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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 10, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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cheap and for freedom doesn't come cheap and for these two minutes we are reminded of that. alex, if i can just come these two minutes we are reminded of that. alex, ifi canjust come back to you. the poppy appeal this year, is this directly aimed at young people, is encouraging people to put down their devices today and tomorrow. is their concern is the distance between the two wellbores gets further away, that events like this will mean less to younger people? —— world wars.” this will mean less to younger people? -- world wars. i don't think so. people? -- world wars. i don't think so. i think now it means a lot more than that, we might be falling from all conflicts but hundred years on we have the chance to look at society and how they are acting and get them to put down those laptops, close those phones, turn off technology and just reflect for two minutes was up they gave their lives and the least we can do is give them two minutes of our time. thank you.
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not much more to say than that, just encouraging people to take those two minutes to reflect for those who gave so much for their country. champions manchester city, sees them go 8 points clear at the top. history repeating england win their t20 decider against new zealand, after another super—over. also coming up in the programme... hannah cockroft sets a new world record to win her fifth consecutive t34
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100m title, at the world para—athletics championships in dubai. in the tennis, novak djokovic is still on form as he seeks to regain world number one status at the atp finals. hello and welcome to sportsday. we were expecting a premier league thriller at anfield — and we got one! top of the table liverpool, put the champions manchester city in their place today with a 3—1 victory. the reds have won every game at home this season and are now 8 points clear of 2nd place. nick parrott reports. it is a fixture that has seen controversy off the pitch and
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intensity on it. manchester city were fearing a hostile welcome, there were jeers and gestures, but nothing more. liverpool haven't lost in the league since january, but that was at manchester city. while anfield is a fortress which hasn't seen a defeat for two and a half years. there was drama from the start when a city penalty appeal was waved away. the report launched a counterattack and found the net. this could turn out to be one of the most important goals of the season. while the champions were feeling hard done by the video assistant referee, liverpool made the most of the disarray. mo salah making the most of it. less than 15 minutes gone, the game already felt up. last weekend, city manager pep guardiola accused sadia manet of being a diver. early in the second half, the striker gave his
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emphatic reply. his revenge served cold, liverpool on fire. but city managed to douse it thanks to silva and for the first time in the match, anxiety crept in as a city tried to fight back. it was a nervy ending after such a positive start. but it is still love looking like the gap between these two will take a lot to close. intensity of the game was incredible not too unusual for us that it was wild. they were good, and we had to defend with all we had and scored incredible goals. in the earlier kick offs manchester united gained
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a valuable three points with a 3—1 win over brighton. andreas perriera and davy propper‘s own goal put ole gunnar solskjaer‘s side two up by half time. lewis dunk pulled one back for brighton... but united hit back straight away, marcus rashford restoring their two goal advantage. the victory moves them up to 7th, just one point behind arsenal in 6th. wolves have moved into the top half of the table for the first time, since the opening weekend, after beating aston villa 2—1, in the west midlands derby. it was their first victory over villa, in the top flight, for more than a0 years. jim lumsden reports. wolves were unbeaten in six league games and on the verge of qualification for the knockout stages of the europa league, evidence of fatigue would be understandable. but the energy levels seemed unaffected. villa were constantly on the back foot, and as the half hour approached, diogojota should have given wolves the lead. a doubtless much—rehearsed free kick from moutinho, finished in style by neves. ii of his goals have been scored from outside the penalty area. after the break, villa made a game
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of it, before wolves gained control. villa got a lifeline with a late strike, but 2—1 is finished. wolves up to eighth, villa drifting towards the drop zone. it's been a day to forget for a number of league clubs in the first round of the fa cup. macclesfield were one of those to lose to lower league opposition. the league two side were beaten 4—0 by isthmian premier division team kingstonian. louie theophanous scoring twice. macclesfield were forced to play five loanees and six youth team players, as the first team continued a strike over unpaid salaries. and from sol campbell's old club to current club league one's southend — who have also been knocked out. they were beaten i—o by non—league dover. ruel sotiriou with the winner on his debut. a shock too for leyton orient as they lost 2—1 to maldon and tiptree who play in the eighth tier of the league pyramid. all the results and highlights can be found on the bbc sport website. celtic remain top of
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the scottish premiership following a 2—0 victory at home to motherwell. but rangers kept up the pressure on their old firm rivals by winning 2—0 away to livingston. joe aribo and alfredo morelos scored for rangers. it's tight at the top, rangers are level on points with celtic, but are behind on a goal difference ofjust one. history repeats itself for the england cricket team. they beat new zealand, in a thrilling final decider of their twenty20 series and they did after another dramatic super—over, just like they did against the same opponents, to win july's world cup final. adam wild has more. they say lightning never strikes twice, but in auckland, the conditions were an ominous sign. when the rain finally stopped, and cricket got started, the thunderous blows soon followed. new zealand with a lightening fast start. the black caps batting, lighting up the skies.
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146 on the board, jonny bairstow soon took charge of the reply, part of england's one—day world cup winning side that so narrowly beat new zealand in the summer, surely it couldn't get so close this time? yet here was chrisjordan, four needed off the final ball to tie the scores. a boundary did just that. few could believe it had happened again. and so to the super over, and bairstow once more going up and over. the target set. new zealand couldn't quite get there. and when eoin morgan did, the series was won. england once more winners in the most dramatic way. adam wild, bbc news. hannah cockroft set a new world record as she claimed her fifth consecutive t31i100m title at the world para—athletics championships in dubai. it was a british one two with kare adenegan taking silver, while maria lyle won her first title in the t35100m. kate grey reports.
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dubai is not used to the rain, but for the british athletes, it felt like home. it also meant cooler conditions for the much anticipated head—to—head. world record—holder versus the defending champion hannah cockroft. away, first time. the t34100 metres dash, cockroft‘s head down and away. champion struggling to her wheel down. she has defended her crown! the race was won from the gun. a new world record time. hurricane hanna is back. i think i have settled for a silver in my head. i thought to myself the whole time that i would be happy with a silver. if you beat me, fair play. so to come out on top, everyone got the race that they ask for. and i got the medal i wanted. and the set was completed this morning after another british athlete won gold in shotput. and that boosted the
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british medal tally. none more so than maria lyle who stormed to victory in the t35100 metres. her first individual world title, great britain's second goal of the day, and if the form book goes to plan, they could be more to come. elsewhere at the championships, aled davies won a fourth gold medal for great britain in the f63 shot put, great britain now have 10 medals in total. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. now on bbc news, president of the european commission jean claude junker talks to the bbc‘s europe editor katya adler. a seasoned politician, he was prime minister of luxembourg from 1995 to 2013. jean—claudejuncker is the longest serving head of any eu national government.
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translation: i think the decision for jean—claude juncker is a decision that will allow us to have a commission president who has european experience and is willing to accommodate the wishes of individual member states as well as the wishes of the european parliament. since 2014, he has been the president of the european commission. responsible for proposing new eu laws, enforcing the blocks rules, handling trade deals and for the last three years, grappling with the considerable challenges of brexit. in truth, it has pained me to spend so much of this mandate dealing with brexit. during his five years in office, jean—claude juncker has seen an eu crisis or two. the rise of populist eurosceptic politicians, the migration crisis and the greek debt crisis. president junker, do think the deal will go through tonight? but brexit will arguably leave the deepest scar on the european union.
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mrjuncker will soon he succeeded as european president. but would jean—claude juncker be tempted to stay and see the brexit process through to the end and does he accept that eu shares a part of the blame at least for the protracted negotiations? famous for extravagant pronouncements and gestures like kissing eu leaders on the forehead... unfortunately i have the flu... jean—claude juncker was untypically guarded today. he didn't want to be seen to interfere in our general election but when i put some party political brexit promises to him, he engaged. thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us. a pleasure, i am always eager to speak to the british, as you know.
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well, it will come as no surprise to you that i would love to start by talking a little bit about brexit. once again. once again, exactly. once again, i spoke to you the last time there was a withdrawal agreement, we sat here, and now the eu has renegotiated the withdrawal agreement. it was presented to parliament and now, already we are in an election campaign. do you feel that that new brexit deal was given enough of a chance in parliament to be considered? westminster has its habit of doing a deal which is not a deal but an international treaty between the european union, a deal is a kind of expression i don't like but we are used to this kind of language. i feel that this deal, this treaty, is the best we can have. it is not the first time that i am considering this treaty would be
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the best because when i negotiated with my good friend theresa may, i said the same and she said the same but what happened in the british parliament, the other day i was saying that by comparison to the british parliament, an egyptian sphinx is an open book, but ok it is parliament that does democracy. if we start with boris johnson because he... i like him by the way. ok, so he says, if he wins the election and the withdrawal bill is passed then he thinks it is possible to get a new trade deal negotiated by the end of 2020 so in less than 12 months. is that possible? i don't want to be a prisoner of this timeframe. but is it even possible, it took seven years to negotiate a deal with canada for example? it takes time to negotiate a free—trade agreement. sometimes i have the impression that in britain, people, parliamentary representatives, governmental representatives do think that this is an easy thing
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to be done. it is not easy because we were negotiating for years with canada, it will take time. can i now look at a few other claims being made. the labour party, for example says, if it wins the general election it will renegotiate once again so a third brexit deal. i will no longer be in office when this happens and so it will be up to the next commission to decide if there is room for manoeuvre for a new deal or a new treaty. honestly speaking, i don't think that this is a realistic approach. would you like there to be another referendum and the uk to give brexit another thought? the question of yes or no whether there should be another referendum is a british issue and i don't think there will be a second referendum. the brexit party says that the withdrawal agreement is not


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