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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 8, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news with lu kwesa burak. the headlines... a woman has died, after being swept away by flood water, as parts of england are hit with a month's worth of rain in one day. ten teenagers including 215—year—old boys have been named as some of the
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39 people found dead in a refrigerated truck in essex. the snp launch their election campaign, saying they would try to form an alliance with other parties, to lock the conservatives out of power. an 18—year—old boy is jailed for minimum of 12 and half years, for the murder of his former girlfriend. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday, but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc. after this evening on bbc. borisjohnson is accused of misunderstanding after borisjohnson is accused of misunderstanding his own exit deal in relation to customs checks in the northern ireland. we hearfrom our reality check correspondence. as floods gripped the north of england we examine the catastrophic effect it is having on farms in warwickshire were in some areas the soil has become so sodden they can't plant any crops. and at 8:45pm, we go through the cinema releases.
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that's all coming up. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jane dougall. a record number of fans expected at wembley for england women against germany. but afterjust one win in 6, those are the numbers phil neville‘s more concerned about. we need are performance tomorrow, eve ryo ne we need are performance tomorrow, everyone wants that performance, we have prepared well all week, the players around the best shape since they came back from the world cup now it is going out there delivering on the big stage. england's win in the fourth t20 against new zealand takes it to 2—2 with one match still to play. it's nicely set up for the decider. iam here i am here in dubai on day two of the
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world for athletic championships. —— for athletic championships. —— for also coming up in the programme... a warning ahead of city's visit to liverpool. merseyside police say they don't want a welcome from liverpool scenes like this again. it's crunch time — the top two teams face each other/ and can great britain get past the might of new zealand? the rugby league lions have been hit with injury in the lead up to their second match in aukland. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'mjane dougall. we start at wembley where england women will make history with what's expected to be a record crowd for an international. they've already met their target for supporters with more than 75,000 tickets being sold for the friendly against germany. but on the pitch, it's a different
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story with only one win in their last six matches. manager phil neville had this to say. this match could mark a new dawn for england's women while angling's men have enjoyed many and iconic night under the lights, tomorrow is only the second time the lionesses had been allowed to grace the picture at wembley, the last time was in 2014, again playing germany, that night beaten 3— dell, tomorrow the germans will pose another stern test. they are currently ranked second in the world behind the usa, lioness is are currently fifth, england's women have never beaten german women on home soil. everyone knows we need performance tomorrow. everyone wants
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that performance, we have prepared well all week, the players are in the best shape since they came back from the world cup and now it is going out there and delivering on the big stage. what is great for a manager is that in 12 months‘ time we will probably have three or four of these big occasions leading up to the euros and then we will have massive occasions in the euros were the stadiums are going to be absolutely full, the expectations will be like what it has been for the past three or four weeks and we need to play under this kind of pressure and expectation. phil neville says his side into bring about performance tomorrow night bearing mind that since the summer world cup, the lionesses have only one once in their last six matches. but there is no better way to put that right then beating germany here at wembley in front of what is expected to be a record crowd. they have sold over 86,000 tickets which would snatch the current record of 45,000 set here in 2014. for veteran midfielder, she admits tomorrow night will mean a huge amount of the
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england players. even to see people are going to be coming to wembley to support a woman's game, i was fortunate enough to play for team gb and we had over 70,000 there when we played bizarre. at the time i think we we re played bizarre. at the time i think we were getting about 200 at club games and it was an occasion where he stepped out on the patch and were so i'iei’vous because you he stepped out on the patch and were so nervous because you had never seen that many people before. but for the olympics a lot of people did just buy tickets to say they were going to the olympics and being part of it. it was not necessarilyjust for women football. so to think everyone has gone out there and wants to support this team is just a massive turning point for the game. as the manager says, we want to enjoy it but that will come after the game because the performance is the game because the performance is the main thing is a team and for staff and players. jill scott will certainly be one of the players hoping to start the game tomorrow, player who will not be involved is striker toni duggan. she has withdrawn from the squad with a lower back problem. replaced by the
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manchester city duo i am joined by the women‘s football writer, this place will be rocking, up to 86,000 people. surely it will be great for england? the performance is equally as important as the result. we have seen as important as the result. we have seen england have not performed at their best since the world cup, phil neville has said they have suffered what he describes as a many hangover. i think the game against germany is the time to shake that off. we want the people to come back in 2020 and making sure they see a good performance so important england perform well. they can't afford to lose. i ran through germany stats they speak for themselves on paper just germany stats they speak for themselves on paperjust out of this game is going to be franklin tomorrow. one win in 25 for england but we have to take into consideration a lot of the matches in the past have been when england had been essentially amateur or semiprofessional status. we have now closed the gap on germany. the games
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in the last year years have been much closer and they go into games believing they can beat the germans whereas in the past we almost knew before a ball had been checked that the germans were probably likely to win but i think england have the talent and ability, they have got to have the belief and if they do they have the belief and if they do they have a good chance of beating the german teen. who are the danger players, where well angled potentially become unstuck? players, where well angled potentially become unstuck7m depends where the head coach goes in terms of the line—up. they have seriously talented players. some players are almost certain to start. the midfield have two important players, they have a lot of talent going forward as well but it is difficult because the coach has rotated her personnel since the world cup, she has rotated formation but 31 goals in their last games
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speaks for itself. but they are facing a bigger test against england and they have previously. thank you for joining and they have previously. thank you forjoining us, enjoy the game tomorrow. if you want to watch the match is live on bbc one across the bbc, kick—off is at 5:30pm. meanwhile, scotland are in euro 2021 qualifying action against albania. they are 2—0 up at the moment. they are 4—0 up at the moment. claire emslie got the first in the 15th minute. then the albanian keeper spilled a long range effort and jane ross was there to follow up. erin cuthbert got the third and hannah godfrey got the fourth. bottom of the championship stoke have confirmed that northern ireland manager michael 0‘neill will be their new boss. he‘s expected to take charge of stokes‘ game against barnsley tomorrow. it‘s believed 0‘neill will then return to northern ireland to preside over theirfinal two euro 2020 qualifiers before moving to stoke full—time.
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his official appointment had been expected but the news that he would remain as northern ireland manager not just for european championship qualifiers against the netherlands and germany but also any potential euro 2020 play—offs has surprised many. there was no press conference to unveil stoke‘s fifth manager in less tha n to unveil stoke‘s fifth manager in less than two years, instead the 50—year—old wanted to hit the ground running. he was one of the first people at the club training complex this morning, having met senior players last night. he addressed a squad as a whole before taking a session on the pitch. i have had opportunities that haven‘t come to fruition. opportunities i have had to decide were not right for me, based on circumstances. ifelt to decide were not right for me, based on circumstances. i felt this opportunity was right time in my career to go back to club football.
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again, the people that have brought me to this club and gone that extra bit to bring you to the club is very important to me. having been here just in the last, this morning and arriving last night, i know about the clubs history, i know about the clu b the clubs history, i know about the club but facilities are fantastic andi club but facilities are fantastic and i haven‘t had, having had the chance to work for the players it is great opportunity. various team members having mentioned, he signed a three and a half year contract, he will be in the dugout against barnsley tomorrow. 0ne the dugout against barnsley tomorrow. one week later, he had to change his focus of a visit from the netherlands to belfast. more football later. it was make or break, but england put in a stunning performance in their fourth t20 against new zealand to take
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the series to a 2—2 draw. impressive batting from dawid malan and eoin morgan mean that the five match series is nicely poised for the decider on sunday. nick parrott reports. after collapsing to defeat against new zealand three days ago, angry and were threatening to do it again. jonny bairstow‘s early exit did not point what was to come. pressure can bring the best out in some people and they were thriving under it. morgan raced to the fastest half—ce ntu ry morgan raced to the fastest half—century for his country. david mallan scored the second only to be scored by an england player. rewriting england‘s history books. chasing 242, new zealand were quickly up and running. injust his
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second match, parkinson was turning the screw, taking three wickets in just five balls in the new zealand‘s innings with three overs to spare, england will hope for a repeat performance in the decider on sunday. 0ur sports correspondent was watching at the for athletics today. how did kate do? not quite gold this evening. she had to settle for bronze. she came in as defending champion, actually qualified into the final in first position. she was hoping maybe she had a chance but there was some very tough competition from the chinese who eventually took gold and silver. she
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came in with a bronze but she has had surgery earlier on in the summer and had to take a break to fully recover and to come here and win a medal is a definite positive for her. here is what she had to say at the end of the race. i didn‘t have any expectations coming into this with having seven weeks off through the season. it wasjust like i will come here, it is amazing to be back in team colours and to race for my country is always fantastic, i don‘t feel there is anything as i could have done to get any higher up, especially first, that is an incredible time, so just happy to have a medal round my neck. what about the rest of the british tea m what about the rest of the british team today? no other medals to report on but we had a debutant competing. she had to settle for seventh place, just a bit under her personal best, she is competing at her first herfirst major her first major championships and will be one to watch later on in the future. success in the 230 for 400 metres, they have qualified into the
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final. also another making through into the 800 metres final. u nfortu nately into the 800 metres final. unfortunately mason maguire missed out. lots of racing but northern medals. studio: competition beckons tomorrow, what can we expect? the long jump as tomorrow, what can we expect? the longjump asa tomorrow, what can we expect? the long jump as a defending champion from london 2017, she put out a brilliant performance, she will be hoping to come here and defend that title. we will also see lots of british interest to look forward to on day three. it‘s one of the most hotly anticipated league matches this season. the top two in the premier league face off against each other — liverpool hosting manchester city at anfield.
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already tensions have been building with merseyside police saying there‘s been a call on social media for liverpool fans to give the same "welcome" to the city bus as they did in 2018 when missiles were thrown, and a replacement had to be found. patrick geary looks ahead to sunday‘s match. liverpool will be hurt. still a liverpoolwill be hurt. still a very long season ahead. the title race has barely reached the first bend and yet this feels like a crucial junction. liverpool arrived at it ahead, six points north of manchester city, the team they chased to the last day of last season. chased to the last day of last season. separated by only one point. after such a relentless race, managerial trash talk would seem hollow, instead warm words replace mind games. i could not respect him more. he is the best manager in the
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world. he had a proper impact on the team. you can see when he is not there any more, the football looks different. when he took over the team, it was not a real contender, in history yes but not to win the premier league or be on top. and he did it. in three or four years he built something marvellous to watch. pleasantries aside when the two sides meet at matters. the only game liverpool lost was to city, effectively costing them the title. when they reunited for the community shield it took penalties to separate them. so the two league defeats city have since suffered take on added importance. as does the absence of city‘s star keeper. in the past, it has overheated, city‘s coach has been bottled outside anfield and have asked for assurances that will
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not be a repeat. oh player does not happen again. the police knew but didn't do anything in the champions league before. i don't know what they are going to do. we did not throw the bottle or whatever it was but it was one of us. so that is why we are responsible for that and have to make sure all of us have to make sure that something like this will not happen again ever. whatever the result it will come with an asterisk, city know how to chase liverpool never given but the margin of error has never been smaller in the premier league era, the higher they both claim the less they can afford to slack. just one fixture in the premier league tonight. the bottom two teams face off with norwich hosting watford at carrow road. both sides desperate for three points. we always love a fairy tale story in the fa cup — well there‘s a chance of one happening tonight as non—league side
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dulwich hamlet take on league two side carlisle in the first round. dulwich have never reached the second round and are hoping to make history tonight. chetan pathak is there for us with kevin kilban. we are here for the type of story only the fa cup canberra new on first—round representing metropolitan london —— can bring you. dulwich hamlet taking on a team who travelled over 300 miles away from the north west of england, carlisle, from the north west of england, ca rlisle, cumbria‘s one from the north west of england, carlisle, cumbria‘s one and only football club. i am joined carlisle, cumbria‘s one and only football club. iam joined by carlisle, cumbria‘s one and only football club. i am joined by kevin caliban, what chance are you giving dulwich hamlet? there will be a packed house, great atmosphere, you give them a chance, of course if you do it right and get everything right, you are professional as every tea m right, you are professional as every team should be a does not necessarily always fall like that.
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all i would seem carlisle‘s faber, the pitch looks great, the weather is immaculate. with the atmosphere that generated tonight, they have a great chance. you talk about the atmosphere, sense of occasion, we have a cabbie, a part—time teacher, the biggest night of their lives, how do dulwich hamlet to deal with the pressure? without a doubt the biggest night of their lives. i‘m sure what has been said to them, i‘m sure what has been said to them, i‘m sure the message from the coaching staff would be go out and play like you play any other game. it is a lwa ys you play any other game. it is always easy to say that, certainly not easy to do. that is all they can approach the game. play the football that has got them to this round of the competition and then see what happens because as a game progresses if they stay in the game, carlisle will become more nervy as the game progresses because they are a league club, that is what starts to happen against non—league side so the pressure is on carlisle, not with dulwich hamlet tonight and that is what is in their favour. we know dulwich hamlet have not won back in
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nine, carlisle not setting lead to a light, does lead formatter for this one? the history of this competition suggests it doesn‘t matter probably. we wa nt suggests it doesn‘t matter probably. we want to come in in good form, eve ryo ne we want to come in in good form, everyone social confidence but it does not always materialise like that, i think tonight is a one—off occasion, certainly one for dulwich to go and attack, go out and enjoy the occasion for what it is, in their history. carlisle have not been playing particularly well, they come in and enjoy the occasion as well, big occasion for both sides. huge game, thank you. you can watch coverage live on bbc two from 7:30pm. kick off 25 minutes later. dulwich hamlet will need every one of their pink and blue army tonight. it is sold out, over 3000 fans expected, it is a big one. catch it on bbc two this evening. she lit up the world cup with her wide—armed celebration and her pink hair.
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but fifa‘s player of the year megan rapinoe was also credited for her strong stance on equal pay. now she‘s spoken out about racism in football. elenor roper went to meet her. the world cup will go down as her tournament. she scored the most goals, won the best player and co—captain the us to world cup victory. how does it feel notjust to be the face of women‘s football but also the face of women‘s sport around the world ? but also the face of women‘s sport around the world? it is a little strange. going through most of my career and then at the end of it becoming this player, performing the way that it did in the world cup, it isa way that it did in the world cup, it is a little strange but i am embracing it. in terms of playing, do you hope to play at the next world cup? i don't know yet. i am always, i have said i want to play as long as i can so i will take some time after the olympics and see what i don‘t want to cut it so short. you have such a short span in your life
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to have your career and to leave it behind with something left in the tank doesn‘t seem right. behind with something left in the tank doesn't seem right. she caused controversy when she said she would not go to the white house if the us won the world cup. president donald trump then tweeted to say she will should win first before she talks, urging herto should win first before she talks, urging her to finish the job and show some respect. we should consider a career in politics herself? definitely not right now. contrary to what the last election taught us about people totally unqualified getting put into office, i don‘t think that should be the norm. i will continue to be involved. who inspires you? my pa rents, involved. who inspires you? my parents, friends, i don‘t feel like iam this parents, friends, i don‘t feel like i am this person, i kind of feel normal and have all the same stresses as other people in the world. trying to make it a better place. meghan is anything but normal. to top off an amazing summer, she was then awarded fifa‘s
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player of the year. surely that is not to come on and off the pitch. great britain‘s rugby league lions have majhor injury problems ahead of their second match against new zealand. they‘re looking to save the series after they lost their first meeting and were earlier defeated by a tongan 15. 0ur rugby league correspondent dave woods is in aukland. great britain have a reputation to restore when they run out in blustery christchurch in the stadium tomorrow. two matches played in this autumnal series and two defeats. last week against new zealand was particularly painful. a low scoring affair, new zealand got the edge, great britain had their chances towards the end but could not take them. injuries are beginning to take a toll as well, giving the rugby league lions and unfamiliar look for this next game. when you‘re out, his replacement also out. warrington stand—off will play on the wang for
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the first mms career and his team—mates which is from the second rowe forward into the centre. team—mates which is from the second rowe forward into the centrem team—mates which is from the second rowe forward into the centre. it is on the cv, won the challenge cup stand—off, so nice to make my debut at centre and get that on the cv and get back to, get a win over the kiwis, make it 1—1 and just looking forward to putting the jersey on. what is it like in the camp?m forward to putting the jersey on. what is it like in the camp? it is a great group of lads, a great crowd, it isjokers, plenty great group of lads, a great crowd, it is jokers, plenty of laughs every day, great place to be. new zealand are strengthened by the return of the mercurial halfback shaunjohnson and england have breaker in 2013 world cup, he was stopped by the kiwis last week, his appetite no doubt shopping for this week. and the kiwis will be full of confidence going into the game. great britain will at least be hardened by the way
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they finished last week‘s test match against the kiwis. we did not lose the game, we simply ran out of time. time is now running out of time on the series and nothing short of a victory here in christchurch tomorrow will satisfy travelling british rugby league fans. there‘s nothing like a bit of nepotism! tiger woods has named himself as one of his captain‘s picks for next month‘s presidents cup against the international team in melbourne. he began by picking the current us 0pen champion gary woodland, then tony finau and patrick reed. and then he had one spot left who would it go to? as captaini as captain i will choose tiger woods. as the last player on the team. he has made nine cups and has played in australia twice. in the president‘s cup so this will be his third appearance for, as a player. i
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find it interesting i am talking in the third person. third person tiger is not my favourite. that‘s all from sportsday. thank you forjoining us, more throughout the rest of the evening. the weather making news at the moment is really a good thing. tonight there is a gap between weather systems, a widespread frost on the way. let‘s look at the rain we have had, totals like this, sheffield 84 millimetres on thursday into the early hours of today, that is why the having problem. that is november‘s average rainfall, to get more than that, we have done that, we have got it. this is october. many parts of the country had well
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above—average for october. 200% or more of the october average rainfall, that is why there are so many flood warnings, particular onto the river dawn, if you‘re concerned, check out the details at the website, at least tonight no significant rainfall, a futuristic the south—eastern parts of the uk, this rain band coming in from northern line that end of the night is looking dry, clear cold, frosty. widespread frost freezing for pastures around, ice and untreated surfaces as well. later in the night, temperatures to the west start to recover again as the next weather system comes in. this is how your saturday is shaping up. more weather fronts coming in, your saturday is shaping up. more weatherfronts coming in, into calder as well, and please giving a bit of snow to relatively modest hills in wales, rain hanging around
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the eastern side of northern ireland, 20—30 millimetres could bring some disruption, rain and snow parts of the midlands, north—west england pushing further ease across southern england, the heaviest of the rain probably staying shy of those areas that are worst affected by flooding. head of the rain band will stay dry and bright, the rest of the century will be in scotland. another chilly day whenever you are. heading out on saturday evening, still out of aim across parts of england and wales begins to ease away from northern ireland. most places on sunday, looking dry, a gap between weather systems perhaps some showers will clear away, the odd lecture is possible where cloud is thick enough, a lot of sunshine on sunday, charlie but this coming on sunday, charlie but this coming on sunday night into monday. next week there will be more rain at times.
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hello, this is bbc news. i‘m lukwesa burak. the headlines at 7pm. a woman has died in floodwater in derbyshire as much of northern england is hit by a month‘s with of rain in one day. it happened in 2007, and it‘s happened again and... it‘s just ridiculous. people have been evacuated from their homes, and there is travel disruption on the roads and the rail network. the scottish national party launches its election campaign saying it‘s seeking an alliance with other parties to lock the conservatives out of government, and promising to stop the nhs being privatised. ten teenagers including two 15—year—old boys have been named among the 39 people from vietnam who were found dead


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