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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  November 26, 2019 3:30am-4:00am GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines: new figures confirm that concentrations of greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere have reached another record high. the statistics by the world meteorological organisation, collected over thirty years, suggest that rising concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases are driving the severity of climate change. there is no sign of any slowdown. hong kong's chief executive has acknowledged deficiencies in her government in the wake of sunday's landslide victory for pro—democracy parties in local elections. in her weekly address carrie lam also said she hopes students still occupying the polytechnic university will leave peacefully. she offered no concessions on the protesters‘ demands. the world anti—doping agency has called for russia to be suspended from international sporting competitions for the next four years for having falsified laboratory data. the commitee found that russian officials had erased failed doping tests from a database. a vote on the recommendation will be held next month.
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a lorry driver accused of causing the deaths of 39 migrants found in a lorry container in essex has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to assist illegal immigration. maurice robinson from craigavon in northern ireland was not asked to plead to 39 charges of manslaughter which he also faces. the bodies of the people from vietnam including children, were discovered last month. daniel sandford reports. the discovery last month of 39 dead people from vietnam in the back of a lorry in essex led to a huge international investigation into a suspected people smuggling gang. this morning, mo robinson, the 25—year—old lorry driver from northern ireland arrested at the time, appeared by video link at the old bailey and pleaded guilty to conspiring with others to assist illegal immigration. he is also accused of 39 counts of manslaughter but, at this stage, he has not been asked to say whether he pleads guilty or not guilty to those charges or a charge people trafficking, or one of money—laundering. mo robinson is the first person to appear here the old bailey following the 39 deaths, but he won't be the last. he is accused of being part of a wider conspiracy. two other men are already facing charges, police are looking to talk to at least two more.
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eight of the 39 people found dead in the lorry were female. ten were teenagers. two of them were boys ofjust 15. they all leave behind grieving families in vietnam. he is accused of being part of a wider conspiracy. two other men are already facing charges, police are looking to talk to at least two more. eight of the 39 people found dead in the lorry were female. ten were teenagers. two of them were boys ofjust 15. they all leave behind grieving families in vietnam. sealed inside an unaccompanied lorry trailer, they'd crossed the english channel from zeebrugge on this cargo ferry, the clementine, and arrived at the port of purfleet on the river thames, just east of london. the trailer had been dropped off at zeebrugge some 12 hours earlier by this lorry cab. eamon harrison, also from northern ireland, is accused of being the driver on the belgian side,
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and is fighting extradition from dublin. and, with the wider investigation into the lorry deaths still continuing, a third man from northern ireland, 23—year—old christopher kennedy, appeared in court in chelmsford today, also charged with people trafficking and assisting illegal immigration. daniel sandford, bbc news. now on bbc news, the travel show. hello and welcome to the travel show, with me lucy hedges, coming to you this week from rwanda. i am in the capital kigali, to meet the people determined to make the country one of east africa's cultural hotspots. how do i look? good? cat is in copenhagen, skiing on the roof of a power plant. laughs. i just want to make it down without falling over! and simon calder is back with his tips on how to take a new train link to
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the world's coldest city. yakutsk, in north—east siberia, is now easier to reach. we start this week in copenhagen. by 2025 the danes hope this will become the world's very first carbon—neutral capital city. we sent cat moh to find out how they are getting on. denmark is a country that takes its eco—friendly reputation very seriously.
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it is claimed that more than two—thirds of their waste is recycled, and 30% of all their energy consumption comes from renewable sources. they even say the harbour is clean enough for you to swim in. not something i'll be trying on a cold winter's day. instead i am on a goboat, one of a fleet of electric boats available to hire here in copenhagen. it is charged back at the dock with solar panels. that means no noisy engines, and low co2 emissions. this green drive has had another added push, with the opening of a new tourist attraction — built on top of the unlikeliest of buildings, a power station.
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fuelled by waste and billed as one of the most environmentally friendly plants of its kind, opened last month, the copenhill spans more than 40,000 square metres. this slope i am on works its way from the bottom all the way up the side of the building, and it's open every day of the week for hikers, sightseers and even skiers. the ski slope is made from a slippery synthetic material which is coloured green to stop the slope from discolouring. they are still doing a bit of work up here, but look, right over there, that's sweden, which is very cool. and on the other side, we have this amazing view of copenhagen. and how did you guys come up with putting a ski slope up here? one of the things we realised quite quickly is that if you take a section of the building it actually steps down from low to high, from the area
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where the trucks drive into the boilers, the flue gas treatment areas, up to about 90 metres. the other thing about denmark is that danes love to ski, but denmark is completely flat. so they will drive for three hours to sweden to ski on a slope that is about 80 metres high. so we quickly realised that since we have mountains of trash apparently, we could turn it into mountains of recreation and skiing, that could become a public amenity in the very centre of the city of copenhagen. sustainability tends to be this thing that is seen as protestant act, something you do which means that you have to do less of something, that you somehow have to have less life experience. but what we really wanted to do with this project is express that
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somehow sustainability can be something that is positive and fun, and actually gives more back to people, and to the city. inside, a glass lift shows people the inner workings of the power station. and tours are available as an apres—ski activity. so explain to me what's going on, there seems to be a mix of leftover tree branches, but also general waste as well. that's correct. we receive waste from five municipalities, both from households and from industries, all the waste that cannot be recycled. how often do these trucks come, because there seems to be a steady flow, even just standing here for the past few minutes. we have around 300 lorries coming in on a daily basis. inside the waste silo, giant grabbers mix the rubbish before dropping it into the furnace. this is where the waste is being incinerated, i will show you over here, it is quite a sight.
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oh, my eyes! it is like staring into the pit of hell. the plant generates electricity, and potentially enough annual heating for 150,000 homes. we have waste in copenhagen, we will keep on producing waste in copenhagen and the rest of the world, so this is a product that is already here so we might as well use it for something reasonable, something that makes sense. back on the slope, it's time for me to get my skis on. can i borrow your boot for one moment? just one is fine, thank you. i have not been on a dry ski slope for maybe 15 years. you will have fun. i have been on actual snow.
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yeah, well it is quite different. speed is your friend up there. speed is my friend... yeah. i don't really know how this is going to go, if i am going to wipe out. laughs. i just want to make it down without falling over! screams. after that initial wobble, i was soon feeling confident. maybe a bit too confident. laughs. that went really well! and the copenhill is open now, to skiers of all abilities. and if you are thinking of travelling to denmark,
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here are some things we think you should look out for. if you are staying in copenhagen, you could cycle to tivoli gardens. established in 1843, it's one of the world's oldest and prettiest amusement parks, plus it is right in the city. fairytale writer hans christian anderson is said to have visited many times, and it is rumoured walt disney found the inspiration for his own disney world here. if you are feeling brave, you could take icy dip off the northern tip of denmark. it is the skagen winter swimming festival — anyone who takes part earns the name of icebreaker. 0rganisers promise it will be an atmospheric and invigorating event. or, for something very different, horsens jail in thejutland region is hosting a prison ink festival in may. 250 tattoo artists from around the world will be on hand to ink you up. 0rganisers are expecting around 5000 people to attend over
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the three day event. malaysians themselves admit that nothing unites their multicultural nation better than their food. so we are in sarawak to see what goes into their unofficial official national dish. i am zak gan. people know me as the laughing boss. we have a banquet restaurant here in kuching, sarawak. today i am going to teach you how to cook basic nasi lemak with a few twists. nasi lemak is steamed white rice infused with coconut milk, and the most important part is the sambal, the spicy signature red sauce. you have the rice and water, and this is the most important thing, the coconut milk. nasi lemak without the coconut milk, you would not have the lemak.
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and then this pandan leaf, for the flavour, for the fragrance. when it is ready, the smell will tell you, the fragrance will tell you. now we move over to the sambal. big onion! everyone can have nasi lemak. it is a typical malay recipe. in the kampong you sell this, i think, 2—3 ringgit, you got to make it simple, make it nice. and if you want it in a five—star hotel, they give it a longer name, you name it "steamed white rice infused with coconut milk, seasoned with special signature spicy red sauce." that you can sell 30 ringgit. this one...2 ringgit.
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laughs. perfect. this is golden brown, we just add in this, this is the chilli paste. and then the sour papaya. you can smell it from 1000 miles away. that is exactly how you cook a traditional basic sambal. 0k, yep. 0k, there we go. the cucumber slice, the deep—fried anchovies, and there we have it! the perfect nasi lemak! nasi lemak can go with anything, from fried chicken to peking duck. or you can go basic. there you go. the spiciness, the
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coconut milk, awesome! stick around, because still to come on the travel show — our global guru, simon calder, explores how to reach the world's coldest city by train. and i am in kigali, seeing how this city is transforming into a cultural hotspot. i think i made it through about half of that choreography! these kids are so good! hello again.
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today i'm focusing on a subject that more of you want to know about than any other, budget travel in europe. i aim to help with seeing dubrovnik on a shoestring, recommending the best greek island for a cut—price may escape, and the tricky business of international rail travel. first, though, as winter gets a grip on the northern hemisphere, the world's coldest city, ya kutsk in north—east siberia, is now easier to reach. a new railway line connects the city to the rest of the russian rail network, almost. the wide lena river stops the line just short of the city, but in winter when the river is frozen, vehicles take passengers a short distance from the end of the line to yakutsk, and in summer there are ferries. back here in europe, bethany hughes wants to know:
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dubrovnik and budget used to go well together in the same sentence. but croatia's most beautiful city is now very firmly on the tourist trail. as a result, prices for everything from coffee to souvenirs have soared, and finding bargains is challenging. for eating, drinking, chilling and quite possibly sleeping, i urge you to consider cavtat, a a0 minute boat ride from dubrovnik. this ancient town was once a roman colony, greek outpost, and is now a backwater without the crowds and the high prices of dubrovnik. edward mcgeary has a romantic plan for 2020: hello, edward, and thank
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you for your question. to help you out with this, i sought somebody with specialist knowledge. one of the most romantic greek islands is the island of milos. it is only 4 hours from athens by ferry. it has some of the best beaches in greece and great cuisine. for your stay, i would suggest either the town of adamas or pollonia. many viewers have got in touch to say they want to switch from air to rail. but some, like ben vos, say they are finding it difficult to source international train tickets. i have many years experience of organising rail travel in europe, and regretfully, i still haven't found an agent who can successfully
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connect any two points on the continent. however, i hope i can help you reach the swedish capital. because you know exactly where you want to be, when, i don't recommend interrail. instead, i suggest you use sncf, french railways or its partner talus to get to brussels. from there, german railways can get you to copenhagen in several hops, but on a single ticket. and swedish railways will go from the danish capital to stockholm in under six hours. the earlier you book and the more flexible you can be the lower the cost. whatever you are heading, i am here to help. just send in your questions. i'll do my very best to find you an answer. from me, simon calder, the global guru, goodbye for now, and see you next time. rwanda has just topped the 2020
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africa destination list, and i am here in the capital, kigali. the city is a hub for new start—ups, it has a buzzing art scene, and great local entertainment. but while most travellers whizz through here to get straight to the rwandan wildlife, i have come to see what the capital has to offer. welcome to rwanda! the city is impressively spotless, there is wi—fi everywhere, and perhaps most importantly, there is a real sense of pride bursting from every single person i talked to. this is thanks in no small part to the national made in rwanda initiative, a movement to support and inspire local businesses, and the made in rwanda label is now a badge of honour. this all reflects the new rwandan identity, no longer divided along ethnic or tribal lines.
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i am at the house of tayo, where designer matthew rugamba set up shop eight years ago. he has seen his brand grow in popularity since the launch of made in rwanda last year. he has even seen his clothes strutted on the red carpet of the premiere of blockbuster film, black panther. i want to show the best of rwanda, there is a lot of undiscovered talent here. it is part of my mandate to utilise as much local talent and expertise as i can. it's very important that we build a local ecosystem of models, photographers, lighting experts, only when we do that we can say that we have a localfashion industry. i'm dying to find out about the wakanda premiere suit he made for the protagonist, lupita nyong'o's brother, junior. the suit was made remotely, and tayo worked off photographs, working right down to the wire. we got in about three or four hours before the actual premier. whoa! cutting it fine! yeah, yeah.
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bloodshot eyes, because you haven't slept. exactly, even when he got the suit i wasn't sure it would fit. it was an absolute miracle that it fit. it was really exciting. it was an important time for rwandan fashion. tayo and other city designers are not only thriving here in rwanda, but are now selling their goods abroad. fashion is not the only thing that is growing here, thanks to the made in rwanda slogan. music and dance has always been a way for people to express themselves, and now, with the national revival, you can't go far here without hearing a drumbeat. inema is one of east africa's largest arts centres, with a range of rwandan cultural experiences. how do i look? good? i have noticed this real sense of pride to be rwandan. why is this dance so symbolic of rwandan culture? it is very essential for the kids to have some sort of identity,
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and to grow understanding of dance, their culture, it is very good as you move forward. well, i guess you can tell what's going to happen next. oh man, here we go! music playing i think i made it through about half of that choreography. these kids are so good! i've had so much fun today getting stuck into rwandan culture. now i'm ordering a cocktail and i am about to kick back and enjoy a concert, rwandan style. i am here to see dayo perform,
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one of kigali's rising music sensations. the inanga is our cultural, traditional music. it is our history, it is our identity. many years ago it was getting disappeared. so i decided to introduce my music to the new world. such a beautiful sound. the lyrics of your music, what do they mean, what are you saying in your songs? i want everyone to know our culture, how we are doing, our history. if everybody listens to our story, where we come from, how we are going on. it gives the inspiration to other nations, so i want to tell the people about our country. this new generation of rwandans who have now moved on, from the country's darker, violent past, are shedding light and colour across the country. and while most travellers rush through kigali, it is worth keeping some
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time aside to explore the people, their passion, and their crafts in this bustling city. well, that is it for this week. join us if you can, next week, when... is back in iceland where a new kind of sanctuary for beluga whales is getting ready for its residents. if you insist, if you insist! there we go. there was another little burp. hello! catch that, if you can. but in the meantime, don't forget, we are all over social media, so why not sign up to us there and join us out here on the road in real time, and also share your travel stories with the rest of the world. until then, from me and the rest of the team, it's goodbye.
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hello there, there's a big change in the weather for all of us by the end of this week, but before then we have got more mild weather, more cloud, and some further rain and perhaps in some parts, strong to galeforce winds, with the worst of the weather through tuesday and wednesday expected across england and wales. the reason for the wet and windy weather, another area of low pressure, this one contains remnants of ex—tropical storm sebastian and that is going to stick around for the next couple of days. ahead of that, we have still got mild conditions by the morning, a lot of cloud, some further pockets of rain and drizzle but the wetter weather and windier weather will be toward the south—west, where the winds are up
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picking up in the morning. gusts of 40mph or perhaps 50mph. that will push that rain band northward throughout the day, could be quite heavy at times, push its way northwards across england and wales into northern ireland and the central belt of scotland, some patchy rain and stronger winds for northern scotland. behind the rain band may get some sunshine but watch out for some heavy downpours, particularly toward the south—east of england later on in the afternoon. but with this tropical air heading away, it could be quite warm in the sunshine, 1a or 15 degrees perhaps. but some wet weather for the south—east of england, east anglia into the evening, and our area of low pressure comes back towards the south—west of england and wales, picks up the rain here which will be quite heavy, and also strengthens the wind, and we will see gales pushing through the english channel coastal areas into the channel islands too. so, more rain for england and wales, could be heavy at times, and we are still going to have some wet weather across
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the far north of scotland. but mainly it's south—east scotland and north—east england that will see the rain turning heavier and more persistent as we head into the afternoon bringing the threat of more localised flooding. temperatures widely in double figures. as we head into thursday, we start to see some changes because the low pressure is going to take a lot of that rain away into the near continent. 0ur wind direction is going to change from that milder south—westerly to a much colder northerly wind, and that will drag down the cold air across the whole of the country. we have still got some rain to clear away on thursday and there is more of it now across england and wales, a little bit slower but we should see it brightening up for northern ireland and particularly across scotland with some sunshine knocking those temperatures down in that northerly wind. still some mild air across the south but only 11 or 12 degrees. as we move into friday morning, there may well be a frost around, perhaps all the way down toward the midlands as well. that's a significant change. we are also looking at drier weather to arrive on friday,
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that is going to mean more sunshine for a change, but those images will be lower, typically 5—8 celsius.
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this is bbc news — welcome if you're watching here in the uk, on pbs in america or around the globe. i'm mike embley. our top stories. a new report shows concentrations of carbon dioxide — the main gas behind global warming — are at record levels. the critical period is now and that the climate change we'll see and the decisions that we make will last notjust for decades orfor centuries, but potentially longer than that. hong kong's chief executive carrie lam acknowledges deficiencies in her government in her reaction to the landslide victory of pro—democracy parties in sunday's local elections.


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