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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 24, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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of all proportion to the power of the local council seats being contested. but for the opposition, today is a referendum on the protests that have rocked hong kong for the last six months. in 2015... david and his mother are on opposite sides of that fight. we can see old people, pro—government regime. they control the power, they control the parties, they control everything, even the economy. so we can take back the control and start to have more strength and power. yes. i say they are doing it the wrong way, so i don't support the movements. but i say, i worry about the students, just like i worry about my son. long lines continued far into the evening, as polling closed, turnout topped 70%, an all—time record for any election in hong kong. that should be good for the opposition. whatever the result, this election will not resolve
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the political deadlock which is tearing hong kong apart. rupert wingfield—hayes, bbc news, in hong kong. now it's time for a look at the weather. if you have escaped mainly dry today, don't be fooled. more rain in the forecast settling into south—western parts of the uk, extending north and east overnight, as far north as the north midlands. further north just a bit dry but with a lot of cloud, gusty winds across south—west england and another mild night with loads of 4-9. this another mild night with loads of 4—9. this frontal system moving north and eastwards across the uk. the heaviest rain across england and wales and we have a number of met office rain warnings in place, becoming patchy are moving northwards. the far north staying mainly dry, windy across shetland
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and stronger ones across south—west england but another mild day tomorrow, 9—13. more wet and windy weather to come into tuesday, the strongest winds for south wales in south—west england with gusts of 40-50. hello this is bbc news. the headlines. borisjohnson pledges not to raise income tax, vat or national insurance as he unveils the conservatives' election manifesto. the tories also promise to add 50,000 nurses to the nhs in england, and restore nursing grants. labour is pledging to compensate nearly four million women who lost out when their state pension age rose from 60 to 66. five teenagers arrested after a large brawl at a birmingham cinema. machetes are recovered and vue cinemas pull the gang film blue story.
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leaked documents reveal how china is holding hundreds of thousands of uighur muslims in detention camps, in what critics say is an effort to brainwash them. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm chetan pathak. late drama... in a six goal thriller between sheffield united and manchester united at bramall lane as the home side score a last minute equaliser. a battle for survival... england's cricketers are in trouble in the first test against new zealand. and it's a struggle but sale beat iii—man la rochelle in the european champions cup.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. we start with an extraordinary game in the premier league at bramall lane as manchester united scored three goals in seven second half minutes to come from 2—0 down to lead 3—2 at sheffield united. only for the home side to snatch a point with a last minute equaliser. patrick geary reports: bramall lane is an assault on the senses, fire, water and a song about a greasy chip party. it all feeds into an elemental energy that fuelled this messy and failed phil jones. no foul play on, and the final flick from jones. no foul play on, and the finalflick from john jones. no foul play on, and the final flick from john fleck. a team that keep on surprising. are they
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gonna sew share might be at the wheel but now they needed three point turn. a lease must get getaway, too good, 2—0. as ever the a nswe i’s getaway, too good, 2—0. as ever the a nswers to getaway, too good, 2—0. as ever the answers to their problems have come from within from young men like 19—year—old brandon williams. five minutes later 18—year—old mason greenwood made it 2—2. sheffield united, so comfortable for so long we re united, so comfortable for so long were now breathless and bewildered as marcus rashford completed the useful u—turn. three goals in the seven sensational minutes but they couldn't contain the chaos. sheffield united made their own anarchy. a stoppage time equaliser, 3-3 but anarchy. a stoppage time equaliser, 3—3 but had they used an arm? replay is not clear. quite some finished quite so much. 460, 70 minutes they were not acceptable, not good enough, but that shows the quality of us that we
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could still score goals and should have had one or two more in a game where we don't really perform. it shows that in this league you need to be on it for 90 minutes out to get punished and i thought our players were outstanding and dominated large parts of the game and if we hadn't got a point it would have been devastating for us, so we would have been devastating for us, so we got a point in the end, disappointed we didn't get three but thatis disappointed we didn't get three but that is how it goes. rangers are back level on points with celtic at the top of the scottish premiership after they won 3—1 at hamilton academicals this afternoon. rangers went ahead seven minutes in thanks to this finish from ryan jack but lewis smith levelled for hamilton. the game's decisive moment came before the break. this fantastic strike from ryan kent restored rangers lead and he added a third in injury time. they're now only in second place on goal difference. in the day's other game aberdeen remain in third after a 1—1 draw against stjohnstone. sam cosgrove fired aberdeen ahead with this fine strike.
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but the side bottom of the table equalised when matty kennedy finished off this move — 1—1 the score and it was a feisty end to the game with stjohnstone, who'd already had murray davidson sent off, seeing callum hendry get his marching orders minutes later too for that lunge which meant they finished the game with nine men. the women's super league leaders chelsea scored six as they stayed top of the table with a big win at birmingham city. they're a point ahead of manchester city who also scored plenty of goals on their travels as rhia chohan reports. manchester united kicked off an action packed day of women's super league against brighton and after scoring 11 goals in a midweek game, they were feeling confident. useful confidence as lauren james, they were feeling confident. useful confidence as laurenjames, at 18
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the youngest player in the squad, started off proceedings. wave after wave of attacks then rewarded as leo colton made it 2—0. not done yet, she got her second after half—time before a penalty taken racked up a 4- 014 before a penalty taken racked up a 4— 014 casey stoney‘s team. title chasers manchester city visited bristol. they were 1—0 going into the break before ellen white extended the lead. either side of caroline we are's strike was pauline braemar‘s double. sitting top of the table briefly as chelsea were at birmingham city and they were dominant. the early goal set the tone for the rest of the game. a good day for millie brighton got another for chelsea before setting up another for chelsea before setting up base in stroke of half—time. drew spence scored twice after the break
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before bethany england grabbed her second to complete the 6—0 thrashing to remain top of the table. arsenal stayed third with a comfortable victory over bottom side liverpool but the single goal victory could count against them in the title race as they sit behind manchester city on goal difference. the top 5 all won in the wsl. third placed arsenal beat liverpool 1—0, everton won a third league match in a row as they finished 3—1 winners over tottenham. manchester united beat brighton 4—0 whilst reading won 3—2 winners at west ham and continuing with women's football, up in scotland glasgow city have beaten hibernian in the womens scottish cup final in a seven goal thriller. it was clare shine who got the winner in the 90th minute with a stunning solo effort. look at this. the victory means that they finish the season with a league and cup double. england's cricketers are in a battle to save the first test against new zealand after bj
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watling scored a sensational double century on day four in mount maunganui. the hosts declared on 615 for 9. england will have to bat for the whole of the final day with just seven wickets in hand if they're to force a draw. joe lynskey reports. it is cricket's postcard venue but this test match for england now has a worrying picture. on day four they would need four wickets to bowl new zealand out. instead they were stopped by patient batting. an approach that brought new zealand new records. mitchell sa ntner started his earnings slowly, now playing shots to get the crowd interested. he made a century, his first in test cricket, but even that contribution would be just the support act. bj watling had been at the crease for more than ten hours when he ticked to 200. when he
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finally got out new zealand called time. they had made 615 runs, their highest scorer in tests against england and back at the crease the tourists would need patience. mitchell santner got done steadily then tempted to rory burns into the sweep shot. and whenjack leach was out england were 55—3, a long way from home and a long way behind. out england were 55—3, a long way from home and a long way behindlj am from home and a long way behind.” am concerned. no doubt about it because i have seen england in this position before and it is a mindset and it is a case of application and discipline are not something that a lot of the modern day players enjoy. don sibley and rory burns, that is their natural game to play in that fashion but a lot of the other england players want to be aggressive and positive so it will bea aggressive and positive so it will be a real challenge for them to show the necessary discipline and basically take a leaf out of bj watling's book of denial and backing their defence, leaving the ball
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well. of course it is important that they rotate the strike and that they don'tjust get stuck they rotate the strike and that they don't just get stuck blocking the ball all the time, but it is low—risk batting, that is what we want. building some partnerships and getting england to safety. it was a mixed day for british sides in rugby union's european champions cup. sale sharks had a tough time against la rochelle, even though the french side were down to 1a men at the end of the first half. sale eventually came through as 25 points to 15 winners. while gloucester came close but couldn't quite edge past montpellier... they were beaten by 30 points to 27. paul frostick was watching. for sale, this match was about returning world cup stars. south africa's faf de klerk and england's tom curry were on opposing sides in the final but this much reunited them in the same team. faf de klerk was soon involved. his pass feeding mcginty. england's world cup finalist tom curry was involved in the first half's other big moment.
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he found some fingers in his eyes and a la rochelle playerfound his way to an early bath. sale got themselves ahead after the break with a penalty try while faf de klerk concentrated on helping his team mates with some grooming techniques. a tight last 20 minutes saw this try from chris ashton but no bonus point for sale which could prove costly. like sale and la rochelle, montpellier and gloucester have lost their opening two matches. the french side keen to put that right in front of the home fans. their power on show as they controlled the first half. montpellier had a comfortable cushion after the first a0 minutes, 24-10. instead of eyes it was elbows in the second half, another red card to south africanjack du plessis was sent to the sidelines. gloucester did the best to take advantage of the extra man but
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despite this late try it wasn't enough, losing byjust the three points. it's advantage spain after the first rubber of the davis cup final in madrid. after their late night victory over great britain, the spanish team won the first singles match with roberto bautista agut getting past ca nada's felix auger alissiame in straight sets. rafael nadal is on court now in the second rubber knowing a win would seal victory for the home nation. he is two games away, he won the first set and it'sfor— four at the moment with serve in that second set. adam peaty put on a great performance as he won a thrilling 100—metre race in the international swimming league. it's a new team—based competition format for 2019, with fast—paced race sessions between eight teams of both men and women. peaty, the 100m world record holder, is captain of the london roar team.
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peaty also inspired his team to a win in the mixed four—by—100 relay at a sold—out london aquatics centre. the series consists of seven meets which take place in different cities around the world. it culminates next month with a grand final in las vegas. spain'sjon rahm has won the final event on the european tour — the wrold tour championship in dubai and in doing so finishes as europe's number one golfer. he was vying with tommy fleetwood for the honours and he needed to birdie the final hole to beat him. rahm did just that, finishing on nineteen under par for the torunament. the race to dubai, which replaced the tour‘s old order of merit, has only ever been won by one other spanish golfer and that was seve ballesteros. there are so many european tour players that could have done it, probably got close, and to think of that list of seve and then me is hard to believe.


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