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it can provide two hours of matchday electricity at the stadium. that's equivalent to powering nearly 3,000 homes. we actually have a responsibility to our younger generation to ensure that we provide a great world for them to be part of and if we can be leaders in that, then that's a wonderful, wonderful thing. clubs were assessed according to eight green categories. no list is perfect. green credentials are always debatable, but this is at least a start and the report's authors hope for more. we would love at some point in the not—too—distant future to show all 20 premier league clubs active across all of these categories. and to have 20 clubs bejoint first, i mean, that would be incredible. so i think we know that progress is happening because we're already chatting to clubs about initiatives that they'll be announcing this season and early into next. english football has always commanded attention. now, how does it use its huge wealth and influence?
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the new green research is really designed to encourage every club. after all, the planet's future is a game everyone wins...or everyone loses. joe wilson, bbc news. and you can find out how sustainable your team is — go to the mayor of venice has said climate change is responsible for the worst flooding in the italian city for nearly a century. he said the highest water levels in the region in more than 50 years will leave "a permanent mark" on the city. popular tourist sites were completely flooded and people had to wade through the streets after a major storm. time for a look at the weather. here's mel coles. good afternoon. today, many areas get respite from the recent rainfall but it is short lived and the next weather system is already starting to show its hand across parts of
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south—west england and into wales. we are seeing more cloud. you can see this bank of cloud, it is rain bearing clouds which is starting to work its way in. it is tied to an area of low pressure and this weather front will become quite a feature of the weather over the next few days. you can see the isobars squeezing together and it will become blustery. away from that, there is a lot of fine, dry weather on the cards. still some showers for north west england into south—west scotland. at times the sunshine may turn hazy but it is dry for many areas. but cold. some spots in north—east scotland will struggle to get above freezing today. on wednesday here is our area of rain moving northwards and westwards. it is slow—moving and may produce no over the hills of south wales. we have showers moving into south—east scotla nd have showers moving into south—east scotland which may pose a risk of ice in the morning and there again
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temperatures will be dropping below freezing. another chilly start for most of us but the main player is this rain pivoting gradually north and west as we head through the day. it is slow—moving, heavy and persistent and there is the potential for it to work its way into already flooded areas which will only exacerbate the problem. away from that, quite a lot of dry weather around, and blustery wind. temperatures remain disappointing for the time of year. we are looking at mid—to single figures at best. as we head into thursday evening, our area of low pressure drifts southwards. 0ur band of rain works further northwards. so we start the day still with that area of rain on friday. it may produce hill snow, it gradually loses some momentum. around that area of low pressure, we will see spells of rain,
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particularly for the southern half of the uk, which turn persistent towards the south—east later in the day and it remains cold. that is the set up as we head into the weekend. temperatures remain below average for the time of year. there will be dry spells but further rain and at times it will be windy. thank you very much. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon, it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. let's start with the news this morning that australia striker sam kerr willjoin the women's super league leaders chelsea. she scored five goals at the world cup and is the all—time leading goal scorer in the leagues in the us and australia. and as signings go, this is right up there.
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without a doubt, this is probably one of the biggest signings the women's super league has ever seen, second women's super league has ever seen, second only to when manchester city side carli lloyd after scoring a hat—trick. a goal machine, leading all—time scorer in america and australia. she helped chicago all the way to the end of the final days year, she scored 18 goals in 21 games, 44% of their entire goals this season. she has been nominated for a number of awards including the women's football award, she doesn't tend to win them. i suspect part of a moving here as she has done everything she can do over there and wa nts to everything she can do over there and wants to prove herself on the european stage. she is here for two and a half years and the chelsea fa ns and a half years and the chelsea fans are in for a bit of a treat. everybody is going to be buying tickets to see her. it is interesting that she has picked the wsl because we know that lyon are a dominant force that they can pay big
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wages, barcelona. you wonder what it means for the league that she has decided to come here. the chelsea boss summed it up when she said she can go to any club in the world, and i think she is right, she has been chased by the likes of leon who are six times european champions, the most six times european champions, the m ost su ccess six times european champions, the most success for club and the world these days, also being chased by bayern munich, real madrid and to be virtue public could have earned bigger, better money elsewhere. she wa nted bigger, better money elsewhere. she wanted to come to london and worked and imo hayes, she has family connections in london which helps. it isa connections in london which helps. it is a huge coup for the club, put a play on smaller wages than she would get elsewhere, and it is a huge coup for the league and makes you wonder how many more chilean players might follow her. —— australian players. it was a disappointing day for england's bowlers as their warm—up match against a new zealand xi ended in a draw. 0nly jofra archer took more than one wicket. with ben stokes back bowling after injury, it's expected to be
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a straight pick between chris woakes and sam curran for a starting spot in the first test next week. i would like to think i have a good chance. but there are probably a few other guys who are knocking on the door as well. myself and sam played in the last test match, so being realistic, looking at the squad make up, we are probably looking at myself and him. but it is good to have competition. i will be trying to work hard and try and get in the team. we will see what happens. andy murray feels he has a chance of beating the best players in the world again, as he continues his comeback after hip surgery. murray had an eventful 0ctober, winning his first tour title in more than two years and then becoming a father for the third time. he says he's excited about his future but now thinks that winning isn't everything. what i have learned in the last couple of years... i don't really, really care about rankings.
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i don't really care about winning tennis competitions. it's nice to do that, but actually, i really enjoy playing tennis. i love it. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website, including coverage of rafael nadal‘s match with daniil medvedev at the 02 this afternoon. you can also watch that on bbc2. you are watching bbc news. let's ta ke you are watching bbc news. let's take a look at some of the main stories. labour is promising to spend £6 billion more on the nhs than the conservatives if they win the general election. they said they would focus on recruitment and mental health services for young people. chief executive of the nhs confederation, niall dickson, says in one sense this is a good thing. this is a significant additional
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investment on top of the very significant investment which the conservatives planned over this period. throughout the service thereby be welcome for the idea that thereby be welcome for the idea that there will be more resources. the reality however is that the demands which the health service is going to face over the next ten or 15 years are very considerable, what is being asked of it in terms of transforming the way that care is run is going to bea the way that care is run is going to be a real challenge whoever is in government. a word of caution first of all is about raising expectations, providing more of this and that, the answer is that the service is going to be under pressure, not least because workforces are a massive issue in terms of attracting staff and retaining them to provide the services. it is going to be a difficult ride over this next period, and trying to get that across both to politicians and the public is something that the service is very anxious about. that said, there is some additional investment going in here, which will help, and
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will help others to start transforming the service. we did a study last year which suggested the nhs needed 4% plus in order to be able to start transforming the service or the current plans are around 3.4%, so this obviously will push as over the 4% figure. in theory it should help to drive that forward. but there are obvious concerns, areas like social care which need to be transformed, that will take time. solving the workforce problems, very significant. private focus groups are used by all political parties to find out what's really going on in the heads of the average voter. the victoria derbyshire programme brought together 13 people this morning who haven't yet made up their minds about how they are going to vote with the help of the research agency britain thinks. we asked you to play the game off,
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if you was an animal, what kind of animal would he be? anybody feel like volunteering? for boris johnson, i put that he is like an eagle. because sometimes stuff that he says and doesjust go straight in for it, it is likely doesn't... he is quite focused on what he was found not what everyone around him once. it is very one—sided. found not what everyone around him once. it is very one-sided. can we go round each of them, just say what animal you said, the other leaders? lion. penguin. they push other penguins into the water so just in case there is a predator, and ifeel like you try to put the blame on someone like you try to put the blame on someone else before it gets to him. fox. eagle. a monkey. in meerkat.
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lion. line also. a labrador. grizzly bear. polar bear. placid dog. he probably wouldn't be too sorry with some of these, they are quite powerful and strong. let's go back round. same exercise forjeremy corbyn. camel. because he has got such a load on his back, carrying a load. he is quite a nice heavy load. he is quite a nice person. comes across quite well. liberal views and seems to want the best for people. a camel butjust with the heavy load. i put a cat. sloths. spoke. a lion. for both? i
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put a chicken. i was undecided again, one being a rat, which isn't again, one being a rat, which isn't a very nice thing to say, and another being a rabbit, because i can imagine him freezing in the headlights and just... not being able to back—up anything. i'm not the biggest fan labrador. giraffe. lion. goat. snake. mermaid. i have never had a mermaid before. just that he is a fantasy kind of character that quite a few people wa nt to character that quite a few people want to believe is true. have a lot of hope and, like when i think of that, imagine a little kid trying to
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be, you know, believing and sinoti, someone be, you know, believing and sinoti, someone that you want to hope is true, it is a nice thing, a positive thing. and what about jo swinson? i didn't put an animal down. i wasn't sure who they were. anybody else, not sure about jo sure who they were. anybody else, not sure aboutjo swinson? you don't know who jo swinson is? she doesn't have enough of a presence. about half the group. a kitten? she is learning a new, give her time to grow and form her own views and opinions of people get to know who she is and what she is about. bush baby. nocturnal, big eyes. though quite sure where she is coming from yet. bush baby. she is in the shadows, new to the leadership.
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people don't really know. elephant, she is the elephant in the room. you can see the rest of that conversation — and reaction from the three major parties — on the bbc website by searching for the victoria derbyshire programme. and reaction from the three major parties — on the bbc website by searching for the victoria derbyshire programme. venice has been hit by severe flooding after the highest tide in more than 50 years. the water rose by nearly two metres, affecting around 80% of the city. andy moore reports. this is something you don't see very often. the world famous saint mark's basilica, and a single man splashing about in the floodwaters in front of it. this is what the square normally looks like when it's flooded with tourists, not with water. in the basilica itself, lagoon water is welling up. it's been flooded for only the sixth time in its 1200 year history. it is feared that serious
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damage may have been done to its many treasures. venice often experiences acqua alta, or high waters. but this is higher than most. the second highest, in fact. translation: we've reached another record. we need everyone to lend a hand, and we need to be united in the face of this, which is evidently the effect of climate change. a crane had to be used to move this ferry after it got stuck under a bridge. the mayor says he will declare a disaster zone and asked the government for more emergency funds. translation: as a venetian, i should say all the bad things i think about those who run the city, but that's the way it is. what do you want to do? work on a multi—billion project to protect the city started in 2003. the movable gates will eventually stop the most serious flooding, but the scheme is not due for completion for several years. so, for the time being, venice and its invaluable heritage will continue to suffer. andy moore, bbc news.
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more than 150 bushfires are being tackled in several parts of australia. dozens of severe blazes are burning in queensland and new south wales. three people have died since the fires began last week — and conditions are likely to worsen later in the week, with more hot and windy weather forecast. phil mercer reports. conditions in new south wales have eased following tuesday's catastrophic warning, the toxic haze that smothered sydney is gone, but still these fires are burning, they are extremely intense across eastern australia was not dozens of blazes are burning, many of them out of control. it had been a very dangerous day in the state of queensland. communities there had been evacuated. it has been very warm, the wind has been erratic, and
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thatis warm, the wind has been erratic, and that is these factors that have conspired to make conditions in queensland so very dangerous. 0n the other side of the continent, in western australia, there have been bushfire emergencies in the city of geraldton. back here in the east, the forecast for the next few days is not good. hot and windy conditions are expected. what this region badly needs is rain, but the forecast is showing very little rain on the horizon. we are still in spring here in australia, and the expectation is that summer could be very long and very dangerous. hong kong is bracing for a possible fresh wave of violent clashes this evening as night falls on the city and demonstrators gather. there is a heavy police deployment in the financial district where some roads have been blocked with makeshift barriers. protesters, many of them wearing gas masks and protective helmets, are also gathered outside the chinese university which is where violent clashes
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took place last night. 0ur correspondent robin brant is in hong kong. he has been reporting from among students at the chinese university of hong kong. welcome to what looks like boot camp or the protesters at the heart of chinese university in hong kong. 0ut they are dozens of protesters in the familiar uniform, black t—shirt and trousers, throwing plastic bottles to each other. pretty sure they are learning a technique of how to improve their way of throwing petrol bombs. just here, three of 400 people sitting down, calm and quiet, someone people sitting down, calm and quiet, someone in the middle addressing them, making a speech once in awhile. they all shout out with some kind of common phrase. as you can see, more protesters, incredibly calm, quite surreal. no sense of an impending confrontation with the
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police, people are just relaxing. practising, talking, meeting. 0ne other thing, a couple of people over here throwing the javelin, they have found sports supplies, not sure what they will end up doing with those. very calm, quite surreal, it bit of a parliamentary feel. we came past a checkpoint set up by the protesters, looking on people's paris, looking for spies one person told me. the atmosphere here will all change if the please try to retake a bridge. that's like looking in people's bags. a bridge over a highway, if the please try to take it back, this will all change. 0ne played jason bourne, the other was batman. now matt damon and christian bale have teamed up for the film le mans ‘66 ,or as it's known in the us, ford versus ferrari. it's the true story of how the ford motor group enlisted
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the help of a british motor racing driver, ken miles, to try to end ferrari's dominance of the annual 24 hours of le mans endurance race in france. taxi 0ur entertainment correspondent colin paterson went to meet the two stars in paris, where the film opens later on wednesday. the prince of wales took a ride in a rickshaw and flipped fox fark he is legendary inside racing circles, but outside racing circles, nobody knows who he is. wasn't it now you tell me i can't have the best man and well behind the wheel? how did you go about preparing? they are going to let us do exactly as much as they can ensure us for, which is to say,
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christian dead quite a bit of driving, you went to the racing school. open wheel staff, it was fantastic. if you two had be left to do all the driving, how would it have looked? very boring, really slow. it would have been a real grandpa is facing. we were not bad, not the worst drivers in the world. but the worst. the worst on that site. it is a very interestingly between your two careers. 2011, you won the oscar for the fighter. we we re won the oscar for the fighter. we were cheap talk about this, he denies it because he is humble, but there is a tonne of roles i have taken that he was offered before i got them. you hate it when i say it. matt was meant to be doing that.|j should matt was meant to be doing that.” should thank him for that performance. i always think the
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right actor gets the part. he was meant to play dickie eklund, he was so meant to play dickie eklund, he was so great and there was nothing, i look at that and i go, that was right actor for the part. a beautiful performance. have you been up beautiful performance. have you been up against each other over the yea rs ? up against each other over the years? no, he just up against each other over the years? no, hejust passes on something and then they offer it to me. laughter ididn't laughter i didn't get offered batman. how close did you come to getting jack in titanic star is that true?” don't think i came in a way is to it. everybody went for it, you have got to try to get work. it would have been a different film. someone else i only get rose because they pass on it. total truth. if he wants a role... every royalwho pass on it. total truth. if he wants a role... every royal who that comes
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your way, probably has someone else's fingerprints audit. just me, not actors in general. james cameron—dow, making headlines recently that avatar, you were offered 10%. people have now done the maths i'd worked out... quarter of $1 billion. that would come in handy. i do like that i am allowed to say, i am the dumbest actor of all time. colin paterson talking to them there in paris. the prince of wales took a ride in a rickshaw and flipped chapatis in a sikh temple as he celebrated indian culture and its people. prince charles is on a two—day trip and will meet india's head of state in the capital new delhi, as well as helping to mark the 550th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the sikh religion.
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rajini vaidya nathan reports breaking ad making bread at a sikh temple in delhi. prince charles got a taste of how to cook a chapati as he met worshippers in their community kitchen. his visit to the temple coincided with the 550th birth anniversary of guru nanak, the founder of sikhism. it also coincided with delhi's blues in season. today levels were dangerously high. at a service of remembers at the city's war cemetery, many people wore masks to protect themselves from the toxic air. the prince of wales conducted his duties without one. laying a wreath in one of the fallen. visiting the graves of those who lost a life. this is prince charles's tenth official visit, todayis charles's tenth official visit, today is all about remembering the past but also looking ahead to the future. finding solutions when it comes to climate change and of
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course the issue everyone is talking about here in delhi, pollution. the print spent sometime beating officials at the met office where was given a brief: the daily air. the visit comes shortly after the duke and duchess of cambridge made a trip to neighbouring pakistan, india's long—time nuclear rival. their interest in a glitzy rickshaw one of the most memorable moments of that trip. prince charles also took a journey in that trip. prince charles also took ajourney in india. that trip. prince charles also took a journey in india. not as colourful, but climate conscious, it was electric. he is now heading to india's financial capital mumbai for the next leg where he will celebrate his 71st birthday tomorrow. now it's time for a look at the weather.
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for many of us today offers respite from rain but it is shortly. already if we look at the satellite image we can see rain bearing clouds working as way in from the atlantic. becoming a feature of our weather over the next few days. it is tied into an area of low pressure and ahead of it we are already seeing some showers into the south—west of england and south—west wales. ahead of that, a good slice of drier and brighter weather, autumn sunshine, showers for north west england, south—west scotland and if you filtering into parts of northern scotland. elsewhere in the sunshine, it will feel cold, particularly for north—east scotland where temperatures may struggle to get above freezing through the day today. the rain really is the main feature and as we head into this evening starts to push further north and westwards. slow—moving, heavy, persistent, may produce some hill snow over parts of south wales for a
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time overnight. some clear spells on offer, showers filtering in, the chance that eastern scotland will cic first thing. i won't rain continues to pivot and work north and westwards, there is the potential for it to start to move into areas already flooded, places like ligature, south yorkshire and derbyshire, which will only exacerbate the problem. further north, good spells of sunshine, further showers which could be heavy and thundery down the far south, feeling cold wherever you are, mid to high sigel figure temperatures at best. blustery conditions for many places. friday, still rain without, working further north, producing something wintry over the hills, losing momentum more rain start to push ina losing momentum more rain start to push in a row that area of low pressure i don't major tony little heavier and more persistent down
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towards the far south—east corner later on friday. spells of sunshine further north but once again it is going to be a cool day. low pressure remains in charge as we head into the weekend, as it will be further spells of rain at times, some sunshine, tempted below—average for the time of year. —— temperatures.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm simon mccoy. today at 2pm: labour vows to outspend the conservatives on the nhs in england — promising to invest cash, reduce waiting times and improve mental health services. wrenching and well—being will be at the heart of our mission, to help people live happier, healthier and longer lives. the quality care that patients deserve. a rescue plan for our nhs. getting into deep water — borisjohnson is heckled as he meets people who've lost everything in the floods. i think the shock of seeing your property engulfed by water is huge, and also the anxiety about what may still be to come. i do thank very much the emergency services and the army for everything a historic task — democrats say they aim to prove donald trump's actions warrant impeachment,
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as the first public hearings begin


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