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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 21, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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and back on the same side— we hear from south africa's world cup winner, faf de klerk, and england's tom curry as they return to club duties. welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. he's been the special one, the successful one, now he's the spurs one. jose mourinho is back in the premier league, 11 months after leaving manchester united. he replaces mauricio pochettino, who was sacked just over 2a hours ago by tottenham. he brings trophies, but often trouble too. for almost a year, jose mourinho has been on the sidelines, but now, in a move that surprised many, one of football's most divisive figures is back. tottenham hotspur today unveiling the portuguese coach as their new manager.
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mourinho‘s appointment came less than 12 hours after the sacking of mauricio pochettino. in his five and a half years at the club, the hugely popular argentinian had transformed spurs into genuine contenders, unforgettably propelling them to the champions league final despite limited spending on players. but amid an alarming dip in form this year and with the club languishing in 14th place in the premier league, chairman daniel levy decided to act. it was a big shock. he's been amazing to work with for the last five years, and it's a shame to see him go. spurs‘ stunned players arrived for training this afternoon with their new manager already waiting for them. this is why he's been hired. mourinho‘s won trophies everywhere he's been. the champions league at porto, three premier league titles in two spells at chelsea, another champions league at intermilan,
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la liga at real madrid, and the europa league at manchester united. but there the fans grew weary at his style of play. by the time he was sacked, mourinho didn't seem quite so special. he's a dated manager, you know, the way he plays his football, it's of a time gone past. the way he plays his football, i don't think it's the tottenham way. the reason why we are allowed to dream the way we are is because of pochettino. so, to diminish that and completely disregard everything he's done in the last five and a half years is quite disrespectful. never before have spurs hired a manager as demanding or as confrontational asjose mourinho. it doesn't feel a natural fit. but with this £1 billion new stadium and a talented squad, they'll hope he can harness their ambition and deliver the trophies they crave, but it is a gamble. dan roan, bbc news, at the tottenham hotspur stadium. it's less than three weeks since south africa beat england in the rugby world cup final in yokohama and a number of players who were involved in that
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match will be back in action for their clubs this weekend. two, who were in direct oppositon in the final, will be lining up on the same side for english premiership team sale. our sports correspondent andy swiss has been to meet south africa's faf de klerk and england's tom curry. let's have a chat with two men on opposite sides in world cup but back joining forces. faf de klerk and tom curry. give us a sense of what the last two weeks have been like after that incredible victory to south africa in the world cup? obviously amazing. we celebrated afterwards with friends and family and saw what it meant to the country, travelling around the country on a bus tour with the trophy and seeing the people come out was amazing. we are very blessed to get that opportunity. a disappointing result
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for you, tom. is opportunity. a disappointing result foryou, tom. is it opportunity. a disappointing result for you, tom. is it possible to reflect on what an achievement england made for the team and for you personally? definitely. we had the 2011, 2015 world cup in mind and we wanted to do the country proud. one of us had to lose and one had to win. but we did ourselves and our family proud. back in action this weekend, is it good to be back in a clu b weekend, is it good to be back in a club environment? it is great. i have been away very long in coming back, the greeting we got and the vibe around the club is amazing and eve ryo ne vibe around the club is amazing and everyone is enjoying each other‘s company andi everyone is enjoying each other‘s company and i think there are a few good signs here already and are coming so now we need to perform on the weekend and we are very excited for it. you should get some reception on sunday? really excited
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to be back. the vibe around the place and the staff and fans, it is nice to come back to. loads of messages and are really excited for sunday. congratulations on your achievements at the mockup. they are backin achievements at the mockup. they are back in action in a club rugby on sunday. on to tennis and the holders croatia are out of the davis cup after losing to spain. that was a second sucessive defeat for croatia in the re—vamped competition. roberto baustista agut beat nikola mektic in the opening rubber before world number one rafael nadal beat borna gojo is straight sets to give spain an unassailable lead in the tie. nadal won 6—4, 6—3 — and spain then won the doubles to seal their place in the quarter—finals where they'll face one of the two best runners—up. australia are also through to the quarter—finals after beating belgium 2—1 in their group d decider. the aussies' won both of their singles rubbers, which included a straight sets victory for nick kyrgios. he beat steve darcis 6—2, 7—6. the australians, who are bidding
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to win the davis cup for the 29th time, will now face canada in the first of the quarter—finals on thursday. meanwhile, serbia began their campaign with a comfortable victory overjapan. they won all three rubbers in straight sets and that included novak djokovic here beating yoshihito nishioka 6-1, 6-2. serbia are bidding to win the cup for the first time since 2010 and they'll play france on thursday to decide who finishes top of group a. i was pleased. he is a tricky player. i do not think i have faced him before and he has one of the quickest legs on the tour so it was a very good winter. the fact we won
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at this time, it is important to get at this time, it is important to get a 3—0 sheet which gives us more room to breathe, also tomorrow, even if we do get to god forbid lose 2—1 to france, we have the chance to beat the second best and go into supporters. andy murray helped great britain 282—1 victory over the netherlands. the netherlands are now out. the stylish two a 2—1 victory. ido out. the stylish two a 2—1 victory. i do not think i deserve to win that match. i fought extremely hard in vienna. he dictated a lot of the points. i thought you served amazing. he was going for a huge
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second service and i was not able to dictate the points today and ijust fought hard and tried to get one extra bold back in the end and made a gate scramble at 4— three in the tiebreaker and it was enough to turn it my way. germany had a whitewash of argentina. they were given an unassailable lead in a straight set victory. let's bring your up—to—date with the crickets. and they've just resumed after lunch on the 1st day of the 1st test between new zealand and england in mount maunganui. the tourists won the toss, and chose to bat first. england are 105—1 the man out dominic sibley, who was making his test debut. he was out for 22.
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joe burns unbeaten on a5. meanwhile, the 1st test between australia and pakistan is underway at the gabba in brisbane. pakistan have never one test in australia. a reminder that you can follow the latest sports news on our website. all the cricket that, of course, and plenty of reaction to the appointment ofjose mourinho as totte n ha m the appointment ofjose mourinho as tottenham hotspur ‘s new manager. we will have his first press conference on thursday. from me and the rest of the team, that is all for now. thank you for watching. good buy.
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hello again. now, most of the rain today will be towards the southwest of england. quite grey through through the midlands, towards the south—east of england. some brighter skies further north. one or two showers though towards the north—east of scotland. the highest temperature is probably where it is turning wetter later on in the day, towards the south—west of england — may be double figures here. and getting blown away by those brisk winds. quite grey through through the midlands, towards the south—east of england. some brighter skies further north. one or two showers though towards the north—east of scotland. the highest temperature is probably where it is turning wetter later on in the day,
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towards the south—west of england — may be double figures here. let's jump into friday. more showers, a lot of cloud around really on friday but the potential for some wetter weather to develop towards the west country, south—west of england, then heading into the west midlands and wales, so showers merging to some longer spells of rain which could be quite heavy, actually. 7—9 degrees in the north, double figures likely further south. those showers heavy for a wire merging into the south—west of england. the messed midlands, into the west country and wales through the west country and wales through the day. that's an area to watch as things get wetter. those temperatures typically 9— io degrees. that said into the weekend. the weekend dominated by low pressure. how far north the rain gets, little bit uncertain. we could see most of the rain across england and wales,
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heading to northern ireland. allowing something a bit drier and brighter. across southern parts of finger. and while that rain is going to piece —— peter out. we've got another one coming in. again, the position could change. it looks like we got some residual rain. the weather, windy weather should be arriving towards the south—west of england, spoiling the afternoon in wales and into the midlands but temperatures better than they have been, typically 9—11.
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welcome to bbc news — i'm james reynolds. our top stories: so we followed the president's orders. a key witness in the impeachment inquiry says donald trump wanted him to press ukraine to investigate a political rival. the president hits back. so here is my answer — i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. queen elizabeth's son, prince andrew, steps back from public duties — after controversy over his links to a convicted sex offender. anger in malta — as protesters demand the prime minister's resignation — accusing him of protecting


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