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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 6, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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entertainment in dortmund tonight in group f, as the german side came from behind to defeat inter milan 3—2. dortmund were 2—0 down at half—time. lautaro martinez and matias vecino and the world champions arrive home. with the inter goals. south africa receive a hero's but full—back aschraf hakimi started and completed the comeback welcome, after their rugby world cup for dortmund, scoring either triumph injapan. side ofjulian brandt. the result means dortmund go second in group. they're chasing barcelona, who were held to a goalless draw with slavia prague at the camp nou. hello and welcome to the programme. barcelona failed to score at home for the first time in 46 games. the european champions league delivers again, with a feast and in group g, rb leipzig of goals, drama, and entertainment. are the team to catch. the pick of the ties they beat zenit st petersburg 2—0 in russia. on tuesday of match day four — that allowed lyon to leapfrog zenit, chelsea against ajax. it was an incredible into second place in the group. match at stamford bridge. the french side beat chelsea staging a comeback benfica three goals to i. to level it four all — south america's football while the visiting side governing body, has moved were reduced to nine men. the copa libertadores an eventful game, as our football finalfrom santiago, to lima — in light of political unrest and demonstrations taking place in the chilean capital. conmebol announced the move to peru, after meeting with representatives reporterjohn bennett explains. of the two finalists — defending champions river plate, from argentina and brazil's flamengo. the stadium is yet to be announced, but the date still set this game had everything, two red for november the 23rd. the options are the 80,000—seater estadio monumental and the estadio cards, va are decisions going against the home team, changing the nacional, with a atmosphere on the ground, and eight goals as well. what a comeback by capacity for 50,000. chelsea. they are very unlucky to find themselves 4— wandown. ajax did
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not play much better than them. two the australian women's football team will now earn the same match—pay as their male counterparts, the socceroos. they also have an equal split own goals, the ball bounced back on of commercial revenues for the first him and into the back of the net and time after a deal struck suddenly ajax were in complete with the football federation of control. the likes of quincy promise australia. the matildas have been consistently high—performers on the world stage in recent years, climbing as high as fourth in the world in 2017. and donny van de beek playing so during the world cup earlier this well. ajax looking to continue their year, the women's team reached the knockout stages — taking home us$600,000. the socceroos, meanwhile, brilliant away from any champions failed to win a single game in last league, but chelsea didn't give up. year's world cup — they fought back and the big moment, but pocketed us$8 million for simply qualifying. really, was two sending self in same sequence really, was two sending self in same sequence of playing, daily blend and velleman. and that really gave rugby union's european and english champions, saracens, are appealing against a 35—point deduction chelsea the chance to get back into and nearly $7 million fine. it's after a nine—month investigation conducted by independent legal experts — found the club to be in breach them. rees jones of the league's salary cap. sarries, who have several of the world's top players, chelsea the chance to get back into them. reesjones scored the crucial could now face a battle to avoid relegation. equaliser. what a moment for him. katie gornall has more. the youngest ever chelsea goal scorer. cesar azpilicueta had a goal ruled out. that would have made it
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5- ruled out. that would have made it 5— four at stamford bridge. we needed more in the final third. saracens are the dominant force in we needed more in the final third. we needed more in the final third. we needed to lift the spirit of the clu b saracens are the dominant force in club and european beef. they have stadium. iam we needed to lift the spirit of the stadium. i am delighted with that won seven major honours in the past pa rt stadium. i am delighted with that part of it. and we're probably a bit decade. they have got a squad like disappointed in the last ten minutes no other, it is packed with not to win it. but in the cold light of day we were 3—1 down, 4— wandown, recognisable names, big stars, the likes of 0wen farrell, the villa so of day we were 3—1 down, 4— wandown, so it was a good result on those terms. you are still at the top of this tolo brothers, in premiership rugby, pool in england, they operate a salary cap. they do it so that in their you are still at the top of this pool. and it is still in our hands. and i have to see, when we words it has a level playing field development this, when we perform preserves the financial viability of like this, is also justified that the competition in the clubs as eye and positive and look forward. well. premiership rugby have conducted this investigation which has taken place over a number of we have two games to go. and we have months, looking at the past three seasons. and they found that to go for it and to be in the saracens failed to disclose payments to players and exceeded the ceiling champions league after winter, because we deserve it. a relatively straightforward affair for pays to payments as well. as a for liverpool at anfield. they beat belgian side genk to move top of group e. consequence, saracens had been hit gini wijnaldum gave them the lead, with this huge punishment, a 35 but genk equalised just before half—time — mwbana samatta with the header. but liverpool's lead was restored
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thanks to alex oxlade—chamberlain early in the second half. point deduction, more than a £5 2—1 to liverpool then. million fine. it has been suspended theyjust need a point pending an appeal, but it is unprecedented punishment that has been handed down to saracens. whether it is upheld or not, there to qualify for the knockouts. has been a huge reputational damage to sara ce ns has been a huge reputational damage to saracens at the very least. that is something we have been talking to job done is the headline for the the saracens legend, keren bracken, game, pretty much. and, most a welcome went out with england, he important thing, of course, but the feels that is unfair. have a look at why they are really successful. they group is not decided and we knew from the beginning it is a tough are why they are really successful. they a re really group. soi why they are really successful. they are really successful for one thing only, they invest very heavily in their academy. and look at the stars from the beginning it is a tough group. so i guess now we are first in the table but we only really want from this welcome, a lot of them to be first after the last match. and so we have to play two tough coming from that academy. they have not bought does exist, they have nurtured their employers. and that's a disappointing thing. i think when games and then two important ones. you are at the top and everyone was in each of them can be decided with to look at you and you have done a win. but that sounds easier than this and done that, it kinda feels it is, because both games will be tarnished now because they are really tricky. successful, not because they've cheated, but because have invested we go back with a good feeling, but in young players in those young players have done so willingly world cup and then come back to this. but if the results was similar i think we will see what happens, we will see the ramifications. staying with rugby. the victorious south africa team, it will be better. so i think with have landed on home soil
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after winning the world cup in japan. captain siya kolisi led the celebrations through arrivals, the game of my players today, the as johannesburg airport was packed with fans waiting to welcome home opportunity, some chances in the end of the second half it will be very the world champions for the first time since 2007. the trophy and captain kolisi, landed back on a separate plane to other members of good for us, yes. liverpool are top courtesy of napoli failing to beat rb salzburg. hirving lozano equalised in the first half, after teenager 00:04:22,429 --> 2147483051:38:55,929 erling haaland gave 2147483051:38:55,929 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 the salzburg the lead. the on a separate flight later. they are very much basking in the glory. and you can get more on the bbc sport website. where you can find out all about the evening's champions league game. chelsea and ajax, the pick of the night's action. that is on the website plus everything else that we have been talking about sport today. but from me, gavin ramjaun,
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and the rest of the sport today hello there. the rest of this week is going to remain on the chilly side, certainly temperatures a few degrees down on where they should be for the time of year. we've been seeing this colder air move southwards in the last 2a hours across the country, and it's going to stick around for the rest of the week, and there will be some pretty wet weather around, especially on thursday. the early part of wednesday looks mainly dry. a few showers peppering northern and eastern coasts, and some showers around irish sea coasts. but further inland, under clear skies, it's going to be a chilly one. temperatures close to freezing in the south and below freezing in the north, so there will be some frost. a little bit of mist and fog around to greet us for wednesday morning. that said, there should be plenty of sunshine across central, northern and eastern areas.
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but this area of showers around the irish sea will push slowly eastwards, merge together to produce longer spells of rain. could be a little bit of wintriness over the higher ground in the north. a dry slot in between this next band of rain, pushing into northern ireland, wales and the south—west of england later in the day, and a chilly day to come wherever you are — 6—10 degrees. through wednesday night, that first band of rain pushes northwards. there'll be further wintriness over the higher ground, and this next band of rain continues to move in, and almost merges with it, so it could be quite wet in places by the end of the night. a few blustery showers following on behind, but maybe not quite as cold to start thursday as what we've seen the last few nights. for thursday, though, it's not looking very pleasant. we do have this area of low pressure pretty much parked on top of the uk, a stationary low with its associated weather front. and this weather front could bring quite a lot of rainfall in places, perhaps even the risk of some localised flooding. at the moment, it looks like it's going to be affecting more eastern, central parts of the uk, across into northern ireland. there could be some travel disruption from flooding caused by this. it could be a little bit further northwards, it could be a little bit further southwards. to the north of it, a few showers,
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wintry on the hills, and further south, some blustery showers, some of them heavy, a little bit of sunshine around, and again it's going to be another chilly day. improvement as we head through thursday night. into friday, that weatherfront eventually slips away, takes the rain and the breeze with it, from the south—east. but much of the country will start chilly, perhaps seeing a little bit of frost, and then it looks like it will be a bright day, with pretty widespread sunshine. it could be the best day of the week, but a chilly one — 6—10 degrees. it's a short—lived fine spell, because into the weekend, here comes the next area of low pressure, to bring some wet weather with some wintriness on the hills for saturday. a slow improvement on sunday. but like i mentioned, it could be pretty wet in places on saturday, with some wet snow or sleet over the high ground on the north. a gradual improvement as we head into sunday.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm mike embley. our top stories: a six—point plan to save the planet. thousands of scientists demand deep and lasting changes to curb catastrophic climate change. pressure builds on president trump, as a key witness in the impeachment inquiry says ukraine was told to investigate a democratic rival to get us military aid. nine us citizens, including six children, are killed in mexico during an ambush by a suspected drug cartel. fury as a british cabinet minister appears to suggest victims of the grenfell tower fire in london lacked the common sense to flee.
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and on board america's election express. we report from a divided new hampshire, a year ahead
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