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tv   BBC News at One  BBC News  November 7, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm GMT

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the cheque books are out as the election campaigns turn to the economy promises of billions of pounds of extra spending. the shadow chancellor sets out plans to borrow £150 billion over five years to replace, update and expand schools, hospitals, housing and care homes. the social transformation fund will begin the urgent task of repairing our social fabric that's been torn apart by the tories. setting out his party's plans, chancellor sajid javid also promised spending on infrastructure, but insisted his priority is control of government borrowing. vote conservative — the call from a former labour mp, who urges people to vote for boris johnson instead ofjeremy corbyn, who he says is completely unfit to lead the country. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. also in the programme...
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caught on cctv — the last moments of british backpacker grace millane, as she's seen embracing the man who stands accused of her murder. a police officer has been charged with the murder of retired footballer dalian atkinson, who died after being tasered. and would you pay £5.99 a month to be able to binge on british classic television series? and coming up on bbc news... former england captain dylan hartley has announced his retirement from professional rugby. his club, northampton saints, said the hooker had been unable to recover from a knee injury. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one. the election campaign has turned attention onto the economy and they're planning a big spending
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spree with the shadow chancellor, john mcdonnell, setting out plans to borrow £150 billion over five years to replace, update and expand schools, hospitals, housing and care homes. mr mcdonnell said the investment would be on a scale never seen before outside of london and the south east. chancellor sajid javid says the conservatives would increase borrowing to pay for new infrastructure, but he insists that controlling borrowing is a priority. this report from our economics correspondent andy verity. the man who wants to be the next chancellor of the exchequer has already promised a £250 billion in extra spending in the next ten yea rs. extra spending in the next ten years. today, he promised another sizeable sum in half that time. the social transformation fund will begin the urgent task of repairing oui’ begin the urgent task of repairing our socialfabric begin the urgent task of repairing our social fabric that's been torn apart by the tories. £150 billion to replace and upgrade and expand our schools, our hospitals, care homes
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and, yes, council homes once again. another £150 billion over five years is roughly £30 billion a year. to give you an idea of how much that is, £1 billion would run the nhs over the uk for three days, it is enough for the government to build up enough for the government to build up to 111,000 new social homes or to pay for 22,000 new secondary school teachers but it will mean loosening the governments rules on spending. 0urfiscal rule for the the governments rules on spending. 0ur fiscal rule for the next parliament will exclude borrowing for investment for borrowing targets. we will mandate us to deliver improvement in the overall balance sheet by the end of the parliament. so that when we invest in the infrastructure of a country desperately needs, it is recognised on both as a cost but also as a benefit. before he'd even spoken, the existing chancellor was attacking his spending plans. you mentioned 150 billion. he might as
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well say 3 trillion. because they are meaningless numbers, and even if he tried to do what he said, if you try to keep his word, he will crash the economy. but the conservatives too want to loosen the purse strings, known as the fiscal rules. the aim for the last decade has been for dad to fall as a proportion of the economy, and in recent years it has. today both parties ditched that girl saying the government debts can 110w girl saying the government debts can now rise. instead they have a rule on the role of servicing that debt. the conservative state debt repayment should not cost more than government revenue of 6% but labour say it shouldn't cost more than 10%, and some economists recommended those loosen the purse strings. there needs to be investment in the country. there is a shortage of investment in the last ten years since the financial crisis and to some extent we are pleased both parties are offering these extensive spending plans, but the thing which worries us greatly is it's not being bya worries us greatly is it's not being by a comprehensive spending review
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01’ by a comprehensive spending review or indeed an assessment of the taxes that will be required to meet their spending plans and that's a grave concern to us. labours plans with more than double public spending on investment on even the conservatives new spending cap would allow the highest public investment for a0 yea rs. highest public investment for a0 years. but what now seems affordable in this pre—christmas election, may look less so in the new year, especially if, as some predict, the economy slows down. andy verity, bbc news. norman smith is in liverpool. spend, spend, and spend. i'm tempted to start singing shirley bassey but i will spare you that one. it may look damp and miserable here, but be under no illusions, we are in big bonanza country with the biggest spending commitments by labour ever made, in other words, spending commitments by labour ever made, in otherwords, biggerthan the labour government of the 1970s, with their moves to support this deal yards, ship industry, the car industry, bigger even than the
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post—war19a5 labour government. john mcdonnell setting out plans to borrow £a00 billion over the next ten yea rs borrow £a00 billion over the next ten years to upgrade our infrastructure and improve our products with capacity. coupling that with a pledge to bring power back from london and put it in the north, and a warning too to the markets, saying the days of the city dictating to the rest of the country are over, but there is the wrinkle. to borrow that money at the very low ratesjohn to borrow that money at the very low rates john mcdonnell to borrow that money at the very low ratesjohn mcdonnell once, to borrow that money at the very low rates john mcdonnell once, he to borrow that money at the very low ratesjohn mcdonnell once, he needs the markets to agree, in other words, he needs the city to treat jeremy corbyn with kid gloves. 0n one thing, though, team labour will talk upa one thing, though, team labour will talk up a success, and that is the tories seem to be following them, because sajid javid set out the government spending plans today. they are not as ambitious, but thinking is the same too. he also was talking about spending billions. putting the money into public services and now is right time to
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borrow. so what we have? we have a bit of a bidding war and we have both parties are talking the same language. bonanza country. norman smith, thank you very much. as labour tries to deal with the continuing fallout following the resignation of its deputy leader tom watson, there's a new headache, as former labour mp ian austin said as labour tries to deal with the continuing fallout thatjeremy corbyn was "completely unfit" to be prime minister. mr austin advised people going to the polls to vote for borisjohnson. 0ur political correspondent chris mason reports. here he is, ian austin, at the heart of the labour party. working for gordon brown 15 years ago. these devoted his adult life to the party asa devoted his adult life to the party as a counsellor, an adviser, attending cabinet. but his disagreements withjeremy corbyn are not new. he sat as independent mps since february but nonetheless, his intervention today is still astonishing. take a look at this.”
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thinkjeremy corbyn is completely unfit to lead our country, com pletely unfit to lead our country, completely unfit to lead the labour party and after 3a years since a teenager, i worked for labour party, and in my 30s, iwas teenager, i worked for labour party, and in my 30s, i was a government adviser, my a0s, an administrator, but for decent labour voters, they should vote for borisjohnson in the selection. i can't believe it's come to this but that's where we are. yes, that's a former labour minister suggesting you vote conservative.” had to leave the labour party, i felt, but i could have capital acquired and gone along with a tall, disappeared back off to dudley, but i think you've got to stand up and tell the truth. i think you gotta stand up and tell the truth and if you're not going to do what's right a fundamental question like racism, what are you going to do? and he wasn't done there. here he was in westminster hours later with another former labour mp john woodcock, westminster hours later with another former labour mpjohn woodcock, who says he will vote conservative, their views are clear. ian austin
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michael's dad was a jewish refugee, his aunts and grandma were murdered by the nazis. he's long been deeply angry at what he sees as jeremy corbyn mack boss failure to deal with allegations of anti—semitism. he says the party has been poisoned with anti—jewish racism. the labour leadership and says they are doing everything they can to eradicate the problem. he added that the decision of labour deputy leader tom watson, who is also how does disagreements with jeremy corbyn, who is also how does disagreements withjeremy corbyn, to leave politics, was enormously significant although mr watson maintains he will still campaign for labour and wants to seejeremy corbyn wim. still campaign for labour and wants to see jeremy corbyn wim. it's a very personal decision, not a political one, i've been in labour politics for 35 years, i'm 52 years old, i've been on a healthjourney in recent years and i want to take the leap and do something new. so what do labour make up what ian austin said today? the shadow chancellor made a reference to an
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unpaid government role as an to israel, mr austin took on in the summer. israel, mr austin took on in the summer. he is now employed by the tories. what else do expect him to do in election campaigns where you are employed by the tories, you speak on behalf of the tories? that's what this was about this morning. the conservatives had a bumpy start to this campaign. now it is labour's turner. chris mason, bbc news. let's take a look at some of today's other election news. britain's smaller pro—european political parties have announced a remain electoral alliance. the liberal democrats, plaid cymru and the green party will step aside for each other in 60 constituencies. the pact does not include labour or the snp. they claim the move is in the national interest. it is unprecedented, the scale of this arrangement between these three different political parties, but i think it speaks volumes about how high the stakes are, how important this is, that these parties, ourselves, the liberal democrats, with the green party and plaid cymru, have been able to put aside those narrow party
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interests to work together in the national interest, and that's how our politics should be done. around 1,500 voters in swindon have been mistakenly warned that they may not be able to vote in the general election. in letter sent by swindon council, residents were told they would be removed from the electoral register as they were no longer entitled to be registered at their property. the council later tweeted asking residents to ignore the letter as it was sent by mistake. and we'll have more on the election later in the programme as business leaders publish their manifesto for the north. christian fraser is in leeds. the victim in the collapsed rape trial that led to alun cairns' resignation as welsh secretary says the case shows why women do not report attacks. she has also called for mr cairns to step down as an election candidate. hywel griffith is in barry in south wales. the fallout from this resignation continues. absolutely, he quit as
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cabinet member but he still, we understand, planning to stand as a candidate but there is no sign of him upa candidate but there is no sign of him up a constituency office, and we are told canvassing has been suspended for the day. alun cairns keeping a very, very low profile. 0ther keeping a very, very low profile. other candidates around the uk are obviously out handing out their pamphlets and trying to bring the voters on their side. but there are many calls for him to quit the election completely, lead as you said by the person at the centre of this case. back in april last year, there was a rape trial in cardiff which collapsed. after the testimony ofa which collapsed. after the testimony of a witness, an aide to alun cairns. that person went on to be endorsed by him and alun cairns said he didn't know what that person had done. there are many questioning, not just alun cairns' done. there are many questioning, notjust alun cairns' road other people in the welsh conservatives and what they knew, and the parties treatment of women as a whole. a former candidate has told bbc wales she thinks they have a problem with women not being able to speak out
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all that they are silenced by the men within the party. even questioning borisjohnson's men within the party. even questioning boris johnson's judgment now in endorsing alun cairns as potentially the candidate for this seat. a huge amount of pressure on alun cairns but so far, we've not seen alun cairns but so far, we've not seen sight of him. thank you very much. it's coming up to 115 p. our top story this lunchtime... billions of pounds are being borrowed for extra spending. she returns to the spotlight in dubai. arsene wenger says he hasn't spoken to bya arsene wenger says he hasn't spoken to by a minute about their vacant manager position despite being favourite. the former arsenal manager has not coached since leaving the club 18 months ago. just hours before she died, the last moments of british backpacker grace millane, captured on cctv, have been shown to a new zealand jury. the images showed her going to bars
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with the 27—year—old man who's on trial for her murder. the suspect, who cannot be named for legal reasons, denies strangling ms millane, and says she died when the suspect, who cannot be named for legal reasons, a sex game went wrong. phil mercer reports. these are grace millane's final hours. wearing a dark dress and white trainers, she's tracked on security cameras on her way to see the man who killed her. they'd met on the dating app tinder and arranged to meet in person outside auckland's sky city casino. the man, who we can't name, arrives. briefly, he stops, then turns away, before walking back towards the british university graduate. they hug. in court today, the 27—year—old, who denies grace's murder, looked on as the jury was shown a detailed chronology of that evening last december.
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the pair order cocktails at a bar and drink heavily during a night out around the city. they appear to enjoy each other‘s company, at some points kissing and embracing. during the evening ms millane sends messages on her phone to a university friend, who statement was read in court. i sensed grace was having a good time and she seemed to be drunk and really enjoying herself. i do not think grace had any concerns for her safety when i was in contact with her. i did not receive a reply or hear anything further from grace. grace millane spent more than an hour at the bluestone room bar that you can see behind me with the defendant. it was the last place they visited before they crossed the street to the man's apartment, that's on the third floor of this inner—city building. it's where grace millane died. what happened up there lies at the heart of this case.
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the prosecution says the backpacker was strangled deliberately. the defence is insisting she was killed accidentally when a consensual sex game went wrong. the final pieces of cctv footage seen by the jury show ms millane entering the lobby with the man and then travelling towards his room in the lift. it's the last time she was seen alive. phil mercer, bbc news, auckland. a police officer has been charged with the murder of the former aston villa footballer dalian atkinson, who died after being tasered in shropshire in 2016. phil mackie is in birmingham for us now. yes, simon, so both officers, the one has been charged with murder and a female officer, who has been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm, have just appeared charged with assault causing actual bodily harm, havejust appeared on birmingham magistrates' court this
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morning, a very brief appearance there, and they are due to come to birmingham crown court this afternoon. this all relates to an incident back in august 2016. dalian atkinson, a very well—known and much loved footballer, who played for aston villa, sheffield wednesday and ipswich town, was staying with his dad in telford. because of the incident he was tasered by these two officers, subsequently restrained and subsequently died. there was a very long investigation by the iopc, who passed on theirfiles very long investigation by the iopc, who passed on their files to the crown prosecution service a year ago today, after more than three years since dalian atkinson died. we now know that one of those two officers, 0fficer know that one of those two officers, officer a as he's known at the moment, from west mersea police, has been charged with murder. we've had state m e nts been charged with murder. we've had statements both from the police, but i think perhaps more importantly from dalian atkinson's family, some of whom were in the magistrates' court earlier on to see this very first hearing in which say they welcome that after such a long time the case will now go before a jury,
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but they regret how long it has taken. we will hear later on perhaps more details about when a potential trial could be. simon. film acquis, thank you very much. —— phil mackie. a new streaming service backed by the bbc, itv, channel a and channel five launches today. costing £5.99 per month, britbox will feature classic series such as original doctor who episodes, downton abbey and gavin and stacey, as well as some original content. it's to rival the likes of netflix and amazon prime. but the new service isn't without its critics, as our media editor amol rajan reports. welcome to britbox. it's often said that we're living in a golden age for television, but the dominant products today have tended to be from american companies. until now. and jump through all your favourites. britbox is the first streaming service allowing viewers to watch what they want when they want that combines shows from the bbc, itv, channel a and channel 5. it's targeted at people who are sort of already into streaming. they're probably looking for the next thing that they want to add, they really love that
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way of watching. and we think it offers something really distinctive, because no one else is doing british in such a kind of broad and comprehensive way. i am billy kimber! the bbc‘s main offer to consumers will still be the iplayer, where most of its recent hit shows like peaky blinders can be found. i was born in another time, another world. but on britbox, the bbc will provide a selection of back catalogues for some classic shows such as doctor who. what should we call each other? itv is the main commercial and editorial force behind the new service, with shows such as downton abbey, broadchurch and love island available. channels a and 5 came on board more recently. at £5.99 a month, britbox is the same price as the basic offer from netflix and amazon prime. this launch comes a full decade after a similar proposal from british broadcasters was blocked by regulators. in retrospect, that was a naive and damaging decision, allowing american giants like disney, netflix and amazon to steal a march on the british competitors.
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the big unanswered question is not whether or not britbox offers value for money, but whether subscription fatigue is beginning to set in four consumers facing an avalanche of choice. in a recent interview, the boss of disney, who are launching their own streaming service in the uk next year, says this is an untested market. well, i don't think we know how large the global market is for these products yet. so i think one question is, are there more potential subscribers in the world or not? and if so, how many are there? so i don't know if you call it a risk, but it's an unknown. welcome to britbox! the vast majority of content on britbox will be repeats. british broadcasters are betting that the convenience of a one—stop shop for their programmes persuades punters to pay up. amol rajan, bbc news. the british paralympian kadeena cox — a star of the 2016 rio games — is returning to the spotlight as she competes in dubai, having battled back to fitness after suffering with an eating disorder.
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kate grey reports. i kind of struggled with the pressure of being a top athlete. i expect a lot from myself and i'm pretty sure other people expect me to dominate. kadeena cox made history at the rio paralympics, becoming the first british athlete to win two golds in two sports at the same games. but the years that followed have not been easy. it was the knee injury which took me out for 2018, which was devastating, but then i obviously struggled with disordered eating, so that kind of took me out for a little while, and i've really struggled with my mental health, so being able to get back and get on the start line's been a challenge. and during those challenging times she found ways to keep herself busy. and your name is? kadeena cox. your chosen charity? the ms society. and your chosen subject? arsenal football club. in fact, her appearances on a number of tv shows she says actually helped her mental health. i think i've done lots of bits
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and bobs and just trying to find myself and find a happy place and be able to kind of make myself happy, so that the performance just comes with it, and just enjoy my sport again. now on the road to recovery, she's back on the track, ready to defend her a00 metres world title. what do you think is going to be your biggest challenge out in dubai? unlike this country, it's very, very hot, so i feel like that's going to be a challenge. unfortunately i'm heat intolerant, which sounds stupid, i'm intolerant to heat, but yeah, people with ms tend not to like the heat. we've got a lot of strategies to help to keep me cool, that's the plan. so final preparations are complete and the a0 strong british team have now arrived here in dubai. temperatures are expected to reach around about 35 degrees, very similar to what they'll experience out in tokyo, and with less than a year to go until the paralympic games, there's never been a better time to take on the best in the world. kate grey, bbc news, dubai.
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the world cup winning south african rugby squad has started a nationwide victory tour, following their victory injapan. there have beenjubilant scenes in pretoria and thenjohannesburg. the team are due in soweto, where the springboks were hated in the days of apartheid. their five—day tour will finish in cape town on monday. throughout the campaign, bbc news will be looking closely at the places where the election could be won and lost — visiting ten parts of the uk where seats will be closely contested. today, we're in leeds, where regional newspapers have published a set coordinated front pages promoting a five—point manifesto for the north. christian fraser is in the city centre. as you have been hearing, labour are setting out policy today that would shift a sizeable amount of investment from the south east to the north. to reflect that, newspapers across the region have coordinated their front pages. business leaders have published their manifesto for the north, calling for a clear framework for devolution. they want local control over
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education, a commitment to rebalance the economy and a dedicated transport budget for the north. in the coming weeks the parties here will have to react to that. we followed them on the first official day of the campaign. with winter coats, brollies and sensible shoes, the volunteers are mustering. here in the west yorkshire drizzle the ground war is under way. thanks, thanks very much, everybody, for coming. leeds north west is one of the key labour marginals. they face a sizeable challenge here from the lib dems, so no room for any complacency. how much? labour is pouring in the resources. it's a big team, bolstered by young faces. this constituency has one of the biggest student populations in the country. hang on, we've got to a0, ground floor, that is. no other party really matches labour's ground game, set times every day,
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11am, 2pm, aom, 6pm. regimental. just committed, just enthusiastic. any student orformer student from leeds knows about the notorious pub crawl — the so—called 0tley run — 16 pubs into the city centre, and you know what, it's a bit like the election campaign. it's long, it requires great stamina, and no one really knows where it's going to end. at least, i didn't. but there's a serious point here. student turnout, the final thursday of term in the run—up to christmas — you'd better get them early. this is waterloo mount we're on now. in neighbouring pudsey turnout is also important for the conservatives. they are defending a majority from labour of just 331. what's the brexit message? the brexit message is we are here to get brexit done. it's not been the perfect start to the tory campaign. they just hope it's the prime minister's message, notjacob rees—mogg's, that is cutting through. does it make you angry, when you need every one of these votes?
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yeah, of course, it's very frustrating, but those things don't matter to people here in pudsey. i've never voted conservative. are you a labour supporter, of old? of old, yeah, but they are just fools, aren't they? and it's brexit that you will be voting on? yeah, definitely. i've been saying it's a toss—up between conservatives and brexit party. which is why back here in leeds north west the mood the lib dem camp is as bright as their high vis jackets. over the last year it's been incredible seeing the change on the doorstep. people are now saying i voted labour in the past but i'm disillusioned withjeremy corbyn. i'm coming to you instead because of your stop brexit position. do you know all aboutjo swinson? no, not at all. they have five weeks to inform and change minds. it's humbling for the candidates. careers depend on these volunteers and in the depths of a yorkshire winter the early enthusiasm will be sorely tested.
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it was pretty grim last night. throughout the general election campaign, we will be asking what questions you would like answered. we've had thousands in already and lots of you have been asking about student voting. leeds is home to five universities, and in some constituencies in the city a high student turnout could affect the outcome. chi chi izundu has been to meet some students to help provide some answers. leeds. home to more than 70,000 students, most of whom are eligible to vote. polling day, though, is right at the end of this term for many. we're at emma's student house. hi, come in. lots of universities encourage students to register to vote when they enrol at the start of the academic year. but emma's not stopping there. i am a keen friend who has been trying all of my friends to register to vote. i think it's incredibly important that they get involved, and i think they shouldn't waste the opportunity. it is super easy to register,
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you can do it on your telephone. you need your name, your national insurance number, your nationality, your address and your date of birth. and that's it. i think my mate alec have a question for you. fantastic, let me find him. historically, younger voters are less likely to vote than older voters. my term ends the day after the election. can i vote here in leeds and at home in cambridgeshire? in a general election you can only cast one vote so you have to decide which address you want to vote at and cast it there. if you do it twice, and you're caught, you could face a hefty fine. in the last general election, polling suggested 70% of students cast their vote in their home constituency. so if i am away on election day, can i still vote? you have two options. the first option is postal voting, but you have to apply for that process, and there is a deadline. the deadline is the 26th of november if you live in england,
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scotland and wales. the other option is the proxy vote, so getting someone else to vote in your absence, like mum or dad, someone you trust. again, you have to give a reason as to why you can't cast that vote yourself. the deadline for that is the ath of december 2019. if you live in northern ireland, the deadline for both proxy voting and postal voting is slightly earlier, so you have to make your application by the 21st of november 2019. thank you. do you want to go and get a cup of tea? but in some constituencies like this one in leeds, it's the student vote which could determine who wins. chi chi izundu, bbc news, in leeds. do get out there and register. send us your election questions at #bbcyourquestions or
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back to you, simon. christian fraser, thank you very much. and you can find a full list of the candidates standing in those constituencies on the bbc news website after nominations have closed next week. a british army reject who trained to fight against so—called islamic state has been jailed. fight against so—called islamic state has beenjailed. aidanjames, from merseyside, was found guilty of attending a place where terrorist training was given in iraq at a refugee camp where the proscribed pkk was present. he also received a sentence for drug offences. now look at the weather, wet for many others, ben? rain is causing roberts for some parts of the uk, especially northern england but many of us have been seeing wet weather —— rain for some parts. she was to the north, but as this stripe of rain here is giving cause for concern, it's been very wet for a time across eastern england, the north midlands. the focus is on northern england. there
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isa focus is on northern england. there is a met office amber warning and force affecting


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