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you're watching beyond 100 days... the chief rabbi in the uk says but i feel that he has improved the poison of antisemitism — dramatically in the last year. therefore, there are one or two sanctioned at the top — has taken root in the labour party. bigger clues to be warded off? each the labour leaderjeremy corbyn says there is no place for anti—semitism time he gets there, you think it within his party and those guilty will slope off but it never seems of racism have been "brought to book". to. do it now! as soon you can. if you leave it a year, it could be in a bbc interview, mr corbyn urged the jewish community problematic. we will have the to "engage" with him, following the chief rabbi's commentary, city need one point to unprecedented intervention. get through to the knockout stage. i am determined that our society will be safe for people of all faiths. i don't want anyone to be feeling staying with football, insecure in our society and the chairman of rangers — and our government will dave king — is to step down at the end of the season. protect every community. he's been in the role forfour and a half years, us presidents are not kings, and was one of the leading figures says a federaljudge, in the take over of the club in 2015. our sports news correspondent is chris mclaughlin. well, a miserable day here on the south side of glasgow. but a momentous day for ranges. we have witnessed quite a few of those over the years. why does chairman dave king need to stand down? he feels
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hisjob yet is king need to stand down? he feels his job yet is done. king need to stand down? he feels hisjob yet is done. he king need to stand down? he feels his job yet is done. he arrived in 2015 to a club in turmoil. he wrestled control from a very unpopular board. he led the club up from the championship and stole steven gerrard as the manager here. now he's watching the side competing at the very top of the scottish premiership, alongside rivals celtic. it hasn't always been rosy. by celtic. it hasn't always been rosy. by the clubs own admission, they have accumulated debts of about £25 million over the last couple of yea rs. at million over the last couple of years. at today's agm, he says the clu b years. at today's agm, he says the club need a strategy and the ad hoc investment needs to stop. part of that could be a new issue in january. suggestions of a new overseas investment coming into this. the rangers fans see him as a hero, saving the club from a board they hated but now dave king has gone. 0r, he's going. who comes in
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next? let's take a quick look at some other stories making the news. everton manager marco silva took training as normal this morning and now looks set to be in charge for sunday's premier league visit to leicester city. silva is fighting for his job after defeat to norwich city left them 16th in the premier league table. new zealand captain kane williamson plans to apologise in person tojofra archer for the "horrific" racist abuse the england bowler received from a fan during the first test on monday. williamson says the incident is "against everything that we as kiwis are about". the 0val will host the opening game of the hundred — english cricket's new competition. the 0val invincibles will face the welsh fire live on the bbc injuly next year. there's been a few comings and goings in rugby union today, adam wild can tell us more... busy day in rugby union today, three developing stories to bring you up to date with. here they are, starting with this man here. allen clarke.
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he has today left his role as head coach of pro 1a side ospreys, after a really very dismal start to the season both in that competition and in the champions cup. he only signed a three year deal last year but his reign has come to end — this is why here are their results in the pro 1a this season. last time out in that competition — a really humiliating defeat to the southern kings. some describing that as the lowest point in the clubs recent history. just one win, that one against benetton to speak of this season. also — they've lost both of their games in the champions cup so far, including a real thumping to saracens at the weekend so there they are at the bottom of pool four and already with a real fight on their hands. there are mitigating factors, clarke has had to deal with the absence of many key players who were away with wales at the world cup and some really cruel injury problems — but results are the bottom line and that is what has done for allen clarke at ospreys. another man announcing a move today,
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is this fella here, ben te'o. in many ways england's forgotten man. he was left out of the world cup squad in japan. he's announced today though that he is going to japan — only its to join the japanese side sunwolves for the 2020 super rugby season. he is 32 now, so given england's international selection policy this may well signal the end of his international career. it has been a remarkable career — across two codes — a prolific career in rugby league — west tigers, brisbane and here he is playing for south sydney where he won the nrl alongside sam burgess. leinster, worcestor and currently toulon in rugby union, as well as 20 caps for england and a couple for the lions as well but he is on the move. so his england career seemingly over, the same can be said for england's attack coach, scott wisemantel. here he is at the recent world cup. his contract ended after that
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tournament and he is heading off. he's just the latest to go after scrum coach neil hatley left to join bath. and it also brings into focus the future of this man as well, forwards coach steve borthwick. the rfu are confident they can keep him until after the six nations which begins in february. but for wisemantel, his time with england has come to an end. so a busy day in rugby union sarah. thank you forjoining us, adam. there's been a big boost today for women's golf in europe. the season long order of merit is set to be rebranded as the race to costa del sol and will offer a bonus prize fund of 214,000 pounds. also — the event that will end the year — will have its prize money doubled to more than £500,000. scottish golfer carly booth told us it's a very postitive development. we spend the same amount of money no
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matter where we go. you are paying for your expenses. every week costs similar amounts. it is just for your expenses. every week costs similar amounts. it isjust nice to feel like we are working so hard for more of what we deserve financially. it gives us something more to look forward to. it has always been a pa rt forward to. it has always been a part of the ladies tour, you see the old gpa every week and we have so much potential for really good golfers out here —— lpga. ijust don't think we are quite has noticed. i hope that people could start seeing the benefit of supporting us here on the european tour. and before we go, how about this for a goalkeeper taking the initiative... this is from the top league in mexico. the opposition ‘keeper had come up for a corner,
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so chivas guadalajara's antonio rodriguez spotted his opportunity, and went for it... the absolute fear when you realise that it has all gone very wrong! that's all from sportsday. you can keep right across the champions league action. that's later. that's all from us for the moment. have a good evening. goodbye. more now on our main story. jeremy corbyn has once again been forced to defend his party's record on tackling anti—semitism — after the chief rabbi urged people to consider what he called labour's "utterly inadequate" response to anti—jewish racism
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when they vote next month. i'm joined now byjournalist and labour party member michael segalov. you are alsojewish. and you are still supporting jeremy corbyn and his leadership. this letter from the chief rabbi is very damning. does it not worry you? it worries me that there is the idea and belief among some people in thejewish community that the labour party represents a threat to jewish life in that the labour party represents a threat tojewish life in this country. it's a shame that is the case and it hurts me that the frustration that many people, including myself, feel about processes and procedures in the party, like the speed in the small numbers of cases that have been dealt with. hundreds, according to some. 500 plus people is far too many but still relatively small but the speed has to be seen separate to this fear which has set in among
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parts the community. that feel some ways ofjewish parts the community. that feel some ways of jewish life parts the community. that feel some ways ofjewish life are threatened byjeremy corbyn and a labour government. it is telling that today the labour party set out their approach to race and faith in this country. it had explicit policy promises, to support thejewish community. with security, or bereavement and burial times, introducing anti—semitism education into the curriculum. important policies that affect the community here and today of all days we should be speaking about that. many would agree that the theme of antiracism should have been given a hearing but it has been overshadowed to a degree by this because it is a very serious intervention by the chief rabbi to criticise someone who could be prime minister. the chief rabbi says that the claims that the party is doing everything it reasonably can to tackle anti—jewish and racism are a
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mendacious fiction. that is a real question. it isn'tjust a few cases. it is taking longer. these parties have not taken action against those accused of anti—semitism. have not taken action against those accused of anti-semitism. it needs to before. it is a real allegation. and we have seen mps like louise ellman and others who have left the party because of this. in terms of procedures and policy, there's more that could have been done. but what the chief rabbi is really saying here, voting for labour is incompatible with supporting the jewish community. i think he is saying that. he accusesjeremy corbyn of being an anti—semite in disguise. 0n the second point it is important to think about who it is who knows corbyn, who other people who knows corbyn, who other people who i trust to judge that. jewish people. three people who have been very vocal in the last few weeks, a jewish left—winger who has laid out
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explicitly why he does not believe him to be an anti—semite. a holocaust survivor who came to this country, on kindle transport, was a labourmp. country, on kindle transport, was a labour mp. nothing to do withjeremy corbyn‘s leadership. he came out today to set out why he has got frustrated with procedures and policies but does not believe him to be anti—semitic. a jewish policies but does not believe him to be anti—semitic. ajewish man who knows jeremy corbyn well does be anti—semitic. ajewish man who knowsjeremy corbyn well does not believe him to be anti—semitic. they are the voices we should listen to. and i can put on the other side luciana berger, she had horrific abuse directed at her and she left the party. it's a big dealfor them to leave the party. for them to go, because of this lack of leadership, as they see it, byjeremy corbyn, that tells you a lot, surely? her leaving is a real shame. ithink that tells you a lot, surely? her leaving is a real shame. i think it was because of the abuse she received online from people
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purporting to be labour party members. she has publicly been very disappointed by how the leadership has dealt with that. the question of leadership, jeremy corbyn could be in number10 leadership, jeremy corbyn could be in number 10 within weeks. and clearly, he has had three years at the top of politics now. he has failed to deal with this problem. the labour party is under investigation. the investigation into procedures has not come through yet. i look forward to seeing the result. it is important that the labour party hold themselves to the highest of standards. but for them to stamp out anti—semitism before it enters government, there is a real threat here. jewish people are not safe or secure. there are a lot of threats facing this community here and across the world. those threats and across the world. those threats and those people existed long before he became leader of the labour party. now, they are accepting there are issues around policy and
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procedure in the past, improving those and setting in the manifesto how labour party will protectjewish people in this and ensuring that on the day when labour take government, making sure jewish the day when labour take government, making surejewish people in this country, the fear some of them may have about the future is completely vindicated. is fair to say it's an ongoing debate. let's have a look at the weather now. hello. a mild night ahead. not an awful lot of change is expected over the next 2a hours. it will stay cloudy and drizzly. certainly, no frost on the way. cold weather is on the way later in the week. low pressure is over us. it is a cloudy and rainy low and within it, subtropical air which has come from the subtropics. an old tropical storm. temperatures at five o'clock, 5am,10 degrees storm. temperatures at five o'clock,
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sam, 10 degrees across the south of the country. 6 degrees in central scotland. still very much with us through wednesday. you can see where the rain is circling within this area of low pressure. you can also see gaps in the weather with sunshine in south—western scotland, northern ireland. taking a look at the temperatures, 12 degrees across the temperatures, 12 degrees across the south of the country and 10 00:14:22,905 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 degrees in the north.
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