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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 11, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm GMT

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game, don't you? medvedev did not know what was coming next.” game, don't you? medvedev did not know what was coming next. i think the challenge with medvedev is that he probably only has a plan a and there is not necessarily a plan b, but plan a has been so effective. we saw his results through the american ha rd core saw his results through the american hardcore season of the american open where he made four finals in a row, winning the masters 1000 in montreal, continuing to back it up indoors, brilliant tennis, but today he just came up against an inspired opponent and tsitsipas will be delighted to have his first win not only against medvedev but in the atp world tour final. he spoke afterwards about how much he loves playing here at the 02 and it was a lwa ys playing here at the 02 and it was always a dream. today's match, rafi and adele up against the defending champion, but everything is up about his returning fitness will stop you had to pull out of paris. we do not know what will happen. having seen him in practice of the last couple of days, he looks fit and ready to go, but once you get out on a match course, go, but once you get out on a match course , you go, but once you get out on a match course, you do not know. is there ever will be looking to continue
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from where he left off last year because he paid phenomenal tennis with the biggest title of his career, so with the biggest title of his career, so lots to play for. roger fedor amassed went tomorrow to stay in the championships. you can watch that on bbc two at two o'clock. so rafa nadal plays his first match tonight, yesterday there was a win for novak djokovic and a defeat for roger federer. the big three, with 55 grand slam titles between them, still the main draw after so many years at the top. sally nugent spoke to all of them last night. all of them last week. it's either all of us stop or none of us stop. i am going to be the first to go, i am the oldest year. but i think it will be interesting. we are not sure how much there is left, but i think the best thing here is that we have all enjoyed ourselves on the chair in general. i think it is a privilege that we are still so healthy and doing so well
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and being so successful. how mentally tough is it to keep going? it's an individual sport, is you cannot rely on anybody on court. you are kind of having to take the responsibility and really able to sustain the wear and tear on the body and on the mind. andy murray, can you believe he is even back on a court and what is your message to him at? what he showed to everyone as his passion and love for the that he went through, he is able to win again and is a play that well, i think very soon he has a strong message for kids. the three big beasts of tennis there. the world para athletics championships continue in dubai. two more goals for the british team today in the javelin as the high jump. three silvers as well. kate grey is there for us.
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another busy day for great britain here on to buy on day five of these championships with five medals to report on. the first came from joe butterfield in the club through this morning. she managed to win silver, but it was not enough to take the goals and she has been recovering from a shoulder reconstruction which took place last year, so an impressive performance considering. i goals this evening thanks to holly arnold in the javelin. she was the defending champion, but she was up against the current world record holder, holly robinson from new zealand, but holly arnold managed to pull out a huge thrill in the third round and was unsurprisingly emotional at the end of the event. round and was unsurprisingly emotional at the end of the eventlj don't mean to cry, but, yeah, it means so don't mean to cry, but, yeah, it means so much to be able to have that fourth title and pb at the same time, so, yeah, i'm really happy. the second gold of the day went to jonathan broom edwards in the high jump. he has come second in this event at the last three world
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championships, but today he was victorious. he got a little bit tricky towards the end of the competition with a few knock—downs, but he eventually held it together and held off the tough competition from uzbekistan and was very pleased to be standing on top of the podium. kadeena cox had to settle for silver in the 400 metres. she did not quite have enough in the tank to beat off russia and will have another chance to go for gold in the 200 metres later on in these championships. another silver, this time for debutant thomas young in a photo finish stop an exciting race but he just didn't quite have enough to beat off his rival from china, just didn't quite have enough to beat off his rivalfrom china, but he will certainly be one to watch in tokyo next year. kate gray there in dubai. let's get back to the football and some terrific ties in the first round of the fa cup over the weekend. there's just one more tonight — harrogate from the conference against league i portsmouth, winners in 2008. the second round draw takes place in the next ten minutes. earlier, i spoke to dion dublin who will doing the draw.
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i asked him whether he expected an upset this evening on the non—league side plastic pitch. the pitcher might play a part in this one, but there's been a lot of history, knowing all about this trophy. what they do know is they have a massive hurdle to get over to get to the next round, so fingers crossed for both teams but there will be goals. what is the mentality required for a clu b what is the mentality required for a club like portsmouth with all the tradition, all the pedigree going to one of these fa cup ties? mainly, its concentration. you can get carried away with your history and how things went for you back then with probably bigger and better names and better players, but you are in the hat, you have a chance to make your own history, so it's all about concentration and not taking anything for granted. what are the names in there, muldoon and tiptree, from the ato. they had that
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fantastic win against leyton orient from week to over the weekend. listen, it's all about that, isn't it? it so exciting. i played in this competition many, many times at this stage and it is all aboutjust giving a performance. you don't care who you get, just take in the cup, stay in for as long as you possibly can. great for the fans, stay in for as long as you possibly can. great forthe fans, great for the club financially and fingers crossed for them. this is obviously the round where we do not get any new clu bs the round where we do not get any new clubs coming in but you know that if you can get through that second round, something very special could be waiting in that magical third round of the club in the new year. yes, spot on. if you can get to the third round, you might get that unbelievable tie that can keep a small club. i met chichester right now, and it could keep a club like this alive for many, many years. it's just getting to that stage, making sure the players are ready, the manager chooses the right team in the right players to get over the line. their second-round draw for
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the fa cup will be live on bbc two from 7pm. we started the show with var, an extraordinary event to freiburg's i—o win yesterday. leading by nils pedersen's 77th—minute goal, freiburg successfully defended a stoppage time frankfurt corner when eintract captain david abraham barged over opposition coach christian streich as he was trying to retrieve the ball near the touchline. streich went flying — and at the same time both benches emptied to start a brawl. it all resulted in red cards for abraham and eintracht‘s vincenzo grifo, who had already been substituted. var had to pick the bones out of that. i bet they had never done that before! can you imagine the premier league having to deal with that? var, don't you just love it? that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. from all of us, goodbye.
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oscar—winning film director steve mcqueen opens a new exhibition at the tate tomorrow. it is called year three. year three saw him and his team photograph more than three—quarters of a million year three children across london's schools. the project, which aims to be a visual snapshot of the people of the city now, was inspired by looking at his own school photo. brenda emmanus went to meet him. big smiles! for the last year this has been happening in london. class photos of seven and eight—year—olds that are part of one of the most ambitious art exhibitions ever staged. do you feel special? yes. you should do. it is the brainchild of steve mcqueen, an award—winning artist and hollywood director,
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now going back to school for his latest work. this was his class photo in the late 1970s. his plan — to turn that image into a picture of london in 2019. my first ever visit to tate britain was on a school bus. they brought it out here and then we walked in. it isjust about reflecting london and, you know, the future, our future. here we have photos of the test this morning. with so many schools signing up, the challenge has grown and grown. numberone! 2000 more to go! three weeks later they are ready for the grand reveal. what you think is going to happen when these kids come in here and see them? what do you hope will be their response?
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that they are important. they are on the walls of tate britain and they are important. they are not just important within their school, they are important within the wider environment of london. the first visitors, children from steve mcqueen's old school, little ealing, here to find their picture among the many thousands. really surprising and cool. amazing and cool. it is really amazing to be here. like, ifeel really, like, inspired. the exhibition won'tjust be at the tate britain. but on 600 billboards across london. and at specially decorated tube stations. it's great because you see it in situ. that is exactly what steve wanted, to have this epic project just visible
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in the everyday spaces. it is hoped close to 80,000 young people will see the exhibition in the next six months. what a fantastic project. time for the weather. the weather has been pretty relentless so far this november, hasn't it? but i am pleased to say there was a pause for thought for many of the remembrance service is taking place on sunday and monday. called for many, but with some dry, settled, sunny weather. one of the reasons it is colder is that we are sitting to the north of the jet strea m sitting to the north of the jet stream at the moment. there is the uk and we can see quite clearly the jet are diving down over into europe. low pressure never too far away which means that things are likely to stay pretty and settled for the next few days. one set of low pressure moving away, being
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replaced by another. certainly for the next two days, further spells of rain to look out for and because it stays quite cold, there will be some hill so as well. this has been the story for the last few hours today. plenty of sharp showers driven in by gusty winds to scotland, northern ireland, north—west england in one oi’ ireland, north—west england in one or two along west facing coast. the showers are likely to continue up into the north, spiralling around that low that is drifting off into the north sea. elsewhere, some clearer skies and a few isolated showers. a chilly night, low single figures perhaps quite widely across the country. so we start off tomorrow with the best of any drier weather perhaps into the south but as we go through the morning, those outbreaks of showers will drift their way slowly southwards. lighter winds perhaps than monday, but that means some of those showers could be pretty slow moving and some of them intense with some hill mixing well. but if you dodge the showers and keep the sunshine, those temperatures are still struggling, five to 10 degrees at the very best. as we move out of tuesday evening
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into the night, we will see this little ridge of high pressure building. a quiet spell of weather for a time. that will allow temperatures to fall away, possibly some fog in central areas which will not last. the cloud thickens, the next law pushes in and it will bring a spell of heavy rain into the south—west of england. moving up through the middle and sent into northern ireland, now just through the middle and sent into northern ireland, nowjust where this frontal system is going to sit for much of thursday is still subject to question. it could be a little further north or south and that has an impact on those areas that has an impact on those areas that have been affected by the flooding, so keep abreast of the forecast over the next few days. don't forget flood warnings can a lwa ys don't forget flood warnings can always be found on the bbc weather website. take care.
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you're watching beyond 100 days. this week, the impeachment inquiry will enter a key a new phase. the public will soon hear from witnesses first hand about president trump's dealings with ukraine and whether there was a quid pro quo. the stakes couldn't be higher, and while the president maintains his call was perfect — democrats see this as a chance to make their case. a boost for the conservatives after nigel farage said the brexit party will not contest the 317 seats the tories won in the last election. also on the programme. after months of uncertainty, british steel is rescued by a chinese firm. they've promised to protect thousands of jobs and invest over £1 billion. but what do we know about the people who will soon own this talismanic british business?


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