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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 15, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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home in the uk by 2030. borisjohnson dismissed the plans as a ‘crackpot scheme.‘ further heavy rain has brought more misery to parts of the uk — the fire service says it's rescued nearly 100 people in the last 2a hours. as donald trump's impeachment inquiry continues, the former us ambassador to ukraine says she was sacked from the post after a "concerted effort against her", led by the president. the first non stop flight from london to sydney the mother of a ten—year—old girl who died after contracting an infection in a cancer ward in glasgow has claimed there was a cover—up of her death. and a charity is warning that more than 20,000 young people are at risk of homelessness this christmas. in a moment it will be time for sportsday — but first, a look at what
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else is coming up this evening on bbc news. else is coming up this evening as else is coming up this evening part of our look at ti priorities as part of our look at the political priorities in different parts of the uk, today we are finding out what matters to people in aberdeen. also, we'll see if the bbc‘s children in need can raise more than last year's total of £58 million to help thousands, hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged children across the uk. and as ever, at 10:1i0pm and 11:30pm, we'll take a first look at tomorrow's front pages — and our reviewers tonight are the broadcasterjohn stapleton, and the telegraph's women's editor claire cohen. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. here are the headlines tonight. medals galore for great britain
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at the world para athletics in dubai. they finish third in the table. the world number one has to dig deep to stay in the atp tour finals... for now, anyway. and high stakes for wales, scotland and high stakes for wales, scotland and northern ireland as they get ready for theirfinal and northern ireland as they get ready for their final euro 2020 qualification games. also coming up... how women's football is making the most of the men's international break. and why adam gemili — and other well known athletes — are threatening to sue the british olympic association. hello and welcome to sportsday. the world para—athletics championships in dubai came to a close today.
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once again the british team excelled themselves, winning plenty of medals and breaking world records to finish third in the table. 0ur reporter kate grey is there following notjust gb‘s success but also the competition as a whole — which is back in the middle east. 0n the final day of action, a first for the race runners, the event making its world championship debut. and the british athletes certainly made their mark, with 81—2 in both women and men's categories. it's absolutely amazing, to be included in the world for the first time here in dubai. it's a chance for people like me to compete at the highest level. i remember watching london two years ago, wishing i could compete at the worlds one day, said
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to be here is unreal. the british tea m to be here is unreal. the british team has faced challenges when it comes to athlete welfare, but here at the stadium, there has been plenty of success, with established names topping the podium for stop hannah cockroft and sophie hunt, double world champions once again, breaking records in the process. and a taste of success for some new names, thomas young just a whisper from gold. people went out there and did their best. sabrina, on her last throw, throwing a massive pv. thomas young, wasn't expecting to win a medal and he just missed out on gold by 1000th of a second. these are tough world championships. i know we can compete with the best so that is really pleasing to stop hosting a major championships in dubai meant there were obvious concerns about there were obvious concerns about the heat. but there are also british weather conditions that many had not expected. crowds were another issue and where the atmosphere in the stadium for some sessions was good,
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on the whole, there was a disappointing turnout of local fans. this is not london and we were very aware of that. but actually, the support outside of stand, if you go into dubai, had been a few times, everyone knows what is going on and as with the excited. finishing a respectable third on the overall table, now tokyo beckons as the british athletes refocus their attention from the middle east to the far east. well, austin has joined me to look into it in more detail and austin, another strong performance from britain's para athletes. but a new nation doing well there, as well? yes vote will focus on team gb first. games for them. they hit their medal target, great britain finishing third with 28 medals in total, 13 of them gold, once again china at the top, but the big mover is brazil. in issue dubai. going
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back upon the gears and then four yea rs, back upon the gears and then four years, they were seventh and ninth in london and doha. and that leap is largely thanks to their legacy scheme after the real paralympics in 2016, there has been more money for a passport and more people taking part. —— the rio paralympics. they help other countries will have success help other countries will have success stories and they're hoping to do that by taking their success story to different parts of the world. going back to london, this was the crowd for the world parrots in 2017, compared to this week in dubai, it's a stark difference. —— the world paras in 2017. but the great britain captain believes it has been a success. the people of uae have embraced para— sport and i think it's wrong not to have games in this part of the world, because you need to
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sprinkle that paralympic magic dust over the middle east, and sprinkle that paralympic magic dust overthe middle east, and i'm sure we'll find the next generation over here as well. and i think everybody needs to take account of the legacy of para— sport. so every national governing body needs to find more tgis, governing body needs to find more t615, t355, etc, notjust solely for the gold medallists. well, taking the games to different places has also maintained para—sport's global appeal. in dubai 63 different countries have won medals over the 9 days of competition. now if you compare that to the world athletics championships in doha — just 2 months ago — only 43 countires won medals. well, next up... para sportjourneys further east for a japanese double—header with the paralympics in tokyo next year before the para world championships in kobe in 2021. now japan finished 21st on the medals table in dubai — with only 2 golds —
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and they'll be desperate for the legacy of their games next year, to see them shoot up that table, lizzie. much like brazil have done this time. i would say it's a safe bet there will be quite a few japanese para— athletes doing well in kobe in 2021. 0nto football and after england's huge win over montenegro last night — qualifying them early for euro 2020 — the rest of the home nations have plenty of work to do to stand a chance of reaching next summer's tournament. wales, scotland and northern ireland are all in action tomorrow. wales are in baku to play bottom of group e side — azerbaijan. wales have had a mixed campaign so far and are currently fourth in the table, although they do have star turns gareth bale and aaron ramsey available. but with time running out to qualify for only their third major tournament in wales' history, their manager ryan giggs knows this is a must win match for automatic qualification. we are running out of games, so we're just focused on tomorrow and
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winning the game. it's as simple as that. and the plays are ready, that's right for the players are ready, they are looking forward to the game and excited. it's a challenging game, obviously travelling, is a good result last time against croatia, so it's not an easy game but the lads are ready. —— asa easy game but the lads are ready. —— as a beach and had a good result last time. seek scotland are also fourth in theirgroup, but unlike wales they're a long way behind leaders belgium and second placed russia, so whatever happens in their final two games against cyprus and kazakhstan, their best hopes are in the play—offs in march because of their nations league results. alister lamont reports from nicosia. nicosia in november is decidedly less autumnal in scotland at this time of year. that's one thing that ease the pain of being a travelling supporter right now. but the man in charge is helping for brighter days ahead for all concerned. charge is helping for brighter days ahead for all concernedlj charge is helping for brighter days ahead for all concerned. i think within the group, within the training, when we get together,
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things are getting better. but until we start winning matches on the pitch, no one is going to see that. scotland's supporters have long replaced expectation with hope and even that is wearing thin. nonetheless, ending the campaign on a minor high is a must. to an extent, we have to win, but the performance is important, as well. he is trying to build a better record, better performance in advance of the play—offs to come, so it's got some impetus. that's what we're here for. if we can win this game, beat the guys in kazakhstan, we are in third place, that will help us going forward into the play—offs. help us going forward into the play-offs. showing off some of the best players, this beleaguered squad has much to prove in the coming days. i think we owe it to ourselves and to the gaffer. obviously fans have been brilliant, home and away, they travel with us everywhere, which is superb. and we know that because that's so close to him, how kind of proud they would be if, first, we get a few results and
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going into the big games and much, we do well in them as well. victory for scotland over cyprus has not been given for a long time. remember the injury time winner back in the halcyon days of the late 80s, all three meetings since then have been decided by a solitary goal including a match at hampden injune with a last—minute winner. but find a way to win tomorrow scotland must if steve clarke is to finally build some positivity ahead of the euro 2020 play—offs next spring. northern ireland's chances of qualifying are also hanging by a thread, third in the ‘group of death‘ behind germany and leaders the netherlands who they‘re playing tomorrow. the match in belfast could also be michael o‘neill‘s last home game in charge after he was appointed the stoke manager, although he would still manage them if they reach the play—offs which is probably their best hope of qualification. after the last match between the two sides, netherlands coach ronald koeman said northern ireland were "terrible to watch".
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i think the pressure was of us from the start. we weren‘t expecting to qualify from this group with the to big names in it, but we still had the chance mathematically, so we have to go out there and give our all and see what happens. given what ronald koeman said, without the extra motivation for the fans, if not the players? yeah, i think you‘ll get a good reception from the fa ns you‘ll get a good reception from the fans on saturday, i think it adds a bit of fuel to the fire for us players, definitely. well, while the premier league takes an international break, the fa are calling on supporters to get behind women‘s football and they‘re taking advantage of the empty stadia to stage what could be some record—breaking derby matches. jo currie reports. so for the seasons we‘ve already seen so for the seasons we‘ve already seen several so for the seasons we‘ve already seen several women‘s super league match is being held at grounds, people starting to embrace their women‘s sides, and they are being rewarded with huge fun numbers with the likes of manchester city, chelsea and west ham affecting tens of thousands of supporters when
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they‘ve held the matches at men stadium, this weekend it‘s the turn of liverpool who are hosting the women‘s team here in a league fixture for the first time for supper and it‘s a big one, against everton in the merseyside derby. we wa nt to everton in the merseyside derby. we want to embrace the occasion and enjoy it, and i think that‘s something we will do. we want to put ona something we will do. we want to put on a performance. especially for a merseyside derby, i think you‘ve a lwa ys merseyside derby, i think you‘ve always got that bit of fire in your belly, a bit more, than a usual game is obviously its a big occasion. this weekend are set to be a wonderful occasion for liverpool‘s women but it comes at a critical point in their season. currently bottom of the women‘s super league table, having gained just one point from their opening five matches. however the manager insists there is a calm atmosphere in the dressing room ahead of what will be their biggest game of the season, so far. i think it doesn't matter what age you are, whether you're i think it doesn't matter what age you are, whetheryou're men, women, it doesn't matter, it's a derby. we have the ultimate respect for each other as pubs, but it is a fierce,
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feisty game at times. —— ultimate respect for each other as clubs. it's important they keep class about them and control what they can control and term up and perform and not let the occasion but get the better of them. liverpool hope this will finally kick—start their season. everton have started more brightly, three wins from their opening five games meaning they are towards the top of the table. and when they were out here on sunday, they will be starting as favourites. but it will be liverpool hoping this iconic stadium can finally inspire them to the first win of the season. living onto tennis. ——moving onto tennis. he may be world number one again — but rafal nadal is still not guaranteed a place in the last four of the world tour finals despite beating stefanos tsitsipas today. patrick gearey has the details. this was tennis‘s generation game,
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two men from two heroes. the old regime has proven difficult overthrow. it‘s a battle, particularly when men like nad al are under pressure. “— particularly when men like nad al are under pressure. —— men like nadal. city press is already in the finals but produced shot for shot... —— tsitsipas is already in the finals. he was soon doing all he could to keep up. nadal has a 19 grand slams and a little pink gold medal, his body has been broken and repair, he has done it all, and yet doing it again so matter so much to him. -- doing it again so matter so much to him. —— and olympic gold medal. he dragged this to a decider. tsitsipas‘s generation is sometimes derided as snowflakes but the young man battle, his resilience over the
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ove 1120 m e man battle, his resilience over the ove rco m e by man battle, his resilience over the overcome by nadal‘s brilliance. no wonder tsitsipas wanted it to text, barely believable even on replay. a break at a crucial time, again, later, nadal finally break at a crucial time, again, later, nadalfinally finished break at a crucial time, again, later, nadal finally finished the contest. still not enough to ensure a place in the last four, but he ranked on top of the row. the old one is still the best. still to come on sportsday... we talk snow, sliders and student loans with ghanaian born british light—heavyweight champion joshua buatsi. when it snowed, i was out there. i‘d never seen snow in my when it snowed, i was out there. i‘d never seen snow in my life. i might, what is this falling from the sky? and they‘ve been welcomed as heroes to a country where rugby league is worshipped — but can the great britain lions beat papua new guinea and win their final game of their southern hemisphere tour? several top british athletes are threatening to sue the british olympic association over sponsorship regulations. sirmo farah, katarina
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johnson—thompson and adam gemili are among those listed as claimants in a legal letter sent to the boa today. they argue their earning potential is being damaged. the biggest sort of restrictions for rule a0 is actually limiting what sort of sponsorship you can work with leading up to an olympic games. it's with leading up to an olympic games. it‘s very restrictive when you‘re in and around the olympic time, you can‘t really put anything on social media, you can‘t really work with brands, any marketing campaigns. and if you are going to work with anyone it has to be subject to approval by the poa, and it has to be submitted before may, and a lot of athletes don‘t even know if they‘re going to the games untiljune. wejust don‘t even know if they‘re going to the games untiljune. we just want athletes to be able to get their own sponsors leading up to an olympics where they might not necessarily get this opportunity again. in their one moment, there is a restricted and they can‘t become well—known because rule a0 stop them becoming
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well—known. and it‘s ridiculous. it's well—known. and it‘s ridiculous. it‘s really unfair and unjust and, yes, change needs to happen. the boa have responded this evening, saying their funding model is different to many other national olympic committees, who receive direct government funding. rule a0 is an ioc rule which we apply in our territory and is the protection that allows us to fund such activities for all athletes. we acknowledge the statement made by a number of athletes today and will continue our ongoing dialogue with our athletes‘ commission and the wider athlete community. the chinese swimming star at the centre of an appeal over missing drugs tests says he refused because the testers couldn‘t prove their identity. sun yang — who contraversially won two world titles injuly — denies any wrong doing including allegations of smashing his sample with a hammer. our reporter alex capstick has been following the hearing at the court of arbitration for sport
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and joins me now. alex — this is not a straightforward case is it? you‘re right, not a straightforward, not helped by problems of translation early on, the court apologised for that. but it did explain the reasons sun yang and his entourage refused to hand over samples at his home in china last year, his mother, his team doctor among those who testified on his behalf, their story is that the 3—person team that night didn‘t have the right documentation, the right credentials, and therefore the visit was invalid. he talked about the bottle that he smashed containing a vial of his blood, that was done, he said, because the test was void. their argument is this, they say that the correct credentials in the documentation, paperwork, had been handed over, therefore sun yang is guilty of failing to hand over samples and therefore should be
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punished for anything between two and ten years. the panel will now go away and consider the evidence, and decision will come sometime in the future. alex, thank you. let‘s have a look at some of the other stories around today. alex albon was fastest in first practise for the brazilian grand prix before crashing on slick tyres in a wet tyres in a wet sao paolo. second practise is underway. uefa have been given permission to continue investigating manchester city‘s finances after the court of arbitration found in their favour. uefa‘s financial control body will now hold a hearing on theirfindings. city could face a possible ban from european football. hibernian have confirmed jack ross is their new head coach on a three—and—a—half—year deal. the former alloa and st mirren boss was sacked by sunderland in october. it hasn‘t been a great return
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to international competition for great britain‘s rugby league side. after more than a decade playing as separate home nations — their 2019 lions tour so far reads — played two — lost two... but that was against new zealand so they‘ll be hoping to finish on a high tomorrow when they take on papua new guinea. our reporter dave woods looks ahead to their final match. papa new guinea and its capital port moresby provides the backdrop for the rugby clients final tour. papa new guinea is a country where rugby is there a national sport, there a national sport, there is one for the alliance that borders on hysteria as they arrived at the other day, they have been out meeting schoolkids in villages on their trip, too. but it will be less than welcome on the field on saturday for this final game against the png team. but we have been saying this altar, this is a game they have to win. they certainly do, i think they will perform, i watched them a couple of
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times in practices this week and i think it win at the end of this trip would be vitally important in relation to confidence and also in relation to confidence and also in relation to confidence and also in relation to the ambition and ends of the tour. it won‘t be a gimme by any way or shape, png were very vigorous last week, if the lines of the game in any way, shape orform... last week, if the lines of the game in any way, shape or form. .. great britain have played eight times against papa new guinea and 17, but papa new guinea does have a sprinkling of rugby players from australia and new zealand and super league players from england. they are tough, it‘s how they play, they find themselves into the line, there are very vigorous, their kicking game is good, and they are physically engaging. i think the lions have the advantage, i think the size of the britain team should
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get them over the line, but if they‘re off in any way, shape or form they‘re trouble. they‘re off in any way, shape or form they're trouble. it will be a sell—out, they said they could have sold it three or four times over, 8 million people in the country will be watching the match, they say it‘s a game that will bring the country toa a game that will bring the country to a standstill. from great britain‘s point of view, they simply need a win to end the series was a smile on theirfaces. joshua buatsi is a name boxing fans will already be familiar with. he over came to britain from ghana as a boy and went from ghana as a boy and went on to win a bronze medal at the rio olympics. but buatsi then decided to go back to university to finish his degree before turning his professional and he‘s now the british light—heavyweight champion. our reporter sumbal syed sat down with him to talk about his journey. i‘m here today to speak to a man who
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even floyd mayweather is backing to do great things. let‘s talk to joshua buatsi. in ghana, i remember wearing shorts every day, slippers every day, hence why i probably like wearing sliders a lot in this country, every opportunity i get, i‘m on it. as a kid, i got in trouble for breaking things and dropping things, so to this day, i will let you know a secret, if i have a choice of eating a normal plate or a plastic plate, and pick the plastic one. so a little secret for you, there. when i first moved to england, instantly, when the doors of the plane opened, i‘ve never experienced that code level in my life. straightaway, it was cold. i thought, ok. my life. straightaway, it was cold. ithought, ok. and my life. straightaway, it was cold. i thought, ok. and when it snowed, i was out there. i‘d never seen snow in my life. i‘m like, what is this falling from the sky? you know what imean? the
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falling from the sky? you know what i mean? the last time i want to was two years ago. it very low—key. i ring my mum when i‘m at the airport, say, mum, i‘ve lined, i‘m at the airport. she‘s like, well, i‘ll be there in 20. i‘ll be missing herfor a few weeks and then be like i‘m here in ghana. croydon, for me, was my first experience of england, so i thought it was like this everywhere. soi thought it was like this everywhere. so i came here, i‘ve been to primary school, high school, college, and university. so i stuck at it. that is growing up, my parents always drummed into my sister and i that education is important, it‘s the number one thing, that stuck with me for the first boxing match i watched was muhammad ali and joe fraser, the first fight. it was billed as the fight of the century, that was the first one that i watch, and i was inspired by that. you went to the other pics and got the bronze medal,
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you met floyd mayweather there? what did he say to you? —— the olympics. he said, if you want to make money, call this number, gave me a number and said, if you want to make money, call this. i said, and said, if you want to make money, call this. isaid, thank and said, if you want to make money, call this. i said, thank you. and said, if you want to make money, call this. isaid, thank you. he and said, if you want to make money, call this. i said, thank you. he was like, buatsi, what did i say to you? if you want to make money, call this number. did you ever call it? i didn‘t. i still want to make money but i never called the number. there are all kinds of ways you can make money, ifeel like i rang the right numberand it money, ifeel like i rang the right number and it that one. my friend said, wozza, use won an olympic medal, what are you doing going back to uni? —— wozza, you have won an medal? i was exceptionally happy that i went to university and got a good degree, good grey, so i was happy that i was able to do that and juggle happy that i was able to do that and juggle it while doing amateur boxing, it was a big hassle but i‘m glad i did boxing, it was a big hassle but i‘m glad i did it boxing, it was a big hassle but i‘m glad i did it because i know i owned
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it. i‘ve got one option and that‘s to keep moving forwards and keep winning and to be a real champion. but for this year, i‘m going to rest and recover, set up a few things and next year will go. my name isjoshua buatsi, that‘s a for attractive committee for county, s for super, eye for intelligent, remember the name. i think we‘ve got that! that‘s all from sportsday. from all of us, goodbye. hello. we will see little change in the weather heading into the weekend, low—pressure nearby, it will stay unsettled and cloudy for many of us, further outbreaks of rain and it will stay chilly for the time of year. this area of low pressure because all sorts of
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problems for the western half of europe, heavy snow, torrential flooding as we have seen in venice, and it has put us dreary weather which will continue through the night, lots of cloud, outbreaks of rain at times, certainly for england and wales and southern and eastern scotland. clear spells in the south and east and north and western scotla nd and east and north and western scotland and northern ireland, where it could be quite hold with frost and fog patches. into sunday, the best brightness across the far north—west of the country, thicker cloud further south, some patches of rain here and there, a few glimmers of brightness, wind lighter across the board so it shouldn‘t be quite as cold as it has been the last few days. heading into sunday, could be wet through central portions of the country, some brightness top and hail of the country.
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