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you're watching beyond 100 days, coming to you from northern england to get an election flavour director shane sutton gave evidence. from around the country. the former technical director like the wider region, bishop auckland voted was described as "a serial decisively for brexit in 2016, liar" and "a doper". but it's a labour stronghold now targeted by the conservatives. dan bruun was there and joins us now. pretty astonishing and dramatic seats like bishop auckland are a crucial barometer for the rest stuff there but many people would of the north—east of england, have expected this with the arrival so i've been out with voters to see of shane sutton into proceedings. if tastes are changing. that's right let me give you some background. doctor richard freeman, people are much more about the the former chief medical at british cycling, stands accused of ordering issues and the fundamentals than party politics. historic hearings in washington — soon the public will get testosterone to the sports to hear from the witnesses headquarters in 2011 to dope a in the impeachment inquiry and weigh writer, to enhance their performance. he denies that and says he was actually bullied into ordering it for the former head coach, shane sutton, to cheat is erectile dysfunction. shane sutton
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denies that. —— to treat his. he was accused by freeman's lawyer of being accused by freeman's lawyer of being a liarand a accused by freeman's lawyer of being a liar and a doper. she said he had been contacted by an anonymous witness who said they had witnessed shane sutton injecting himself with testosterone at his house bake in the 1990s when he was a writer. that infuriated sutton hoo denied that claim saying he had neverfailed a drugs test, he had passed over 100 in his career. he will take a lie detector test was that he had nothing to do with the ordering of the testosterone back in 2011 to the national velodrome. he told freeman he should man up, take down a screen that had been erected between the two men because freeman is being treated as a vulnerable witness. in sensational seems towards the end of the day, sutton stormed out of the hearing saying that freeman was
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spineless and afterwards he addressed the media and he said he may consider coming back on thursday to continue his evidence was top you've got everything i've said in there. at the end of the day i know full we ll there. at the end of the day i know full well i never made that order and therefore that is what i'm going to go back in on thursday and continue to repeat the step what is there to resolve ? continue to repeat the step what is there to resolve? did you you order a product? they will either believe me or believe him. it is a life changing to me. i'm just hoping that richard comes out and tells the truth. sutton also said he is going to consult with his family who he said had been deeply affected by the evidence presented in court today and by the criticism that he received from freeman's lawyer before deciding whether or not he is willing to come back here on
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thursday, the hearing doesn't take place tomorrow because one of the panellists isn't available. sutton isa panellists isn't available. sutton is a poster continuing to give evidence but he says he needs time to consider whether he wants to do that. later in the week, we are duty here from team sky, british cycling's former head of medicine, the well—known sports psychologist and the former physiotherapist, the man who initially opened the delivery of testosterone back in 2011. still quite some time for this hearing to continue. we've been bogged down in legal arguments for a few months but it exploded into life today with those dramatic exchanges. this is a significant case for what is, let's remember, the countries most successful 0lympic is, let's remember, the countries most successful olympic and paralympic sport. freeman was the chief doctor at british cycling, sutton the chief coach. some big names, big reputations tied up into
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this case. it will continue on thursday, we may or may not see mr sutton back here again. very dramatic many thanks indeed. we've had more success for the british team at the world para athletics championships in dubai. kate grey is there for us. another phenomenal run from sophie hahn. she really is a champion and she performs at the big occasions. she has won great britain's semis gold medal in a world record time. it's actually her sixth world title set a brilliant career she has had already and yet she is so young. she is now being coached by leon baptiste. she is topping the medals podium once again. she is such a cool podium once again. she is such a cool, calm character. we think back to four years ago when she was in
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doha, quite you are getting to know the sport. now she is here, knowing how to raise these big events. with a good clear margin ahead of the field. she is going to be hard to beat. she has the 200 metres tomorrow. well done to sophie hahn. there was also a bronze medal for cricket —— rich chiassaro. he has had a busy week. he has been the 800 metres under 1500 metres. he had to wait for his fourth event before winning his medal. it was a bronze, in what it is a competitive class. he found his form in the last 100 metres to get on the podium. relief therefore richard from what has been a busy week for him. there was also a busy week for him. there was also a bronze medalfor a busy week for him. there was also a bronze medal for vanessa a busy week for him. there was also a bronze medalfor vanessa wallace this morning in the shot put. her first ever world championship medal. always wa nt first ever world championship medal. always want to enjoy competing at the major championships and finally
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she is on the podium with a personal best. a brilliant day for great britain, three medals in total and they are fourth on the medals table. she was flying the flag for the fortysomethings as well in the shot put. we saw kadeena cox win silver in the 100 metres yesterday but afterwards she spoke very candidly about how her participation there has triggered a relapse of an eating disorder. it has been tricky, just trying to deal with managing my eating. having so deal with managing my eating. having so many people around me and so many eyes on me, it is pushing me to do more extreme things. i bought a load of laxatives on my way out of here which is a bad thing. i bought a load of sweets and i benched. in foshan, it is a battle in my head. frank admission of what she has been dealing with and she is due to compete tomorrow. yes, that's right. it has been a
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difficult yearfor yes, that's right. it has been a difficult year for kadeena cox. yes, that's right. it has been a difficult yearfor kadeena cox. she opened up about her eating disorder in april. i caught up with her before the championships as you seem to be ina before the championships as you seem to be in a better place. as we've heard there, she has had a bit of a relapse being in this close environment, competition environment. all of those demons have come back and those extreme behaviours and habits have started to kick in and not an easy time for her. we've had a status in british athletics who said, they have been proud of what kadeena cox achieved last night and they have provided her with all the support from the medical team and a specialist doctor is here to make sure she is in a better state as she can be. her performance is secondary to ensuring athletes health in heart and mind. the welfare of the athletes are the highest priority. she has got a competition tomorrow, we are expecting her to race but it is one of those competitions where she has
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had to deal with a lot and hopefully she is getting all the she needs. many thanks. we found out that claire danson has been paralysed in a cycling accident. her sister, been paralysed in a cycling accident. hersister, alex been paralysed in a cycling accident. her sister, alex danson is suffering from concussion. i worked as a tutor and that will be the same because i work from home so nothing is different so that is great. the other side of things, i was hoping to turn professional with triathlon this year which won't happen now. i want to get back into sport probably had a triathlon but i'm open to trying everything that i can do in a chair. i don't think you lose that want to go faster or to try harder to work harder, that is
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still in me, just at the moment it is rehabbing myself well. what can i do next? that isn't an end, is keeps going and becoming faster and stronger and fitter which is every athlete has in their head. how have you been supporting each other? player kept me going sol you been supporting each other? player kept me going so i moved back in with mum and dad and i could hardly get out of bed or do anything. claire did everything for me. she would stay in my bed that night because i'd feel so cruelly in the evening. —— i'd feel so poorly. we are close anyway but this has done nothing but bring us closer together. i feel so lucky i can be
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with claire every day and do whatever i can to try and support her. she is so strong, she does need us, she can do it on her own but we wa nt us, she can do it on her own but we want to be there for her. alex, how are you these days? i am doing so much better, i can't complain. i still have very bad headaches but i can manage things and, yes, i need to make sure i can support claire as best i can. my improvement has been significant. the one thing we do have in common is we don't want to wait very long, we want to be ready and up and off quite quickly. but i'm very nearly there now. i spoke to the former england defender, laura bassett.
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when the fa hired him it was all about the world cup. just because things aren't going your way i do think you scrap everything, you scrap change. i do think that is required. you stick with each other, you stick together through the bad times and the good. there are always hangovers from major tournaments especially when you don't get what you set out to get. but i think this hangover has been going on far too long and that has been verbalised. it is time for change and we have to start seeing that performance goals. the coverage of the lionesses on bbc two at the next few minutes. in either our top story. raheem sterling has been dropped by england for the match against montenegro on thursday for disciplinary reasons. gareth southgate says we had a family and families have disagreements. goodbye from me.
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now it's time for a look at the weather. for the middle part of the week for wednesday, it feels dry, a break from the wet weather but it will be a short—lived affair. we have still got flooding issues around the country and there are still severe flood warnings in force for the don valley. as we head into wednesday, we've got a transient ridge of high pressure which will help to settle things down. 0ne pressure which will help to settle things down. one area of low pressure clearing out towards the north sea but there is another lurking in the winds ready to move in from the atlantic. this evening, still outbreaks of showery rain but gradually through the night they will ease and fate. if you continuing to feed into northern scotla nd continuing to feed into northern scotland which could be wintry, still a few showers as well for wales but lighter winds, clear skies, the recipe for a widespread frost. that's particularly for the northern half of the uk, the further
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south you can the more likely those temperatures will drop away so far but many will wake up to a scene like this on wednesday morning frosty with mist and fog in places but it shouldn't be too extensive. wednesday for many will be a fine, dry day with lengthy spells of crisp autumn sunshine from the word go. a few showers feeding into parts of northern scotland, north—east scotla nd northern scotland, north—east scotland may struggle to get above freezing on wednesday. it'll be a cold day but this next system starts to showers its hand down towards the south—west of england and up into wales introducing rain. there is a rain is on the move as we head through a wednesday evening and it looks as though it could be a bit of a troublemaker. it will pivot and work its way north and west wet, heavy and persistent rain moving in to potential areas that have seen a lot of rainfall in recent days. places like south yorkshire and derbyshire and this rain isjust going to hang around through thursday. away from that, they will
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be drier, brighter spells to be had but it will still feel cold on thursday. as we go into thursday evening, our thursday. as we go into thursday evening, oui’ area thursday. as we go into thursday evening, our area of rain clears down towards the south, around that area of low pressure. it will leave some showery as breaks through friday, still another cold day and still fairly windy. that is how we head into the weekend, we keep the 00:14:24,134 --> 2147483051:43:57,235 cold conditions and it remains 2147483051:43:57,235 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 u nsettled.
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