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of frustrated about the standards of care, frustrated about the standards of ca re , very frustrated about the standards of care, very sad stories covered by the bbc and others, about people hello, you're watching being sent hundreds of miles for the right mental health care, long afternoon live — i'm carrie gracie. delays, for example, getting today at 2. treatment for eating disorders, so, it isa a 27 year old man is found guilty treatment for eating disorders, so, it is a real issue here. signs of of murdering grace millane, improvement, the regulator, the c2c, the british backpacker strangled coming back to do an update, but a to death in new zealand. very important issue in this election campaign in east anglia. —— she met her killer on a tinder date. cqc. and what about the wider health grace's parents wept when the jury issues? last week we learned that returned their verdict. this will be with us english a&e units in hospitals have for the rest of our lives. their lowest ever performance on the grace was a beautiful, talented, loving daughter. four hour target, for patients to be grace was our sunshine treated or assessed, norfolk and norwich was at the lower end of and she will be missed forever. that. just a sign of the sort of nigel farage unveils the brexit party's policies pressure all services are under. for the election — demand is rising, i think that, and not a manifesto, he says, but a contract with the people. other hospitals locally are finding it ethical to keep up with demand. staff vacancies, big issue, across the nhs, getting staff to come in. the brexit party are at the party of the new radicals, that —— finding it difficult. one issue which has been affecting senior
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clinicians and doctors, pension tax issue, if they do extra shifts, they get taxed for it. there is an offer to cover those costs, so that has been sorted, i am told, but with winter coming been sorted, i am told, but with wintercoming up, we been sorted, i am told, but with winter coming up, we will have to wait and see. and we will continue having those discussed is no doubt throughout the day here in norwich, but for now, back to you. thank you very much indeed, and we will get the weather forecast for you now. week where the number of flood warnings has gradually been reducing, however, that looks set to change over the next few days as a zone of heavy rain works in, bringing renewed risk of localised flooding issues. now, through the re st of flooding issues. now, through the rest of the afternoon, rain at times pretty much sums it up. northern ireland seeing heavy rain, and then we have a zone of heavy rain as well extending into parts of england and wales. we have lost the cold wind, does not feel quite as chilly as it has over recent days but, over tonight, trouble chilly as it has over recent days but, overtonight, trouble in chilly as it has over recent days but, over tonight, trouble in store, across parts of south—west england,
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stretching into southern wales, persistent heavy rain. low down, we could see 20 to 30 millimetres, more than that over the hills, bringing a risk of localised flooding. elsewhere, another area, which i think we need to watch for. we could see some persistent rain, we have at the moment, turning increasingly heavy, we could see one or two issues. milder night compared with re ce nt issues. milder night compared with recent nights. that takes us into the we can, weather prospects, and a weekend of two halves, saturday, cloudy, with heavy rain, could cause problems. sunday, the better of the two days, often cloudy, if few showers around and it will be a good deal drier for many of us. —— a few showers. rain moving into eastern england, sensitive area, which has been hit with nasty flooding over re ce nt been hit with nasty flooding over recent days. further issues will be building here. not the only place that will see wet weather as we start off the weekend, rain pretty extensive across england and wales,
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gradually fizzling towards the south—west. might see a bit of sunshine eventually working into south—east england. north of scotland, avoiding the rainjust for i'iow. scotland, avoiding the rainjust for now. temperatures still relatively mild, nine to 12 degrees. saturday night, the rain heads into scotland from fife to aberdeenshire, over into the islands. heavy rain, lower down, something like 20 to 40 millimetres. it is enough to cause localised flooding issues. now, that rain will be pushing away across auckland and shetland, allowing a slice of weather. and over the weekend we will see rain returning to the south—west of england eventually. — — to the south—west of england eventually. —— across orkney and shetland. occasional brighter spells poking through the cloud, temperatures nine to 11 degrees. more unsettled weather is on the way, flooding issues building over the next few days. a reminder of the top story:
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a 27—year—old man is found guilty of murdering grace millane, the british backpacker strangled to death in new zealand. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. hello. there were more wickets at mount maunganui, where england will be slightly disappointed with losing their final six wickets and getting to 353 in theirfirst innings against new zealand. ben stokes is top scored with 91, cutting 12 along the way, but they we re cutting 12 along the way, but they were unable to build on those mornings. england eventually all out for a 353, but their sun currently took the key wicket. the black caps
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144-4 at the took the key wicket. the black caps 144—4 at the close. i'm going to lose by 209. england will feel very happy. they have worked really well, complement each other really well, and i think joe root handled the attack very well. england are definitely in the box it here. they will chip away again tomorrow. new zealand don't have a lot of batting left, so i think england will fancy their chances of getting a substantial lead. scotland will play a show in the euro twenty20 finals. the game will be at hampden on march to 20 cents, with the winner going through to face either norway or serbia. scotla nd to face either norway or serbia. scotland have won three of the four times they have played against ayrshire. should northern ireland wind a weird bosnia is in their play—off semifinal, the match to decide if the researcher are adamant
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themselves will be at home in belfast, and it could be against the republic of ireland if the beats of last year. republic of ireland if the beats of last yea r. floyd republic of ireland if the beats of last year. floyd mayweather says he is coming out of retirement next year. mayweather is now 42. his last two outings have been exhibitions against conor mcgregor, and the javanese kickboxer. the latter lasted just 140 seconds, but and a reported £7 million. the announces comeback on social media today after an earlier post that he was in talks with the ufc president to set up what he described as another spectacular event in twenty20. great britain played a german in the davis cup quarterfinals this afternoon, with andy murray likely to be in action. he was arrested yesterday. they made it through to victory in the deciding doubles rubber against kazakhstan. our tennis correspondent has been talking to the coach about their chances. there is no rest and this new look davis cup, because
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having won this back—to—back group matches, great britain face a quarterfinal later today, and it will be against germany. what andy murray play, having been rested yesterday? he looked a little rusty, and by his own admission, a few kilos overweight in the match against the netherlands. miles used to coach andy murray. what do you think? do you think captain liam smith brings andy murray back?|j think smith brings andy murray back?” think you will. as you said, a tough match. i'm sure he pulls up a little bit sore, but it is a's recovery will have done have a world of good. when it comes down to the wire, andy murray is the man you want out there. kyle edmund is played very well in the group stages against kazakhstan, so he is a key figure. on the doubles could be crucial. jamie murray and his partner have won both of their matches so far. they are very likely to be up against a french open champions. so after we have the luxury of thinking we are the favourite under doubles,
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but it does not necessarily the case. the germans have a quality team as well. every match, every point, you feel it is going to be vital, and i expect a very hard—fought vital, and i expect a very ha rd—fought battle vital, and i expect a very hard—fought battle this evening. vital, and i expect a very hard—fought battle this eveningm looks as if it might be too close to call, with commentary on five live sports extra from thor 30 2pm. —— from 4:30pm. that is your sport for now. we will have full coverage of the events from madrid. a man who shot his heavily pregnant ex—wife dead with a crossbow, has been found guilty of murder following a retrial at the old bailey. our correspondent richard lister has been following the case. the background to this as that back in november last year, november the 12th, sana muhammad, who was 35, pregnant with her six chat was preparing dinner at the family home
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in ilford when her husband went out into the garden, and he surprised mrs mohammed's ex—husband, ramanodge unmathallegadoo. he had been hiding and the shared armed with two crossbows. he ran out of the shed, and mr mohamed right and to dry to warn his wife what was happening. but ramanodge unmathallegadoo fired the crossbow, it hit mrs mohammed, and she dry fairly quickly but her unborn child was saved with an emergency caesarean. the courtyard that ramanodge unmathallegadoo had never been able to get over the fact that his wife had divorced him and gone on to marry and have more children. it seems that in 2012 there was an incident in which is it then wife jumped out of an upstairs window because she was afraid that her husband was going to cool him. after a trial in 2013, he was cleared of trying to attack, but he was a trial in 2013, he was cleared of trying to attack, but he was
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subjected to to her and her new family, even though that order was still in place, it still didn't stop him from murdering herfull stop on the court heard that although he said he wasjust the court heard that although he said he was just trying to scare her husband, in fact, said he was just trying to scare her husband, infact, it said he was just trying to scare her husband, in fact, it seemed he was equipped to a tidy couple up, potentially cool them both and the unborn child. and although he was able to cool his ex—wife, at least the child was saved. —— police say they have arrested a man from northern ireland as part of their inquiry into the deaths of 39 vietnamese migrants whose bodies were found in a refrigerated lorry container in essex last month. the 23—year—old was arrested in beaconsfield on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic people and conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration. thousands of tsb customers say they haven't been paid today. wages, benefits, pensions and other payments due to arrive in some accounts today still aren't there.
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a tsb spokesperson has apologised for the inconvenice caused and say they're working to process payments as soon as possible. tonight we have a question time special, where the leaders of the conservatives, labour, liberal democrats and snp will take audience questions. of course, there will be reaction on social media, with people throwing their choice set of polls to support theirfavourite, and the parties or pundits will pick their set of polling to suggest how well they're doing. earlier, rachel schofield asked the bbc‘s statistician, robert cuffe how meaningful this information really is. with this kind of thing, it is about who you get more than how many people. a lot of so called polls on twitter will have thousands of people responding, but twitter users skew young, there are brown. and people who would follow one of these
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organisations, they all showed interest in common. it is likely bubble with any bubble. —— they are urban. the polls put a lot of effort into get discussed by getting a lot of samples. because once your representative, once you ask the right people, then you can get a good sense of how the country going was not that many people at all. so we see social media polls and the place propose get mentioned a lot as by political leaders sell. we have a debate tonight, we are bound to see some of them prefer to pose and talk about how they are doing, and who is ahead. what about those ones? i would be pretty careful, particularly when people are pulling out one port to support their evidence. let's take a look at the liverpool's, and we can see why i say that. if we look at all the different polls from all the different polls from all the different companies looking at how many people say they would vote labour this year, each red dot is a single poll, and you can see even
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though the cloud moves and a heart, it isa though the cloud moves and a heart, it is a big client. it is a range of ten points in any week. so, if i pick one, i could be out by quite a lot. it is more helpful to see the trend and look at the average. i've poll tracker takes the average and also through the middle. you can still see the trend of labour bobbling along earlier in the year, coming down during the european elections, and are starting to be back up, but at is worth bearing in mind, around that average, there are still a margin for error. the truth could be a little bit up or down. i would focus on the transmitter main alliance, and if somebody comes to you with a single poll number, walk away. what about the polls as they are looking now? let's add and the liberal democrats, and you see a really clear pattern not revealed from the polling. if i look at this, it looks like a mirror image. if you put your head to one side, is it too
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ourdo so? put your head to one side, is it too our do so? because, if it is a good month for labour, it has been a bad month for labour, it has been a bad month for labour, it has been a bad month for the liberal democrats, because the poll show has been dropping since it has been a bad month for the liberal democrats, because the poll show has been dropping since election exactly the same when we add in the conservatives numbers, you see that mirror image, were one goes up, the other goes down. that is telling you a story about the election. it is telling you what voters are competing for. the poser really useful taken together, they tell you a lot about what is happening, but as you said, single polls, closer to piffle. throughout the election, we've been asking about the issues that matter to you and putting your questions to the experts. today, we're bringing you a special edition of your questions answered from norwich, a key battleground when people go to the polls on december 12th. newjoiners us at the forum in
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norwich as part of our general election coverage. we are trying to a nswer election coverage. we are trying to answer as many questions as we can for our viewers are very scarce by various aspects of the election, and joining me to adjust that is one of our digital reporters, ashley. add beattie discuss my bbc, we receive thousands of questions and comments from people and is angler, butjust to give you a nationwide perspective, during this campaign, we have received over 20,000 questions and comments from viewers. as you would imagine, many of those questions are given policy, but without the release of the patchy ma nifestos, without the release of the patchy manifestos, what we want to do today asa dry manifestos, what we want to do today as a dry and answer some questions from viewers about election procedure. to help us answer some of those questions we have aisla. john from norwich wants to know, if you
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area from norwich wants to know, if you are a british citizen living abroad and eligible to vote for what is constituency does your poker counter? if you were last living and uk within the last 15 years, you can be registered to elect and vote and the general election. you register and you listen to the last registered address and the uk, and it is that i dress you will be able to get your vote. if you're going to be out of the uk on bollinger, you can apply to vote by proxy. paul from norwich wants to know, can you still vote if you are leaving, but after the registration deadline, but before the election? yeah, you can. if you made before the deadline, you should get online and register to vote as quick as you can, but if you move after that, you can still register to vote at your old address, for a postal vote. register to vote at your old address, for a postalvote. diane asked, why can't elections be held on sunday like some other countries?
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it isa on sunday like some other countries? it is a bit ofa on sunday like some other countries? it is a bit of a traditional thing in the uk, the elections are held on thursday. and electoral low says that it has to take place on thursday, because it is an interesting question. when next election be, given that this one as in december. the next one is five years, the first thursday in may after this, so may 2024. but of course the apartments could decide to go to an early election. definitely subject to change! i imagine many parents will another question to this answer. mcauley from derby as, while polling automatically on current school closures to allow for balance, or will they be hosted somewhere else? local councils can choose any venues that you want for polling. they want somewhat accessible, that people can easily get to. quite often, schools will be used, and head teachers might decide to close in, but a
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whole variety of places can be used from laundrette to pubs and even some in's garage. volume from somerset is one presiding officers and accounting assessments get paid? yeah, they do. there is over 40,000 polling stations across the uk, so hundreds of thousands of staff are needed to counter the vote and run politician. it will be getting 20 now so politician. it will be getting 20 now so they know what to do. as my vote is secret? the returning officer marks my foot and then slaps a number on the electrical loads, there are far connecting both. yes, you can have confidence at a secret. that is really to safeguard against fraud, but dealers are packaged up separate from the ballot papers, ke pt separate from the ballot papers, kept securely, i can really only be opened and in limited circumstances bya opened and in limited circumstances by a judge. opened and in limited circumstances by ajudge. mark opened and in limited circumstances by a judge. mark from guildford wa nts to by a judge. mark from guildford wants to know, can you be drunk when casting your vote? is there a drink limit likea drink,?
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casting your vote? is there a drink limit like a drink,? i think as long as you are behaving appropriately and the polling station, you can go ahead and cast your vote. a huge number of questions and a real appetite to find out how it works. thank you very much. much more from us throughout the day here in norwich. one of the biggest challenges facing the nhs is mental health. all parties are under pressure to improve things if they win the election. in norwich, the trust that delivers mental health services — the norfolk and suffolk nhs foundation trust — is in special measures. graham satchell has been to meet one mum whose son took his own life days after being discharged by the trust. he is the first thing i think about before i go to bed, he is the first thing i think
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about every time i wake up in the morning. ijust can't understand how i have ended up in this situation. it was the end of my world, and my world has never been the same since. pippa's son, henry, took his own life in 2016. he wasjust 21. an inquest into his death found a series of failings in his care. henry died just days after being incorrectly discharged from a mental health unit. he had everything ahead of him, a whole feature to look forward to, and because of the wrong decisions the mental health service made, his death could have been prevented. norfolk and suffolk nhs foundation trust has apologised to henry's family and admitted their care was below standard. mental health services here have been officially rated inadequate. the trust is currently on special measures. talking and listening, which is so important to all of this... at this barber's in norfolk, hairdressers like jason have been given training to help men talk
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about their problems. theyjust want a little bit of help in a difficult period, and you can put them onto the 12th man website, push them in the right direction, if anything else. this project is run by the charity the 12th man. they are working in hairdressers, tattoo parlours, and it is part of a growing effort to normalise mental illness, to remove the stigma. all men need to talk about mental health so that what might be a mild mental health condition doesn't become something more severe. we can't leave it up to somebody else to fix it. we all have to fix this. at this election, all political parties have committed to improve mental health treatment. but are the services there if problems do escalate? terry o'shea, who has been campaigning in norfolk for the last six years, says services have got worse. the resources don't match the rhetoric of the politicians. so, we have one in five doctors and nurses' posts have disappeared, but we still have funerals,
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we still have people burying their loved ones, we still have people crying out for support who don't get the support that they need. the nhs trust here says it's working to improve quality and standards, but as pippa knows to her cost, demand for services is high, access to treatment can be hard and suicide rates are up. something needs to change, it needs to change as soon as possible to save more lives, and save another family going through what my family has had to endure and continue to endure. we will be live in norwich with more election coverage throughout the afternoon. now a spoiler alert for those of you who haven't watched the final of rupaul‘s drag race uk — in a few moments time we will be
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joined by britain's first winner of the programme. it started as an american phenomenom and now has had millions of views on bbc iplayer. if you haven't seen the show — here's what it's all about. my top three queens! divina de campo! i believe the word is herstory. pull yourself together, lass! because i am going to be crowned the uk's first drag racer superstar. the vivienne. this journey has just been absolutely out of this world. i am gunning for that crown. baga chipz. i'm the first uk drag race superstar. the lady is not for turning! in the words of gabrielle, dreams do come true! as anything you would like to say? it has been absolutely great, it's been a tremendous, thank you.
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well the winner, james williams — aka the vivienne — joined us earlier to talk about what a huge success the show has been in the uk. i don't think anyone, including the bbc, knew how big it was going to be. and just to watch it explode, and to see the uk to embrace it, it's just being beautiful to watch. and do you think the uk has kind of brought its own brand of drag to it? i was reading that michelle visage, one of the judges, of course, said it was it was a bit more rough and ready, a bit more authentic, perhaps. yeah, we are, as british people, and a bit more rough and ready. you know, it was really raw, really heartfelt. there was a lot of heart to it, and i think it got back to a real talent competition rather than a reality show. i think everyone showed what they do so well, and british people, comedy, i mean, it goes hand in hand. yeah, and for people who haven't seen it, it's not just about the look. you've got to bring a whole skill set to be a successful drag artist. yeah, definitely. i always like to say that i'm a good
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mix of old school and new school. so, i like to look like a supermodel, but i'm also probably having a cigarette in a dumper truck outside after the show! and in terms of what happens now, maybe for the drag community in the uk, what kind of impact will this have had, do you think? it's going to be huge. i think it has shown the general public that drag queens, maybe too people who aren't educated in what we do, we are not just gays in dressses wanting to be women. we are actually entertainers. and it takes a hell of a long time to really hone your craft. the main thing i do drag for is to entertain people. and yet, behind it all, for many of you, there was quite a strong message, and quite a personal message ofjourneys you've had to make. you mentioned the kind of community, obviously lg btq community. you have talked about addiction issues. it did make quite a lot of impact for you. yeah, definitely. i really wanted to use the platform to not have a sob story or anything like that, but i think the conversation came up so naturally, and it is a huge issue in the world, but especially
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in the lgbtq community. you know, people find night clubs at a younger age, i think, in the gay community, and i certainly did, and fell into the wrong... not even the wrong circles, just the wrong habits. and they can take a grip of you really quickly. but thank god, through drag and meeting my partner david, we got out of it, and now look. i've got a crown on my head! now it's time for a look at the weather. good afternoon. that's because not many of us a bit of a break from the very wettest of the weather, however, heavy and persistent rain is now making a return. could cause some problems as we head into the weekend. with that, it is going to feel milder. you can see showers that have been drifting northwards, persistent rain developing through parts of the midlands, the south—west of england. this is the area we are most concerned about tonight. they met office yellow
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warning and force. that could be an offering to cause of some localised flooding, and certainly some very poor travelling condition. if we ta ke poor travelling condition. if we take a look at the uk as a whole turnout, you can see that rain also extending across parts of the midlands up into the northern midlands up into the northern midlands and northern ireland as the night wears on. a few scratches offering our time, but the drier, and for northern scotland, where we hold on to clear skies, it will be quite chilly. for most of us, quite mild, and with a brisk breeze as well. there is quite breezy into the first part of tomorrow, and we will continue to see our breaks of rain moving erratically across england, wales, northern ireland and southern scotland. thanks to a stop to brighten up a little bit across east anglia and the south—east, and the ring will tend to peter out across the south—west and to an extent south wales. the focus will have shifted to east midlands and not
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england. there could be an offering to cause localised flooding, particularly given how white the ground is at the moment. the rain turning heavy and persistent in the southern haven't discussed macarthur scotland. as we head into the evening, that wet weather will move into northern scotland, and again, there could be an offering to cause some disruption. it does not return a little drierfor some disruption. it does not return a little drier for the south because of this area of high pressure. you can see this pub and the isobars to ta ke can see this pub and the isobars to take us into sunday morning. sunday is looking like a drier day for most, but quite a lot of fog around first thing, and some of that could be very slow to clear. it is likely to see great in some places all day long. some rain to stop taking shetland, and unto the far south—west later. generally speaking, more and to the dry 00:28:53,093 --> 2147483051:51:11,914 weather, and highs of nine to 12 2147483051:51:11,914 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 degrees.
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