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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 28, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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organisers of the southeast asian games are in a race to be ready for saturday. welcome to the programme, thank you forjoining us. the european champions league holders liverpool missed the chance to reach the knockout stages with a game to spare after being held at home by napoli. a win for either side at anfield would have seen them go through. it was napoli who took the lead midway through the first—half with a goalfrom dries mertens. but dejan lovren equalised for liverpool in the second half, a point each though means that nothing will be decided until the final round of matches in two weeks‘ time and liverpool have a tricky trip to salzburg. and the situation, if i didn't a nswer and the situation, if i didn't answer before, it's still open. some quys answer before, it's still open. some guys think they are already through, but they have to play again. a lot
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of people around liverpool probably think we have to play again, we have to put in everything that we have. but it was never different. i can't remember one game since i'm here where we could go in with 50%. so that's our situation. two teams did guarantee their place in the last 16 of the champions league, including the five—time winners barcelona. our football reporterjohn bennett says it was a particularly big night for lionel messi. lionel messi put on a show, and a special note, his 700 here for barcelona. he set up the first goal, and made it 2—0 before halftime. and then he also set up the third goal. the celebration was interesting is because there are rumours they don't get on, but they look to really get on. it was a brilliant pass and a great finish. and a consolation for the opposition. their head under big
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personnel, they could be sacked if they continue with poor results. into milan and had —— into malan had a 3—1 win. the karkoo on this because it has gold 250 career goals. and lives there go through? they just needed a goals. and lives there go through? theyjust needed a draw to go through. they were 2—0 when they got a gold bar, then it was all pressure from rb leipzig. great celebrations from rb leipzig. great celebrations from the young manager, the young head coach, and rb leipzig had into the last 16. don't write them off in
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the last 16. don't write them off in the knockout stages, they could provide a surprise or two. also in group g, zenit saint petersburg beat lyon 2—0, and both sides now have seven points going into match day six in two weeks' time. meanwhile, group h remains a three—way fight between ajax, chelsea and valencia. ajax won 2—0 in lille with goals from hakim ziyech and quincy promes, they're now two points clear of chelsea and valencia, who drew 2—2 in spain — a win for either side would have seen them through. chelsea came from behind to lead 2—1, but had to settle for a point when daniel wass equalised for the home side with eight minutes to go. iam happy i am happy to a degree. with respect to the opponent, the champions league and how tough it is, and with respect to a stadium like this it was a tough match for us. now it's on us was a tough match for us. now it's on us and the last game is a home. so that's a positive, there are positives in every game, that's a positive. staying with football,
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spain's head coach luis enrique has accused his former assistant roberto moreno of disloyalty and says that's the reason he was sacked from his coaching staff. moreno took charge of the side when enrique stepped down in march, following the news that his daughter was seriously ill. she died in august at the age of nine. at a news conference on wednesday to mark his return, enrique didn't hold back when asked about moreno, who thought he'd remain in charge until next year's european championship finals. he'd clearly changed his mind about stepping aside if enrique returned and enrique wasn't impressed. john cleese um unfortunately, this wasn't a surprise. i saw it coming during the last few weeks. does mike translation:: i understand him. i understand he is thrilled to be the national head coach i understand this is a once—in—a—lifetime opportunity. i also understand that his words does care has worked
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really ha rd to his words does care has worked really hard to get here, he is ambitious and that is a valuable quality in this society. but the meat was destroyed. i would never do it and meat was destroyed. i would never do itandi meat was destroyed. i would never do it and i don't want anyone like that in my staff. —— but to me he was disloyal. the 30th southeast asian games get under way this weekend in the philippines. 11,000 athletes representing 11 countries are set to take take part, but there are widespread reports of athletes sleeping on the floor, problems with transportation and food with organisers being forced to deny that some venues still aren't ready. adam wild reports. it is now just it is nowjust a couple of days before the official start to the southeast asian games. but in the philippines, it is the race to be ready that it appears the hardest to win. indeed, for some the organisers have already been defeated. win. indeed, for some the organisers have already been defeatedlj win. indeed, for some the organisers have already been defeated. i am really upset. when we first got here. three hours of waiting in the airport and then eight hours waiting in theatre rooms and sleeping on the
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floor. you know, that adds up in a tournament like this. the football competition began earlier this week, but the cambodian side were far from the only ones to experience problems. an opening match draw followed delays with their accommodation. and those are problems widely reported, particularly on social media. but the venues ready is only to clear it does make the issue of getting the venues ready. time is rapidly running out. others like this delegation of athletes from indonesia had the benefit of being forewarned. they do is to book their own hotels and make alternative arrangements. translation: before we came here we had what was happening on the news and also from our friends about what was going on here. we didn't want to ta ke was going on here. we didn't want to take the risk and it was approved by oui’ take the risk and it was approved by our german, we booked our own hotel and organise our own transportation.
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we are truly sorry to the philippines and indonesian organiser, but we prefer to prepare everything on our own. this is that many angry, even the event's cauldron ready for the opening ceremony has drawn criticism for its reported price tag of $1 million. still, organisers say they should be proud of what they achieved into the budget for the games was only approved in april. eight months to prepare the biggest southeast asian games. i see older people, the volu nteers games. i see older people, the volunteers and the people working so ha rd volunteers and the people working so hard in eight months to host theirs. i think we should be proud that we are working hard. now with only days to go, the race to be ready as entering the final stages. adam wild, bbc news. cricket — and rakheem cornwall was the star of the show as west indies dominated the opening day of the one—off test against afghanistan in lucknow in india.
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in just his second test match, cornwall took seven for 75 as afghanistan were skittled out for only 187. in reply, west indies lost kraigg brathwaite for 11, and shai hope forjust seven. they'll resume in a few hours from now on 68 for two. in under 2a hours' time the second test between new zealand and england will be under way in hamilton. england need to win the match to share the two—test series, but their captainjoe root has been heavily criticised in recent days for both the heavy defeat in the first test and his decision—making. root scored just 13 runs in the match amid suggestions that the captaincy is affecting his batting. but root‘s vice—captain says he will return to form. he's got the backing of everyone in the changing room. that's an important thing to him as a captain and to us as players in general. you know, the only thing that matters is the changing room vibe, really, anything outside
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of that is just noise. and you know, he's england's captain, he's england's best player. he knows that and he knows he has the full support of everyone in the changing room. former australian rugby union player israel folau has raised his compensation demands after being sacked for making anti—gay comments on social media folau says that the termination of his contract is a case of religious discrimination. he now wants $9.5 million and is also arguing a potential loss of earnings, saying he could have been captain of the national side and that australia would have achieved a "superior performance" in his words at the rugby world cup if he'd been in the side. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's we will have all of the reaction there for the football, and more in there for the football, and more in the next hour. but from me — chetan pathak — and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello. yesterday we saw scenes like these across parts of scotland and the north—east of england, relentless rain. today the picture is going to gradually become drier, but that dryness comes with another change. much colder airflooding in across the uk. this is the low to thank for the wet weather. this front will clear south through the day. eventually the wet weather moving away, but behind it, the wind turns northerly and the cold arctic air sinks its way south into all parts of the uk, in fact, by the end of the week. here we start on thursday still with wet weather across north—eastern england, but also extending into northern ireland, parts of wales, eventually reaching southern england come the afternoon. by then the skies start to clear and things will brighten for the north. but those white arrows surging down are the first signs of the cold air trickling in to the south.
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in the north, six or seven degrees, but with the effect of the wind it will feel so different. it will look different as well. thankfully we will see the return of some drier and brighter weather. still some rain around to the south of the uk through thursday evening. friday morning, most of it clearing offshore, but the legacy of the cloud will help to hold up the temperatures towards the south—west overnight. meanwhile to the north, it's a widespread frost, and in some more rural parts, quite a hard frost at that. the cold air in place, lots of fine weather as that frontal system moves off into the continent, but with northerly winds and some showers possible for the north sea coast and drifting into the north york moors, some of them could be wintry, a few wintry ones for the highlands as well, and a cold one to everybody on friday, temperatures down to single figures and a cutting northerly wind. saturday, high pressure still clinging on, but it looks like this system will try to eke into the picture from the atlantic. just how far north the rain will push is probably the biggest question.
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pretty windy and wet weather on the cards for the south—west of england and south wales through saturday. elsewhere it stays fine but it will remain distinct chilly, with temperatures at six or seven degrees, whereas we're looking at 11 in plymouth. by sunday, though, that will be sinking south, and we should see some widespread fine weather all parts of the uk to enter the weekend. come the start of the new week, though, some frontal systems potentially toppling into scotland, bringing more cloud and outbreaks of rain, but perhaps some just slightly milder air aswell. but certainly to start our new week, we are looking at fine weather, but a colder outlook than we have been used to.
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a very warm welcome to bbc news. my name is mike embley. our top stories: defying beijing — president trump signs legislation backing protesters in hong kong. the islands government says it opposes and regrets his decision. more protests in malta, as an investigation into the murder of a prominentjournalist is putting the government under intense pressure. from makeup advice to human rights watch — we speak to the tiktok star who claims china tried to censor her free speech. and clive james — one of australia's most celebrated broadcasters and writers — has died at the age of 80.


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