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tv   BBC News at Nine  BBC News  November 7, 2019 9:00am-10:00am GMT

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afternoon. south of that, sunshine and a few heavy showers and north of that, outbreaks of rain for northern ireland but for scotland, rain, sleet and hill snow will ease and brighten up, but a cold easterly you're watching bbc news at nine with me, wind with temperatures around six or annita mcveigh, the headlines. 7 degrees and may be up to 11 or 12 with sunshine in the south—east but former labour minister, under the rain band it will feel ian austin, who left the party in february — chilly all day long. that rain band has urged people to vote conservative in december‘s general election. lingers into tonight and only starts the country faces a big choice and there's only two to turn light and patchy and by the end of the night shift south and people who can be prime minister on december the 13th, jeremy corbyn and borisjohnson. then thundery showers around the and english channel but to the north and i thinkjeremy corbyn is completely unfit to lead our country and unfit to lead the labour party. west, clearer skies, frosty starting tomorrow morning, but for many, turning dry and brighter through the day. —— dryer. labour promises an additional £150 billion of public investment — in what it calls an irreversible shift in wealth in favour of working people. but the tories say its fantasy economics. the liberal democrats, plaid cymru and the greens form an electoral pact. the three pro—remain parties agree not to stand against each other in dozens of seats
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across england and wales. the jury in the trial of a man accused of murdering british backpacker, grace millane in new zealand are shown cctv footage of her last known moments. several people have been injured and more than 1,000 people were evacuated from a theatre in london's west end, hello, this is bbc news after part of the ceiling collapsed. with me, annita mcveigh. in the bbc‘s your questions, the headlines: former labour minister ian austin, we head to leeds — home to five universities, who left the party in february, to answer students‘ questions has urged people to vote about next month's election. conservative in december‘s general election. and in sport, tottenham edge closer towards the champions league labour promises an additional knockout stages by thrashing £150 billion of public investment in what it calls an irreversible shift in wealth red star belgrade. in favour of working people. but the tories say it's fantasy economics. the liberal democrats, plaid cymru and the greens form an electoral pact. the three pro—remain parties agree not to stand against each other in dozens of seats across england and wales. the jury in the trial of a man accused of murdering british backpacker grace millane in new zealand are shown cctv footage of her last—known moments.
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good morning, and welcome several people are injured and more to the bbc news at 9. than 1,000 people were evacuated good morning. from a theatre in london's west end it's another busy day today on the election trial after part of the ceiling collapsed. as many of the main parties head out across the country. a blow this morning for labour. time now for the morning briefing, where we bring you up to speed the ex—labour mp ian austin has on the stories people are watching, suggested "decent traditional reading and sharing. patriotic labour voters" should vote in a moment, we will be speaking to our reporterjoe tidy, tory as boris johnson 99who's looking at how digital and social—media platforms are being is more fit to be leader used during the campaign. than jeremy corbyn. the economy is expected to take centre stage in the election campaign today, firstly, though, i want to show as the shadow chancellor, you a few of this morning's front john mcdonnell, heads pages from newspapers from city's to liverpool to promise an extra and towns in the north of england, who have all banded together £150 billion for schools, to promote what they call a "manifesto for the north". hospitals and care homes. the chancellor, sajid javid, is expected to use a speech the manchester evening news in manchester to say labour's plans says that the north has been neglected for far too long would jeopardise a decade of economic recovery. and that an election has to change that. meanwhile, three political from manchester to yorkshire, parties in favour of the uk and the huddersfield examiner remaining in the eu say they've says that government cuts have led formed an electoral pact to not to local services losing £183 million pounds stand against each other in 60 seats and that a general election must stop the neglect
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in next month's general election. the deal between the liberal of the north. democrats, plaid cymru and the green party is designed and to the east coast of yorkshire, to maximise support for pro—remain the hull daily mail say it's time candidates. to "power up the north" senior figures in labour and with investment needed say they're shocked everywhere from energy to transport and saddened that the party's deputy leader, tom watson, is stepping down. and education to trade. mr watson has been at odds now, those front page with jeremy corbyn, collaborations all come but insisted his resignation on the day the shadow chancellor, was a personal decision. john mcdonnell, here's our political is expected to set out labour's pledge to give more power correspondentjessica parker. to the north of england if it were to win the general election. the daily mirror carry the headline "power to the north", saying labour will pledge to pump £150 billion into regions i'm sorry we don't have that report. left on their knees by nine years of tory cuts. the shadow chancellor is speaking in liverpool this morning. also setting out the economic plans for his party this morning will be the conservative let's get more on this chancellor, sajid javid, from our political correspondent chris mason. who is expected to set out plans here you have someone, ian austin, a to invest in education, dyed in the wool labour man and day two of the official election campaign and he's telling people to technology and infrastructure. vote for boris johnson. what sort of impact will that have? jessica's
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i want to also show you this tweet piece was ancient history and she that's been posted by the sun's only did it five or six hours ago. political editor, tom newton dunn. it shows the front cover there's been a blizzard of election of the london based newspaper news in the last couple of hours. let's bring you up to date, firstly, thejewish chronicle. they've written an article addressed to, in their words, all "non—jews". the paper claim that the "vast ian austin, an astonishing interview majority" of all british jews believe labour party leader on the today programme. he has been jeremy corbyn to be an anti—semite. tom newton dunn calls a labour party man all of his adult it a "stark read". life and was a councillor in his if we take a closer look, the article goes on to say hometown in dudley in the west that the "the near total inaction midlands in his 20s and went on to a ofjeremy corbyn and the rest of the labour leadership in dealing labour party official and then he with anti—semitism in the party has both emboldened them worked as a special adviser to gordon brown when he was chancellor and then became a labour mp for and encouraged other. " dudley then went to work for gordon no doubt there will be much reaction brown as well when gordon brown was to this article throughout the day. as promised, prime minister. yes, he's had his differences with jeremy corbyn our reporterjoe tidyjoins me now. prime minister. yes, he's had his differences withjeremy corbyn and gave up differences withjeremy corbyn and gave up as an during the run—up to the election, differences withjeremy corbyn and gave up as an independent and he is from ajewish he'll be looking in detail at how gave up as an independent and he is from a jewish family where he digital and social media platforms are being used as part laughed relatives to the nazis and of political campaigns. has been disgusted byjeremy some interesting research around today on how the social media battle corbyn‘s handling of the allegations is playing out so far in terms of of anti—semitism around the labour
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party sincejeremy who is winning it. always difficult of anti—semitism around the labour party since jeremy corbyn has of anti—semitism around the labour party sincejeremy corbyn has been leader, but it's still incredible to to decide who is winning the battle on social media, the battle for hear somebody like mr austin says lights, shares and tweets, but we have some research from the school suggesting that people vote conservative in the general of journalism at election. take a look at this. i'm have some research from the school ofjournalism at cardiff university, an article in the conversation which gives us some fresh statistics. we not a tory. this isn't where i want to be. but ijust think, i wouldn't can tell the general perspective, the general view from him is that labour are winning at the moment in terms of the last week, if you look at the amount of love that they are say borisjohnson is be unfit to be getting on social media, if you prime minister in the way i would like. and if you look at the tweet, say it about jeremy corbyn. i think the country has a big choice to make very interesting, he has worked at andl the top 20 tweets from party leaders the country has a big choice to make and i thinkjeremy corbyn is unfit to lead it. lets talk about the and also from official accounts. of economy and labour talking about those, 16 are from labour, ones like spending. £150 billion if they are this — you know what the elites are elected and that is a phenomenal most afraid of, paying their taxes, amount of money and the thatis most afraid of, paying their taxes, that is from jeremy corbyn. this is conservatives call it fantasy economics. how would you go about spending that amount of money over the course of a parliament? good the third most liked, again another sta b question. it's the equivalent of you the third most liked, again another stab at the ridge, and then they number eight the most liked is from 01’ me question. it's the equivalent of you or me deciding that we've saved up
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enough to have some sort of extension at home but it doesn't the snp, how many times do we say mean it will happen tomorrow even if this? we do not believe him. the snp the money is in the bank and there isa the money is in the bank and there is a political row in terms of the had number 15, another tweet from labour promises about money in the nicola sturgeon, saying outrageous bank because it would require borrowing. labour say it would be ok and unacceptable to be excluded from the debates. of the top 20, he because it will turbo—charge the economy and transform, in worked out that 16 from labour, two particular, the north of england so jeremy corbyn and john mcdonnell are from the snp, one from the brexit in liverpool today and mr mcdonnell party and one from the conservatives. he says that despite isa sign in liverpool today and mr mcdonnell is a sign of the city and he will be the focus on video, it is short, making these promises for billions clear, strident messages that are of pounds of extra money. lorry cutting through. personality is key, loads, skip loads of extra money by personal accounts are performing far any modern precedent. the better than anonymous party accounts. you have to take all of conservatives argue it is fantasy these with a big pinch of salt, of economics but it's striking that they are not exactly being austere course, because you can't vote with as far as public spending is a hashtag, there are a lot of people who are armchair warriors, but will it actually translate to the ballot concerned either. all of those years under david cameron where austerity booth? we saw in 2017 that the was if not a badge of honour but labour party had more interaction online, they only spent a quarter of what the conservatives did on social
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media, but they didn't get the certainly something the conservatives said was absolutely majority. it will be interesting to necessary in order to write to the see how that research changes, if it economy. the argument now is that the economy is in a better place changes. let's talk also about although there is vast uncertainty e—mail messaging in his campaign. about what will happen with brexit this is something we barely ever and the consequences of that. let's touch on, but it is really hear from the chief secretary to the important, because tweets and treasury. the chancellor will set facebook posts is one thing, but when you get an e—mail in your inbox, it is very personal, and we are saying that personal touch a out the approach for the future and lot. so for example the conservative e—mails are written, presumably, it ican out the approach for the future and i can say it's right to distinguish says, by boris johnson, between day—to—day spending where e—mails are written, presumably, it says, by borisjohnson, signed by it's absolutely right where we him as well, here we go, and the should be prudent. and when it comes to investing in things like infrastructure for the long—term, language interesting. it is what you would expect from boris johnson, recently we have spent far too long going nowhere, spinning round and a that can raise productivity and the growth rate and raise people hamster wheel of doom, so his standards of living, that is something the chancellor has been personal writing that we are clear about. let's talk about the familiar with. they are asking for donations. they don't ask for liberal democrats and green party donations. they don't ask for donations and adverts, just in the e—mails. donations and adverts, just in the e-mails. what strikes me about that, simple sentences, lots of punctuation, very punchy, exactly packed. how effective do you think what you are talking about, simple,
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straightforward, quite blunt messages. absolutely, and similar the pact can be in the upcoming election? they're willing to give it with the lib dems, we have seen ago election? they're willing to give it a go but you're right about being e—mails being written by their sceptical about being effective. leader, jo swinson, or at least saying they are from her, and interestingly they are not asking for money, they are asking for shares on facebook and twitter. it is very clear from the e—mails that brexit is never far away in this and we are getting that it is important to the parties, how much traction they are getting online. and labour, you have a liberal democrats and the well, there are interesting, not too welsh nationalists and the green much from jeremy corbyn, i haven't party getting together in about 60 seats. 49 in england and wales where been receiving those e—mails, there each of them will only put forward are been receiving those e—mails, there one candidate and it will be the one a re lots of been receiving those e—mails, there are lots of different mailing lists, i haven't seen many, it is more team has the best chance of winning in that seat they say they want as many remain orientated mps and they point labour, but we are seeing these from to the brecon and radnorshire by—election in august which had been momentum, asking for people to film a conservative seat which the selfies and post them online. they liberal democrats won. the challenge think the whole election can be won for them as a trio is that often in with the selfie, that is their main particular seats one of them might be relatively strong but the other thing. last night they held one of these mass conference calls, ken two are often relatively weak, so loach was on, telling people how to combining them might help arrive at record a selfie. i am not sure that a bigger number, but won't would definitely be his expertise,
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necessarily make a decisive but offering his advise anyway! difference but in their view, it's fascinating stuff, keeping us up to worth a go. here is the president of date with the digital election the liberal democrats talking about it. john mcdonnell will announce an campaign. now, let's just step away irreversible shift in power and from politics for a moment. investment from london to our they're two of hollywood's regions and we will be setting up biggest stars, butjennifer aniston and reese witherspoon haven't worked together since they appeared on friends regional institutions, local, regional institutions, local, regional government offices and more than 20 years ago. now, they're swapping central perk bringing funding out of white also for the set of a breakfast tv news programme in the morning show. every region has a base to drive my colleague naga munchetty forward an industrial strategy and spatial planning and advise the went to meet them. regional development banks, but that will also be encapsulated in an cue her. good morning. investment package and a national transformation fund made up of a i am bringing you some green transformation fund which will sad and upsetting news and while i don't know the details fund a lot of the work i am doing in of the allegations... she's throwing me under the bus. my department on the green ..mitch kessler, my co—host and partner industrial revolution. that is £250 of 15 years, was fired today. billion over ten years and the who called who about second element of the transformation the morning show? fund isa second element of the transformation fund is a social transformation we can't remember. fund, 150 billion over five years to we loved the idea of exploring it upgrade everything from schools, all the way through to hospitals. and just being able to do something together, which we'd been trying upgrade everything from schools, all the way through to hospitalsm
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upgrade everything from schools, all the way through to hospitals. if you are keenly observing you might have to find for a while. and then itjust fell into place, spotted that was not the liberal and then the world exploded. democrats, but rebecca long bailey, are you talking about the shadow business secretary for labour setting out the plan that we harvey weinstein perhaps? we re labour setting out the plan that we were talking about a few minutes ago that's one of them. it did prompt some thatjohn mcdonnell and jeremy corbyn will flesh out in liverpool rewrites, i understand. today, this huge amount of public we had to incorporate it into the story because it was already dealing with, investment that labour are planning. you know, the power struggles... let's briefly return to this pact sexism. sexism, ageism and the sort and alliance amongst parties who of cut—throat world. and steve carell deciding to add his name to this cultural conversation is a huge thing because men have to be part of the conversation. wa nt to and alliance amongst parties who want to stop brexit. and without if the whole world changes, further ado, this time i promise you it's not about women taking over. we will bring you baroness brinton we're not going to create monocultures of the liberal democrats. one of the where there isjust one gender running things. reasons we are having the election is that parliament is completely elected and the —— divided on the i think the great thing about art country completely divided. and we or a television show like this is that we're learning as we're building the show, and we were having these conversations with our writers. which is actually in our show, which is refreshing, i think, for audiences, to feel like we are not
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know that by having this arrangement the only ones who don't know how it means for the first time we will have more mp5 who can help deliver a remain in the eu result. it's ten past nine, day two of the election to behave in this new normal. campaign and there's already a blizzard of election news. strap yourself in, we have five weeks of this. thank you, chris mason and at 945 this. thank you, chris mason and at 9115 we will take a closer look at i wonder if naga could give them the labour plans, the amount of some advice about what it is really money they plan to spend and put into the economy which they will like ona some advice about what it is really talk about and john mcdonnell will like on a morning show! in a moment be talking about in liverpool, john watson will have the sport, but later, £150 million, so we will be taking a closer look at how you first victoria derbyshire. this would spend that much money. morning the conservatives and labour will clash over one of the key a man has been arrested battle grounds of the election, the after 15 people were found in the back of a lorry in wiltshire. economy, labour unveiling what it says are radical plans to transform police made the discovery the british economy with a record close to the m4 near chippenham last package of spending to be paid or night after a tip—off. one person was taken to hospital for checks, the others are in police custody. through increased borrowing. we will andrew plant reports. late last night in wiltshire, speak to the labour treasury team. this scene just a few and sajid javid will make a speech hundred yards off the m4 between bristol and swindon. you can see police searching in manchester. also today, a special a lorry they have pulled report on students who say they are over on the verge here. this busy junction closed being exploited by the landlords. to traffic for several hours. eyewitnesses said they saw police they will try to gouge money out of and ambulances scrambling the scene. you at the end of your tenancy because they know that most students
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police said they were following a tip—off, will not contest it. we had no unsure what they might find inside. reason to believe we wouldn't get our deposit back until we were hit police said they were responding to with a bell. we know loads of a call from a member of the public. stu d e nts with a bell. we know loads of students watch our programme, do let when they stopped the lorry, me know if you have been targeted they say they found 15 people in the back. all of whom were over the age of 16 like this. join us live at ten. and they say a man in his 50s is being questioned on suspicion has promised we can head to the bbc of assisting illegal entry into the uk. sport centre, john watson is waiting the discovery comes just two weeks patiently. after 39 people were found dead it was one of those footballing in a lorry container in essex. rarities as manchester city had to put an outfield player in goal it is not clear where this lorry against atalanta had come from or its in the champions league, whilst son heung—min laid some intended destination. demons to rest as spurs won by midnight, the initial search comfortably against red star. was over and the road reopened, patrick geary reports. in belgrade, the light the lorry driven away by officers, at the end of the long, followed by a police convoy. long tunnel is the entrance police say everyone inside was given to a cauldron. medical checks at the scene, with one person taken to hospital. many shrink in the burning heart of red star, the rest, they say, have but in one of europe's most intimidating grounds, tottenham embraced the chaotic energy. been taken into custody. in a few seconds, they created a a game's worth of chances. they were queueing up for a turn at pinball. harry kane, heung—min son — the jury in the trial of a man someone, anyone. accused of murdering british a first spurs goal backpacker, grace millane
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in new zealand, has been shown cctv for giovani lo celso. footage of her last known moments. things have been tough the 22—year—old from essex is seen for them of late. in a bar with the man not least for son, who had been who she met on a dating app before her death last december. distraught on the pitch phil mercer reports. for his part in an injury to andre gomes at the weekend. his goal was a sort of therapy, this celebration a sort of apology. belgrade went strangely quiet, its menace faded. son strolled in a third, these are grace millane's final hours. then christian eriksen wearing a dark dress and white squeezed home a fourth. trainers, she's cracked on security cameras on her way to see spurs had made the chaotic routine the man who killed her —— tracked. and conquered the cauldron. they met on the dating app tinder in italy, manchester city made and arranged to meet in person a predictably precise start against atalanta, plotting a perfect outside the sky city path to the opening goal, casino in auckland. the man, who we cannot scored, as so often these days, name, arrives. by raheem sterling. briefly he stops and then turns before the break, away before walking back a chance at a second, towards the british but gabrieljesus was considerably less accurate. university graduate. it was a miss that would matter. a hug. not long after half—time, atalanta levelled. game on. but with ten minutes to go, in court today, the 27—year—old, city's goalkeeper off. who denies grace's claudio bravo's red card meant kyle walker, a defender, murderm, looked on as the jury was would have to go in goal. shown a detailed chronology of that walker didn't falter, evening last december. but a draw means manchester city haven't reached the next
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the pair order cocktails at a bar and drink heavily during a night round just yet. out around the city. and kyle walker's appearance in goal sparked a lot of chat on social media, they appear to enjoy each other‘s and if he was pleased with his performance, company, at some point kissing and you can always rely on a team—mate to bring you back down to earth. embracing. during the evening miss in this case, raheem sterling, who said he still wouldn't trust walker to hold his baby. millane sends messages to a friend, how's that for gratitude? more wobbles for arsenal as they let another lead slip, whose statement was sent —— read in this time in the europa league. court. she seemed to be drunk and they had taken the lead really enjoying herself. i do not against vitoria guimaraes in portugal but conceded think grace had any concerns for her an equaliser in the 91st minute. that is their fourth safety when i was in contact with consecutive draw, and they've been ahead in all of those matches. her. i did not receive a reply or manchester united, wolves, hear anything further from grace. celtic and rangers all play tonight. grace millane spent more let's have a look at this than an hour at the bluestone room, morning's newspapers, a bar you can see behind me, with the defendant. and the fallout from that huge saracens punishment continues. it was the last place they visited before they crossed the "strip saracens of two titles," street to the man's apartment is the headline in the times. on the third floor of this thats what they say inner—city building. a number of rival clubs want. "in the gutter" is the mail's it is where grace millane died. summary of where the game is at. what happened there lies
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at the heart of this case. the prosecution says and the headline in the express that the backpacker was strangled deliberately. reads, "we're in a sarrie state." the defence insists she was killed that 35—point deduction accidentally when a consensual sex and £5—million fine on hold whilst game went wrong. they appeal that punishment, but the former england captain chris robshaw says the integrity of professional rugby the final pieces of cctv footage is now under scrutiny. seen by the jury show miss millane entering i think for us, in rugby, the lobby with a man and then travelling towards we tend to always think his room in the lift. our grass is greener than others. we tend to look down it's the last time she was seen alive. on other people. phil mercer, bbc news, auckland. we look down on football, we look down on athletics for cheating and stuff like this. but we're exactly the same now. we're in that position. rugby is in a tough place, which as a union, as a collective, we are going the headlines on bbc news to have to get out of. and the world para athletics championships start in dubai today. great britain's sending former labour minister — 42 athletes to compete, and amongst them is kadeena cox, ian austin, who left the party in february — who won gold medals has urged people to vote in both cycling and athletics conservative in december‘s at the paralympics in rio. general election. labour promises an additional she's been speaking to kate grey. 150 billion pounds of public investment — in what it calls an irreversible shift in wealth in favour of working people. but the tories say its fantasy economics. the jury in the trial of a man accused of murdering british
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backpacker, grace millane ijust in new zealand are shown cctv i just struggled with the footage of her last known moments. ijust struggled with the pressure of being a top athlete. i expect a lot from myself, i expect other people expect me to dominate. kadeena cox made history at the rio in sport, kyle walker ended up in paralympics, becoming the first british athlete to win two in two goalfor in sport, kyle walker ended up in goal for manchester city as they drew 1—1 with atalanta in the sports at the same games, but the champions league and he even managed yea rs sports at the same games, but the years that followed have not been to save a free kick, but onlyjust. easy. i had the injury, which took fallout from saracens record fine me out for 2000 tagine, which was continues as chris rob shook say they have stained the image of the devastating, but then i obviously do sport and there have been calls for the club to give their titles back. struggled with disordered eating, so that took me out for a while, and i and the athletics championships get struggled with my mental health, so under way in and the athletics championships get underway in dubai. to get back on the start line has and the athletics championships get under way in dubai. there are 42 british athletes who will be been a challenge. and during those competing. more to come in all of challenging times, she found ways to those stories later. keep yourself busy. and your name is? kadeena cox. your chosen subject? arsenal football club. her appearances on a number of tv shows, well, throughout she says, actually helped her mental the general election campaign, health. i have done a lot of bits we will be asking what questions you would like answered. and bobs and tried to find a happy place and be able to kind of make
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send us your election question myself happy so that the performance just comes with it, just enjoy my at #bbcyourquestions. sport again. now on the road to recovery, she is back on the track to defend her 400 metres world title. what do you think will be your biggest challenge in dubai? unlike this country, it is very, very hot! i feel like that is going to bea very hot! i feel like that is going to be a challenge. unfortunately, i am heat intolerance, people with ms 0ur we've had tend not to like the heat. we have got strategies to help keep me cool. final preparations are complete, and —— polling day is right at the end the 40 strong british team have now of the term for many. we are m as arrived in dubai. temperatures are student house. lots of universities expected to reach around 35 degrees, very similar to what they will encourage students to register to experience out in tokyo, and with vote when they enrolled at the start less tha n experience out in tokyo, and with less than a year to go to the of the academic year, but emma is paralympic games, there has never not stopping there. been a better time to take on the of the academic year, but emma is not stopping therelj of the academic year, but emma is not stopping there. i am trying to get all of my friends to register to best in the world. create grey, bbc vote and it's incredibly important that they get involved and they news, dubai. —— kate grey. should not waste that opportunity. it's super easy to register to vote
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and it takes four or five minutes and it takes four or five minutes and you only need a few bits of information, you need your name, up to 20,000 patients in the uk are to be given medical cannabis over a two—year period in an initiative that aims to create national insurance number, your the largest body of evidence nationality, your address and date on the drug in europe. of birth. and that's it. i think my the move is being backed by one of the uk's leading medical bodies, mate alec might have a question. let and it is hoped it will persuade the nhs to prescribe the drug for a range of conditions. me find him. historically, younger i'm joined by millie hinton voters are less likely to vote than from the end 0ur pain campaign, which lobbies to improve patients' access to medical cannabis. older voters. my term ends the day after the election, so can i vote in leeds and at home in cambridgeshire? thank you very much for coming you have to decide which one you along. this trial, is it a step in wa nt to you have to decide which one you the right direction as far as you are concerned, or another source of frustration? absolutely a step in want to vote in and cast it there. the right direction, it is essential to capture the evidence that exists in the uk, and we are supporting 20 patients accessing medical cannabis if you do it twice and you are privately at a cost of thousands of caught you could face a hefty fine. pounds a month, and they are only i think my friend eve has a doing that because it is the only question. in the last general election it was suggested 70% of stu d e nts election it was suggested 70% of students cast their vote in the home medicine that gives their children a decent quality of life, that gives constituency. if i'm here on them control and the quality of life
9:19 am
they deserve. these children are the election day, can i still vote? evidence, so i trial that can there is postal voting but you have ca ptu re evidence, so i trial that can to apply for the process and there capture that, we do support it, but isa to apply for the process and there the fact of the matter is that they is a deadline and the deadline is the 26th of november if you live in should be prescribed by the nhs. the england, scotland and wales. the law changed a year ago. exactly, why do you think there is this gap between what the law says and what is happening to us or not happening in practice in terms of very few prescriptions of medical cannabis? the secretary of state for health and social care met the families other option is a proxy vote, but you have to give a reason as to why that we support earlier this year and he promised them earlier action, you have to give a reason as to why you cannot cast it to yourself and the deadline for that is the 11th of december 11th of december 2019. if you're in northern ireland and deadline for proxy voting and postal voting is earlier so you have to and he promised them earlier action, and these families have paid make your application by the 21st of thousands of pounds for these november 2019. do you want to get a prescriptions, and the nhs are no cup of tea ? november 2019. do you want to get a cup of tea? in some constituencies, like this one in leeds, it is the closer to overcoming barriers to student like this one in leeds, it is the stu d e nt vote like this one in leeds, it is the student vote which could determine prescriptions. their report said who wins. that an observational trial would be suitable, and this project is an observational trial, so we do support capturing data in this way, but every single day that these we will talk more about the pact patients are paying for medication between the greens, the lib dems and isa patients are paying for medication is a day too long. these families
9:20 am
are selling their homes because they place. —— plaid cymru. are selling their homes because they are being pushed to, it is the only medicine that works, and we are let's talk now pleading to the secretary of state to intervene and sort this mess out, to molly scott—cato, because these are the most vulnerable people in society. you have you decided which part of the said that the children are the evidence that this works in terms of treating their condition, epilepsy is the main condition that you work with in yourcampaign. is the main condition that you work with in your campaign. do you understand, to some extent, the party will fight in the constituencies and in the ones you have the pact in? we will be announcing the seats at ten o'clock, reticence of the medical profession, but the purpose of the alliance is of the nhs around the use of very much around the fact that although the majority of people in medicinal cannabis? absolutely, we britain want to stay in the eu, so understand that they need evidence far there's only been a handful of mps in parliament trying to stop to make prescribing decisions. we brexit. we hope to increase that number, so if people want to stop understand that. but these are the brexit they can get behind the most severe cases in the uk, these remaining candidates and in that way make sure we have plenty of stop children have tried every other brexit mps in the next parliament. drug, these are on unlicensed, toxic make sure we have plenty of stop brexit mps in the next parliamentlj brexit mps in the next parliament.” guess you will get different people drugs, one has the side—effect in telling you different things and adults of suicidal thoughts. these whether the majority of people want to remain or whether they are children have exhausted everything, and in some cases they have life
9:21 am
frustrated with the process. and limiting conditions. we hear clinicians saying they are worried wa nted frustrated with the process. and wanted to go ahead with brexit. over about the impact on developing the past year the overwhelming brains, but these children, you know, they might not have long, it majority of politicians and people think it's a mistake but because of the way the party system works, the is about giving them quality of life. so you don't know if there are dominant parties at westminster are not trying to stop brexit so we need any side effects from the use of to make sure use the election to medicinal cannabis, but you are make sure everybody who supports making the point that if these remain who has not had a voice in children have life limiting parliament, in the last parliament, conditions, they want to have a pain—free life for the time that can have that strong voice in the next parliament and that is the they have. evidence does exist from purpose of the pact but it's also to around the world, when the law changed on the 1st of november, it make sure the parliament reflects how people who are voting because we was based on the decision made by have a crazy first past the post dame sally davies, who looked at system which means it is evidence from across the world, a overwhelmingly dominated by two wealth of evidence and she said, parties when people in the country yes, there is clear evidence of the would like to see more variety and would like to see more variety and efficacy of medical cannabis and would like to see more variety and would like to see parties cooperating, so we are a cooperation certain conditions, one of which was that people are calling for an it's intractable epilepsy. thank you very a vision of new positives where we much for coming to talk to us. work together so it has a positive throughout the election campaign, new politics, more stop brexit bbc news will be looking closely voices at westminster and better at the places where the election representation for smaller parties, could be won and lost, which they deserve based on visiting ten parts of the uk where seats will be closely contested. supporting the country. you say you
9:22 am
are not supporting the country. you say you today we're in leeds a re not revealed supporting the country. you say you are not revealed until later this to find out the questions morning exactly who is standing and issues voters want to discuss. where, but can we take it will be ben thompson is looking at the important issues you as a green candidate in stroud? for business during this election campaign. my you as a green candidate in stroud? my lips are sealed. there have been yeah, welcome to leeds, the glorious corn exchange here, no leaks from the green party is over but you only have a few minutes once a thriving part of the community trading corn, to wait. let's say hypothetically it built 150 years ago, but now, as you might be able to see, is. will you have lib dems party full of more independent shops, and it's businesses like this up and down the country that want some workers there, out and helping you answers as far as the election is concerned. campaign, is that how this would work? i think are really important thing to recognise is that as parties we have different policy platforms and were not saying we are standing for the same thing in this the politicians that election so are not expecting party are all vying for our vote, workers to work for other parties. what can they tell people in places like this that would convince them but what we will do is strategically that they are the ones to vote for? use resources so the greens will well, andrew run the local business focus on seats where they are the here, give us a sense of what it is that you want to hear main remain candidate and the lib from the politicians, dems will focus on seats where they because there are so many issues facing business. are the remain candidate. so it's a look, for us, the sort of stagnation that we've all experienced for the last sort of three years strategic alliance, recognising that is the way politics should work and and beyond is really the thing a normal democracy have lots of that we need to move on from. different parties and they stand and we need confidence that's going to allow us to make work separately during the election decisions and plan and grow. but come together after the election i think that, you know,
9:23 am
the investment from a capital and we are trying to move to a perspective, but also system like that but what we need is from a headcount perspective, i think that businesses just, afair you know, we've been stagnating system like that but what we need is a fair voting system. so a strategic because we can't move forward. alliance are not necessarily a pooling of resources. 0bviously and that stagnation has meant that lots of big decisions have been put off, particularly if we talk about infrastructure spending. these impacts can work well and it trains, for example, in this part of the world, a real issue, people getting around. do you expect that that money suddenly then is unlocked worked with the liberal democrat when we get to december 13th? that it's winning from the conservatives who held the seat i think that the reality is that previously. if you have that's probably unlikely. constituencies where one of the i think that what we need to see is... parties, give yourself for the i think that trust and confidence greens or the lib dems or plaid has been has been really eroded. cymru have had a really strong you know, we can debate showing that the other two parties whether or not we think hs2 are relatively weak, do you think is the right decision for the north, should it come here? that that will be enough, coming but i think hs3, where you've got the network across sort of, you know, the connection around liverpool, manchester, leeds, hull, sheffield, together, to make a difference? it's i think that that's absolutely not just about the numbers needed, because there's together, to make a difference? it's notjust about the numbers it is a sense of inequality. about communicating to people who and i think we need to feel wa nt to about communicating to people who want to remain in the eu... but it is about the numbers ultimately to that that's changing. win the seat. politics is about two things, it's about numbers and momentum. we hope that the unite for and skills is a big issue. i get a sense from talking to people here that there's that remain will build more candidates so idea of a brain drain, the idea that people feel they've got to move to london if they're
9:24 am
that those in the public you want to going to get the job that they want. stay in the european union can get and that's absolutely not the case, behind the unite for remain and you want people to stay candidates to have a large number of strong voices trying to stop in places like leeds. and i think that when you look parliament —— brexit in the next at the talent that's around, parliament. that is where we will you know, the north has got 20 break the logjam at westminster. of the top 20 universities globally. thank you very much. and we'll be and i think that, you know, the historical mindset working finding out more about that pact within recruitment for the last 20, 30 years is that you've got to go where the opportunity is. later this morning. and historically, that's been london. more than a thousand people i think, particularly within tech, that's not the case any more, most certainly, and as technology becomes comes more to the fore around innovation, we don't need to be travelling, were forced to evacuate a london you know, the sort of distances theatre on wednesday evening that we are, but we've still got ot after part of the ceiling collapsed during a show. to see that investment emergency services were called in infrastructure that means to the piccadilly theatre that people don't feel in the west end, which was packed like they need to move. for a performance of arthur miller's play death of a salesman. yeah, it's good to talk to you. five people were treated in hospitalfor minor injuries. businesses really just want a few answers right now. wendell pierce, who we've talked about that stars as willy loman, spoke to the crowd outside. uncertainty that brexit poses, but we're getting a real sense that i did not mean for it there's so many other issues to go like this. that businesses want answers to. laughter brexit, yes, is one of them. i would like to thank you all for, but be it social care, infrastructure spending, one, safely evacuating. health care, maybe skills, we apologise and we are glad that all of those issues. no—one is hurt and i ask they want some answers
9:25 am
you all to come back and see our production. from the politicians for. we are so honoured that you came tonight. whether they'll get them, of course, we'll find out over the next five 0ne audience member who saw weeks of this election campaign. the roof come down told us, beforehand, the crowd could hear water coming through the ceiling for several minutes. all through the election campaign it's the normal thing, you're we taking a more in—depth look sitting in a theatre, watching a at what the politicians are saying and examining the figures. show and you are very stoic and you labour has promised an "irreversible shift" of power and investment let things happen and we suddenly realised something was happening to working people outside that shouldn't be and clearly things the south—east of england, if they win the election. john mcdonnell will weren't right. a few people started pledge £150 billion for schools, hospitals to panic but i wouldn't say it was a and housing on top of existing spending plans to be paid mass panic, but there was a quick for through borrowing. taking social and green spending together gets you to an average evacuation. a new streaming service figure of £55 billion is launching today, a year in new money. backed by the bbc and itv. that is nearly £5 billion extra a month, britbox will feature comedies, dramas and documentaries, a number that represents more than as well as new programmes. the broadcasters have joined forces to rival the likes double current levels of investment. of netflix and amazon prime. apple's streaming service made its debut last week, let's talk now to our bbc news disney will launch a service in the uk next march. statistician robert cuffe.
9:26 am
always a tricky word, isn't it? huge let's talk about this busy landscape sums of money we are talking about, with emma bully bore —— bullimore. robert, let's talk more about what it would be paying for. two parts, the big question is, can this 30 billion a year over the next five service, britbox, rivalamazon and netflix and so on? that's the big yea rs on 30 billion a year over the next five years on average, any announcement out on social care, council housing question. it's all about long—term gains, to be honest and at the and things like that. we haven't got the details yet, they will probably moment i think consumers are a bit confused as to why they now have to come out to the campaign. we have got more detail on the other part of spend £5.99 to get another service note they think a lot of those the spending, the 25 billion a year over the next ten years on the green programme should be on iplayer, so deal, and part of that is paying for it's a bit confusing, but traditional broadcasters had to do insulation in homes, retrofitting something and had to get in the game homes for poorer families. at a and try to rival amazon and netflix and try to rival amazon and netflix and they had to set up so that hopefully in a few years time they large chunk is loans that people will be a proper rival. you see this will have to pay back to get very much as a platform to get the insulation. it is interest free, and bbc and itv into this market. even they will get money back if their energy bills don't go down, but the though most of the content at the moment is going to be old government may not be spending it, programmes? that's the thing. one of they are lending it. so are the numbers entirely what they seem? not really, because they are not really the big selling point is there will
9:27 am
spending 55 billion a year if about bea the big selling point is there will be a big back catalogue and doctor who episodes, and doctor who fans a third of that, 19 billion, is will have that on dvds or whatever where the government is acting as a and they have one new exclusive middleman, borrowing, lending you money so that you can invest in your programme, but that's not going to own home and then you have to pay it have the same power as apple tv plus back. you wouldn't think of that as government spending per se, they are when they say we have a show with just a middleman, and so in this jennifer aniston, some of the kind of fight between the parties to biggest stars in the world, so get the service in order to see the new say, we are the most generous but sensibly generous, it is worth programme and that's exciting, whereas britbox has not come up with getting into the detail of exactly something like that yet, but give how much they are spending. now, them time, they are working on there is a bit of risk, up to a exclusives and we will see exciting stuff from them but it's really third, after about 19 billion of this is money that might not count getting in the game at the moment. as spending, but people might not do you think we will see a shift to pay back their debt, and there are more original content alongside some interest payments that the of the classics? i think they will government are freeing you from, so they are taking on a little bit of that but we don't know the details have to because people were thing, why do i spend this money when i'm yet. interesting conversation this already spending money on netflix morning about spending these vast and amazon prime. you need a reason sums of money, in practical terms to get in there. when you have it, how you do that, if you are involved you can say i like to catch up on in lots of building projects, gavin and stacey but a lot of those whether it is a project to retrofit homes with insulation, for example, popular programmes already have
9:28 am
streaming deals on netflix or other do you have the workers to streaming deals on netflix or other physically do that? do you, you streaming services, so it's kind of difficult to find a reason to spend know, get these things under way the extra money every month. there's immediately if they are planning a lot of buzz about it in the constraints to get through?m immediately if they are planning industry but amongst consumers constraints to get through? it all depends on uptake and capacity. for people are hesitant and bewildered as to why they need it right now. so the green stuff, yes, does everyone decide to get involved in us? if what will be the measure of initial they do, our debt the consultants success do you think for the bbc and itv with this britbox service? and insulators raring to go? similarly full schools and building 0bviously first of all they want projects, there are capacity loads of subscriptions and eventually, the one that where constraints and they may not be able to deliver. the victoria derbyshire netflix proved itself is to get an emmy nomination to get real cachet show is coming up next, and after and prestige but but the timer that we will keep you right up to date with all the political developments of the day, there have britbox original windsor bafta, that is when they will know they have done something right. -- wins a been so many already this morning in this election campaign, but right now the weather forecast with simon ba fta. done something right. -- wins a bafta. emma bullimore, tv critic king. there. let's check out the weather with matt taylor. not looking too great at the moment through north wales, northern areas there will be sunshine across the uk of england, heavy rainfall so far, today but for some of us thoroughly continuing all day today, likely to wet. there is a met office amber bring localised flooding and some
9:29 am
warning out the heavy rain in these travel disruption. you can see from areas shown on the map and it's here the earlier rainfall radar a band of we can see over a hundred millimetres in one or two spots into rain stretching all the way from east anglia up through the north tomorrow morning and flooding is midlands come into northern england, definitely likely with travel disruption possible. rain is already snow over the higher ground of scotla nd snow over the higher ground of there across the north midlands, scotland through this morning, but the focus is across north wales, north wales and it's where it will northern england, and there is an persist. and into east anglia in the amber warning northern england, and there is an amberwarning in northern england, and there is an amber warning in force to the southern pennines, up to 100 millimetres of rain expected through the rest of today and tonight, more significant impact with flooding expected in that area. but that rain doesn't move at all. further south, sunny spells, showers in the south—west, the rain clears from scotland, sunny spells here. wherever you are, it will feel pretty chilly, maximum temperature of 7-11 pretty chilly, maximum temperature of 7—11 degrees celsius. through the night that rain will gradually move to the south and east, still lingering through this evening, bringing just more problems. that is all from me. bye—bye.
9:30 am
hello, it's 7th november, it's 10 o'clock, i'm victoria derbyshire.
9:31 am
labour will unveil its massive spending plans in a speech by the shadow chancellor in an hour's time. meanwhile a mp and member of the labour party for nearly and half decades tells britain to vote conservative. it's come to something when i tell decent traditional patriotically labour party voters that they should be voting for borisjohnson at this election. i can't believe it's come to this, but that is where we are. the conservatives are also about to set out their plans for the economy. we'll bring you chancellor sajid javid's speech live when it starts. an exclusive poll for this programme has found that more than half of poorer students say the cost of their rent is the same
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