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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 5, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm GMT

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we had a let we had a lot of experience. we had a lot of inexperienced guys tonight. england are to have in a series. sonny bill williams is coming to a rugby pitch near you soon. not a rugby union one though. it looks like he'll be playing in rugby league's super league next year for the newly promoted toronto wolfpack. a big coup to get one of global rugby's biggest stars to leave union behind and finish his career in the code that he started with. adam wild has more. the sporting journey of sonny bill williams has been spectacular as it has been unusual. his career now seem certain to break more new ground for the ways —— just days after waving goodbye to the bulk up his journey continues to the sport where he first began. it was rugby
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league when he first made his name in the country bulldogs, helping them to the nrl title. a switch of codes followed to rugby union first in france and then canterbury crusaders. his first return to rugby league came with sydney roosters, another nrl title followed and so too did another return to rugby union. it is his performance at international level that have made him a global sporting icon. twice a rugby union world cup winner with the all blacks, he also played in a rugby league world cup final. amidst it all a career as a professional boxer. now canada seems the next step on his incrediblejourney, only three seasons ago toronto won promotion to the super league and now seem poised to make him one of the highest profile signings rugby league has ever seen. at 3a he may
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have his best years behind him but for sonny bill williams the incredible journey continues. so what can we expect from sonny bill williams then? robbie hunter paul played alongside williams at the start of his rugby career and chatted to me a little earlier. rugby league is the type of game that will allow him to flourish once again. it is second nature to him as he grew up playing rugby league and made his name in rugby league. as a by made his name in rugby league. as a rugby league boy it would be nice to see him finishing in rugby league where he started. for toronto this isa where he started. for toronto this is a real statement of intent or is it just is a real statement of intent or is itjust someone to boost is a real statement of intent or is it just someone to boost the is a real statement of intent or is itjust someone to boost the profile and maybe get a few more sponsors on board rather than having a massive impact on the pitch? he's very sellable and also a very marketable
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commodity and he understands the game, he understands both sides of professional sportsmanship, game, he understands both sides of professionalsportsmanship, notjust getting the ball over the line but equally as important to make sure you are on message with your sport and what trying to sell. no one does it better than the north americans. toronto is just a sport mad city, it better than the north americans. toronto isjust a sport mad city, it isa game toronto isjust a sport mad city, it is a game changer. it can be a game changerfor is a game changer. it can be a game changer for superleague. at the moment it is the continental, the european super with catala ns moment it is the continental, the european super with catalans and the english teams. now it is a trans superleague. from nelson to dubai where the world pa ra—athletics championships will begin on thursday. today richard whitehead and kara adenegan were named captains for the 42 strong british team in the uae. sprinter maria lyle will competing in her third world championships — and she's still only 19. she revealed last year that she'd
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been suffering from anxiety and, after seeking help, is now urging others struggling with their mental health to do the same. thomas duncan reports. triple european champion by the age of 18 maria lyle is used to success on the track but athletic achievements did not bring personal happiness. i would feel anxious about going out of the house and how people viewed me. and when i spoke to people i was afraid they would think i was strange or weird. it was no how to do with howl think i was strange or weird. it was no how to do with how i saw myself and said my running, the running was something that i hid behind and it kind of just poured something that i hid behind and it kind ofjust poured over. after breaking down after a race last year she opened up and decided it was time to seek help for her anxiety. now studying at university and back
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to her best on the track 12 months on she wants to help others struggling with their mental health. if you're feeling a bit rubbish and a bit low i would just speak to anyone you trust, anybody you feel co mforta ble anyone you trust, anybody you feel comfortable with. and seeking help is not something to be ashamed of. it is doing wonders for me. the world parrot athletics championships get under way on thursday in dubai a month after the able—bodied championships finished in doha. former athletes lined up to fill the empty stadiums but maria feels there isa empty stadiums but maria feels there is a gulf in treatment. if it was iced lemon would have cared if nobody came to see it, is quite normal. that we do not get a crowd. but that is not highlighted. but because it is able—bodied that is such a big thing. i totally
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disagree, obviously everyone should have a crowd to watch them but why should they get all this publicity for having no crowds when no one ca res for having no crowds when no one cares about that for us. her fight for equality is one she will continue to meet head—on. but she will be targeting a first individual world title in dubai. yesterday, we showed you how england trudged home through heathrow after their rugby world cup defeat to south africa. don't think it'll be an exaggeration to say the atmosphere is a little different in johannesburg today as the team and the trophy have arrived back to a huge reception. milton nkosi's been there all day for us. what has it been like? the atmosphere here has been electric. hundreds of south africans turned out to support the springboks team which was arriving here on separate flights, first came the first lot
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and then came the captain and the coach. siya kolisi was travelling with the coach rassie erasmus when they arrived in the survival for the airport erupted. and that has been the atmosphere throughout the day. south africans came united like never before. helping that this win is not just about the scoreline never before. helping that this win is notjust about the scoreline on the football field but about the future of the country uniting a country that was divided throughout the years by racial segregation. so today the rugby team has arrived back and south africans are feeling incredibly joyous and happy. and i think celebrations will continue for the next few days as well. many thanks. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more
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throughout the evening. a scheme designed to help people aged under forty get on the housing ladder in england has failed to result in a single home being built. the national audit office says 17a—million pounds has been spent on buying land for the starter homes project. polly neate is the chief executive of the housing charity shelter. she says the scheme was the wrong idea in the first place. this scheme was not going to tackle the housing crisis sale 80% of market rent to buy is simply not affordable to people living in private rented accommodation who are the people who desperately need a home. and two thirds of people
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living in private renting have no savings so the idea that they could buy a home at 80% of market rent is a bit off the mark anyway. what we think is the government needs to stop churning out these glossy products that are supposed to appeal to people who think that they offer a chance of home ownership when actually they do not. and instead they need to focus on tackling the real crisis which is the shortage of genuinely affordable social housing. the eagerly—awaited new series of the royal drama, the crown, begins later this month — with oscar winning actress olivia colman taking over from claire foy as the queen. this series begins in 1964, and ends 13 years later with the silverjubilee. our correspondentjohn maguire has been behind the scenes. good morning. it's1stjuly, 1969, welcome to the investiture of the prince of wales here at carnarvon castle.
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or, at least, as it's being reimagined by netflix — the exact same castle, the exact same location. as the world's most famous family return, olivia colman — oscar winnerfor one role as a monarch — takes on another one. it's so much fun. i mean, look at the hats you get to wear. it's extraordinary, isn't it? people have forgotten about the hats. yes. it's there, this is pretty good copy. yeah, yeah, i've seen pictures, "no way." oh, yes, way. yeah, yeah. on set, in between takes, i'm granted a royal audience. a person made a vow in their 20s to serve their nation, she's done it, she's now in her 90s. she's extraordinary. and never stepped away from it. yeah. i've become almost obsessed with her. she's amazing! and the show is much an investigation of the institution as it is the people, so it's about those figures within this organisation, the sort of pressures, the weird loneliness of it.
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tell me, it's all any of us want to know. what do you want from us? well, the truth is we don't know what we want. a recurring theme in the crown is the relationship with her prime ministers. jason watkins is harold wilson. i'm not going to do the voice now, you'll have to wait. it's called a high larynx. he has a particular voice, but myjob is to sort of show him in all his eccentricities, perhaps, and his voice, and it's a much impersonated voice, but i have to fill it up with what's going on and what the real emotions are going on and the real events of the day, which were traumatic. age is rarely kind to anyone. nothing one can do about it. acting royalty playing real royalty, as the crown and the woman who wears it return. john maguire, bbc news, carnarvon.
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now time for a look at the it has been a day of mixed fortunes, cloudy and damp for some but for others turning brighter. those brighter conditions have been spreading from the north but also spreading from the north but also spreading from the north but also spreading from the north some colder conditions. as the cold air continues to sink south things will continues to sink south things will continue to tend very chilly to tonight. increasingly clear skies overhead and many of those showers will fade away. some list of fog patches around. and those temperatures quite widely close to freezing, some spots just below and quite a widespread ground frost. with that it should be a fairly bright start tomorrow. some showers around and some patches of fog. going through the date we see this
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band of showers drifting in from the west and more persistent rainjust starting to move into northern ireland and the west of wales. in many spots the temperature is a degree or so below average for the time of year. wednesday night we had this band of rain moving north—east and then it becomes very slow moving going into thursday. this low pressure winding itself up and there isa pressure winding itself up and there is a front really hanging across parts of england and wales meaning some persistent rain for north wales, the midlands, east anglia. enough for some localised flooding and travel problems. to the south of some sunny and travel problems. to the south of some sunny spells and also have to showers. some showers over high ground likely to be wintry and the air really will be that cold. going into friday low pressure should retreat south east so many of us
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seeing a return to sunny skies. the wind coming in from the north or the north east so it is going to be another chilly day generally between six and 10 degrees. quite a widespread frost during friday night and then on into the weekend the return of some rain. some of that heavy and there could be something wintry mixed in over high ground in the north.
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you're watching beyond 100 days. new transcripts are released from two key witnesses in the us impeachment inquiry. the serving us ambassador to the eu says things got more insidious as time went on when it came to ukraine investigating the bidens. ambassador sondland says he couldn't get a straight answer from the white house as to why the aid to ukraine was being held up. but the president kept telling him to talk to rudy giuliani. it's election season on both sides of the pond. tonight the british parliament is dissolved with just over five weeks to the vote. and here we are exactly a year away from the 2020 election. tonight we will be in new hampshire.


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