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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 20, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. tottenham have sacked mauricio pochettino after five years in charge at the premier league club. he was appointed in may 2014 and led spurs to the champions league final last season. but they have made a disappointing start to this campaign, and are currently 14th in the league, 20 points behind the leaders, liverpool. jose mourinho is the favourite to takeover. patrick gearey reports. totte n ha m tottenha m fa ns have tottenham fans have long said that mauricio pochettino is magic. very few expected this disappearing act. the manager considered the best of their recent history, sacks less than half a year after taking them
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to their first—ever champions league final. ina to their first—ever champions league final. in a statement, spurs chairman daniel leavy said he was extremely reluctant to make this decision, but explained... not everyone agrees. former spurs striker gary lineker tweeted... his surprise was widely shared. since arriving in may 2014, pochettino had become the face of a new look spurs, energetic and confident. they broke into the exclusive church club of the champions league places, and they are attacking —— there are attacking football one friends if not trophies. last season they came closer than ever, losing to liverpool in the champion ‘s league final. but the hangover has lasted nearly six months. now, in a shiny new ground, spurs are 14th. form has drained away. as early as the summer, there were signs that something was not right. may be the clu b something was not right. may be the club needs to change, you know? because my job now
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club needs to change, you know? because myjob now is to coach the team. i don't know, it is not a question for me. it is a question for the club, but maybe they are going to change my title description. tottenham are now not only changing the job title, but the employee himself. jose mourinho is understood to be a strong contender to replace a manager many spurs fans believed to be the best of their lifetimes. now they have a vacancy where once they had a hero. the 2016 semi—finalists wales took the last automatic qualification spot as they beat hungary 2—0 to book their place at next year's european championship finals. both goals came from juventus midfielder aaron ramsey, who started for the first time in this campaign. 0ur reporter andy swiss was watching in cardiff. well, qualification certainly hasn't been easy for wales. it has been some rollercoaster ride. but they have come good just when it mattered, particularly their
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big—name players, aaron ramsey and gareth bale. starting a qualifier together for the first time in two yea rs, together for the first time in two years, and they combined to stunning effect to put wales ahead. bale's ci’oss effect to put wales ahead. bale's cross and ramsey's header putting them in the lead afterjust two minutes. hungary did cause problems was the end of the first half, wayne hennessey forced into a couple of saves. just after the break, aaron ramsey lashed home his second to put wales to happen zero up, and from there there was really no way back for hungary. so wales through to the european championships for the second time in a row. what an achievement for manager ryan giggs. of course, he never made it to a major tournament as a player, but as a manager, he has guided wales to euro 2020. and, after reaching the semifinals at euro 2016, the wales fa ns semifinals at euro 2016, the wales fans will be hoping that once again they can do something special.m fans will be hoping that once again they can do something special. it is up they can do something special. it is up there. it is, you know, one of
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the greatest notes of my life, simple as that. the lads have showed great determination, quality, never give up attitude, and they deserve all the plaudits they are going to get. because, even though we had games to make up, there was no real room for error. so the concentration, and like i say, the quality that the lads have shown, you know, deserve it. elsewhere, serge gnabry scored a hat—trick as germany topped their group with a 6—1win over nothern ireland. netherlands had to settle for second place, despite gini wijnaldum's hat—trick in a 5—0 win over estonia. big wins for belgium and russia, too. so wales, as i said, take the final automatic qualification spot, meaning these are the 20 teams who have guaranteed their place at euro 2020. they all either won their group orfinished second.
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but there are still four places up for grabs, with 16 teams left to fight over them. they are going to be split into four groups of four teams on friday, when the draw takes place. the highest—ranked team in each group will host the lowest—ranked, with the second playing against the third in semi—finals on 26 march. the winners of those matches will meet in four winner—take—all finals a few days later. former barcelona boss luis enrique is returning as spain manager, five months after stepping down to be with his family. he resigned injune and later announced that his nine—year—old daughter, xana, had died from bone cancer. he will replace robert moreno, who had previously said he would step aside if enrique ever wanted to return. ealier we spoke to spanish football journalist ernest macia, who told us about the challenges spain need to overcome to return to the top of world football. it's always difficult, because some of these players are growing older.
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and there are other youngsters that have two make it. and this transition is always easy, because it not only implies to change the name of the players, but also the change of style. enrique has shown that he can adapt to different styles of play. in barcelona it is more difficult, because you have the eye of barcelona which compels you to play in a specific sort of way, but in spain it will be easierfor him. and of course, the results will affect the situation in the future, but i think that macia has the potential to do a good job. canada are the first country into the quarter finals of the davis cup after they beat the united states on tuesday. something they failed to do in their previous 15 attempts. vasek pospisil, who stunned fabio fognini on monday and is ranked 150th, gave them a perfect start
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with a hard—fought win over reilly 0pelka, 7—6, 7—6. denis shapovalov then won the second match to seal their quarter—final place. rafael nadal earned a point for the hosts spain against russia after beating karen khachanov. the world number one came through in straight sets, 6-3, 7-6. that made it 1—1 after roberto bautista agut had lost earlier to andrey rublev. spain then won the deciding doubles match to take the tie 2—1. last year's runners—up, france, survived a scare as they beat japan in their opening davis cup match in madrid. jo—wilfried tsonga beat yasutaka uchiyama in the opening singles match. it was all pretty straightforward, 6—2, 6—1. there was a surprise defeat for gael monfils against yoshihito nishioka, but france won the deciding doubles tie for a 2—1win.
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great britain begin their davis cup finals campaign on wednesday against the netherlands. former world number one andy murray says he needs to be cautious about the intense schedule after having hip surgery injanuary. the tournament has had a total revamp with a round—robin format going into a knockout phase, and all matches played within a week. murray says he's keeping an open mind about the changes: people have been quite sceptical about the new format, which is fine, because like i said, it is a big change. and i had my reservations about it. but ijust feel like — it is fairto give about it. but ijust feel like — it is fair to give the opportunity a chance, so the new event a chance to play itself out, and see how it is at the end of the week. and i would just say, from my perspective, i don't know what all of the other players have been saying, orfeel about it that have been here, but i think it's been very well run so far. it's been very easy for all of the players. i think generally, you know, people have been fairly negative about the new concept, and
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ijust negative about the new concept, and i just feel negative about the new concept, and ijust feel in negative about the new concept, and i just feel in tennis and negative about the new concept, and ijust feel in tennis and sometimes we are quite reluctant to make changes. this is a big change, and i feel like we should just have it an opportunity to see how it goes. and australia have appointed dave rennie as their head coach. he replaces chieka. rennie will fulfil his coaching commitments with glasgow warriors before joining the wallabies in july. rugby glasgow warriors before joining the wallabies injuly. rugby australia have described his appointment as a massive coup. he becomes australia's second foreign coach following compatriot robbie deans. —— deans. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello there. it was a very cold start to tuesday — widespread frost up and down the country, particularly across scotland, far north of england. now, for this morning, it's not going to be quite as cold to start. that's because we've had more of a breeze, and variable amounts of cloud too. there's still a few chilly spots across the north—east of the country, where a few clear spells linger. but further west, we'll have more of a breeze, and these weather fronts bringing thicker cloud, outbreaks of rain affecting parts of south—west england through the day, maybe western wales, along some irish sea coasts, northern ireland, and affecting western scotland at times. there could just be the odd shower, as well, running into the eastern coast of england, perhaps into north—east scotland, but most places will be dry. variable cloud, some spells of sunshine. again, another chilly day to come, maybe not quite as cold across western areas. more cloud here, ten or 11 degrees. now, as we head to wednesday night, it says mainly dry again for much
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of the country. variable cloud, quite a breeze blowing, so it's not going to be quite as cold again, with lows down to 1—3 degrees. but generally, for many, fours and fives, and certainly a little bit milder than that further west, where we have the cloud and the rain. thursday, a similar picture. we'll continue with this weather front across western areas, bringing outbreaks of rain. the odd heavier burst towards the south—west, but generally light and patchy elsewhere. variable cloud, some sunny spells, and a bit more of that around on thursday. temperature—wise, again, single figures for most, but nines, maybe tens across the south. some subtle change as we head on into friday. looks like this weather front may push a little bit further north and eastwards across the country, so it could be a cloudier day still, with outbreaks of rain moving across northern england into parts of scotland. further south, we may see some sunshine developing, but a rush of heavier showers following on into friday afternoon, and into the evening, particularly in the south—west. temperatures coming up on the south, as well. tens and 11 degrees quite widely.
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still a cooler feel across the north, but even here, eight and nine. then, as we head on into the weekend, looks like an area of low pressure will skirt southern parts of the uk. the weather front may spread northwards, introducing a band of rain, and then we look to the west. this next area of low pressure, which could bring more widespread wetter and windier weather as we head through the latter part of the weekend into the start of next week. but you will notice the orange colour is really taking over, so it really will be quite mild as we end the week, although it will be turning more and more unsettled, with rain spreading to many areas. it will be quite windy as well. those temperatures reaching the low teens celsius, particularly across england and wales.
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welcome to bbc news. i'm mike embley. our top stories: four more witnesses testify in washington as the impeachment inquiry ramps up pressure on president trump. it is improperfor the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a us citizen and a political opponent. amnesty international says at least 100 people have been killed across iran in days of demonstrations. security forces are accused of firing directly on protesters. twitter condemns britain's conservative party, saying it misled the public by rebranding one of its accounts, ‘factcheckuk', during a live tv debate. and is hong kong's university stand—off in its final hours? only a few protesters remain, surrounded by police.


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