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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 25, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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i was screaming. they didn't care. they had a radio on. my back was like a zebra. he was sent to natzweiler, hidden high up in the mountains of alsace. while here, fellow prisoners who were artists also recorded the horrors they saw. translation: in natzweiler you were immediately afraid. you came in at the top and the gallows welcomed you. we were told there was none other than down there. there was no way out but the chimney. typhus was an ever present danger when the prisoners were regularly disinfected. translation: they shaved our heads, armpits and crotches. then they put us under the showers. boris told me prisoners neverforgot that next to the showers
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there was an oven and that night and day a stoker heaved human logs into it. translation: you can't avoid the smell of burning flesh. you couldn't say, "i won't think about it." you had to keep breathing. you became part of that burning flesh. injuly, 99 years to the day since his beloved cultural centre was burned to the ground, boris returned there. the flames that haunted his childhood were behind him but the plight of all the victims of the death camps remain. and, he says, must never be forgotten. the story of boris pahor who is now
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106. and you can see the whole programme the man who saw too much on bbc one this wednesday at 10:1i5pm. that's it. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. the man at the centre of racist abuse allegations byjofra archer appears to try and get in touch with the england fast bowler on social media, as investigations into the incident in new zealand continue wada want a four year ban for russia from all sports. a panel has recommended the country faces significant sanctions for violating doping rules. and steve bruce's old club beat his new one as aston villa move four points clear of the premier league relegation zone. also coming up in the programme... why emery‘s in trouble at the emirates as football's sack season begins.
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hello again. thanks forjoining us. the day afterjofra archer was racially abused by a fan during the first test defeat to new zealand, england say the alleged culprit may have tried to get in touch with the fast bowler via social media. it's part of an investigation into the insults levelled at archer, which is being carried out by both the ecb and cricket new zealand — who have apologised to archer. there was an incident asjofra archer left the ground, as he was dismissed, there was something set in the crowd, i think on the
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scoreboard of the ground, which was offensive. joffrey appointed this immediately as it came off and also reported it to our security when he got back into the changing rooms that he sensed it was a racist, it was racist abuse. it is really u nfortu nate. was racist abuse. it is really unfortunate. he was obviously emotional, it hurts. here is well, to say we fully support him, obviously. there is no place for racism in the game, in any game. jofra is part of our team, whatever the abuse we would be absolutely right behind him and he is a very important part of our team. so, england say they're fully supportive of archer, andformer spinner monty panesar, himself the subject of racist abuse in the past, is hopeful archer will come through this. i thinkjofra is quite a you know, he likes playing under pressure situations. you saw him join the
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world cup, he took that super over, he is not shy of expressing his tale nt he is not shy of expressing his talent at international level and he bowls fa st. talent at international level and he bowls fast. so, for him, i do not think it will affect a much. but if anything, the players around him and both ecb and new zealand cricket will be happy that he is actually gone out and really kind of shown to the world that he was face but they racial comment on this is not on. the world anti doping agency will recommend that russia be banned from all sports for four years. the wada committee that has been investigating russia's violation of doping rules have concluded the country should be punished for an alleged manipulaton of a database of test results. if the wada board agrees with the recommendations, then russian athletes with a clean record could be forced to compete in neutral uniforms at next year's tokyo olympics, as they did in rio, but the sanctions could affect other sports, too. here are the main recommendations made by the wada committee. a four year ban from all sports signed up to the wada code,
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which includes football. that covers the olympic games.. russia will not be able to host any major events in that four year period, which could have a significant effect on euro 2020, when st petersburg is due to host four games. and they won't be allowed to bid for any either. and that means there'd be a knock on effect for a period longer than the four years itself. wada's executive committee will make a decision on the punishment on december the 9th and it would be subject to appeal steve bru ce's return to villa park didn't quite go to plan, as his newcastle united side lost in tonight's premier league match, helping his former club aston villa end a run of three straight defeats. a clever and brilliantly accurate free kick from conor hourihane put bruce's former club aston villa ahead. minutes later hourihane whipped in another free—kick, which anwar el ghazi converted to double the lead. newcastle would have moved up to ninth with a win, but the defeat keeps them 14th, a point ahead of villa.
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let's bring you up to date with some of the other football stories tonight. manchester city's injury problems continue. sergio aguero is out for a number of weeks with a thigh injury and pep guardiola says he'll need a miracle to play in the manchester derby on the 7th december. jose mourinho says he won't be reuinting with zlatan ibrahimovic for a third time. the striker, who was with the new spurs boss at both inter milan and manchester united, is a free agent after leaving la galaxy in mls. but mourinho sez he has the best striker in england — harry kane — already at the club. and real madrid manager zinedine zidane wants the club's fans to stop booing gareth bale. he got a mixed reception as he came on as a substitute in a 3—1 win over real sociedad. it was his first real appearance in seven weeks. now, with a month to go until christmas, welcome to the premier league's sacking season.
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mauricio pochettino's already lost his job at tottenham while everton‘s marco silva and west ham's manuel pellegrini are both thought to be under pressure. there's also attention on arsenal's unai emery, after his side's 2—2 draw with southampton left them eighth in the premier league. a group of fans have released a statement calling for "urgent action". patrick gearey reports on what's going wrong at the emirates. this is not the sound of a club in harmony, only two minutes early arsenal had snatched a late equaliser against southampton. but such was the performance they made at the emirates was not one of celebration. it is not a good result for us. obviously we play at home, survey have to win games at home. the supporters can be frustrated, they can be angry with us. they gambling has been slowly rising. arsenal did not make the champions league last season and there is concerned able miss out again this time. monday supporters group issued
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a statement critical of the owner. they said... they found sony see these years as foreign owners who have come over, look to make a lot of money, they have made enough a lot of money out of arsenal and not invested that money back into the club. they will have seen... the owners will be harder to dislodge than the manager, emery has not own any have his last five games. his decision to appoint the captain and then publicly fall out with the arsenal fans and be replaced, has only added to a sense of confusion among some supporters. 50 months after he took over, but is
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his arsenal? i feel like he has had enough chances to imprint something on this club and on the statement he is not imprinted anything a stop do the sea, his style of play, his tactics, do not know anything i do not think the players even know what they're supposed today. arsenal is a clu b they're supposed today. arsenal is a club do not rush into things, it is been nearly 25 years since they sacked a manager mid—season and there is no selling of the owner selling up. there it but of the top four. unless emery can 20 page, he may be reaching the end. right across the bbc today, we've been revealing the nominees for the bbc sports personality of the year. here's the six.
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you can see a profile of all six on the bbc sport website. the big show is on the 15th of december from aberdeen. that is all from us for 110w. aberdeen. that is all from us for now. next from bbc news it is the papers. from us, it is good night. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the telegraph's deputy political editor anna mikhailova and chief leader writer sonia sodha from the guardian. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. let's start with the times and the story that everyone
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is talking about — in an unprecedented move into politics, the chief rabbi has said jeremy corbyn‘s handling of anti—semitism makes him "unfit for high office" while warning that the "very soul of our nation is at stake" in next month's general election. staying with politics, the telegraph has the headline, "labour denies plot to sacrifice corbyn". a senior adviser to labour has suggested corbyn‘s future could be up for discussion if a deal with the snp or lib dems is to be agreed. the guardian reports that child poverty is at risk of rising to a 60—year high under a conservative government — that's according to think tank analysis. and finally, the metro leads with "taxi for uber". uber has been stripped of its licence to operate in london after regulators found at least 1a,ooo uninsured rides had been provided by drivers
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using bogus identification. so, ina so, in a range of front pages to discuss. i think there is anyone place to start, isn't there? the times. this unprecedented intervention by the chief rabbi, jeremy corbyn not fit for high office. and, just tells elizabeth's more about what he said, because he has been writing at the time. he has written an article in the times, but is completely unprecedented about this is it is the middle of an election campaign and duarte says he cannot tell people how to vote, he urges them to vote with their conscience and he issued a stark warning that the soul of our nation is at stake. he goes on to have a detailed attack onjeremy corbyn‘s handling of the anti—semitism crisis but then labour. specifically talking about complaints that have been made, not been dealt with
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properly, been left to linger. people who have been readmitted into the party, not disciplined properly, this is what he is saying, ifjeremy corbyn cannot handle these issues but then his party, this poison, as the chief rabbi says, that are spread and his party, how can he be fed for high office is his argument. and sonia, he stopped short for saint do not vote for labour, doesn't it? but i mean his views are pretty clear. i do not think he is leaving any doubt as to what his messages in this letter. it is incredibly clear. i think it is very serious and it is very serious belabour. as anna said, it is completely unprecedented. has been a lot of criticism about how have handles complaints of anti—semitism with a lot of focus on jeremy corbyn himself as leader of the party. they have been instances where jeremy corbyn himself has been accused of sharing things that have been anti—semitic. so, a lot of focus on
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the party.


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