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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 12, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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and it's a perfect 10 for omara durand though — with yet another gold at the para athletics world championships welcome to the programe. world number one rafa nadal admits he simply wasn't good enough after losing his opening match at the end of season world tour finals in london. his 6—2, 6—4 loss to defending champion alexander zverev was his first since a two month layoff — but he refused to blame any physical limitations as zverev brushed him aside in their opening group game. stefanos tsitsipas was also a winner on monday. paul frostick has the best of the action. raphael nadal is the world's number one men's tennis player but the atp final is one where he not reach the summit. no doubt he is one of the best layers of all time but a new breed of talent is on its way
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through. germany's alexander zverev, one of the challenges. his first set performance was strong, taking the spaniard down 6—2. after that it was a tighter affair but the german held his nerve in front of the big crowd to seal it. just the one break needed insert to for the victory. the atmosphere is the reason why everybody is trying to, the goal of the give beginning of the season is to make london because playing here, playing in front of all you guys, playing in front of all you guys, playing in front of all you guys, playing in the 02 is something we don't have during the year and this is so special. like alexander zverev, stefanos tsitsipas is a play on the rise, challenged the old guard. stefanos tsitsipas and medvedev had a great rivalry and had never taken down the russian. it was a first set with no breaks of serve.
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tsitsipas taking it on one crucial point. the only break came in the second set and it would prove to be as decisive. the new greek sporting icon making it a debut in london to remember. if tsitsipas and medvedev are a glimpse into tennis' future, they still have to dethrone the old guard. remarkably nadal, novak djokovic and roger federer are the top three seeds in london — just as they were for the corresponding tournament 12 years ago. so before the event, we decided to sit them down with sally nugent — on a boat — on the river thames — as you do — to reflect on more than a decade of dominance. gentlemen, we are used to seeing you more at wimbledon rather than cruising on the river on a boat. this all looks very friendly. are you all friends? let me answer this
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one. all rivals? isn't this casual boat ride telling you enough? we have been on the tour for so many yea rs. have been on the tour for so many years. i do get to see these guys probably more than my parents. you travel with your family don't you? i like it, it's the only way i can see it working for me, to still sound too. the kids need to be happy on the road. we have the four children. a lot goes into it. one of my kids was not feeling well. she was apologising to me. i'm so sorry, i'm not feeling well. it's tougher when it is just before semis and finals before one of my big rivals. any
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advice for the newlywed? good luck. actually, i needed. you know what, i was thought i would start my tennis career was thought i would start my tennis career around 305. so was thought i would start my tenni5 career around 305. so come on then. after that, i thought i was going to 5ta rt after that, i thought i was going to start but maybe now it's the time to 5ta rt, start but maybe now it's the time to start, you never know. so how much longer can you three keep laying?” think that's a question, it's either all of us stop or none of us stop.” think i'm the first to go, come on. lam the think i'm the first to go, come on. i am the older guy here but i think it would be interesting. we are all not sure how much there is left but the great thing here is, we all enjoyed ourselves generally on the tour. i think it's a privilege that we are still so helpfully. how
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mentally tough is it to keep going? it's an individual sport? you would have to take the responsibility and really be able to sustain the wear and tear. andy murray. can you believe he is even back on the court and what is your message to him? what he showed everyone is his passion and love the game. after all the things that went to do. he is able to win again and to play that. i think very soon, he is in a strong message for the kids. pep guardiola might not have been happy with the match officials and the video assistant referee in their defeat to liverpool at the weekend but the man who is in charge of var in the premier league has given it a mark of seven out of 10 since it was introduced this season. despite debates about crowd experience, the time taken on decisions and its actual accuracy — neil swarbrick says he's satisfied
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with how it's gone 3 months in. we've been at this been at this we've been out this nearly coming up three years now, we officiated 70 games in the fa cup for the last two seasons, trying to get experience. is nothing like doing ten premier league games over the weekend, we realise that so we know we are going to be scrutinised, we know there are people who are going to look at our every move but i am comfortable where we are and no doubt there is room for improvement, speed wise, at cetera, we will get there but for me, been a work in progress. 0nto the para athletics world championships next where 0mara durand won the 10th gold medal in ten years in the t12100 metres. her last defeat was back in 2008 at the beijing paralympics. with more in a busy day for the cuban and the rest of the day five action
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in dubai, here's kate grey. there has been plenty of exciting racing on the track here in dubai on day five of these championships. none more so than the men's t 5a 1500m. in the final stages, it was the thai racer who came through to ta ke the thai racer who came through to take the gold and then silver to the chinese racer who came from nowhere. i really interesting race. in these championships. there was also a great race in the men's t 6a— 100m great race in the men's t 64—100m which saw the german take the gold, in an impressive time of ten seconds 60. he was four tenths ahead of the rest of the field. a final word on 0mara durand from cuba who is already had a busy championships so far. winning a00m and she has come
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into this evening and one 100m. she also had to deal with going in the metres semifinals this evening where she has qualified into the finals as well. two goals for 0mara durand and she will going for her third? britain's double paralympic champion kadeena cox won a silver in the 400 metres but was left wondering what might have been after revealing the competition had triggered a relapse in an eating disorder. she'd previously been open about her battles with mental health but told us the added scrutiny in dubai hadn't been easy. it's been a challenge. it's been tricky. just trying to deal with managing my eating, having so many people around me, and so many eyes on me, it's pushed me to do more extreme things. it was a bad thing, i bought
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a load of laxatives, which was one bad thing on my way out here and i bought loads of sweets so i binged, and unfortunately, it's part of the battle in my head. there's more from her on the bbc sport website. just lastly — we've time to show you how one football club in argentina decided to open their revamped stadium. this is estudiantes in the capital buenos aires. now their nickname is el leon — which translates as they lion. so what did they do? hired a real life fire breathing one. wait. no. it's just augmented relality. quite the spectacle though — first, prowling on the rooftop and then onto the pitch. estudiantes last played at the stadium in august 2005, before it was closed down due to safety concerns. gone are the days of tickertape. more on the website, see you soon.
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hello there. it's been a very unsettled start to november, even indeed before november, we've seen a lot of rainfall around. low pressure has been firmly in control and it has been quite cold as well. the rest of the week stays unsettled thanks to low pressure, it will be quite windy too and we will see some snow around as it will remain cold over the higher ground. low pressure firmly in control of our weather for tuesday, bringing fairly strong wind from the north—west with a lot of showers circulating around it. early on tuesday, it looks like most of the showers will be across parts of scotland and northern ireland, northern england, some wintriness over the high ground of scotland but further south, it should be dry with lengthy clear skies. that does not mean it won't turn quite chilly here. 1—3 degrees here with the showers, generally 11—5 degrees to start tuesday. so we start with sunshine
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across the south, spreading areas, but bands of shower and long spells of rain spreading into south—eastern areas into the afternoon. and there will contine to be some wintriness over the high ground. it will feel cold with temperatures 7—8 degrees. out on the wind, it'll feel quite raw. low pressure pushes off into the north sea and allows a bump of high pressure to build in before wednesday before this next weather system moves in wednesday night into thursday. could bring some areas quite a lot of rainfall, unfortunately. through wednesday, though, could be a chilly start in central, eastern and northern areas but dry and bright thanks to that bump of high pressure. the next weather system will be arriving across northern ireland and wales and the south—west of england, bringing heavy rain here late in the day and it will be another chilly one, temperatures struggling to get up as much as 4 degrees across scotland. through wednesday night a few showers here and the weather front across the south—west will push northwards and eastwards, it'll pivot as well, we think. bit of uncertainty too,
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its northwards or southwards extent but some areas could see quite a lot of rainfall it could be the flood—affected areas in the midlands and northern england could see quite a bit of rainfall. again, i have to emphasise some uncertainty on the position of the weather front. there are a number of flood warnings still in force and this rain could exacerbate that as well so stay tuned to the forecast and head onto the bbc weather website. into friday the weather front starts to fade and move southwards and eastwards. so it could be quite cloudy on friday across southern and eastern areas, one or two showers here, quite blustery. but further north and west, we will see a ridge of high pressure move in. it's an improving picture here with some good spells of sunshine. and temperatures again on the low side, sticking in single figures for most.
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welcome to bbc news. my name is mike embley. our top stories: australia's east coast, including sydney, braces itself for one the country's worst ever bushfire threats. protesters plan a second day of disruption in hong kong after monday saw some of the worst unrest in five months of unrest. reports say police have fired tear gas on a university campus. turkey launches an investigation into the death of a retired british army officer who helped establish the syrian rescue service known as the white helmets. the former bolivian president evo morales is on his way to mexico amid reports of fresh clashes in the city of la paz. and water worries hit newjersey. how newark has become the latest us city suffering from dangerous


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