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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  November 20, 2019 2:30am-3:00am GMT

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more senior officials have appeared before the impeachment hearings, investigating whether donald trump has abused his presidential power, and the white house has attacked its own most senior ukraine official, as he was giving public testimony. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman told congress that a phone call made by the president was improper and left him in shock, the official white house twitter account was questioning his judgement. amnesty international has confirmed reports that more than 100 people have died in iran during five days of protests sparked by a fuel price rise. the group believes the figure is higher. security forces are accused of firing directly on protesters. iran's supreme leader, ayatollah khamenei, blamed foreign enemies for the unrest. twitter has issued a warning to britain's conservative party after it rebranded one of its twitter accounts to look like an election fact—checking agency during the first tv debate of the election campaign.
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you are up—to—date on the headline. time for the travel show. hello and welcome to the travel show, coming to you this week from rwanda. i am in the capital to meet the people determined to make the country one of east africa's cultural hotspots. how do i look? good? cat is in copenhagen, skiing off the roof of a power plant. ijust want to make it down without falling over. and simon is back with his tip on how to take a new train link. to the world's older city. north-east siberia is now easier to reach.
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we start this week in copenhagen. by 2025 they hope this will become the world's very first carbon neutral city. we sent cat to find out how they are getting on. denmark is a country that takes its ego friendly reputation very seriously. it is claimed more than two—thirds of their waste is recycled and 30% of their energy consumption comes from renewable sources. they even say the harbour
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is clean enough for you to swim in. not something i will be trying on a cold winter's day. instead, i am on a boat that is a fleet of electorate votes available to hire here in copenhagen. it is charged back at the dock with solar panels. that means no noisy engines and no c02 emissions. this green drive has had another added push with the opening ofa another added push with the opening of a new tourist attraction. built on top of the unlikeliest of buildings, a power station. fuelled by waste and build upon of the most environmentally friendly plants of its kind. opened last month, the copen hills spans more than 40,000 square metres. this slope i am on works its way from the bottom all the way up the side of the building and it is open every day of the week
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for hikers, sightseers and even skiers. the ski slope is made from the slip to synthetic material. it is coloured green to stop the slope from discolouring. so they are still just doing a little bit of work up here, but look, right overthere, thatis here, but look, right overthere, that is sweden, which is very cool, and on the other side, we have this amazing view of copenhagen. one of the things we realised quite quickly is that if you take a section of the building it slips down from low to high. all the way up to about 90 metres. the other things about denmark is that danish people love to ski but denmark is completely
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flat so they would drive for three hours to sweden to ski on a slope about 80 metres high. we quickly realised that since we have mountains of trash apparently, we could turn into mountains of create —— recreation and skiing that could become a public amenity in the very centre of the city of copenhagen. sustainability tends to be the thing thatis sustainability tends to be the thing that is seen as a... sustainability is something you do which you have to do something less and you have to have less life experience. but what we really wanted to do with this project is expressed that somehow sustainability can be something that is positive and fun and that actually gives more back to people and to the city. inside, glass lift shows people the inner workings of the powerstation. and tours are available as an activity. basically what is going on, it is a mix of
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leftover tree branches and also general waste as well? that is correct. we see waste from households and from industries, all the waste that cannot be recycled. how the waste that cannot be recycled. h ow ofte n the waste that cannot be recycled. how often do these trucks come? there seems to be a very steady flow. even in the last few minutes. we have around 300 lorries coming in ona we have around 300 lorries coming in on a daily basis. inside the waste silo, giant grabbers mix the rubbish before dropping it into the furnace. so this is where the waste is being incinerated. i will show you over here. it is quite a sight. 0h! it is here. it is quite a sight. oh! it is like staring into the pits of hell! the plant generates electricity and
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potentially enough annual heating for 150,000 homes. we potentially enough annual heating for150,000 homes. we have potentially enough annual heating for 150,000 homes. we have waste in copenhagen, we will keep on producing waste in copenhagen and the rest of the world, so this is a product that is already here so we might as well use it for something reasonable, something that makes sense. back on the slope, it is time for me to get my skis on. can i borrow your one moment? thank you. i haven't been on a dry ski slope for maybe 15 yea rs. been on a dry ski slope for maybe 15 years. you will have fun. i have been on actual snow. well, it is quite different. speed is your friend, so... there you go. speed is my friend? yeah. i don't really know how this is going to go, if i am going to wipe out!
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ijust want out! i just want to make it down without falling over. 0h! after that initial wobble, i was soon feeling confident. maybe a bit too confident. that went very well. and the copen hills open now to skiers of all abilities. and if you are thinking of travelling to denmark, here are some things we think you should look out for. if you are staying in copenhagen, you could cycle to tivoli gardens, established in 1843, it is one of the world's oldest and prettiest amusement parks. plus, it is right in the city. ferry
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taillights and hans christian andersen is said to have visited many times. it is said while disney found his inspiration here. if you are feeling brave, you could take an icy dip of the northern tip of denmark. it is a swimming festival and anyone who takes part earns the name of icebreaker. organisers promise it will be an atmospheric and invigorating event. although something very different, there is a prison ink festival in may. 250 tater artists from around the world will be on hand to ink you up. organisers are expecting around 5000 people to attend over the three day event. now, malaysians themselves admit that nothing unites their multicultural nation better than their food, so we are multicultural nation better than theirfood, so we are in sarawak multicultural nation better than their food, so we are in sarawak to
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see what goes into their unofficial official national disc —— dish. people know me as the boss, we are in sarawak! today, i am going to teach you how to cook the best muscle and back with a few twists. nasi lemak has coconut milk and the most important thing is the spicy signature special red sauce —— sambal. we have rice, water, and this is the most important thing, coconut milk. nasi lemak. without the coconut milk, it wouldn't be nasi lemak. and then... this pandan
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leaf. just for the flavour and the fragrance. basically when it is ready, the smell will tell you, the fragrance will tell you. now we move over to the sambal. the onion... everyone can have nasi lemak. you have to make it simple, make it nice. and if you want... steamed hot rice interviews with coconut milk, seasoned with special spicy signature red sauce. you can sell that! this one... cheaper. perfect. this is golden brown. we will just perfect. this is golden brown. we willjust add in this. this is the
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chilli paste. and then sour papaya. prawn pace. you can smell it from 1000 miles away. —— prawn paste. this is a traditional sambal. yep. 0k. this is a traditional sambal. yep. ok. there we go. the cucumber sliced... deep—fried anchovy is... —— anchovies. and there we have it. the perfect project. nasi lemak can go with anything from fried chicken to peking duck! or you can go basic. there we go. the spiciness, coconut milk... awesome!
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stick around, because still to come on the travel show, we explore how to reach the world's oldest city by train. and i am seeing how this city is transforming into a cultural hotspot. i think i made it for about half of that choreography. they are s0 half of that choreography. they are so good! hello again. today i am focusing on a subject that more of you want to know about than any other. budget travel in europe. i aim to help with
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seeing dubrovnik on a shoestring, recommending the best greek island for a recommending the best greek island fora cup recommending the best greek island for a cup price may escape, and the tricky business of international rail travel. first, though, as winter gets a grip on the northern hemisphere, the world's oldest city in north—east siberia is now easier to reach, a new railway line connects the city to the rest of the russian rail network... almost. the wide river stops the line just short of the city, but in winter, when the river is frozen, vehicles take passengers a short distance from the end of the line, and in summer, there are fairies. back here in europe, better news want to know... dubrovnik and budget used to go well together in the same sentence, but croatia's most beautiful city is now very firmly on the tourist trail. as
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a result of prices for everything from coffee to souvenirs have soared and finding bargains is challenging. or eating, and finding bargains is challenging. oreating, drinking, and finding bargains is challenging. or eating, drinking, chilling and quite possibly sleeping, i urge you to consider the spectacular 45 minute boat ride from the old harbour in dubrovnik. this ancient town was once a greek outpost, a roman colony, and is now a backwater without the crowds and the higher prices of dubrovnik. edward has a romantic plan for 2020. hi and thank you for your question. to help you out with this i found someone to help you out with this i found someone with specialist knowledge. one of the most romantic islands is
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the island of milos. it has some of the island of milos. it has some of the best beaches in greece and great kazan. for your sour —— stay i recommend colonia or adamas. many viewers have gotten in touch asking how to switch from air to rail but some say they find it difficult to source international train ticket. i have many years experience of organising rail travel in europe and, regretfully, istill organising rail travel in europe and, regretfully, i still have not found an agent who can successfully connect any two points on the continent. however, i hope i can help you reach the swedish capital.
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because you know exactly where you wa nt to because you know exactly where you want to be and when, i do not recommend into rail. instead i suggest you use french railways or its partner to get to brussels. from there, german railways can get you to copenhagen, and swedish railways will go from the danish capital to stockholm in under six hours. the earlier you book, and the more flexible you can be, the lower the cost. wherever you are heading, i am here to help. sending your questions andi here to help. sending your questions and i will do my best to find you an answer. rwanda has just top 2020 african destination list and i am here in the capital, kigali. the city as a hub for start—ups. it has a buzzing
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heart seen and great local entertainment. but while most travellers with three to get straight to the wildlife, i have come to see what the capital has to offer. the city is impressively spotless, there is wi—fi everywhere and perhaps, most importantly, there isa and perhaps, most importantly, there is a real sense of pride bursting from every single person i talked to. this is thanks, in no small part, to the national initiative. a movement to support and inspire local business and the maiden rwanda label is now a badge of honour. this all reflects the new rwandan identity, no longer divided along ethnic or tribal lines. i am at this house where a designer set up shop eight years ago. and he has seen his
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brand grow in popularity. he even sees his clothes on the red carpet of blockbuster film black panther. sees his clothes on the red carpet of blockbuster film black pantherlj wa nted of blockbuster film black panther.” wanted to show the best of rwanda. there is a lot of undiscovered talent here. it is part of my mandate to use as much local talent and expertise as possible. it is important that we build the local ecosystem of models and photographers, lighting experts. when we do that we can say we have a localfashion when we do that we can say we have a local fashion industry. when we do that we can say we have a localfashion industry. i am dying to find out about the premier suit he made for the protagonist mother. it was made remotely and he worked off photographs, right down to the wire. it got to about three or four hours before the premier. talk about cutting it fine. bloodshot eyes was to mark you had not slept? even when you have the technology it was an absolute miracle. it was exciting and an important time for rwandan
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fashion. he and other designers are not only thriving here in rwanda but selling abroad. fashion is not the only thing growing here, thanks to the maiden rwanda slogan. music and dance have always been away for people to express themselves and now with the national revival you cannot go far here without hearing a drumbeat. this is one of east africa's largest arts centre with a range of rwandan cultural experiences. how do i look? good? i have noticed this sense of prize —— pride. why is this dance so symbolic of rwandan culture. it is essential for the kids to have some sort of identity and understanding. of the culture, that is what is needed.” guess you can tell what will happen
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next. oh, boy. here we go. i think ithinki i think i made it for about half of that choreography. these kids are so good! i have had so much fun today getting stuck into rwandan culture. now i have a cocktail and i'm about to kick back and enjoy rwandan style. i am here to see dayo perform, one of kigali's rising musical sensations. it is our traditional music. our
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history and our identity. many years ago it was disappearing so i decided to introduce my music to the new world. such a beautiful sound. the lyrics of your music, what do they mean? what are you saying?” lyrics of your music, what do they mean? what are you saying? i want eve ryo ne mean? what are you saying? i want everyone to know our culture, our history. if they listen to a story and where we come from. it gives inspiration to other nations. this new generation of rwandans who have moved on from the countries dark and violent past shedding light and colour across the country. and while most travellers rush through kigali it is worth putting aside some time to explore the people, the passion and their aircrafts in this bustling city. —— and their craft. that is it
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for this week. if you can, join us next week when... for this week. if you can, join us next week when. .. cat is for this week. if you can, join us next week when... cat is back in iceland new kind of sanctuary for wales is getting ready for its residentss. if you insist. if you insist. there we go. oh. hello. catch that if you can add in the meantime, don't forget we are all over social media. why not sign up to was there and join us out here on the road in real—time and share your travel stories with the rest of the world. until then, from me and the rest of the team, it is goodbye.
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hello there. it was a very cold start to tuesday — widespread frost up and down the country, particularly across scotland, the far north of england. now, for this morning, it's not going to be quite as cold to start. that's because we've had more of a breeze, and variable amounts of cloud too. there's still a few chilly spots across the north—east of the country, where a few clear spells linger. but further west, we'll have more of a breeze, and these weather fronts bringing thicker cloud, outbreaks of rain affecting parts of south—west england through the day, maybe western wales, along some irish sea coasts, northern ireland, and affecting western scotland at times. there could just be the odd shower, as well, running into the eastern coast of england, perhaps into north—east scotland, but most places will be dry. variable cloud, some spells of sunshine. again, another chilly day to come, maybe not quite as cold across western areas.
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more cloud here, ten or 11 degrees. now, as we head to wednesday night, it says mainly dry again for much of the country. variable cloud, quite a breeze blowing, so it's not going to be quite as cold again, with lows down to 1—3 degrees. but generally, for many, fours and fives, and certainly a little bit milder than that further west, where we have the cloud and the rain. thursday, a similar picture. we'll continue with this weather front across western areas, bringing outbreaks of rain. the odd heavier burst towards the south—west, but generally light and patchy elsewhere. variable cloud, some sunny spells, and a bit more of that around on thursday. temperature—wise, again, single figures for most, but nines, maybe tens across the south. some subtle change as we head on into friday. looks like this weather front may push a little bit further northwards and eastwards across the country, so it could be a cloudier day still, with outbreaks of rain moving across northern england into parts of scotland.
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further south, we may see some sunshine developing, but a rush of heavier showers following on into friday afternoon and into the evening, particularly in the south—west. temperatures coming up on the south, as well. tens and 11 degrees quite widely. still a cooler feel across the north, but even here, the weather front may spread northwards, introducing a band of rain. and then we look to the west, this next area of low pressure, which could bring more widespread wetter and windier weather as we head through the latter part of the weekend into the start of next week. but you will notice the orange colour is really taking over, so it really will be quite mild as we end the week, although it will be turning more and more unsettled, with rain spreading to many areas. it will be quite windy as well. those temperatures reaching the low teens celsius, particularly across england and wales.
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welcome to bbc news. my name's mike embley. our top stories: four more witnesses testify in washington as the impeachment inquiry ramps up pressure on president trump. it is improperfor the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a us citizen and a political opponent. amnesty international says at least 100 people have been killed across iran in days of demonstrations. security forces are accused of firing directly on protesters. twitter condemns britain's conservative party, saying it misled the public by rebranding one of its accounts ‘factcheckuk' during a live tv debate. and is hong kong's university stand—off in its final hours? amid the debris, only a few dispirited protesters remain.


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