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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 7, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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going to be in our game. so, i feel like all of the clubs, and the presidents and the fan groups and everyone, you know, frankly, are failing these players. england recently played bulgaria in the euro 2020 qualifiers. that game was stopped twice because the racist abuse. bulgaria have been told that they have to play two games behind closed doors, one of which is suspended and fined £65,000, do you think sanctions are tough enough at the moment? if you're ever caught doing anything racist, you should be banned for life and that's just the end of it. maybe it's something — i mean $65,000, that's an absolute joke. in the uk, there are no openly gay, male professional footballers. i wonder, what would your message be to any players who feel that they're not able to be open about their sexuality? it so hard, the leagues and the organisations and the team need to do a much betterjob of setting that environment and setting that precedent prior to the player coming out. because clearly they don't feel comfortable coming out, they're not feeling safe or secure in that.
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obviously, it's well documented that you are involved in this equal pay dispute with us soccer? at what point do you feel you came to realise your own worth? oh, gosh. i mean honestly, we still probably undervalue ourselves. you're worth more than you think and you might as well fight like hell. megan caused political controversy at home when she said she wouldn't go to the white house if the us won the world cup. president trump then tweeted to say, "megan should win first before she talks," urging her to, "finish the job and show some respect". so would she consider a career in politics herself? 0h, definitely not right now. contrary to what the last election taught us about people totally unqualified getting put into office, i don't think that should be the norm. i'll certainly continue to be involved. i'll look forward to seeing what's next. yeah, i know. me too! and whether that's on or off the pitch, there's certainly more to come from megan rapinoe.
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eleanor roper, bbc news, in san francisco. newsnight‘s starting right now on bbc two, taking a look at the promises the politicians are making on the economy. that's it. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday. coming up on tonight's programme. when in rome, a late winner takes celtic through to the knockout stages of the europa league with two games to spare. southgate takes his chances on james maddison. he makes the 27—man squad for this month's euro 2020 qualifiers. and we hearfrom paralympic gold medallist kadeen cox ahead of her return to the track in dubai.
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i'mjust i'm just trying to find myself and be able to try to make myself happy so be able to try to make myself happy so my performance is great and i can enjoy my sport again. hello and welcome to the programme. we start with the europa league, and what seemed to be an improbable task for celtic. winning in italy was something they hadn't managed in 12 attempts. but tonight's 2—1 victory over lazio in rome has done more than just break that cycle. 0livier ntcham's dramatic stoppage—time strike means neil lennon's men qualify for the knockout stages of the competition — with two games to spare. lydia campbell was watching. the pre—match light show was hiding
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it but in between the darkness you could just see the empty seats. with him serving it partial band for the racial chanting. but the fence were allowed and were soon cheering, celtic leaving them all alone in the box. i— 04 lazio. the cloud of 8000 celtic fans travel for this one and it was their turn to celebrate. james forrest pulling their team level. celtic had to think him here too, lazio once again finding the english man in top form. and just like in glasgow two weeks ago, celtic received at their best and last. 0livia, sent them to the knockout stages. it will make it is historic. it is a privilege for me
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to coach these players and they did an unbelievable job behind to coach these players and they did an unbelievablejob behind the scenes, we have a good place at the minute, thejob done as scenes, we have a good place at the minute, the job done as well as qualifying for the new year's is concerned. we have a lot to do domestically but it is an amazing night for the team. their scottish rivals rangers got the job done as well, enjoying the home comforts at ibrox as they beat porto 2—nil. alfredo morelos broke the deadlock mid—way through the second half with his 11th european goal and 21st of the season, before steven davis' deflected shot hit the back of the net to put rangers on top of their group. manchester united also made their way through to the last 32 after a comfortable 3—nil victory over pa rtizan belgrade at old trafford — mason greenwood with the first. anthony martial scoring the pick of the three with this great solo goal and marcus rashford rounding it off, to make sure united
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stay top of their group. and wolves snatched victory over partizan belgrade with rauljimenez scoring the winner in stoppage time at molineux, leaving them needing just one point from their last two games to reach the knockout stages. gareth southgate has taken a gamble on including leicester city's james maddison in his squad for their euro qualifiers against kosovo and montenegro. he had to pull out of their last set of matches due to illness, but was then spotted in a casino during the international break. this is also the first time that southgate has spoken since bulgaria were given a punishment of having to playjust one game behind closed doors for the racial abuse that england players suffered during their qualifier. 0ur sports correspondent joe wilson was at wembley. they might be relieved to talk about
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squad tactics, formation even qualification ahead of this international, southgate impressed with the way they have returned from serious injury and he is back in the fall squad. reassurance to see johnstone's name in there. in many ways, still the source of deep disappointment, southgate is still very proud with the way his players dealt with that situation and having seen the players come through such a challenging set of circumstances whether that has intensified team identity and that england dressing room. the best thing that we can do in terms of the message we give to the wide world is to continue to work as a team and see how close the tea m work as a team and see how close the team are and can see the diversity of the team from different backgrounds and how they are just a group of brothers they come together and play a game of football and enjoy each other‘s company and that
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in itself is a hugely powerful message for people in society. also blessed with playing resources, excelling in the premier league and southgate also remembers that when madison was released from the last squad because of illness, he was then pictured in the casino. character, maturity, these are important considerations of southgate continues to build its brotherhood in the england dressing room. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories making the sports news today... batsmanjonny bairstow has been added to england's test squad for the two—match series against new zealand, as back—up for the injured joe denly. bairstow will stay in new zealand after the five—match t20 series concludes on sunday. the first test starts in fhangarei next tuesday. justin rose hit a hat—trick of birdies as he began his quest for a third straight turkish open title. he picked up three shots in the last three holes to finish the day 5—under—par,
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two shots off the lead. and sonny bill williams has completed his return to rugby league, after signing for super league newcomers toronto wolfpack. he's won the rugby union world cup twice with new zealand — and this is his third stint in the 13—man game. great britain have their first gold medal of the world para athletics championships — and it was a fourth world title for paul blake. he won the t36 800—metres on day one in dubai, in a season's best time. and he goes again later in the week, in his main event, the 400—metres. next week we'll see the return to competition of kadeena cox, a paralympic gold medallist in both athletics and track cycling. she'll be running in the 200 and 400—metres in dubai, in what will be her first major athletics meet since the 2017 world championships, where she won three medals.
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since then she's suffered with injury and mental health problems — and she says she's nervous and excited about being back on the track. i struggled with the pressure of being a top athlete. i expect a lot myself and people expected me to dominate. she made history at the paralympics, becoming the first british athlete to win two goals into sports at the same games. but the years have not been easy. and an entry which took me out in 2018 which was devastating but then i struggled with that and it took me for a while and i struggled with my mental health, so being able to get back on there has been a challenge. and during those challenging times, she found a way to keep yourself busy my chosen society? arsenal
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football cloud. her parents are number of tv shows actually helped her mental health. just trying to find myself and find a happy place and be able to make myself happy so the performance just comes with it and be able to enjoy my sport again. now the road to recovery, she is back on the track and rated to defend her world title. what he thinks going to be your biggest challenge? i mean, unlike this country, it is very hard, so i think that it's going to be a challenge. but i can, i am intolerant to heat, we just have difficulty dealing with that. the former england and northampton hooker, dylan hartley has announced he's retiring from professional rugby, afterfailing to recover from a long—standing knee injury. he hasn't played since december, missing england's rugby world cup run. he's northampton‘s longest
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serving player with 251 appearances in 14 seasons. hartley said the last few months had been difficult "physically and mentally" and, while his career wasn't "perfect he wouldn't have had it any other way". freestyle bmx is one of the new ‘urban‘ sports being introduced for the tokyo 2020 0lympics. 0rganisers hope it — along with the likes of skateboarding — will help give the games a more "youthful" feel. one of britain's leading contenders is chef turned rider charlotte worthington. she's already the european champion and she goes for a world title this week. nick hope has been to meet her. what i love about bmx is that it is so inclusive everyone is pushing each other it was doing stuff released dangerous and scary, but
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the buzz that you get is kind of addictive, you get it once and as soon as you got it, you want to progress that trick to get the buzz again and maintain it and progress that trick to get the buzz again and maintain itand it progress that trick to get the buzz again and maintain it and it keeps the sport so fresh. i got into the sport by another sport, it is kind ofa sport by another sport, it is kind of a gateway sport because it is easy to pick up it uses very similar skills using handlebars and your feet. in my high school, i was definitely different but in the skate park, you are not different. you're surrounded by other people with adrenaline rush, their social and having lots of fun. maybe in a different way to people who play video games or being. it is very surreal that this full—time job. two yea rs surreal that this full—time job. two years ago, i was working full—time asa years ago, i was working full—time as a cook, so i was sweating out in the kitchen 40 hours a week and days
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offi the kitchen 40 hours a week and days off i would probably be too tired to train. so that this opportunity, i absolutely when ford. in the winter of the gold medal. charlotte worthington! to be the first ever european champion, it isjust a massive goal achieved and when i played the national anthem, i almost cried. what are you expecting the olympics to bring to your sport? cried. what are you expecting the olympics to bring to your sport7m is going to bring a whole wave of the new generation of writers because this is an exciting sport, it is dangerous, people go hi and do unimaginable tricks. it will inspire a lot of people to come and get involved. that's all from sportsday. thanks for watching. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster, henry bonsu, and the assistant comment editor at the telegraph, madeline grant. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in and many focus on developments on the campaign trail today. labour and the conservatives have turned the election into a public—spending bidding war, according to the guardian, with their pledges to invest billions in capital projects. the daily telegraph says jeremy corbyn has been "branded unfit to lead" by four former labour mps, who told voters to back borisjohnson instead.


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