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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  November 15, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm GMT

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now it's time for viewers' comments about bbc news coverage, in newswatch with samira ahmed. hello and welcome to newswatch with me, samirahmed. the strange hello and welcome to newswatch with me, samir ahmed. the strange tale of how three—year—old footage with borisjohnson how three—year—old footage with boris johnson laying a how three—year—old footage with borisjohnson laying a wreath at the cenotaph came to the showdown monday morning. was the failure to show the correct footage failure or conspiracy? —— error or conspiracy? remembrance sunday is always a significant day in the news calendar, with a solemn ceremony at the cenotaph in london, driven by a century of tradition. wreath s are
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laid by the royalfamily century of tradition. wreath s are laid by the royal family and century of tradition. wreath s are laid by the royalfamily and leaders political parties, and particularly during an election campaign it's bound to be the object of scrutiny foot of this year the prime minister faced criticism on a number of grounds, for stepping out of line too early, for wearing a blue rather than a black suit, for having his coat and on, and for apparently laying his first mac upside down. —— his coat undone. and for laying his first mac upside down. but there was nothing compared to the criticism of bbc breakfast when they broadcast this. the conservatives have pledged new protections to protect soldiers from legal actions, against accusations of wrongdoing on the battlefield, and labour says it will increase pay for the armed forces and improve accommodation. the liberal democrats have announced a £10,000 skills wallet adult training. those pictures, shown
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three times during monday morning's brea kfast three times during monday morning's breakfast at half past are urging the summary, were in fact from 2016 when borisjohnson was foreign secretary, carrying a green wreath inside of a red one and lined up alongside then prime minister theresa may and other politicians no longer in pus. a number of viewers spotted something wrong. —— politicians no longer in post. spotted something wrong. —— politicians no longer in postm looked rather different to the live broadcast the day before, where, if i'm prepping the owners, mrjohnson looked a bit unkempt and of course has been reported by others, but his wreath down upside down. i do want the bbc to be impartial. the footage of the broadcast was obviously more helpful to mrjohnson than the footage that went out live the day before. i'm certain you didn't lose
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it overnight, so my question is, why did you broadcast three—year—old footage without telling us and why you did it at all? please can someone you did it at all? please can someone explain why monday'sreport of the cenotaph ceremony included footage of borisjohnson of the cenotaph ceremony included footage of boris johnson clearly shot on a totally different occasion? there were so many of his discrepancies, not least of which that his wreath was a completely different colour, that i find it very ha rd different colour, that i find it very hard to believe this was a genuine mistake. a genuine mistake is exactly what the bbc said it was. but how could it have come about? the corporation's news footage is saved and stored in a digital system called jupiter, used across television news including breakfast, where journalists can access and edit footage recently broadcast, feeds from news agencies and also library material. footage is either marked blue if it's online and ready to use, purple if it's on the shelf,
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01’ to use, purple if it's on the shelf, or grey if it's in the off—line archive. at anyjupiter user can restore archive material, make a clip from it and rename it, and then it is available for broadcast. that, we are told, is what happened last weekend with those three—year—old pictures. to shed some more light on what happened, i'm going from salford by the editor of breakfast. thank you for coming under newswatch. given there was so much controversy about the prime minister's appearance at the cenotaph, people really concerned about why breakfast ran the wrong footage of three times a day after. can you understand that concern?” can understand that concern and as we stated at the time, i want to apologise for that error. it was a human error, it shouldn't have happened, and it's a mistake i have apologised for at the time and i've come on you watch to apologise for again. —— come on newswatch to apologise for again. the archive footage from three years ago, what
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was it doing on the server, anyway? i think it's important to give some context to this story. the original archive footage had been sourced 2a hours before, so one of the producers on that saturday night into sunday went into the millbank server, a smaller server, to search. and it's like google, for instance, you might put m, google, for instance, you might put in, johnson, cenotaph. and it called up in, johnson, cenotaph. and it called up this material and it was brought over to the salford server for use on that programme on sunday morning. in the end, it never got used on the programme on sunday morning, again, that's not unusual. there's often a lot of material brought into the building that isn't used, whether it's library or current, but it's there as an option to use. that doesn't then get automatically deleted, it stays on the system, so that material stayed on the system. another team then came in on sunday
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night, working into monday, to work on that programme and one of the tea m on that programme and one of the team was responsible for producing what is a small bit of content, it was a summery headline, a king is required at the bbc, out of vision. -- a 00v, required at the bbc, out of vision. —— a 00v, as we call it at the bbc. and that went out sunday morning. and that went out sunday morning. and they searched for cenotaph on the system and when they found that material, they've mistakenly thought it was relevant to the service that had taken place on sunday morning at 11 o'clock. people are puzzled as to why before the cenotaph ceremony happen, there is a search for material from the past, happen, there is a search for materialfrom the past, where it happen, there is a search for material from the past, where it was on the server at all. in that context, when you're putting together a programme that looked ahead to an event, you would a range of material that can help the viewer understand or imagine what will go
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on that day. —— you want a range of material. naturally, with it being his first appearance as prime minister, obviously he has been there before as foreign secretary, it's not unsurprising that by digging out some material that refers to him laying a wreath at a previous event, but this would be the sensible sort of material that you might want to use in a broadcast that was done on sunday morning looking ahead to what went on, so when you're speaking to a reporter who is at an event at seven o'clock in the morning because obviously not a lot is going on beforehand, but they are throwing ahead to what may happen later, it may be wanted by the programme team to use as a bitter picture to help illustrate what would be happening later on. —— isa what would be happening later on. —— is a bit of picture. of course, the preview footage was not used in that way at all, and i suppose people are wondering, wasn't it labelled with the date to be used in a news
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summary the date to be used in a news summary the following day suggest someone summary the following day suggest someone either wasn't reading the labels, that's what people are puzzled about. but you've got to remember is, the team was busy, it was labelled leaders at cenotaph 11, 13, referring to the date but not the year, he did have more detail elsewhere but they didn't read that, that was human error that came into it. they presumed this was footage of that day. there was no other recording on our server of the cenotaph service, so they made a mistake, human error, to use that footage and unfortunately it went out and for that i apologise. and just to be clear, the title didn't imply the year, you'd have to have gone into the notes that went with that footage and read them to realise for sure that the footage was three years old? absolutely. 2000 people have complained to the bbc about this and one suspicion is
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that ifjeremy corbyn had looked this dishevelled, the news media would have made a very big story of it, so what do you say to those who believe the bbc was trying to downplay the prime minister looking dishevelled? well, that's not true. just being here, explaining to you the course of events in some detail, is an attempt by me to be transparent and honest about a mistake that was just a human error. trust and accuracy is important to me as an editor, told the journalists who work in bbc news, and frankly, speaking for journalists who work in all pro customers, for them, too. because it undermines the confidence of the audience. —— who work in all broadcasters. i apologise for that it's important to get things right but human errors can happen and when they do, it's right apologise. thank you very much. thank you. -- its
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right to apologise. bbcjournals this week have been reporting for many parts of the uk affected by floods which caused disruption and damage across swathes of england and wales. elizabeth walker was unhappy with the coverage, writing... you, richard andrew wanted more of a wider perspective than that. finally, on tuesday, bbc news reported on the death of the former chief of the armed forces, who in
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2014 was falsely accused of child sexual abuse. linda was watching and took to twitter to ask... and peter had a different point to make, having watched the bbc news at ten. last week, two viewers told us what they hope to see from the bbc‘s coverage of the general election campaign. we would like to hear more of your opinions so that next week, we can put some of them to the head
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of bbc westminster, who i'll be speaking to. you can get in touch with us on any issue relating to bbc news by e—mailing... or on twitter. you can call us... and to have a look at our website. that's all from us, we'll be back to hear your thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. goodbye. the weekend is nearly upon us and things are set to remain pretty u nsettled things are set to remain pretty unsettled with low—pressure nearby, we are likely to see further outbreaks of rain and it will stay chili, temperatures below the seasonal average. there will be some sunshine around, i think scotland and northern ireland will fare best with this. this huge area of low pressure which has been affecting central and western europe has brought all sorts of problems, snow
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to spain, heavy snow to the alps, heavy rain and flooding in parts of italy, storm surges in venice, and it's been affecting our weather, bringing us chilly easterlies with a lot of cloud and outbreaks of rain. let's have a look through the evening and overnight. a few clear spells developing across the south—east but the lengthy as clear spells across northern and western scotla nd spells across northern and western scotland and northern ireland, where it will be chilly with a touch of frost, little flock as well. as we head into saturday day, it looks like low pressure is still nearby, this weather front thickening the cloud up, outbreaks of rain across southern and eastern scotland, parts of northern england, down into wales and the southwest. a bit of brightness in the midlands and into the south—east, one or two showers there, and some brightness for western scotland and parts of northern ireland before this weather front starts moving in later in the day. wind is light across the board on saturday, so though it will be chilly, it would be quite as cold as what we had been used for the last few days. to saturday night, staying pretty cloudy and damp for many
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areas, with the exception of northern scotland was clear spells there, and a few clear spells across central and southern england. where the skies will clear, it will be chilly, may be a touch of frost, where we hold on to cloud, no lower than 3—6. for sunday, the wettest of the weather through central areas, affecting southern scotland, northern england, including the flood sensitive areas, across the midlands and northern england, so certainly one to watch through the day. best of the sunshine for northern and western scotland, northern ireland and the fat south—east of the country, but it's going to be another chilly day. —— far south—east. next week, this ridge of high pressure will build in giving us a couple of fine days before the low—pressure system sta rts before the low—pressure system starts to hu rtle before the low—pressure system starts to hurtle in bringing strengthening winds and outbreaks of rain, but also a change of wind direction, so we will start next week of fine, dry, some sunshine, quite cold, then it turns more u nsettled quite cold, then it turns more unsettled with rain and wind at times and southerly winds bringing milderairto our times and southerly winds bringing milder air to our shores.
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will this is bbc news. the headlines at 8 labour promises free broadband for all by 2030. if they win the election — they'll partly nationalise bt — and tax the tech giants to pay for the 20 billion pound plans. fast and free broadband for all will fire up our economy, deliver a massive boost to productivity and bring half a million people back into the workforce. but the prime minister dismisses labour's proposals as ‘crazed communist‘ plans. we will not be doing some crackpot scheme involving many tens of billions of taxpayers money, nationalising a british


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