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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 27, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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even if a four—year ban from sporting events comes into effect. and after a year where he nearly retired and then came back, we hearfrom former world number one andy murray about his new documentary. welcome to the programme. we start with football, and three more teams have qualified for the knockout phase of the european champions league. 13—time winners real madrid and the english champions manchester city are through. more on them coming up. but so are last season's beaten finalists tottenham hotspur. it was jose mourinho‘s first home game in charge — and it didn't look good for spurs when olympiacos went 2—0 up, with goals from youssef el arabi and ruben semedo. but tottenham turned it round with goals either side of the break from dele alli and harry kane. that made it 2—2 —
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and a point would have been enough for spurs, but they weren't finished. there were further goals from serge aurier and kane again, as tottenham completed a 4—2 win to seal their place in the last 16. like olympiacos, real madrid threw away a 2—0 lead as they drew 2—2 with paris saint—germain. one point was enough for them in the end, but our football reporter john bennett says real should have had all three. iam not i am not sure how paris st—germain rescued a draw from this game, they we re rescued a draw from this game, they were down and out. scoring a second goal of the night to make it 2—0. then a mistake by raphael to score in the 80th minute, then sarabia came through and suddenly it was level. near the end we must had brilliant drama, great story, gareth bale hitting the post from a free
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kick, unfair on paris st—germain. real and billy dominated the game, 28 shots. the goalkeeper made ten saves during the game, which is pretty incredible. listen, i think both teams will be happy. both in the last 16, great performance by real, great performance by psg. this is the trophy they are desperate to make it through on. they did do enough, and you can understand why mentally they may not have been a full entity in this game because they were pretty close, they need to getting through to the last 16. it's all about knockouts now. it's all about what they could do in those last 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, they hope and perhaps, the final as well. ed guardiola knows it wasn't a performance done a great performance
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but satisfied. john bennett there. we teased you a moment ago but what does a marine you had to say, this is what he had to say —— jose. i think if you wait a few months and you buy the is on movie, you will get it —— amazon movie. i have felt they were in need of some love at that time and not the critical one. the big winners of the night were bayern munich — who'd already qualified. they thrashed red star belgrade 6—0 in their group b game in serbia, with robert lewandowski scoring four. he's now got 31 for the season — for club and country. meanwhile, in group d, atletico madrid missed the chance
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to qualify when they lost 1—0 at group leadersjuventus where paulo dybala scored a stunning free kick which was the only goal of the game. russia's bracing itself for a four—year ban from all major competitions, following a recommendation made by the world anti—doping agency. it claims moscow falsified laboratory data handed to investigators. the international olympic committee says it supports the "toughest sanctions", but on tuesday, we were told russia would still be able to compete at next year's european football championships because uefa isn't defined as a "major event organisation" in regards to doping breaches. here's our sports news correspondent, alex ca pstick. european championships next year, which is original event, that isn't covered by the sanctions. so saint petersburg will be able to host games and euro 2020 and raso will be able to compete as russia at euro 2020. but remember all of this has to go before the executive committee in december 19 they will then decide whether russia should be sanctioned, whether russia should be sanctioned, whether russia should be sanctioned, whether russia will be made non—compliant, expect they will go along with the recommendations and thenit along with the recommendations and then it is a 21 day period to
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appeal. if russia does appear that will go to the court of arbitration for sport, so a long way to go with this and it could get messy. it's not so long ago that it looked like we might have seen the last of former world number one andy murray on a tennis court. tributes were even paid at the australian open when it looked like he was going to have to retire with a hip problem. but successful surgery followed — and last month murray claimed the 46th title of his career with victory at the european open. winning grand slams again is still a big ask, but the former wimbledon and us open champion is now the subject of a documentary which looks back at what he's been through and his comeback. when we started filming the documentary i certainly didn't expect it to end the power did. we thought i was going to have my first operation, i would thought i was going to have my first operation, iwould have thought i was going to have my first operation, i would have rehab for a few months and i would be back on the court competing again. but it didn't turn out that way and it turned into something quite different. where obviously i was quite emotional during it and i was
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looking like i was not maybe going to be able to play again. i think i learned quite a lot, especially, it was more so learned quite a lot, especially, it was more so i would stay in the last seven 01’ was more so i would stay in the last seven or eight months, i've had the resurfacing operation about, itjust sort of, like, remembering what is happier and what your priorities are in life. and once i always thought dennis was right up there as one of the most important things for me —— tennis, once i had the surgery and was pain free again in healthy, it just totally changed me. ijust was pain free again in healthy, it just totally changed me. i just felt so just totally changed me. i just felt so much happier in my day—to—day life, the time i spent with my family was more enjoyable, socialising with friends, playing golf, you know, just day stuff which i wasn't able to appreciate for awhile. then they changed. i started playing the sport when i was a kid because i loved it and that's why i'm back playing now, because i
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really enjoy playing the sport and everything that goes into it. and i think sometimes when you become a professional that that can sometimes get lost. everybody wants to know what your goals are, what the next competition you are going to try to win is on such and such. it doesn't — you sort of lose the joy ofjust blazing the does my playing the sport. there's a lot more pleasure. i want to try and remember that now that i am back. tennis being my whole adult life but also a huge, huge part of my childhood as well, this is what i've done inside was a young kid. so when you get to 28, 29 and it looks like you're coming to the end, i think sport doesn't do a very good job of preparing athletes for finishing. very good job of preparing athletes forfinishing. and setting very good job of preparing athletes for finishing. and setting them very good job of preparing athletes forfinishing. and setting them up forfinishing. and setting them up for what it is they are going to do when they finish. but that was the nice thing about these last six or seven months when i was at home. my pain was gone, i got a glimpse into what my life would be like without tennis, and i'm so much more relaxed about that now that i know
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everything will be good when i do stop. next to women's golf, the race to del costa. it comes days after kim say young picked up $1.5 million in the lpga competition. we spend the same amount of money, every week costs similar amounts, so i think it's just costs similar amounts, so i think it'sjust nice. we costs similar amounts, so i think it's just nice. we are working so ha rd it's just nice. we are working so hard for more of what we deserve financially and it gives us something more to look forward to. i think it's something that has always been a part of the ladies tourer, where you see what the lpga players
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are doing. we have so much potential, so many really good golfers out here with a lot of potential to compete with some of the best in the world and i think we are not quite as noticed. i hope people can start seeing the benefit for supporting us out here on the european tour. and the head of new zealand crickets as the fan who is alleged to have racially abused the england bowlerjofra alleged to have racially abused the england bowler jofra archer will alleged to have racially abused the england bowlerjofra archer will be banned from future matches and referred to the police. jofra archer said the incident happened as he was walking off the field on the first day of their test on mount manually. the captain of new zealand says he will apologise personally. the final test done the test starts in hamilton on friday. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me — chetan pathak — and the rest of the sport today
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team, goodbye. hello, once again. i don't know about you, but i'm struggling to remember the last time i saw any meaningful sunshine and there's not a great deal of difference as we lose tuesday and move into wednesday, with that low pressure very much the dominant feature, a number of attendant fronts. so really quite wet conditions right from the word go across parts of eastern england, gradually migrating towards the borders. north of it, this ribbon of cloud and rain stretching from the northern to the western isles, fringing into the north of the great glen and at the same time some blustery showersjust running along the channel coasts. still relatively mild, nine to about 12 degrees or so. on into the evening commute, still a lot of rain to come across eastern scotland to the north—east of england. somewhat brighter skies in south—western scotland. maybe some western fringes of britain.
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even as far ahead as thursday, it is still that low pressure that's really driving our weather but beginning to cede ground and that's allowing the first signs of a change in our weather type, certainly into the northern parts of britain but for the greater part of england and wales, you've still have the relatively mild air, enough cloud across northern and eastern parts of britain for there to be bits and pieces of rain. as the weather front comes south, heralding the change to brighter but colder conditions, initially on thursday across the greater part of scotland. but eventually, as the low pressure finally moves off to scandinavia. so the high pressure comes in to dominate and it's the combination of the high to the west and the low to the east that generates quite a strong northerly wind and the clue there is the wind direction. it is a northerly, it's going to be a cold day but a much, much brighter day for the greater part of the british isles. but forget all about double—figure temperatures, bar the very far south—west. three, four, five, six degrees for the north of britain, seven or eight in the south. and that's the way we start
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the weekend, a cold and frosty start to the day but yet another set of weather fronts wrapped around an area of low pressure, just moving towards the south—western quarter. some really wet conditions there but away from that south—western part of england, the southern part of wales, it's another cold and bright day. a lot of dry weather around as well, but again, maximum temperature somewhere between about three and seven degrees. now, that weather system really dominates southern parts of britain as we get on into sunday. the flow around its northern flank quite a noticeable easterly or north—easterly wind with a lot of cloud associated with the weather fronts. but elsewhere, until quite late in the day when we have another little weather front to the north of scotland, again, it's a cold and frosty start followed by a bright, dry, sunny sort of day but those temperatures again locked into single figures.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm mike embley. our top stories: at the victoria falls, a dramatic change in water levels. we report from zimbabwe on drought, rising temperatures and a new warning from the united nations. protestors turn their anger on malta's prime minister as his senior colleagues resign and police step up their investigation into the murder of an investigative journalist. bucking the trends of a longer healthier life. us death rates among young and middle aged are rising. experts say opioid use and obesity could be major factors. and why the curators of baltimore's museum of art


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