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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 21, 2019 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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i think, if you prove that it's easy to do it the right way. and there's one festival close to home that they won't be playing again in a hurry. glastonbury — you are so part of that festival now, you cropped up a couple of times on the main stage last year. it's been announced paul mccartney's going to headline next year. any chance of coldplay joining him on the bill? no. why not? i did pop up on stage last year, and i love doing so. stormzy, kylie... and then i saw a tweet afterwards that said, "you can always rely on him to come on in a tracksuit "and ruin everything." so, i was like, "you know what?" a, i should work on my trousers. and, b, i shouldn't be online. and, c, maybe just go and watch glastonbury for a year or so. did that hurt you? sometimes these things hurt me, yeah, because i'm human.
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# i hearjerusalem bells are ringing...# as for coldplay, they have a lot to work out. their last tour used 32 trucks and there was the carbon cost of flights for over 100 crew members. but the band — famous for their song yellow — are serious about going green. colin patterson, bbc news, jordan. that's it. newsnight is getting under way on bbc two with emma barnett. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm connie mclaughlin. the new tottenham manager jose mourinho says he won't make the same mistakes this time that he made at previous clubs.
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move over, andy. great britain's other murray, jamie, helps them reach the quarter—finals of the davis cup. and we'll also hear from antony joshua, who's philisophical about that shock defeat to andy ruinr, as he prepares for their huge re—match. welcome to the programme. he's had some interesting press conferences in the premier league over the years — there was the special one. the special one times two. then, there was the happy one. today, in his first news conference as tottenham manager, jose mourinho said he was the humble one. the former chelsea and manchester united boss went on to say he wouldn't be making the same mistakes as he did at previous clubs. you never lose your dna,
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you never lose your identity. you are what you are, for the good things, for the bad things. i had time to think about many things. during my career, i made mistakes and i'm knocking to make the same mistakes. —— not going to make the same mistakes. i'm going to make new mistakes. but i think i am stronger by the emotional point of view. i'm relaxed, iam motivated, iam ready. i think they have to see me as mr club, which means every club that i go, as i used to say in a funny way, i arrive, i wear the pyjama of the club and i even sleep with the pyjama. i am a clubman. but many clubs man. i am not chelsea, i am not united, i am not real madrid. i am all of them. i give everything to all of them
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and that is what i'm going to do here, is to give absolutely every thing i haven't. —— i have. this is not about me coming here and saying everything was wrong with morinho, not at all. not at all. i just come to try and understand why, in the last year, the results in the premier league were not good. and to try to understand how i can help them to reach again a good level because, as i was saying, the players are very good and i am not here to make dramatic changes. so he's back. here's what a few of mourinho's rival managers make of his return. everyone has his option to say what they want and play football what they want and play football what they want and we cannot criticise a lwa ys they want and we cannot criticise always what they think. that is why he is not my friend but he is not my enemy. he is a winner. i think he has been the threat his career. i can say he brings in intensity and
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determined that with jose, he was a big influence for me back then as a young coach. when you look at his record, what he has done, the achievements he has got, i have seen it yesterday the trophies he has one. everywhere he has been, he has woi'i one. everywhere he has been, he has won a league. he is up there with as good as you will ever get. england will be looking to build a substantial first innings total on the second day of the first test against new zealand in mount mangno... they've been playing for about 35 minutes joe root‘s men resumed on 241iforfour. a few moments ago they were 273 for four, with ben stokes 89 not out. great britain are through to the last eight of the davis cup finals in madrid after beating
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kazakhstan 2—1. kyle edmund took the first singles match. but dan evans lost the second in three sets to alexander bublik. evans — who also lost his singles match yesterday — won the first set, but couldn't sustain the momentum, leaving the tie level at 1—1. so, just like yesterday, it came down to the doubles match. jamie murray and neal skupski convincingly winning in straight sets. great britain are back in action at around 4.30 tomorrow afternoon, where they'll meet germany in the quarter—finals. the same situation as yesterday. we knew we had to go out and when the match if we had any chance to progress in the event. played a great match from start to finish. we started a very quick, aggressive, did not give them any time to settle, brush them along and really happy with how we played. excited to get the team through the quarterfinals and have a go against germany tomorrow. so another great day for britain, and it was done
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without andy murray — kyle edmund stepping in. captain lyon smith told russell fuller that the team have shown their strength in depth today. we knew we had kyle ready to go. we knew we had to go out and when the match if we had any chance to progress in the event. played a great match from start to finish. we started a very quick, aggressive, did not give them any time to we knew we had kyle ready to go. we were scheduled to our evening that we consider everyone is, not tomorrow, not thai, but to my subcu practices and see everyone feels and see what the best situation is for the divide against germany. you want to make a call on friday morning, is this one of the biggest decisions had made? it is but i think is better when you have the quality and look who is in the best physical condition but also then you can look at the match ups again and start to link those factors together to come up link those factors together to come up with what you think is best for the team and days go by where we may
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not of had that much and we do now andi not of had that much and we do now and i think it is important to use that. team gb‘s four—man bobsleigh team have been presented with their bronze medals from the 2014 sochi winter olympics. jothackson, bruce tasker, stuart benson and joel fearon finished fifth behind two russian crews, who were later disqualified for doping. the quartet were given the medals at the team gb ball in london. the bronze brings team gb‘s tally from sochi 2014 to five. we were very happy at that time coming fifth. the journey we had come of the setbacks we had, we were immensely proud coming for that time. it was only a few months later where we realise how agonisingly close we were when we start to think we had which done better. this is just the final chapter in the book of our sort of fairy tale story if you like. let's take a look at the rest of the days sports news making the headlines. league one bolton wanderers have been given a five—point deduction, suspended for 18 months, for failing to fulfil fixtures
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against brentford last season and doncaster this campaign. the club have already been handed a 12—point deduction for entering administration in may. granit xhaka could return to the arsenal side this weekend, despite saying he wasn't sure if he would play for the club again. xhaka was stripped of the captaincy after an angry confrontation with fans during a match against crystal palace. manager unai emery says he'll decide on friday. footballers in the netherlands‘ top two divisions will not play during the first minute of their matches this weekend to protest against racism. it comes after excelsior‘s ahmad mendes moreira was racially abused by den boss fans on sunday. tommy fleetwood has put himself in a good position to win the race to dubai. he's fourth at the season—ending world tour championship, and will be crowned europe's top golfer if he finishes outright third, and bernd wiesberger is outside the top two. the austrian‘s currently 14th. now, it's been a tough few months
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for antony joshua after losing three of his four belts in the defeat to andy ruinr. but the british heavyweight boxer says he won't be content with his legacy in the sport if he fails to become a world champion again. the re—match takes place next month in saudi arabia. he told mike costello that he lost more than just those belts. i love this. i'm looking at that man in the mirror and i'm teaching myself. ijust know how tough this game is and how much i have to give to it. it's just about me. this is my legacy. it did not feel like i lost a man. i said it felt like i needed to add something, so i still felt the same person i was, hence the no complaints, i wasn't crying over spilt milk, but ijust felt like i needed to add more to the cup. and the blessing as i got a second shot of doing it. here we are.
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was there, when you looked back, one significant factor you could say was the reason he lost? yet. but i'm not going to say it. is that to do with you or someone else in the camp? me. complacency? no. i've never been complacent. i did lose and i am upset about that, but it is what it is and it happens. it happened to me. i have to take it. but it wasn't complacency. but the issues i had, ifixed, and i may drop it on my youtube channel one day. this is what makes a journey interesting. i love this. you can love it too much? that is a good question. but if you have passion and stay in the gym... not a bad thing. how much pressure did you feel from the outside to part company with robert mccracken? when you come chatting with me, you better
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know what was he stands for. i am not perfect. rob is not perfect. we are definitely trying. we have to give people chances. even when i leave the gym, people think i am not with the boys, chilling. i watching boxing. i am looking at that man in the mirror and i'm teaching myself, definitely. there are many a great name that have come back and won a title, had to regain the title. how important will this be for your legacy whatever you going to do from here this one night? it is not about this one night. it is about what i want to make of it. it's not about no one. it is just about me. this is my legacy. this next fight only means something to me. it doesn't matter to with the man in the office is thinking. ijust know how tough this game is and how much i've got to give to it. december 7th does not end. but when it is done, i handed my gloves,
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we can talk about legacy. but now this is just a journey. —— wheni —— when i hang up my gloves. and finally — red bull's mechanics recently completed what was officially formula one's fastest ever pit stop at thebrazilian grand prix, changing max verstappen‘s tyres in 1.82 seconds. but imagine how much harder it would be to complete — in space. well, imagine no more. this is the red bull team performing a pit stop in quick time in zero gravity conditions. despite the challenging conditions, the team seemed to cope quite well. they did it with the help of the russian space agency, and on board a cosmonaut training plane. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are nicola bartlett, political correspondent from the daily mirror, and olivia utley, deputy leader writer from the sun. lovely to have you both here. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in — with labour's election manifesto launch leading a number of them. the guardian says experts were "taken aback" by the scale of labour's spending plans, with party strategists hoping that the radical manifesto will tempt wavering voters. the i, highlights some of labour's manifesto pledges — with a warning from the independent institute for fiscal studies that
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plans to raise £83 billion in extra taxes is "not credible". the financial times says today's announcement "eclipsed the radical plans from the 2017 election", and is a further shift to the left. tomorrow's daily telegraph leads on the news that a number of orphaned british children caught up in the war in syria are to be brought home to the uk. the paper says the children were found in a camp last month and are due to return to the uk in the coming days. prince andrew is still making some of the front pages. including the metro which has a picture of the duke looking cheerful as he travelled to see the queen today. and the sun leads on the same story — reporting that the prince has been forced to cancel a planned trip to bahrain this week. let's start our chat. it has to be the launch of the manifesto and it is the ft we're going to begin


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