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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 28, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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leave—voting hartlepool has its mirror opposite here, in richmond park in south—west london. it has a pro—brexit conservative mp, but the people voted 70% to remain. it was something very much in the background of my life... andrea steer has voted conservative at every election since 1979. now she's campaigning for the liberal democrats. the defining moment for me was when theresa may talked about, if you are a citizen of the world you are a citizen of nowhere, and that was a terrible, terrible thing to say about people like me. i think there's a strong move in london of people that believed in remain that don't feel that the conservative party are listening to them. they have no longer got a voice and they see the lib dems are giving them that voice. a referendum can change fundamentally the electoral landscape. scotland showed us that.
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brexit is england's equivalent, a new fault line that is upending old certainties and voting loyalties that go back generations. allan little, bbc news. that's it. question time is starting soon. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm austin halewood. coming up in the programme... could it be bye bye unai? emery‘s arsenal lose yet again, this time in the europa league. it's a different story for celtic though — they're through as group winners after another impressive win and can england's bowlers redeem themselves? they've started well, in the second test in new zealand.
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hello and welcome to the programme... we start at the emirates because another defeat for arsenal has piled more pressure on manager unai emery. having taken the lead against eintract frankfurt, the gunners were beaten 2—1. they should still reach the last 32, but it's now seven games without a win. meanwhile, wolves booked their place in the knockout stage, despite letting a two—goal lead slip in portugal. michael redford rounds up the action. the emirates is not a happy place as of late, pressure firmly mounting on the arsenal manager and in terms of trouble you need leaders and former leaders as well. called to the side for the first time since losing captaincy over a month ago. he
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nearly gave arsenal depressed to my perfect start, he did get the perfect start, he did get the perfect finish to the half though. tingles for the season now. any positivity was gone shortly after the restart, frankfurt level and his first european goal, the second was not far behind. frankfurt now in front after the hour mark. despite having 30 minutes‘ time ticked away, arsenal cannot find an equaliser. for some defeat of the season and a defeat that may mean his time and charge has run out. he has been strongly linked with replacing him but he is flying high with wolves both in the primary league and and europe. —— premier league and in europe. —— premier league and in europe. an advantage that lasted seven minutes with the ninth goal in the europa league this season. the turned provider, print comic timing
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hasn't ran to perfection. putting most fervently and control but they have not lost any of the last 11 european matches and the sin showed theirfight. european matches and the sin showed their fight. getting help european matches and the sin showed theirfight. getting help and i hope he was rewarded ten minutes from time and the captain leading from the front. six goals, points shared and both sides into the last 32 but is it done for the wolves and the manager? we will wait and see. the manchester united manager 0le gunnar solskjaer said some of the youngsters who played against astana today are "knocking on the door" of the first team, despite their 2—1 defeat. united were already through, so he spared his senior players the 6,000 mile round—trip to kazakhstan — but failing to win means they still can't be sure of finishing top of their group. rhia chohan reports. with a place in the knockout already
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secured, he decided to play the youngest manchester united side and the european competitions a while this match did not mean much on paper, the 17 ages, and starting and it meant everything and wearing his first cap and armband for united it was a fitting time forjesse lingard to back his first goal in 28 games and after the break this young side slowed there was a lot and praying at this level you have to take your chances. the 19—year—old missing out ona club chances. the 19—year—old missing out on a club goal and second after the pestana's player was on a club goal and second after the pesta na's player was responsible on a club goal and second after the pestana's player was responsible for the first goal conceded in this moment, a pivotal moment as sean benard wants to go back in time after this, a reminder that mistakes are punished in europe with little sympathy. they beat an english team for the first time and notjust any team, on what turned out to be a night of cosmic football, not youth.
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of course we are disappointed with the end result. but i thought we started became fantastically the boys were really, they took control of the game and scored a fantastic goal. and the response after they scored two was also good. of course disappointed at the ten minute spell where you could feel the pressure was coming and we couldn't get on the ball as we did. things were much more comfortable for celtic. they sealed top spot in their group with a 3—1 win over rennes at celtic park. they had already qualified for the knockout stage and they never looked back after lewis morgan opened the scoring in the first half. they were 2—0 up at the break before mikeyjohnston made it 3 and put the result beyond any doubt. the win means their now seeded in the next stage.
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rangers also went top of their group after a 2—all draw at feyenoord, alfredo morelos scoring both of their goals as they came from behind, before the dutch side drew level. they only need a point now from theirfinal group game to make it into the knock—out stage. alistair lamont reports from rotterdam. a terrific result for here, and it pushed them closer to europa league last 30 tail and spent most of the first half on the back foot and if it weren't for a superb save,... goal was running but off the knee of philly commander. ranger is barely threatened yet they drew level with the highest quality. incredibly they turned it around as he scored yet again. they went ahead for a long and he gave the home fans hope. the
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rangers stood firm to earn a valuable point, they have to wait to two weeks‘ time when take on and a point will mean that they... england‘s cricketers have a lot to prove, after that thumping defeat in the first test against new zealand. the second one has just got under way in hamilton and england won the toss and put new zealand into bat. and they‘ve taken an early wicket — jeet raval removed by stuart broad — new zealand 17 for one. zak crawley is making his england debut, with 0llie pope keeping wicket in place of the injured jos buttler. let‘s have a look at some of the day‘s other sports stories. uk athletics has launched an independent review into the handling of their relationship with coach alberto salazar. a panel in 2015 had said there was ‘no reason‘ to remove british athletes from the american‘s programme — despite claims of anti—doping. salazar was banned
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for 4 years in october beth mead has signed a new long term contract with arsenal women. the england international has scored 32 goals in 76 appearances for the club since joining in 2017 the duke of cambridge visited west bromwich albion today — promoting the football association‘s heads up campaign. during the session, he spoke with members of the squad about mental health in sport. and it‘s the news plenty of professional golfers couldn‘t wait to hear, they were allowed to wear shorts for the first time on the european tour today. they relaxed the rules in south africa where temperatures at this week‘s alfred dunhill championship are expected to reach a high of a0 degrees england‘s netballers are also in south africa, their three test series starts tomorrow. they last played each other injuly at the world cup in liverpool,
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the roses coming out on top to claim the bronze medal. that was tracey neville‘s last game as head coach. her replacementjess thirlbe has made a strong start, they‘re unbeaten in all three matches so far something i love about her as a coachis something i love about her as a coach is that she always pushes us to be the best athletes, the best individuals we can be, there is no room for mediocrity, you know, if you think you have done something well, she wants you to do it even better and she is pushing you to the next step which i think you need and a coach. and she believes in you as a coach. and she believes in you as a player which i think is definitely necessary for a coach. we have the belief that she is behind us as a tea m belief that she is behind us as a team and that she is going to take us team and that she is going to take us to the next level. she‘s a three time 0lympic champion and one of the world‘s top dressage riders — and now — she has
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tokyo in her sights. charlotte dujardin and her horse valegro rose to greatness together, winning golds and breaking records, before valegro was retired back in 2016. now she‘s developing a new partnership for next year‘s games — amanda parr reports 0ne one will used to the limelight and onejust entering one will used to the limelight and one just entering it. one will used to the limelight and onejust entering it. she is making great strides with nouns and john freestyle. a grand prix victory at the start of the month and silver in the start of the month and silver in the freestyle and next stop 0lympia, a favourite. you up in a curtain and there are 6000 people there and when you ride around the edge it feels like you can touch people. and the christmas spirit, it is absolutely wonderful. it is like a child, it is like my childhood dreams have all come true. it has not always been a smooth ride at the europeans in the summer, great britain lost silver
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when her score was excluded, because blood was found on the horse. she found some messages on social media upsetting. this mind bad thing that happened, it blew up to be something that yes it was bad but i never meant any harm to my horse and i think it made me a stronger person. i have come away and i learned so much from it and i am a much stronger person. strength she is putting to good use with tokyo on the horizon. she and carl hester, 0lympic the horizon. she and carl hester, olympic gold medallist and charlotte‘s trainer are aiming for the gold together. she is no doubt one of the best superstars we ever had in this country and she is producing more horses now and she is probably going to be at the top for a long time and certainly not a flash in the pan and i love training her, it has kept my interest and if i managed to get there, it'll be my
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sixth olympic games that you have to have enthusiasm to keep it going as long and we get enthusiasm. she came here as a gram 13 years ago and together they made history and they are not done yet. and before i go, just time to tell you that the nominees for two of this year‘s sports personality of the year awards have just been announced, details of the contenders for greatest sporting moment and world star of the year are on the bbc sport website. that‘s all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. goodbye for now.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are anand menon, director of the uk in a changing europe, and katy balls, deputy political editor of the spectator. thank you forjoining us this evening. let‘s take a look through some of the front pages... ‘no justice for the 96‘ — that‘s the headline on the front of the metro after the police commander blamed for the 1989 hillsborough disaster was cleared of gross negligence manslaughter. the guardian asks ‘who was to blame‘ for the deaths of the hillsborough victims as bereaved relatives react to the not guilty verdict with outrage. the telegraph reports that channel 4 has been threatened with a major shake—up after the conservative party accused the broadcaster of refusing them entry to a televised debate
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on climate change. that took place tonight. the conservatives had offered up michael gove but channel 4 said the programme was for party leaders only. same story on the front of the eyes. writing that the conservatives have filed a formal complaint with ofcom after an ice sculpture was used in place of the prime minister. the ice sculpture being a melting globe. so let‘s begin... we will start off with a front page of the guardian, katie, do you want to ta ke of the guardian, katie, do you want to take this off? who wants to blame? this is following the verdict which is a not guilty verdict in regards to hillsborough for manslaughter and this was relating to the former south yorkshire police superintendent, now... the headline
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is saying so who was to blame


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