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tv   Our World  BBC News  December 8, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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this is bbc world news, the headlines. the fbi says it's treating friday's deadly attack on a us navy base in florida as a presumed terrorist attack. defence secretary mark esper has ordered a review of the screening process forforeign military in the us. a senior us congressman says the housejudiciary committee could vote on articles of impeachment by the end of the week. members of the panel have been working throughout the weekend in preparation for a public hearing on monday. at least 43 people have died in a factory fire in central delhi. about a hundred people were sleeping inside the building when the fire broke out. a local fire chief said the property did not have a proper fire license. hundreds of thousands of people have marched in hong kong, calling for greater political rights. it's the largest rally in months.
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the protests passed off peacefully, but police arrested 11 people ahead of the demonstration. at 1030 we will be here with a full round—up of the news for the day, but first it is our world. qandeel baloch was pakistan's first social media superstar. she was loved and loathed. for conservative pakistan, her videos were provocative. too provocative. injuly 2016, she was murdered for bringing shame on herfamily.
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six men, one of them are brother, stood trial for the killing. my name is hani taha and for the last three years, i have filming with the parents as they seek justice for the daughter. as the trial concludes, i'm returning to multan for the verdict and to find out how qandeel‘s life and death have changed my country. multan high court, central pakistan. qandeel‘s parents have been coming here almost weekly for the last three years. waseem, qandeel‘s youngest brother, confessed to killing her sister straight after the murder.
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anwar, qandeel and waseem's mother, is in court for the verdict. he is too good, my god. also standing trial for the murder are five other men including mufti abdul qawi, a local celebrity mufti. qandeel had taken selfies with him in a karachi hotel room. it was after these now infamous selfies that mufti qawi lost his high—profile job on pakistan's religious council.
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mufti abdul qawi! as he arrives at court, it is clear that mufti qawi still has a lot of support. barely 10 minutes later, the verdict is announced. and mufti qawi emerges from the courtroom a free man. qandeel‘s youngest brother, waseem, is given 25 years for her murder. the reamining five accused are acquitted. while qandeel‘s mother slips out the back of the courtroom to avoid the media, mufti qawi holds audience outside.
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but has justice really been done? atiya jafri was the investigating officer for the multan police. 1,000 women are murdered in pakistan every year in the name of honour. as a woman, atiya made it her mission to catch qandeel‘s killers. but having pressed charges against six men, including haq nawaz, the alleged accomplice, she now finds that there has only been one conviction.
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but atiya also feels hopeful. qandeel‘s case was the first to be tried under a new law, section 3.11. previously, families had been able to forgive those responsible for honour killings but section 3.11 removed that right. in conservative pakistan, that's a huge change. it was passed four months after qandeel‘s death and became known as qandeel‘s law.
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mufti qawi was back to his old life teaching at the madrassah, having been acquitted of inciting qandeel‘s murder. i hadn't been to his mosque in three years and i have to say, i was a little nervous. i wanted to know how he felt about the police investigation into him.
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even since qandeel‘s death, selfie scandals are never far from mufti qawi. here he is in a video with a trans person, sara shayyan. the story went viral and again, mufti qawi's behaviour as a cleric was being questioned.
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when i last interviewed him 2016, it took a surprising turn. after our interview finished, and with the camera not running, mufti qawi touched my face. for a man to touch a woman in pakistan, especially for a cleric to do so, is a massive deal. it was completely uncalled for. there was no reason for him to come this close and touch me, for no reason. when this incident went public, once again, mufti qawi was again in the news for all the wrong reasons.
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even as we were leaving, mufti abdul qawi is trying to defend his attitude. you don't know what to make of him. he's just. . . it's not about misreading the situation. it's about the fact that my body is my temple, you do not have a right to come close to it until i allow you access to it, that's what it is. and that is what women are fighting for day in and day out today. that's what the me too movement is about. ask me if you can cross this boundary. when qandeel was murdered, her family, especially her dad, pushed hard for the
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killers to be punished. but during the trial, it transpired thatjust months after her death, and contrary to what they were telling the press, the parents had been trying to get the court to forgive their son. qandeel‘s dad has lost his eyesight and is barely mobile. the last three years have taken their toll.
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when qandeel did eventually make it into showbiz, she became the breadwinner, appearing on tv channels across the country. she was earning enough to rent a house for her parents in multan. now, with qandeel dead and her brother in prison, the parents have had to move back to the village and are struggling to survive. mum has had to go back to work in the fields. after qandeel‘s death, supporters of the family helped them financially. the media called forjustice. but as time went on, that financial support dried up.
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the parents felt betrayed by the media who, by calling for justice, had pushed for section 311 to be enforced, sending their son to prison. qandeel‘s parents may not feel they got the justice they wanted, but what has their daughter's death meant for my country?
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cheering and applause in karachi in 2018, the first aurat, or women's march, took place in pakistan. women from every walk of life came together demanding equal rights. for many, this was the first time they had marched. in 2019, the idea spread and marches took place in every major city across the country. many women were afraid of being seen at the march in case they would be punished by their families, so whose face did they decide to use to hide their own? it was qandeel‘s. i'm on my way to meet the women artists who played an integral part in that march. hi! how are you? nice to meet you. nice to meet you too! thank you so much for having us.
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not at all. samya is one of the artists who took part in that first aurat march in karachi. so this was like a series of artworks i did and the title for this was fast girls, and it's this term that is often used to describe girls which don't fit, you know, the conventional or the traditional sort of picture that society has for us, and... what's happening on the cover? so that's me actually smoking a cigar, and ifaced a lot of backlash from my family when they found out i smoke, and so this was a sort of tongue—in—cheek kind of an artwork that i made. and so, it was just about girls being girls and then being labelled, you know, fast girls, for something so ordinary. this one is with a girl saying no to marriage, and so she has, like, sort of stomped on the groom's headgear. you've got the qandeel masks! yes! where did they come from? so these are from the aurat march. yeah. and this was the first march that i've attended of any kind,
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and it was a beautiful experience and it was really awe—inspiring. and then someone randomly asked if i wanted a qandeel mask, and it was really beautiful because it felt like she's there, or she's part of the march with us. and a lot of the things that we were talking about were a lot of issues that also have a lot to do with qandeel, so it was really good to have these masks there and have her be part of the entire march with us. ok, i'm calling her now. awesome! so we're here, we were just talking about your masks. samya's friend raheema is the pakistani artist whose illustration became the mask. currently in berlin studying for her masters degree, we spoke to her online. that image really became the symbol of all our collective angst about the situation. how does that all make you feel?
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what does qandeel mean to a young woman like you? why are you so impacted by her death? do you think qandeel
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has changed pakistan for the better? this is insane — she has 11.9 million views on this one. while we're filming, another young social media star finds herself in the middle of a scandal. she walked into the foreign office and went and sat in the prime minister's chair, and the media just went ballistic. touted as the next qandeel, hareem shah is a young woman from the north of the country. she was abroad when the scandal broke and decided not to return for security reasons, so we're going to speak
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to her online. hello!
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i'm heading to qandeel‘s village to go see her mum and dad for the last time. theirson is injailand, with no money to fund an appeal, he may just stay there. qandeel‘s mum made one last plea to me.
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i really did not know what to say to their mother. she was really just. .. i think she was begging me to understand her position. i could sense what she was trying to tell me was my son has been more dear to me and i don't want my baby to grow old in a prison. i just feel really defeated. the thing that i didn't want to believe is that the value of a woman will always be less than that of a man. the value of a daughter will always be less than a son.
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even though there is great sadness in qandeel‘s story, women across my country are standing up. we are beginning to see a face of pakistan that no—one ever imagined. it is hard to believe that a girl from a village in rural punjab has changed my country for ever.
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the first named storm of the season to approach the british isles has been responsible for bringing fierce gusts of wind to ireland and here it is on the final approach towards the south—west of the country where we are seeing strong winds and wales, south—west england, seeing some very strong winds as well and all of this means we could see some disruption into the first part of monday morning with tree branches down but the severe gales will slowly ease through the day and what we will be left with four monday is a complex low working in towards europe and we get these cold, northerly winds plunging south across the uk and that means in terms of the weather it isa that means in terms of the weather it is a dry day was sunshine, however there will be showers working down the north channel across the isle of man into the
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north west of england and certainly lots of showers through the day in northern scotland and a few of them will come down the north sea just clipping eastern areas, particularly norfolk. temperatures between five and 10 degrees but it will feel colder than that on account of the strong winds and in the week ahead it isa strong winds and in the week ahead it is a week where we'll have a big roller—coaster ride of temperatures, and mild south—westerly winds interspersed with westerly winds. today we get the mild south—westerly winds and we see the rain and heavy rain will be accompanied by gusty, squally winds but it will also be mild with temperatures reaching a high of 11 up to 13 degrees across parts of england wales. into wednesday's forecast, a change in forecast as the squally weather front works across and we get a replacement of cooler wins and this is where we will see some of the most frequent showers. widespread
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frequent showers with hail and thunder, cold enough for snow over the high ground and temperatures coming down again, so we're looking at highs of around five up to nine celsius, and it feels cool particularly in the win. looking at thursday's weather chart, another area of low pressure and it will bring a change back to milder, south—westerly winds, so temperatures will be rising through the day and that said, just initially we could see hearty snow in the pennines, before the milder air comes in the pennines, before the milder aircomes in and in the pennines, before the milder air comes in and the mild air never really reaches scotland where it will be cold enough for snow on high ground. otherwise towards the south—west it turns milder and through the day temperatures back up to 11. into the forecast on friday, back into the cool air with a westerly wind flow and coupled with that, broadly speaking it is a day of sunshine and showers, windy at times but there could be areas that see lengthy spells of rain developing through the day and as
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far as the temperatures go, the west and north westerly winds feeding in munich will get cooler again, so 5 degrees in scotland and temperatures close to normal for london and cardiff with sunny spells and a few passing showers but beyond that into next weekend the jet stream will ta ke next weekend the jet stream will take this kind of pattern with a sharp drop in the atlantic to the west of the uk and this will be responsible for firing up areas of low pressure, so what does it mean for the weather? in the long range forecast it's unsettled with rain at times, often pretty windy and temperatures close to normal may be a few degrees below, particularly across northern areas. that is your latest weather. goodbye for now.
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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 10pm: campaigning intensifies as politicians canvass in key battle grounds, with just days until the country goes to the polls. the conservatives say their australian—style points based immigration system can control unskilled migration. we want to bear down on migration, particularly unskilled workers who have no job to come to. meanwhile, labour set out their plans for social care, offering free personal care for older people in england and an additional £10 billion of funding. i want social care available for everybody all across the uk. in india, at least a0 people are killed


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