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aren't illegal. one of the things carrie lam has said is that she thinks the protesters welcome to bbc news, and ambulances should be on hand and i'm mike embley. our top stories: she believes there are a lot of in hong kong, younger activists are led out of the besieged 00:00:19,586 --> 2147483051:36:54,508 university campus, 2147483051:36:54,508 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 but a hundred protestors remain. injured people there. looking back we start in hong kong, with activists still under siege inside the polytechnic university. but around 100 protesters, to the high court, there has been including 50 under—18s, something on that. tell us more. have been led from the buildings as part of a deal negotiated by a group of headteachers. there's been more violence about ten days ago, well, a little as police try to keep the activists trapped inside. while ago, back in the beginning of some have tried to escape by abseiling onto the highway. outside the university protesters october, carrie lam used her have tried to break police lines. emergency powers that date back to police responded with rubber bullets and teargas. the days when hong kong was a our correspondent rupert wingfield british colony to ban facemasks for hayes has the latest. protesters. yesterday, the high for a few minutes today, court on monday said that was it looked like the siege of hong kong polytechnic university unconstitutional, that it was not compatible with the basic law, which might end peacefully. is the name of the mini constitution of hong kong, that was agreed when the young protesters began hong kong was handed overfrom streaming down the stairway, britain to china in 1997 and they but on sunday was set aflame to block the police said it was unconstitutional. since
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storming the campus. then, authorities on the mainland but seconds later, riot police began have said this is wrong, a firing tear gas grenades, sending the young protesters scattering in confusion. misinterpretation, and that only some did not escape. really the mainland authorities have the clear message from the police the right to say such things and have suggested that perhaps the bake today — if you surrender, you will be arrested. —— basic law could be amended or that laws in hong kong could be amended in order to take sure that hundreds of protesters are still hold up inside the university, face masks are bad. we have an and some of them, still election coming up at the weekend preparing for a fight. and carrie lam has said in the past this young man's she would cancel it and she has threatened again this week it could brother is one of them. be cancelled if there is continuing he is 22 years old, violence. what the mainland he graduated last year. authorities are saying about the he was, go to the school after work. face mask ban doesn't stand is only and we talked by what's up. going to anger protesters more so it will be a very difficult couple of we know he is safe now but he cannot come out because police forces days will stop will the protesters around the school are trying to, keep protesting and then perhaps give carrie lam the chance to cancel he is trying to come out last night but not successful. the election? if she does that, it might even make the protesters even angrier. i think we can go to carrie this evening, a small group made lam cross address. another break for it,
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abseiling down ropes from one of the university footbridges to a roadway below. and being taken away on awaiting motorcycles. anyone leaving the campus will have to be arrested. in light of the as night fell in kowloon, thousands of other protesters began coming onto the streets in support special circumstances, the age of of those still besieged inside the university. under 18 of a certain number of soon the streets of kowloon participants within the campus, and were once again ablaze. in order to achieve the objective of both a peaceful and rick collinson down the street behind me, about half a mile away is the hong kong polytechnic university, —— resolution, i have been asked which is still under siege. that —— —— resolution, i have been asked around it, in many, many that -- i —— resolution, i have been asked that —— i asked that the treatment places donate as scenes of these miners should be like this humanitarian way. we have arranged of complete chaos, running street battles between protesters for religious groups and and riot police. this, where we are standing here, representatives to go into the is next to many 5—star hotels. this is the heart of hong kong's campus to encourage and persuade tourist and shopping district. these miners to come out peacefully trapped in their rooms, tourists gazed down on the scenes below. late tonight, a handful of underage and if they come out peacefully, we protesters were allowed to leave the university campus. will just put and if they come out peacefully, we willjust put down their data so we make a record of their personal data but for everyone else, the police here are now taking and they may then leave the campus an increasingly hardline.
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and they may then leave the campus and return home. we have not done any immediate arrests of these underage protesters or other the hong kong chief executive carrie lam hasjust begun participants within the campus but making her weekly address. 00:03:22,925 --> 2147483051:38:26,177 let's speak to our 2147483051:38:26,177 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 correspondent andrew wood. of course we will have two reserve the right to undertake further investigations in the future. at the moment, as far as i can gather, there were about 600 people within there were about 600 people within the polytechnic campus who have come out, about 200 of them are minors as they have been subjected to the special arrangements that i have just referred to. and of the other 400, over 18, they have been immediately arrested. whether they came out peacefully on their own, surrendered themselves to police, or came out using their various methods and worker —— caught by police during this operation. the latest
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assessment given to me, that perhaps they would be about 100 or so people still on campus, so i made a very strong plea for everyone of us who are concerned about the situation, we will use whatever means to continue to persuade and arrange for these remaining protesters to leave these remaining protesters to leave the campus as as soon as possible so that this whole operation could be able to and in a peaceful manner and lay the basis for the subsequent work by the police to stop violence in hong kong. thank you very much.
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carrie lam thinking about 100 stu d e nts carrie lam thinking about 100 students are still on campus although she does not think they are all students but they will try to end confrontation by peaceful means. she also has asked for the under 18 and to be treated humanely. encouraging them to come out peacefully. that there personal data would be noted but they would not be arrested. we will keep you up—to—date. britain's prince andrew is facing more pressure in the wake of his bbc interview, when he was questioned about his friendship with the convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein, who died earlier this year. a majorfirm hasjust pulled out of a project involving the prince, and he's been urged by victims ofjeffrey epstein have to help american investigators
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with their inquiries. the prince has consistently denied allegations about his own conduct. this report from our royal correspondent nicholas witchell contains flashing images. in los angeles tonight, a lawyer for some of jeffrey epstein's alleged victims and a young woman who says she was raped by epstein at the age of 15. and, in no uncertain terms, prince andrew was urged to step forward and tell the fbi everything he knows about the behaviour and activities of his former friend, jeffrey epstein. he described in his interview this weekend thatjeffrey epstein's home was "like a railway station". well, a lot of the people in his homes that were coming in and out were minors, underage girls. it's not something that anyone should close their eyes to. these are somebody‘s children. these are kids.
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it would help the victims, ms allred said, if prince andrew would take the initiative and submit himself to being questioned. it's the honourable and right thing to do. but will he? there's no absolute commitment so far that prince andrew will agree to be questioned by the us authorities. the palace line at the moment is that, if a request is received, it will be considered. two nights ago, prince andrew did his best to answer the central allegations with categoric denials of impropriety. do you remember meeting her at all? no. you can say categorically that you don't recall meeting virginia roberts, dining with her, dancing with her at tramp, or going on to have sex with her in a bedroom in a house in belgravia? i can absolutely, categorically tell you it never happened.
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but today, a further sign of the damage this is doing to the prince's reputation. one of his initiatives is called pitch at the palace — it's a scheme to help entrepreneurs. tonight, the accountants kpmg announced they were withdrawing their sponsorship for the scheme. the decision was taken before the newsnight interview, but it's understood the ongoing controversy around prince andrew is one of the reasons for it. but, for all of the criticisms, andrew's officials say he's determined to carry on. there is no question of him stepping back in any way from his royal duties. nicholas witchell, bbc news, buckingham palace. the us secretary of state has announced that washington no longer considers israeli settlements built in the occupied west bank to be illegal. the move breaks with 4 decades of american foreign policy. the settlements, home to about 600,000 jews, on land israel occupied
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in the 1967 middle east war. they are widely considered illegal under international law, although israel has always disputed this. palestinians want this disputed territory as part of a future independent state. in effect, this undercuts all legal framework for the piecework, including palestinian self—determination? including palestinian self-determination? it would appear too. absolutely. secretary of state mike pompeo say previous policies we re mike pompeo say previous policies were inconsistent, in his words, and if the trumpet administration was reversing 40 yea rs if the trumpet administration was reversing 40 years of policy in this regard by declaring that these settle m e nt regard by declaring that these settlement were not in breach of international law. that puts the united states at odds with the eu, the united nations and, of course, american allies in the middle east. as far as the israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu is concerned, it is music to his ears. his opponent has until wednesday to form a government and if you cannot do that, there will probably be a third election and that this could play into the hands of benjamin netanyahu who has rung president trump this evening thanking him for making this move. it is another move from the trump administration pro— israeli. there was also the annexation of the golan heights earlier this year. some correspondence have said international law has not helped and that the growth of settlements have pretty much killed any hope for a two state solution but this will not give any hope to the palestinians?
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the feeling is it encourages the annexation of the west bank and this is something that benjamin netanyahu has exposed in the past but you are absolutely right, there is a feeling this will kill stone dead any possibility of a two state solution which has long been the approved, favourite template for some sort of peace in the middle east. thank you very much for that. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: we'll have more on our main story the continuing stand off between protesters and police in hong kong. benazir bhutto has claimed victory in pakistan's general election and she's asked pakistan's president to name her as prime minister.
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jackson's been released on bail of $3 million after turning himself in to police in santa barbara. it was the biggest demonstration so far of the fast—growing european anti—nuclear movement. the south african government has announced that its opening the country's remaining whites—only beaches to people of all races. this will lead to a black majority government in this country and the destruction of the white civilisation. part of the centuries—old windsor castle, one of the queen's residences, has been consumed by fire for much of the day. 150 firemen have been battling the blaze, which has caused millions of pounds worth of damage. this is bbc news, the main story this hour:
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a hong kong politician who has visited besieged protesters at a university campus say they are running out of food and water. let's return to our top story, for more on this we can speak to danny gittings, a hong kong legal scholar. i wanted to ask you about the statement from the chief legislator about the comment from hong kong on facemasks. what is your reaction? yes, this is serious indeed. —— significant. the anti— facemask law was said to be incompatible with the basic law but our constitution here is written by china and china has the ultimate power to interpret it and today, a working body, a committee, certainly working level
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so committee, certainly working level so far, under the international legislator said the court decision was wrong. as i said, it is only a working level body at the moment and in the past they have issued state m e nts in the past they have issued statements which haven't been followed by action there is a general feeling followed by action there is a generalfeeling and followed by action there is a general feeling and already some indications that this will be followed by action which would essentially reverse the court decision and would also greatly reduce the power of the courts of the hong kong going forward. reduce the power of the courts of the hong kong going forwardm isn't definitive yet but surely it would in effect render all of hong kong's protections, completely conditional, on from beijing. those protections which come from the constitutional document, a very large amount, yes, if it does become official, the courts will no longer than have the power, if you pass a law that takes away freedoms in hong kong, it would no longer be for the courts to decide whether that law would allowed —— be allowed or not, it would be for the international legislator. we do have freedoms
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protected in other ways in hong kong apart from the china written constitution and those probably wouldn't be affected but most freedoms in hong kong are protected drew the basic law. briefly if you can and it is surely a profound challenge to the so—called one country, two systems, do you see there is much the rest of the world can do about it? it has been knocking around for a long time in china. there have long been scholars in china saying courts in hong kong shouldn't be allowed to do such things so the idea isn't new. what is new and very significant is an official statement from part of the chinese state, endorsing the idea. we have never seen chinese state, endorsing the idea. we have never seen that before and you can already see it going around the world. it is only a few weeks since the forest —— foreign affairs committee in london wander around the possible reputational risk of reducejudges the possible reputational risk of reduce judges continuing to sit on a court of final appeal here. a very unusual arrangement. british, australian, new zealand and now a
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canadianjudge australian, new zealand and now a canadian judge come and visit and sit on the boards here and there we re sit on the boards here and there were already concerns about whether that practice should continue and i am sure that these events will feed into that. thank you very much indeed. research by brazil's space agency shows deforestation in the amazon is at its highest level in more than a decade — and up 30% on last year. the total amount of trees cleared in the year to august was almost 10,000 square kilometres, to put that into perspective, around 2,000 football pitches a day. thank you for your time, what do you make of this? thank you so much. give us your reaction to this new data. this data is of the highest since 2008 so it is a very large
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area, taking into consideration that we should be going towards a little bit less than 400,000 square kilometres. this is the milestone of the government for 2020 which isn't very far away and this is a direct result of jair bolsonaro's administration's agenda which has been dismantling environmental agencies and policies which should be in place to reduce deforestation. the government would say that this figure is nowhere near as high as the early 2000 and the years before that and he hasn't actually changed any laws. right, it is not as high as it was but then, many measures and policies were implemented that dropped deforestation by a little bit less than 5000 square kilometres in 2012 so what jair bolsonaro has
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done is he removed, his government removed done is he removed, his government re m oved lots done is he removed, his government removed lots of mechanisms that were there, in place, to reduce deforestation to the prospects are not great for the following years. yes, i wasn't going to ask you, where do you see things going from here? i see that as soon as the government refers to this —— before this government puts in place effective policies, we are not going to reduce deforestation. the trend is it will keep going up. if we keep -- if is it will keep going up. if we keep —— if we look at the alerts for the following period, we can see that from august to october, there was already a decrease of 100% in the area with deforestation alerts, showing there is a deep —— a trend of deforestation going up and up again. thank you very much for talking to us. thank you. a tiny piece of literary history has sold
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for more than half a million dollars in paris. it's a miniature magazine by the author, charlotte bronte. lucy williamson has the story. inside this tiny book charlotte bronte covered the world. stories of heroes and adventurers, feuds and love affairs in far—flung corners of the globe. the manuscript called the young men's magazine was written for her brothers‘ toy soldiers. today it sold for three quarters of a million euros to the bronte parsonage museum in howarth. it already has the other four surviving little books. we are absolutely delighted. i could almost hear the whoops of delight all the way from howarth. it's the second time they've tried to buy this manuscript. the first time they tried and failed in 2011 when it was bought by the collection that is being dismembered here. to finally bring it home for them now is a great moment. packed into these 4000 tiny
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words are early clues about charlotte bronte's literary ideas. in one story she describes a man in a burning bed, a scene that is revisited in her most famous workjane eyre. after a journey of almost two centuries, the little book that allowed charlotte bronte to explore the world outside howarth is finally coming home. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. and just a return to the top story. carrie lam still speaking in her weekly address, she said at least 400 over rate teens have been arrested. she has been talking about the situation on the campus but police estimate only about 100 left. she has been saying that she has been asking for the miners, the underage teens who are left, to be treated humanely and encouraged to
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come out peacefully. she has said their personal data will be noted even though they won't be arrested. that is it for now. much more anytime on the bbc website. thank you for watching. hello there. the largely dry and sunny conditions of the next few days will be very welcome across much of the country, particularly for england and wales which has seen so much rainfall over the past few weeks. this morning we're starting off on a cold, frosty note with some fog around. some of it could be quite dense. it looks like it will stay sunny for many areas through the day. a ridge of high—pressure bringing these fine, settled conditions. this weather front pushing into western areas means that temperatures will be starting on such a cold note, as they will be further north and east. perhaps —9 or —10 degrees in one or two spots in scotland and around —5, —6 for northern england, so a bitterly cold start of the day with a hard frost across the country. dense fog patches through the midlands into southern england, wales, could cause some issues through the morning. they'll tend to lift into low cloud, perhaps drift northwards into parts
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of lincolnshire and yorkshire, spoiling the sunshine a little bit here. for most it will be cold and sunny. this weather front bringing outbreaks of rain into parts of northern ireland, western fringes of wales and into the south—west of england where there it will be less cold here, but another chilly day for all. on into tuesday night, picking up more of breeze from the south, so although it starts off cold, by the end of the night, it looks like rural frost will be limited more towards scotland and the north—east of england. still actually start for wednesday. variable amounts of cloud with spells of sunshine too. this weather front across the west will be producing spells of rain for northern ireland, perhaps western wales and in towards the south—west of england. but most places should be dry. temperatures reaching 10 degrees, belfast, plymouth, but still single values elsewhere. now into thursday, subtle change as this area of low pressure,
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this weather front, just wiggles a bit further east. it could introduce outbreaks of rain through thursday to western parts of england, wales, northern ireland and perhaps south—west scotland. could see just one or two showers moving up the east coast affecting the north—east of scotland. these will be wintry on the high ground. a breezy day with the wind blowing up from the south—east. again temperatures reaching double figures across the south, maybe 11 or 12 in plymouth. single figures elsewhere, will remain fairly chilly. and dry and bright with sunshine. as we head into the latter parts of the week and into the weekend, low pressure skirts by southern parts of britain and heads on into the central mediterranean but another low pressure system will push into western parts of the country through the weekend, perhaps into the start of next week, bringing very mild air to our shores but also could push some rainfall across more central and eastern parts of the country as well so turning a bit more unsettled into the weekend.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: a hong kong legislator who has visited protesters inside the polytechnic university, which is surrounded by police, says supplies of food and water are unlikely to last another day. ted hui from the opposition democratic party told the bbc that about 200 students remained besieged and were exhausted. there has been more violence as police tried to keep activists trapped inside a. the trump administration has declared that israeli settlements in the occupied west bank are not illegal, reversing the united states' decades—old policy. israel invaded the area in 1967, and has since built hundreds of thousands of homes forjewish settlers there in defiance of international criticism. the multinational accountancy firm kpmg has decided not to renew its sponsorship of an entrepreneurship initiative started by britain's prince andrew. a major reason is understood to have been revelations about the prince's ties to the convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein,
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