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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 10, 2019 11:00am-11:30am GMT

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duke of sussex, the duke of york, the earl of wessex, the princess royal and the duke of kent. they all take their place as we come towards 11 o'clock. big ben chimes the hour.
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music: last post.
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the first wreath will be made by the prince of wales on behalf of her majesty the queen. and now a wreath is laid on behalf of the duke of edinburgh, who doesn't undertake public engagement any more, by captainjames aubrey.
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and now the prince of wales lays his own wreath with the distinctive prince of wales feathers. and now the three dukes of cambridge, sussex, and york.
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the earl of wessex, the princess royal, and the duke of kent. hurray! stand at ease! and now the
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politicians who lay their reefs led by the prime minister borisjohnson. jeremy corbyn, leader of the labour party. ian blackford on behalf of the
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scottish national party and plaid cymru, the welsh nationalist party. the new leader of the liberal democrats, jo swinson. nigel dodds for the democratic
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unionist party of northern ireland. the newly elected speaker of the house of commons, sir lindsay hoyle. the speaker of the house of lords, lord fowler.
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and now, side by side, the foreign secretary dominic raab and the home secretary, priti patel. these wreaths being laid on behalf of the intelligence agencies, mi6, mi5, and gchq.
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well, that is the wreath laying ceremony on well, that is the wreath laying ceremony on the cenotaph on this remembrance sunday. the royal family, senior politicians, and foreign dignitaries laying wreaths there in memory of those who lost their lives in conflicts over the last couple of centuries. you can continue watching that coverage on bbc one. now, to the election campaign and labour has criticised conservative attempts to unpick its spending plan as the political parties continue their general election campaigns. the conservatives say labour‘s spending plans would cost the country an extra £1.2 trillion over the next five years, labour though has dismissed the figures as fake news calling them an incompetent mishmash of debunked estimates and bad maths.
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our political correspondence has been explaining how the conservatives have come up with their figures. what they have done is to take labour's policy is from their 2070 manifesto and attach it cost to that, then they have taken the promises that labour have made since, they have attached cost to that. and we have put them together to make this one big figure. there area to make this one big figure. there are a couple of issues with that. none of the parties have published their manifestos for this election, so their manifestos for this election, so actually labour won't decide what policies will go into theirs until they have a meeting next weekend. so you can't actually know whether those policies will be what is the final offering which are put to voters, which makes putting an accurate total on it very difficult. there is no issue —— there is another issue as well as far as the estimate that the conservatives have based this on, like renationalisation. those have come from a business group, and that estimate itself has been queried. the chancellor of the exchequer
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sajid javid was speaking to andrew marr earlier, and before we hear from him, ishould havejust stressed that these are not treasury figures, these are conservative party figure. it is a political document. speaking to andrew marr, sajid javid double down on how conservatives are come up sajid javid double down on how conservatives are come up with this figure. we have taken a manifesto from a couple of years ago, which they still stand by. but you haven't counted it properly. you haven't costed the 2017 pledges fairly. we have every singer costing in this dossier we have published a day, it has even come from labours own figures, most of them, the 50% of the figures are from labour's own figures. the rest of them have even come from independent external sources, and in some cases, yes, we have had to work them out ourselves, but we have done that in a reasonable way, and we have set out exactly in the dock and how we have done this. that was sajid javid speaking a little early on, what are labour saying about all this? the underlying point of this, that labour would spend more, is
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absolutely true. they have been very upfront about that over the week about having a very ambitious plan for investment. so john about having a very ambitious plan for investment. sojohn mcdonald talking about having an extra £35 billion of investment spending. these figures, as you said earlier, they have described them as any competent mishmash of incomes and estimates and bad maths. the shadow communities secretary was also speaking to andrew marr this morning and he again said that these just don't stack up. this is an absolute work of fiction by the conservatives. you can't trust a word thatjohnson conservatives. you can't trust a word that johnson and his conservatives. you can't trust a word thatjohnson and his ministers say on this issue. we will have a fully costed manifesto in due course, when we launch that. and the challenge is actually for the conservatives to fully cost their own manifesto, something they didn't do in 2017. of course, the ma nifestos do in 2017. of course, the manifestos will be out over the next few weeks, and then we will see what they are and if they will be costed.
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meanwhile, the green party has also been putting forward its plans if it we re been putting forward its plans if it were to win the election. speaking on the andrew marr show, green candidate caroline lucas defended the pledge to invest £100 million per year to fund the party's climate policy. £100 billion per year over ten yea rs policy. £100 billion per year over ten years is what we think is necessary to try to reach net zero by 2030. we think the government's target of saying we'll get to net zero emissions by 2050, another 30 yea rs zero emissions by 2050, another 30 years away, is just simply not up to scrutiny. and it is like dialling 999 saying, "can i have fire engine infaror30 years 999 saying, "can i have fire engine in far or 30 years time?" it is not commensurate with what i see as an emergency. i have been working on the idea of a green new deal have over ten years, i am very proud to be part of a small group in the uk of environmentalist and economist.
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it is transformative. it will mean decarbonising transport, the way we use our land, the way we heat our homes. it'll have huge positive benefits in terms of things like people not dying from air pollution and the cost to the nhs of air pollution, the cost to the nhs of people living in cold homes. we think that this will pay for itself because there'll be more jobs, so taxes will be coming back into the revenue. and, quite honestly, the idea that when we are facing a climate emergency, we will be sitting around saying, "i'm not sure we can afford to tackle it," i don't think future generations will forgive us for that. caroline lucas of the green party. let's get a full sports round—up. with news of the cricket. england's cricketers have won the t20 series against new zealand after a tense fifth match which went to a super over. in scenes reminiscent of the summer's world cup, they were tied after 11 overs each. the match was short and because of the weather. so it went to a super over. england batted first and scored 17. they then restricted new zealand to just eight runs from there over. so a much more comfortable margin than at lord's in the summer. that means
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that england win the series 3—2. in football, the hotly anticipated match between leaders liverpool and manchester city takes place later at anfield. it is the first meeting of the season, and the result could be indicative as to where this season's title goes. city won the premier league byjust one point last season. and they were the only team to beat liverpool in the competition. this time, city are already six points behind jurgen klopp's undefeated side. now the rest of the day's premier league results are on to bbc sport website and app. there was a record attendance at an england women's game at wembley stadium last night with more than 77,000 fans piling in to watch the lionesses. however, it was not the result they wanted to see, is in and played germany. these fa ns see, is in and played germany. these fans braved the damp and drizzly conditions hoping to witness a moment of history as the lionesses walked out at wembley for only the
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second time. in a sold—out game and an expected crowd. however, an early goalfrom the an expected crowd. however, an early goal from the germany captain threatened to dampen spirits. since the world cup semifinal, england have been suffering from somewhat of a hangover. nikita paris couldn't find the target from the spot. step up ellen white. back from injury and back on the scoresheet. the world cup's joint top scorer picking up where she left off. a cheer from more than 77,000 fans, a new record for an england women's football game in this country. but with the draw on the horizon, germany scored a late winner, leaving england crushed and with only one win out of seven. off the pitch, this match delivered with over 77,000 fans braving the weather to come and watch england play. but it was another lacking performance from the english team and questions will be asked about the direction of the team moving forward. i have been in football long enough
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that as a manager you have to take the responsibility. i do take that responsibility. it is a lot to do with me, and we just have to make sure that i improve as a manager, and the players will improve as well. and they will need to improve quickly, as england play the czech republic on tuesday, their final chance to see out the year on a high. there have been medals for british athletes at the world para athletics championships in dubai earlier today. there was a new world record will stop it was also her fifth consecutive world title, she was joined at the podium by a familiar face. to boxing, and billyjoe saunders knocked out his opponent to successfully defend his wbo super middleweight title. the fight was stopped in the 11th round after saunders floored his opponent three times. it had been a tough match up
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until that point, the argentinian challenger pushing saunders all the way at the staples centre in los angeles. and the fight billed as the biggest internet event in history endedin biggest internet event in history ended in a win for the british youtube asi. he survived a knockdown against fellow internet star logan paul to win on a split decision in los angeles. this was their first fight as professionals put up their original battle in manchester last year ending original battle in manchester last yearending ina original battle in manchester last year ending in a draw. that is all the sport for now, i will have more for you in the next hour. thousands of people are facing a third day of chaos after severe flooding in parts of england, with damaged homes and disruption to businesses and travel stop seven severe flood warnings are in place on the river don in yorkshire, meaning there is a to life. and there is also concern that water levels are rising on sections of the river trent near newark.
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the village of fishlake on the lower reaches of the river don where almost the entire community, that's hundreds of people, have been forced to leave their homes. the waters here are showing little signs of receding and the levels could remain high for some time to come. elsewhere, on other rivers, like the lower reaches of the trent in nottinghamshire, water levels are still rising. the only way in or out of fishlake was by boat or on the back of a farm trailer. we're all right to get rescued, but we didn't expect it to be as deep as this. this is... we've never seen anything like this before. i only moved in five weeks ago. for this woman, rescue couldn't come soon enough. i am waiting for a transplant. absolutely devastating. and this was the view from inside one of the flooded homes, wading through the cold, dirty floodwater. this is my kitchen. living room. a brand— new kitchen.
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derbyshire and the town of matlock have also been hit hard by the floods. the woman who died after being swept away by the water near darley dale has been named as the former high sheriff, annie hall. she was described as a special person and an inspirational force for good. for some, the flood levels are falling and the clean—up can begin. for others, the misery is likely to continue for days to come. andy moore, bbc news. i have been speaking to one of those flood victims, pam webb who runs a luxury spa hotel in fishlike, which you saw in that report. i spoke to her a little earlier on. we saw what was coming down from sheffield, and the meadowhall centre and that area of the don. we knew at some point it would come this way. what we didn't know and what wasn't translated to us was know and what wasn't translated to us was how much came and how fast it came. now, this could be... this is
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my personal opinion, but this is supported by a number of people around this area who have got much more in—depth knowledge than me, that something has given somewhere to sacrifice probably the biggest populated communities and has therefore taken the decision to flood fishlake. therefore taken the decision to flood fishla ke. so therefore taken the decision to flood fishlake. so many new homes have been built around this area, we don't have flood plains any more. one of the farmers interviewed yesterday for a broadcast, he was saying the ditches aren't dredged like they were, there isn't any of that investment in there any more, and consequently, what happens is what has happened over the past 2a to 48 hours. but what has happened over the past 24 to 48 hours. but why has doncaster council not been in attendance to at least help with the evacuation of elderly and vulnerable people? i am speaking to a fire and rescue crew who attended on friday evening, they have no local knowledge. they
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couldn't even know the road outside my property had two dikes on either side. they didn't even know that will stop nobody from doncaster council was there to say to them that "these people are vulnerable, these aren't, this is how the land lies." they were from nottinghamshire and north wales. some of those should have finished at 7am yesterday morning. very briefly, how long do you think it will take you to restore your business to the way it was? and how long will it take and how much will it cost? that is the total devastating feeling at the moment, i don't know. until i have contacted my insurance company yesterday, they wa nted my insurance company yesterday, they wanted to get, but they couldn't get into the village. they're using boats at the moment, that's what the emergency services
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are using, they are using a boat to get in. i don't know. you look at these incidents on tv before but until you are part of it... it could be 12, 18 months. what i do want to say is, in the words of delia smith to norwich united fans, where are you? and that appeal is to doncaster council. where are you? come and help us. at least communicate, tell us what we're expecting. can we coordinate with the environment agency? are the pumps going to be switched back on? because how is this water going to go? there is so much water around this area that you can see, never mind what you can't see. so what is the disaster recovery plan? please tell us. that was pam webb from fishlake talking to me early on. australia's prime minister scott morrison had dodged questions about climate change when he was visiting areas that have been affected by bushfires in new south wales. at least three people have been killed, and the authorities fear that number will rise. broadcasters are so high temperatures and strong winds will
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make conditions dangerous, while fire chiefs are warning the outskirts of sydney could face catastrophic danger from fires. the scale of devastation is starting to emerge. hundreds of homes have been burnt to the ground, all that is left is charcoal and ashes, skeletons of a family home which will never be the same again. firefighters are making the most of a slight reprieve in conditions, but the end isn't insight. but the end isn't in sight. forecasters say another burst of hot, windy weather is on the way, putting even more people at risk. we need people to obviously understand that when they do ask for assistance, that a fire truck may not be able to turn up. the winds at those kind of strengths, we may not be able to get you aerial support. we are trying to encourage everybody to use this weekend to prepare. while the prime minister and his entourage are given a tour of an evacuation centre, he shares a moment with an elderly
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resident caught up in the middle of this bushfire crisis. for many, emotions are running high about the bigger issues at stake. we have been telling the politicians the same message for over ten years, and they are not listening. this is real. only on thursday, 11,000 scientists issued a very simple, four— page statement saying, "we have to declare a climate emergency. " speaking to the bbc, scientists say bushfires in australia are getting worse. i think there are obviously polarising views on some of these aspects. what is clear is that we are seeing conditions which we haven't before. a frightening word of warning ahead of another stifling australian summer. freya cole, bbc news.
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spanish voters are returning to the polls for the country's second general election injust polls for the country's second general election in just over six months. the socialist led by the acting prime minister pedro sanchez won the most seats in the last ballot in april. but they couldn't form a government. spain has been struggling to put stable governments together since 2015. tens of thousands of well—wishers have gathered in tokyo to congratulate japan's emperor on his enthronement. the emperor officially began his reign in may after the abdication of his father. the ceremony was postponed so that the government could deal with the aftermath of the recent typhoon there in japan. could deal with the aftermath of the recent typhoon there injapan. the emperor and empress greeted crowds waving japanese rising sun flag. dateline london is coming up for you ina dateline london is coming up for you in a moment, now we are going to check out the latest weather forecast. we have seen those terrible flooding scenes, is the weather going to be any kinder to those flood victims in the north of england and the midlands? for now,
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it certainly is. for all of us today, it is a chance to draw breath. it is a beautiful day out there across many parts of the uk. it will stay that way. it will stay put on at the driver spells of sunshine. things clouding over later for northern ireland, generally speaking, a nice day to get out and about. the wind is relatively light, so while temperatures will reach seven to 11 celsius, it doesn't seem like much on the face of it, in the light winds and such and it won't feel too bad. but things changed tonight, rain splashes across northern ireland. over higher ground, we could see snow. a covering of snow possible up above 150 metres across parts of scotland. mainly rain further south and east, turning increasingly windy through the night. gustavus and western areas. some gusty winds along this rain band. the main rain were clear, thenit rain band. the main rain were clear, then it is a mixture of sunny spells and showers, some of the showers
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heavy and wintry in the north. height of seven to 11 degrees. more whether later. a public hello, and welcome to dateline london. i'm carrie gracie. this week... we devote most of the programme to discussing europe since the fall of the berlin wall. but we'll leave a few minutes at the end, to distil week one of a british election campaign. my guests today, stephanie baker of bloomberg news. italian journalist, annalisa piras. author and long—time correspondent for die welt, thomas kielinger. political commentator alexander nekrassov. 9th november 1989.


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