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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 12, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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opposition parties are calling for the government to declare a national emergency following severe flooding in the north of england. the prime minister said there were government schemes to protect people who don't have insurance. we simply have to prepare for more flows this winter.
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a huge amount of energy and effort is going into that. the conservative governments's response to the flows has been woeful. just imagine if this had happened in surry instead of yorkshire or the east midlands. i think they would have been a different story. also, the labour party says it has filed a cyber attack on his campaign from hackers based in russia and brazil. a warning from the teen who almost died after using e cigarettes and is now urging people not to take up vaping. ina in a moment is going to be time for sports paper take a look at what is coming up this evening on bbc news. as pa rt of coming up this evening on bbc news. as part of our 2019 election coverage, christian fraser is out and about in bishop auckland fought beyond 100 days. and then at eight o'clock, after severe flooding
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caused damage across the north of england, we'll be speaking to campaign groupfans england, we'll be speaking to campaign group fans of the earth about whether we can see more extreme weather in the future. and then, at 10:a0pm extreme weather in the future. and then, at10:40pm and extreme weather in the future. and then, at 10:a0pm and 11:30pm come in papers, i have the guestsjoining me tonight. first though, it is sports day. hello i'm olly foster, here's what's coming up on sportsday this evening. we are like a family and all families have disagreements, gareth southgate explains why he's dropped raheem sterling after his altercation with liverpool'sjoe gomez. sterling says emotions got he better of him as he took their anfield spat into the england camp. roger federer is in a happier place after his must win match at the atp finals in london.
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also coming up in the programme — we'll hear from andy murray and his different perspective on tour now. i don't need to set a target of top ten are trying to make the semis of the grand slam or anything like that because i've done all of that before. hello and welcome to sportsday. evening, england's match against montenegro on thursday night should be a double celebration. it's the team's 1000th international and they should get the point they need to qualify for next year's european championship. but manchester city's raheem sterling, who so many at wembley will have been hoping to see, will play no part. dropped for disciplinary reasons. his club rivalry with liverpool's joe gomez flaring up in the england camp yesterday
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and sterling instigated it. let's cross live to st george's park and speak to our report rhia chohan. rhia, we've heard from the england manager this afternoon, do we know any more about what happened. well, when gareth southgate spoke earlier he wasn't really prepared to go into any details about what happened during the incident. we do know this incident followed on from an altercation which happened on sunday between the two players, when manchester city played at liverpool in the premier league. the altercation that followed after that happened at st george's park in a private team room. there has been a scratch spotted and thejoe gomez‘s
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eye. no clarification as to whether scratch came from. what's gareth southgate did say in the media today was that the squad is very much like afamily and was that the squad is very much like a family and sometimes families have disagreements. i'm dealing with a very young squad, very young squad and we are in a sport where emotions often run high. i think raheem in his post last night explained that for a very brief moment his emotions ran over and it would be correct to state that's not the forjoe. these things happen in football. then we have to find a way for the group to move forward. my priority is always the ca re forward. my priority is always the care and well— being forward. my priority is always the care and well—being of all of my players, all of my players. then you
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have a decision to make as to whether there needs to be something further which is the right thing for the group moving forward which was my reason for not selecting raheem for the game on thursday. in regards to whether that should have been made public are not, in the end when you've made a decision like that is going to be public on wednesday or thursday anyway and i'd have to deal with it than, i'd rather deal with it now so we can focus on the game. the decision has been made and as a group we are moving forward and concentrating on the football. gareth southgate there just wanting to draw a line under the whole thing and look ahead to thursday's game. but raheem sterling, one of england's most valuable players won't be playing when england face montenegro. many thanks indeed.
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lets get more on this from the former england keeper rob green. how do you think this has been handled? he has set a standard of behaviour he expects from his players. he's made a decision and to be fairto players. he's made a decision and to be fair to gareth he has done things his own way. he doesn't care what anyone else is going to say. he has made a decision that discipline needs to be taken out under him and get it done now. it is going to come out and at least it has come out by their controlled methods and something they have had the opportunity to explain why, whether you agree with that decision are not ona you agree with that decision are not on a footballing level, is a strange one. these things happen on the training pitch so often that you wouldn't really make a situation out
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of it. they had their tete—a—tete in the game and it boils after. this happened 2a hours early and then they meet up on england duty, can we expect that highly charged atmosphere to suddenly become chummy on england duty? not particularly chummy that you would expect the respect it to beaver between top players. —— you expect to see the respect there between top players. it isa respect there between top players. it is a one off, i think, in that it happened not on the training ground. gareth has dealt with it in his own way. england probably don't need raheem sterling to get a draw against montenegro but denying him a cap at wembley in what is going to
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bea cap at wembley in what is going to be a big occasion, international number 1000, it is a big punishments, it is a big deal. you look forward into the future and raheem sterling are such a talented player, he could get to 800 caps. if it is 99 on the back of missing this one it is a big call. —— 100 caps. gareth has set a precedent, it is a big game in terms of being the 1000th game but it isn't a do or die game. if these kinds of things happen before a critical game, would he stick by the same principle? you had seven years in and around the england camp, we have heard of cliques in the past, rio ferdinand said he didn't speak to frank lampard. we thought this is a thing of the past but that still goes on? i noted that the end of my tenure as an england player the atmosphere was an england player the atmosphere was a lot better, it is less cliques, but they were less players in rival teams at the top of the premier
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league. maybe now with manchester city being rivalled by liverpool for the first time in a while in the last two seasons these cliques may resu rfa ce last two seasons these cliques may resurface again. many thanks for your thoughts on that. the news that raheem sterling has been dropped for that match against montenegro on thursday for disciplinary reasons. we'll hear more from rob on five live. let's have a quick look at some of the day's other headlines. the scotland captain andy robertson won't play in their final two euro qualifiers, he has an ankle problem. he'll miss the trip to cyprus and the home game against kazakhstan next week. wales centrejonathan davies is out for six months. he's had surgery after picking up a knee injury at the rugby world cup. he'll definitely miss the next six nations championship and fly—half rhys patchell is a doubt for the tournament. he has a serious shoulder injury dom sibley and zak crawley have impressed the england selectors ahead of the first test against new zealand next week. both scored centuries as england reached 285 for1 against a kiwi xi
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roger federer has kept himself alive in the year ending atp finals. he was facing the italian matteo berrettini, both had lost their opening group games, so a lot was riding on the match at the o2 arena and it was the swiss that came through. austin halewood. the swiss that came through. a the swiss that came through. last walk before a po exit, a last walk before a possible early exit, day three of the world tour finals but already the winner takes all. unfortunately for material that are teeny, roger federer stood on his way. the 20 time grand slam champion was beaten in his first match but federer wasn't leaving london quietly, his touch definitely back. italian has arisen over 100 places in the world rankings over the last two years and it is clear to see why as he forced a tie—break. but that is where federer is at his
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best, so cool and so clinical when it matters most. the world number three with the first set. the italian was thrashed by fedor in little over an hour in wimbledon this year, his improvements over the last few months was clear to see but still the swiss had the edge. his game to controlled, too precise and in the end just too good. the italian seen off in straight sets.|j had the day off, there's quite a lot of ways to get rid of that loss, hanging out with my kids does that for me. we had a good time and tried not to think about it too much, i should take the positives out of the first match, not everything was bad. i was ready and prepared today. record extending seventh title is still very much a possibility, roger federer back on track. andy murray won the atp finals three years ago, since then the former world number one has had
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what could have been two career ending hip operations. but he won the european open a couple of weeks ago and is preapring for a full season on the singles tour next year. her‘s been speaking to our tennis correspondent russel fuller. even, iwant even, i want to say six or seven weeks before antwerp, the conversations i was having with my team were like, i'm not sure, i'm not sure what i can get to and i'd watch videos of myself playing in majorca and things and i'd be like, i looked a bit slow and i didn't like what i was seeing. my expectations of myself i always too high and something that i've always tried to reduce those expectations a place on myself. ultimately, what i've learned over the last couple of years, i don't really care about rankings, i don't really care about
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winning tennis competitions, it's nice as brilliant to do that but i really enjoy playing tennis. i love it and that's what i've done my whole life. if i'm able to do that pain—free and being competitive then i'm going to enjoy doing that. i don't need to set a big target of top ten are trying to make the semis of the grand slam because i've done all of that before. when i go on the court i'd like to feel i had a chance of winning. i know if i played against the top players in the world tomorrow they wouldn't be a small chance of me winning that match but i feel i could do that, whereas seven or eight weeks ago i wouldn't have felt that was the case. if i continued along that path i probably would have continued playing. andy murray either. the medical tribunal of dr richard freeman, the former medic at british cylcing,
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continues in manchester, there were some heated exchanges today as the former technical director shane sutton gave evidence. the former technical director was described as "a serial liar" and "a doper". dan bruun was there and joins us now. pretty astonishing and dramatic stuff there but many people would have expected this with the arrival of shane sutton into proceedings. that's right let me give you some background. doctor richard freeman, the former chief medical at british cycling, stands accused of ordering testosterone to the sports headquarters in 2011 to dope a writer, to enhance their performance. he denies that and says he was actually bullied into ordering it for the former head coach, shane sutton, to cheat is
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erectile dysfunction. shane sutton denies


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