and this weekend the country will hold its second general election of the year, its fourth in four years. on monday night, the candidates vying to become prime minister clashed over how to handle
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catalonia's independence drive. the leader of the far right vox party labelling the desire to break away as a permanent coup d'etat. whether you call it a coup d'etat or independence campaign, the question over catalonia's future continues to fuel passions and divide spain. alice cairns, bbc news. eight—year—old ayeyi has brittle bones and has enjoyed multiple fractures since birth. —— endured multiple. the condition, known as osteogenesis imperfecta, or oi, can cause bones to break at the slightest movement. but despite the pain a fracture brings, ayeyi loves to dance and refuses to let the condition define her. from ghana, the bbc‘s
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pauline odhiambo reports. iam eight i am eight years old. i have osteoporosis and my bones are soft and can break easily. she may not be able to walk but gradually and with support she has finally learned to step. according to experts it is a genetic condition which cannot be cured but this hasn't dampened her bubbly spirit. i love to sing, laugh, dance and play. sometimes playing can result in multiple fractures.
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where were you in that picture? just see it. i want to hear. her pa rents were just see it. i want to hear. her parents were happy to find that they we re parents were happy to find that they were expecting their first child but halfway through the pregnancy doctors noticed something unusual and advised them to abort the baby. it was a very difficult thing for us to do as christians. we finally made the decision to keep the pregnancy. when she was born we realised we we re when she was born we realised we were carrying more than we were even told. it is estimated five out of 100,000 people worldwide are born with the condition. figures on the
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condition are not readily available but treatment options are limited. the common medication given help strengthen the bone. according to science her condition is expected to worsen as she gets older however water therapy and other exercises have helped. in addition to dealing with the physical challenges of the condition her parents have also had to deal with the stigma associated with raising a disabled child. ever since she came into her life i have had more positive blessings than negative. there is nothing you lose when you help raise children.
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it has been a day of mixed fortunes so farand are it has been a day of mixed fortunes so far and are much better day for scotland, cordoba than yesterday. there are some showers around. if you are out this evening those showers may linger and it is going to turn pretty chilly for all of us. you can see fairly widespread showers running down across the east coasts and pushing further inland and we have showers driven on by a northerly wind which will continue across exposed coasts. more sunshine for scotland in comparison to custody and the further west will get the better of the drier weather.
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as we go through this evening we will continue to have a few showers which will fade away and overnight we will get clear skies. as cold air continues to dry down from the north temperatures are likely to fall away so it will be a chilly start to wednesday. a touch of frost and possibly a touch of fog first thing in the morning. shouted central and eastern area starting off with the best of any brightness. it will stay relatively quiet. the cloud will thicken and we have a few scattered showers pushing into west coasts before eventually more persistent rain arrives by the end of the afternoon so subtle changes has been move through the day on wednesday. still feeling chilly. these systems pushing in from the west will arrive through wednesday night across england and wales in particular so that low pressure centre to uk yet
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again means more rain to come. we could start off on thursday on a pretty miserable note for many some of the rain quite persistent and it will grind to halt across the midlands and north of england north wales. sunny spells and scattered showers into scotland with temperatures struggling. in the size we are lucky if we see nine or ten. the cool theme is set to continue. drier and brighter on friday for more rain for the weekend.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live i'm simon mccoy. today at two: the liberal democrats say the uk will get a remain bonus of 50 billion pounds over five years if brexit is stopped as they launch their general election campaign. when i look at borisjohnson and jeremy corbyn, i am absolutely certain that i could do a betterjob than either of them. jeremy corbyn says labour would get brexit sorted next year promising to secure a better deal with the eu. a labour government will get brexit sorted within six months giving you, the british people, the final say. jacob rees mogg apologises, after saying people living in grenfell tower should have ignored


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