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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 5, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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thousands came to welcome home the best rugby team in the world. a team that not only broughtjoy to the nation, but also inspired a deeply divided country. cheering. but, for now, united by south africa's first black captain, siya kolisi, and his journey from poverty to national hero. he's an icon towards all young black south africans that anything is possible. so, thatjust really inspires me about him and he's everything a person could ever want to be. i mean, he's got the support of his whole country. the rainbow nation, actually, that mandela was fighting for. i think we've done a change in the world. i think that freedom is actually here and i think this rugby game, with a black man leading it, has changed south africa. i'm here because i'm really proud that the springboks won and i knew they were going to win. which one is your favourite player? siya kolisi. why?
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because he's the captain. he also inspired people to also believe in themselves, that everybody has something inside them. from the springboks, gratitude for the support. people might be learning from us, but everything that we did there and took there, we got from the people here in south africa. this world cup victory is steeped in its troubled history. the joy it brings may not last but, for now, south africans are celebrating how far they've come since their first world cup victory 2a years ago. nomsa maseko, bbc news, johannesburg. and well done to them. that's it. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm sarah mulkerrins — your headlines tonight. an extraordinary night at stamford brige — 8 goals — 2 men sent off as chelsea fight back in the champions league. not quite as sensational at anfield — but liverpool collect a win to go top of their group. and the biggest story in english club history — we'll have more on the sanctions placed on saracens over salary cap breeches. good evening — welcome along to sportsday
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where we will start with the most remarkable night at stamford bridge in the champions league. at one stage chelsea were 4—1 down in their tie against ajax. but momentum swung in the second half — when the visitors had 2 men sent off. chelsea fought back, levelled it at 4—1; and at one stage thought they had won it — our reporter rhia chohan had the tricky task of condensing it all for us. under of condensing it all for us. the lights of stamford b they under the lights of stamford bridge they had the chance to go three points clear of ajax, but it started badly with the faintest of touches when he put his side behind after just two minutes. it looked to be getting much worse when they hit this beauty and went three up thanks the most part. if you that the first half was frantic, it was nothing on the second, ajax had two then sent
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off and the momentum turned. hitting off and the momentum turned. hitting off the balance, sending stanford into a frenzy. what could have been an amazing bounce back win for chelsea was not to be after the goal was ruled out for a handball and it may only be the group stages, but this tournament delivers an ajax left sa nford this tournament delivers an ajax left sanford bridge with the point. far more straight forward for liverpool — the defending champions beating genk 2—1 at anfield to top their group. craig templeton watched this one for us. it is rare for the entire field not to be the biggest game there that week but liverpool's line—up had an eye on manchester city on sunday. they insisted it was for fresh ideas, but to all of hands who made the opening goals. i—o.
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ideas, but to all of hands who made the opening goals. 1—0. the continued to create and he was just inches away, but he served as the equaliser. the reports started reinvigorated and chamberlain scored twice and with that pivot and a strike, he had done it again. game looked to level in the score once more but allison was there to make the save and that was how it finished, farfrom the save and that was how it finished, far from flawless for their top of the group, and values on the weekend. well liverpool are top of group e wtih 9 points as valencia could only draw i—i against salzburg, they're on 8. barcelona frustrated with a goalless draw at home to slavia prague — first time they've failed to score in 46 home games. they're in the same group as borrussia dortmund and inter milan who played — dortmund coming back from 2 nil
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down to win that tie. that win for valenica in group h means that the spanish side, chelsea and ajax, all have 7 points. arsenal manager unai emery has confirmed that switzerland intrnational granit xhaka has been stripped of the club captaincy. the midfielder has not played for the club since he was booed off by fans, and reacted angrily, after being substituted against crystal palace on the 27th of october. xhaka is said to have "accepted the position". pierre emerick aubamayang will take over as club captain. i was speaking with them this morning and also i decided he is not one. and i decided that and i told him this morning. let's have a quick look at some other stories making the news meanwhile... liverpool will need to field two different teams in as many days,
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because the date of their league cup quarter—final with aston villa will not be changed. the match, on the 17th of december, is less than 2a hours before club world cup semi—final in qatar. everton midfielder andre gomes has been discharged from hospital after successful surgery on a fracture dislocation of his right ankle. after being sent off for the tackle causing gomes‘ injury, son heung—min has had his red card overturned. gareth bale has been named in the welsh squad for their upcoming euro 2020 qualifiers, despite missing real madrid's last four matches with a calf injury. ryan giggs‘ side need to win their remaining matches against azerbaijan and hungary to stand a chance of automatic qualification. it's the biggest punishment in english rugby history. saracens have been docked 35 points and handed a 5 million pound fine for breaching salary cap regulations. premiership rugby has suspended the punishment pending a saracens appeal. our sport correspondent,
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katie gornall, spoke to me earlier. this is a huge story, so the saracens, the dominant force in by, saracens, the dominant force in rugby, they have 17 major in the past decade and they have a squad like no other and they are full of recognisable names and the likes of the england captain, the brothers, and premiership rugby the have a salary cap and they do so in a way that provides level playing field and preserves the financial viability of the competition in the clu bs viability of the competition in the clubs as well. the premiership rugby has started this investigation that is lasted a number of months and they have found that saracens failed to disclose payments to the players and exceeded the ceiling for payments to single players as well. they have been hit with his huge punishment of 35 point deduction and
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more than a £5 million fine and has been suspended pending an appeal but it is unprecedented punishment that was handed down the saracens and it's been a huge reputational damage to sara ce ns it's been a huge reputational damage to saracens and that is something that we have been talking to the world cup winter and he feels that is over. they are really successful for one thing only, they invest very heavily in their academy look at the stars in this world cup. they have not bought that success, they nurtured their players and when you're on top and you have done this and that and it kind of feels like tarnished now because they're successful, not because they cheated but because they invested in young players and those young players have done so well in the world cup in the neck and back to this. we will see what happens and the ramifications.
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south africa's victorious rugby players have returned home as heroes with the rugby world cup. captain siya kolisi led the team with the william webb—ellis trophy in hand through the airport in johanensburg. the crowd had been waiting patiently all day long. as had our reporter, milton nkosi. it is been a momentous day here in the international airport. we have been watching scenes of the arrival of hundreds of south africans who came out from different backgrounds to welcome the best rugby team in the world. they were singing, chanting, celebrating and dancing for the springboks. they are saying that they came here because they love the unity that the springboks is bringing here. it is bringing them back to 9095, when nelson mandela led the
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nation in this euphoric atmosphere "1995. it nation in this euphoric atmosphere —— 1995. it would not be erased by this rugby world cup the hardships, but they want to savour the moment and celebrate being south african. captain siya kolisi spoke to the media after their arrival. there's some flash photography coming up. the people outside and inside did help us a lot. it gave us another reason to fight even harder because we knew what was going on at home and the coach reminded us that we we re and the coach reminded us that we were privileged of doing what we we re were privileged of doing what we were doing if you could give a little bit of hope to the people and seeing all the videos and every single perp and in the —— person in
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the streets sonny bill williams is coming to a rugby pitch near you soon. not a rugby union one though. it looks like he'll be playing in rugby league's super league next year for the newly promoted toronto wolfpack. a big coup to get one of global rugby's biggest stars to leave union behind and finish his career in the code that he started with. adam wild has more. the sporting journey of sonny bill williams has been as spectacular as it has been unusual. the path less travelled certain to break more new crown. just days after waving farewell at the rugby union world cup, hisjourney farewell at the rugby union world cup, his journey continues farewell at the rugby union world cup, hisjourney continues much more back to the sport where first began. he made his name helping them to the nrl title, a switch of coats followed rugby union in france and
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then in canterbury crusaders. his first return to rugby league came with another nrl title following. so too did another return to the rugby union. it is his performance at the international level that made him a global sporting icon. twice a rugby union world cup winner who also played in a rugby league world cup final. in the middle of it all, a career as a professional boxer. now canada seems the next step on his incredible journey, canada seems the next step on his incrediblejourney, only formed three seasons ago, they want a promotion to the super league and 110w promotion to the super league and now seem poised to be where the profile signings that the rugby league is ever seen. at 3a, he is best years may be behind him but for him, the incrediblejourney continues. that's all from sportsday.
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coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are helen brand, chief executive of the association of chartered certified accountants and the political commentator & former labour party director of communications, lance price. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the front page of the metro leads with the rapper stormzy, who's calling forjacob rees—mogg to resign over comments he made about the grenfell tower fire.
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the ft has a story about a row between sajid javid and the cabinet secretary mark sedwill, after the chancellor was barred from releasing analysis showing the pricing of labour pledges. the prime minister launches the conservative party's general election campaign — on the front page of the telegraph. the mirror leads with the pilot of a new dna test for serious health conditions which it's hoped could save the lives of thousands of children. the guardian headlines the backlash overjacob rees mogg's comments — despite the cabinet minister issuing a ‘profound apology‘. the mail leads with the rmt strike which will affect trains across the south western rail network throughout december. and according to the times the chinese government has put pressure on uk universites to curb criticism of its regime.


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