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tv   The Papers  BBC News  November 14, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are george eaton, the assistant editor, of the new statesman and the spectator‘s deputy political editor, katy balls. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. leading the times, free broadband for all, labour pledge to nationalise the network, offering free access to all households and businesses.
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in the financial times, google‘s plan to stop giving private data to its advertisers, criticised as self—serving by ad agencies. leading the telegraph, nigel farage acused the conservatives of dirty tricks, alleging they offered his candidates jobs and peerages to withdraw from the election. in the metro, worst a and e wait times ever, figures thrusting the nhs into the centre of the election debate. in the guardian, councils calling for a massive increase in funding to help them deal with major disasters after eighteen hundred homes and businesse were flooded. in the mail, corbyn condemned by his own party — accusing him of subjecting the party to electoral annhialation. let us begin with the a&e that is been discussion a lot, and the worst figure since 200a. been discussion a lot, and the worst figure since 2004. it was introduced under new labour and patience and
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not being treated within four hours, a very unwelcome headline for the conservatives because it is being defined by brexit and getting brexit done and shifting the focus to the nhs and the conservatives are dealing with the legacy of settle m e nt dealing with the legacy of settlement and the nhs had in its history, so it is been his spending squeezes 2010 and it has been a deteriorating service. and their been promising to spend more year on year and protect the nhs from privatisation at the hands of american companies. something the conservatives denied, even on the table and the potential us trade deal. ultimately, on a&e, it is different figures for the
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conservative government and the election and boris johnson conservative government and the election and borisjohnson 's problem is that he is trying to distance himself from what he conservative government has been doing and actually there been, it is taking time for that to get into the system. the problem is that it is very difficult for the government to blame, it was a different government, different prime minister, perhaps serving on that government and i think that is the problem because i think they really wa nt problem because i think they really want to talk by brexit, rather than things like the nhs and the conservatives have tried to actually grapple with the nhs and the tories have not tried to go near it at all and figures like this to make it tricky for them because it does bring up the old record. let's look
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at the telegraph. accusing number ten of dirty tricks, he is accusing them of giving them inducements to stand down inventory labour marginals and other honours and the headline, the key line at top of the story is that he is threatening to report it to the police he is comparing the uk to venezuela. so quite, nigel is known for this but it does beg the question of why of the conservatives are as corrupt as he suggests, that they stand down in the seats. of course the conservatives would like him to do the same and they're trying to get a victory off of labour and they do deny that but i think the problem for nigel farage is that he is giving quite conflicting messages. one day he is saying that we have to
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let conservatives get brexit done and cannot risk a hung parliament having an opportunity and you think you could forgive them for being a bit confused. is there a pact or not a pack. where is the evidence that he can sayjobs or been offered?m does seem as though there's been some conversation going on behind closed doors and from people around borisjohnson, speaking closed doors and from people around boris johnson, speaking to candidates, the er denying the jobs have been discussed and is more about putting the pressure on do you wa nt about putting the pressure on do you want to split the leave phot? because of you split the leave vote, you put brexit at risk and that is what the candidates have stated. condemned by his own candidates, jeremy corbyn‘s hopefuls on what they really think about him. and this is going to be rather
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unpalatable for any leader of any party. there are some conservatives that think similar things about borisjohnson. that think similar things about boris johnson. if you are a large party, if some of the candidates that have been selected over the past week or so have had comments in the past which led them into trouble, i think it's very hard to find a candidate that takes every box gets in the whole system. i think the daily mail have done some digging and they found that people say things about jeremy corbyn such as they feel betrayed and that he must resign and get these people are standing as labour candidates now but lots of these places their standing in the end of these constituencies and i do not think there is a high chance of the moment that these candidates are going to become mps and perhaps have a slightly lower part of dedication to the seat. what do you think is going to say in response to this?” the seat. what do you think is going to say in response to this? i would imagine they would ignore it rather than amplify it. but this is quite
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damaging in the sense that we have had a lot of anti—jeremy corbyn lines and people have left the labour party cornell standing is independent and in a sense, you can dismiss them because they left the party and they are disgruntled. and these are the people standing under these are the people standing under the labour party colours and they may not be in the most winnable seats but this is a reflection of just how divided the labour party has been over the past few years. it is no secret thatjeremy corbyn has a lwa ys is no secret thatjeremy corbyn has always been immensely popular but he is divided among his mps and is a of this. i think it's a bit more damaging than simply someone who left the party years ago saying that iam not left the party years ago saying that i am not crazy forjeremy corbyn. and some well—known names, saying that they cannot support him. at
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elections, we do have major cultural figures that include william boyd, trent phillips, a former labour politician. you would expect figures like this thing that we are backing labour and this is why you must defeat them. they say they cannot support a labour party because it is anti—semitic they believe and they do not think they could reasonably suspect them to allow this to happen. but the head of a group which reports on the islamophobia andi which reports on the islamophobia and i think that is damaging and labour has one way they tried to counter the term in saying that these have no right to lecture us because those well—documented evidence of islamophobia. now you have someone who has a very well respected campaign saying that i
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cannot back labour because anti—semitism, i think that is the most damaging signature. these were bound to crop up during the selection. if they were bound to end the pressure has been how much does it sway an election and we have heard since this claim of anti—semitism that people are complaining about it injeremy corbyn is staying in his place. what is tricky, several tricky things, one of the things is, will the signature, the people have signed this letter are saying that they're not willing to put their concerns of anti—semitism aside because they wa nt anti—semitism aside because they want to stop brexit and ultimately, labour's party power is trying to get the remaining vote to unite around labour and the suggestion here is that the people completely opposed to brexit, they would rather vote for another party than that and i think that is a big problem to how jeremy corbyn could have enough
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seats. let us look at two stories to deal with the flooding, whited home and went abroad. at first, the guardian, calling for tackling flood devastation we know that over the yea rs devastation we know that over the years budgets for councils of been eroded and we are facing in all likelihood more flooding in the future. this is a sign of the austerity that i think also if boris johnson has been seen of having been slow to react to this, and bleeding he was on holiday and finally turned up he was on holiday and finally turned up and people asked where he was before and he had some quite awkward encounter some locals and you the mayor of the sheffield region saying that the flood stricken village has the look of a disaster movie. i think these are very terrible headlines for boris johnson saying the parts of this appealing to areas
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which are typically held by labour and conservatives and northern seats that voted brexit. the financial times, looking at how venice has fallen victim to the floods in the city and many are saying it does not have a future because of the rising water levels. ultimately, this is the highest level in terms of 50 years and the government or having to see what they can do to stem this. hundreds of millions of pounds to try and fix that when the water level finally subsides in venice. that is it the bit of a short one but we will try to george and katy will be back at half past eleven for another look at the papers, and don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at bbc dot co uk forward slash papers —
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and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you george eaton and katy balls — goodbye. good evening. as you heard there, the weather is making the headlines once again today. another dilution for some parts of the midlands in northern england that is because some further flooding it in some places we have seen a little bit of snow and for many more, the rain fell from the sky and that rain falling on the ongoing problems with flooding. flood warnings of the moment are climbing all the while with the bbc weather website having more updated for you so do check them there. looking at the satellite picture you can see the specs role of cloud here, big area of low pressure that is really dominating the scene across western europe at the scene across western europe at the moment and more rain to venice as we go to the next couple of days 01’ more concerns about as we go to the next couple of days or more concerns about that situation and some more rain for us
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as well and certainly for the next couple of days, the rain should generally be speaking, be a little bit later in the a little bit less persistent. still a bit of snow mixing in of the high ground, some patchy rain for the south and east and northern ireland, some wintry showers cold enough for frost and potentially some ice across the site of northern ireland. morning showers and they all tend to fizzle, but northern and western scotland and northern ireland, that's we have the best chance of seeing sunshine to stop a bit of patchy rain in scotla nd stop a bit of patchy rain in scotland and certainly for england and wales expect the largely cloudy day and some rain on and off at times which could turn more consistent towards the southeast later. still quite breezy but not quite as chilly. bigotry of low pressure, still sitting in place across the western half europe into saturday —— big gust of low pressure. but the wind will be very light and it makes us difficult to
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know where the rain will go but it looks like on saturday, there will bea looks like on saturday, there will be a lot of cloud, some patchy rain and maybe some dense fog lingering in northern scotland, best chance of some sunshine to be found towards the south and the winds later by the stage stop as we look to sunday, the potential for some heavier more persistent rain again pushing in from the east and could affect parts of northern england and we will have to keep an eye on that one for you. some brighter spells, i found to keep an eye on that one for you. some brighter spells, ifound the west in northern ireland. —— around the west of northern ireland. it will often be windy, but that when switching around to south—westerly, meaning it should eventually turn a little bit milder. that is all for me. bye for now.
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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11:00: labour promises to give every home and business in the uk free full—fibre broadband by 2030, if it wins the general election. hospital waiting times in england hit a new low. a&e departments miss their targets again. it's their worst performance since 2004. one woman says her father died after waiting for six hours on a hospital trolley. ido i do believe that if i had been listened to and he was seen, then he would still be here. the conservatives say they'll seek to "control" immigration if they win the election, but stop short of promising a cut in numbers coming to the uk. still submerged almost a week
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after the floods began, tonight 130 flood warnings are now in place across england and wales


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