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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  November 29, 2019 9:45pm-10:01pm GMT

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well is the politicians, how well is the bbc present reality check doing in establishing the truth? and...” think it's absolutely vital. the bbc apologise for cutting question time audience laughter at boris johnson ina audience laughter at boris johnson in a news report, but why did they edit it out? first, the big media confrontation of the week making newspaper headlines the next day was tuesday puzzling interview by andrew neil with jeremy corbyn. puzzling interview by andrew neil withjeremy corbyn. here's the labour leader public response when invited to make a report apology to the british jewish invited to make a report apology to the britishjewish community. invited to make a report apology to the british jewish community.” don't want anyone to be feeling insecure in our society. in our government will protect every community. so no apology? against the abuse they receive on the trains come on the streets. 0r the abuse they receive on the trains come on the streets. orin any other form of life. let's try one more time. no apology? cannot explain
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what i want to do. you've been given plenty of time. i don't want anyone to go through what anyone has gone through. i understand that, iwas asking you about an apology. through. i understand that, iwas asking you about an apologym through. i understand that, iwas asking you about an apology. it was by all accounts a robust to encounter into much so for some reviewers who recorded her response to andrew neil's approach on video for us. i was left feeling ashamed of the way in which he badgered him, did not let him answer any questions, and i felt that he had did not represent it all the bbc and a good light. in fact he was a bully, it was an opportunity missed i believe for people in the country to become better informed and andrew neil as to become better informed and andrew neilasa to become better informed and andrew neil as a journalist has the experience to have done that. shame on him and shame on the bbc for not having done so. others disagreed with that verdict though with grandma to writing...
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not only professional interviewers who asked tough questions, here's audience member on last friday's question time leaders a special putting boris johnson on question time leaders a special putting borisjohnson on the spot. how important is it for someone in your position of power to always tell the truth? laughter i think it's absently vital. when the excerpt was played on the following days news at one, the audience laughter following the question was cut out. eliciting these responses from caroline. unfortunately, when the bbc changes or edits some footage of it does is undermine its objectivity and independence. bbc
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news on that lunch time bulletin did borisjohnson a huge favour. news on that lunch time bulletin did boris johnson a huge favour. the excuse boris johnson a huge favour. the excuse given dated to shorten the clip did not make sense at all, it was only a couple of seconds but cutting it out completely changed the context. it's quite startling watching question time and seeing the audience feel comfortable laughing at a prime minister discussing the importance of truth. i think it's really important this is investigated because it undermines the confidence in their impartiality and how much we can trust them. as mentioned the bbc did point to reasons of timing and their explanation of what happened. the statement said the clip from the bbc‘s...
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disputes over facts and figures apart from any election campaign but this time around the argument see more numerous and acrimonious than ever. neutral verification of the claims made. by organisations such as the charity full fact. channel 4 news's fax check and reality check on the bbc. the latter is usually fronted by chris morris and recently he's been very busy man. here he is on wednesday scrutinising labour‘s claims that the nhs was at risk under a poster break that trade deal with the us. of course there's going to be pressure. that's what trade talks are all about. there will also be trade—offs if the uk turns down some of these american requests that we can expect the americans to keep british demands for access to their
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market. but none of this is really proof the nhs is somehow for sale evenif proof the nhs is somehow for sale even if the us would like it to be oi'i even if the us would like it to be on the table. producing a definitive verdict for what the politicians are saying is not a straightforward affair. they have themselves face to judgement with journalist from the daily mail and the daily telegraph over the past fortnight criticising his findings and of course the whole business of fact checking has come under the spotlight since the conservative party entered this area for last week most likelyjust debate on itv asjessica parker reported. looking online, what you take at face value? last night a brief reprint of a conservative party twitter account. to fact check uk. the conservatives say it was so clear who is running the account about once a senior number of says twitter should have taken it down. well, undeterred by self—styled
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entrances into the fact checking market chris morris from bbc reality checkis market chris morris from bbc reality check is with me now. thank you for making the time. has this election already been particularly angry and more contentious when it comes to doing reality check? probably. elections are always times when there's a lot of attention on exactly what politicians say, a lot of numbers, them, manifestos. this election is seen as one of the most important for decades. an awful lot to check and what we try into basically is if we see things received politicians have either misspoken or said something is entered incorrect or misleading we will write about it. do we spot all of them? no. because a lot of them are about as on many so many hours of the day. do we get it right all the time? possibly not, no one is infallible. the point is we are trying to hold them to account for what they say. and if somebody says something and they keep repeating it we will try and go back and say it again we still think this is wrong.
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we said it last week and say it again now. a lot of claims done around, so how do you choose which ones to investigate? think they do get repeated. politicians have their stump speeches whether it's boris johnson orjeremy corbyn. if there's numbers in there that don't stand up to scrutiny... so not things like no nurses or something. numbers of nurses or something. numbers of nurses or something. numbers of nurses or police, statistics can stand up and you can say we are putting another 20,000 stand up and you can say we are putting another 20 , 000 the stand up and you can say we are putting another 20,000 the police in the streets above it may not mention the streets above it may not mention the fact that the last nine years 20,000, the police numbers have gone down by about 21,000. numbers need to be put into context because they don't always tell the whole story. are you reticent to cost in the ally or call someone a liar? people get upset about this on social media and it does not help that much to call people liars. i think what we should do is say this is what somebody
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said, here is what we believe the fa ct of said, here is what we believe the fact of the situation, i think the audience is smart enough to decide whether somebody is lying or not. i think of me going on into a studio like this and pointing in a politician and saying, liar, liar, pa nts politician and saying, liar, liar, pants on fire that's more reality tv and saying, liar, liar, pants on fire that's more reality tv than reality check. the editorial policy has said exactly that. it's not the bbc‘sjob to be has said exactly that. it's not the bbc‘s job to be calling out a liar. that's part of what we are dealing with. other people disagree that the head of channel for has that we should be calling people liars. my point is a lot of what we are dealing with at the moment is not necessarily so much lying, it's blustar, it's a smoke screen, it's a probably scant to the full work on a family show, but it is to it's not concealing the truth, it's not quite caring with the details of the truth are. if you start throwing around
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liberals like liar it gets in the way of saying it's really difficult sometimes to pin people down on these things. that raises a whole other question of is there any point in fact checking if they will keep saying things? is the debate to be held about how useful it is but our primary purpose has to be to focus on the facts as we see them. you will know the fact checks themselves have been disputed by some new newspaper commentators. it is also the reality that some fact checks are disputable and notjust black—and—white? are disputable and notjust black-and-white? they can be. always political spin and so there should be in any democracy there will a lwa ys be in any democracy there will always be people trying to persuade the part of the electorate as you look at the numbers were lean this way and look at the numbers and lean that way. spin is part of the process. i do think it's increased in recent years that's probably because social media amplifies everything. probably because social media means parties can very easily put out little bits of video or
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audio, little bits of things that are almost unfiltered. they might say that's good, that will get past the bias of the media. it will say you can spin it too much without being able to say it's ourjob, and you we think you've gone too far on this one. a lot of concerns that reality check marks a failure in the first place by bbc news journalists to adequately analyse before reporting politician promises and by the time reality check it's dealing with them his clients a been out there for several hours. this leader has promised this, and that has not been challenged into you get around to it. i don't think any presenter can be expected to be an expert and absolutely everything. 0ne can be expected to be an expert and absolutely everything. one of the roles i have is to come after after we've heard all of it. those numbers we've heard all of it. those numbers we did not think they were right. whether it be a labour claim of spending £500 million extra week on nhs medicine after a trade deal with united states or the tories saying
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labour‘s spending plan as up to £1.2 trillion. there are numbers you can dispute. it's very difficult for a presenter to interrupt other whites in your viewer would never get anywhere. you want to hear opinions as well as numbers. thank you for all your comments, next week plus our programme to lather for the general election will be speaking to a senior bbc executive about the corporation's coverage of the campaign. please do sinister comments and questions to put to them by e—mail or on twitter. to have a look at our website. that's all from us, we will be back to hear your thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. goodbye. good evening.
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it's been much drier today, there's been a good deal of sunshine but under the starry skies now temperatures are already falling at away. drier weather for the weekend but some very cold nights and with a risk of fog. warnings on the website. we had the showers through the day can be in the northern and eastern areas nephew in the south and west. with these services are damp with temperatures getting to below freezing in places, it does mean that the ice risk is quite high but for many of us further south and particularly for england and wales the lucy moore missed developing an thickening to fog. by morning. it does look as if the frost will be more widespread tonight because temperatures will be a couple of degrees lower again in the frost will be harder as well. much further south as you can see. tomorrow morning as well as being cold and freezing we have some freezing fog and quite treacherous for road users. looks as if it will be
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across england and wales, don't take this as the defined areas of fog. as the ideas of how widespread we are expecting that fog to be. the wind strengthening in the south will tend to lift into low cloud but in some areas perhaps the east midlands and lincolnshire it could stay with freezing fog, but it will feel really cold and of course of the strengthening wind and all the cloud for the south will feel quite a role here as well. for others though it's dry it we will see sunshine. not particularly warm but will continue across the north of scotland. we've got increasing cloud come to the south and west and some drizzle here. even possibly stretching up into the south of wales, that east wind feel quite raw and through the night will slip east and possibly bring in a few showers across other eastern parts of england. then through sunday it moves away and the high—pressure reestablish itself again. by then the showers mostly northern and eastern areas and perhaps east anglia so the keen wind making it feel cold. elsewhere a real risk of fog again and widespread frost of the south
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and called again by day. we keep the settled in cold weather going into the start of next week, temperatures well below average but at this stage no sign of any appreciable reign at this stage. the warnings are on the website.
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tonight at ten, two people have died after being stabbed in what police describe as a terrorist incident, on london bridge. eyewitnesses capture the moment members of the public rushed in to help, pinning the suspect to the ground. eventually, after a struggle, armed police intervene, firing two shots, killing the attacker. all the traffic stopped. the police were armed. they were shouting at the person on the ground and telling us to get off the bridge, and that's when i heard what sounded like two shots fired. the suspect was wearing an explosives vest, which turned out to be fake. there's been widespread praise for those who helped tackle him. this country will never be cowed or divided or intimidated by this sort of attack.


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