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tv   Our World  BBC News  December 14, 2019 4:30am-5:02am GMT

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what we can do and how we can share that... she is still convinced that effo rts that... she is still convinced that efforts to cut greenhouse gases will make a global impact. it is so very easy for us to say that it does this is bbc news, not matter what we do, it depends on the headlines: what china does or what the us does. british prime minister borisjohnson says it's time for the country there is to come together after his no—one else. party won a big majority in the uk general election. it is he repeated his promise that britain will leave the eu by the end us. yes, of next month. we are in an the housejudiciary committee emergency situation and in washington has approved two yes we need to do a lot but articles of impeachment against president trump. it's the final stage before a vote i am very optimistic. i am a mother of in the house on impeachment itself which is two children and whatever i do, i am sure they will do better.“ expected next two children and whatever i do, i am sure they will do better. ii used to rely on oil, wood week. and american stocks have been given and hydroelectric a boost after the us and china power. now, wind turbines struck a preliminary trade agreement, easing tensions between the world's cover 30% of the town's energy needs.
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two biggest economies. hydropower accounts for the other the united nations has accused two—thirds. and the investment the police and army in chile of committing serious human rights violations in their response in renewable energy has to recent anti—government demonstrations, in which nearly paid off. ii 30 people produces ten times more clean energy thanit produces ten times more clean energy than it consumes. it sells the were killed. surplus energy to the grid and gla says its own authorities are generates 2 million euros in revenue for the town. and there investigating police. are more financial benefits. more now on the election. so, labour suffered its worst election defeat since 1935. not only that, it lost seats in its traditional heartlands — former labour strongholds in the midlands, wales and the north of england — that had never returned conservative mps before. our political correspondent alex forsyth reports from stoke—on—trent central, which voted to leave the eu in 2016, and has now gone blue for the first time in its history. stoke—on—trent‘s industrial past is still printed on the skyline. with roots in coal, steel and, famously, ii hasa ii has a strong sense of community ceramics, this was a labour and tackling climate change seems to bring people together.
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stronghold for decades. not anymore. hello! hello! the town hopes to reach its goal of stoke—on—trent central now zero waste in has a conservative mp, the first since the seat‘s five years time. creation in 1950. jo gideon, a businesswoman at and until now a councillor in kent, this meeting tonight in the northern pa rt thinks she knows this meeting tonight in the northern part of ii, they are discussing how to help why she won do this. here. it's a city that feels it's been our home. neglected and ignored for a long time, and so, in a sense, our the fact that they voted climate. climate friendly 70% for brexit and it didn't happen was just another example of how week. yes. nobody is listening so the village has to them. this new plan, a and so it was a call to be listened to, really. wee kly so the village has this new plan, a weekly plan, so on monday you more people here voted exercise. 0n tuesdays, to leave you only eat than any other city veggies. 0n in the uk. exercise. 0n tuesdays, you only eat veggies. on wednesday... you the tories tapped into brexit frustration in labour's heartlands. collect, you collect. john is a former miner. i've always voted labour, all my life... thursdays, you until this time. go to the marketplaces and you exchange like a shared economy idea. who did you vote for? conservatives. and on fridays, why is that? to get something done you do not on this brexit business. buy so you switched from anything. yes, labour to conservatives? yes. i don't like jeremy corbyn, the weekend?
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for one. he was trying to put the country back years. residents seem to be some in labour claim their policy eager to sign offer was crowded out by brexit, which was the tories' up residents seem to be eager to sign up to any department plan for environmentally friendly living. but relentless focus. the mood changes when they start the conservatives deliberately put discussing the second item on tonight's agenda. brexit front and centre of their campaign, hoping it would transcend traditional party a proposal loyalties, and so targeting areas that voted to leave in the midlands to and the north, and that's build a new wind farm in the forest where they gained support. right next to the village. while labour wrestles with the reasons behind this result, the former mp here called it a catastrophe, last night laying blame on the party's leaders. in stoke—on—trent, we are going to have another people are worried they will be losing their bond with nature but five years of tory government, probably with three conservative there are other issues too. mps, and the damage and the untold horrors they will unleash the power from those wind turbines in stoke—on—trent, i is going to the people believe, lays firmly at the door who live in of those south finland. it is not going to running the national party's campaign, and the decisions stay in ourarea. that they have made about where south finland. it is not going to stay in our area. so to target and the sort of brexit response that they should have made. we think they should produce at their, closer in this city, some loyal to labour are surprised to at the extent people who are actually going
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of their losses. to use it. so it's like they i'll never be a tory voter. are going to i was born in 1985, my mum get all of the benefits and we are was a single mother, going to get everything that is not we were at the tail end of the thatcher decade so going to get everything that is not so good. it and we were really struggling. is not fair. and to see such a working—class, it is like and hard—working and friendly city like stoke—on—trent be turned we paid the deal and they look isjust so sad to good having the green see. the country's political map does energy. the look very different today, proposed new wind farm will generate with some who've never enough electricity for voted tory 55,000 homes. now making that but the sheer size of the project is choice. i've got to go with causing concern. boris, i'm afraid. so, yeah, times are changing. anita is they most certainly are. setting off in the snow to meet ari, the alex forsyth, bbc town's mayor, to explain why her news, stoke—on—trent. community is so worried. now on we won't be bbc news winner. we won't be — our loser. we want only compromise. they world. as the push to save want to build the planet gets 63 windmill. even more urgent, one town has already cut its carbon ari, nice emissions by 80%. we have been to see not waiting for
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the world to tackle climate you! change. we wa nt the world to tackle climate change. we want to do it ourselves. ii, in northern finland, is one of the greenest towns in northern europe. howard by 100% renewable energy. the town's children already play a role in energy—saving ways of living. people still hunt and fish as part of their everyday lives. we have a trap there. hope they are big fights, but we will see. but could there be a cost to being europe's greenest town.
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this is one of europe's most eco— friendly places. this small town of 10,000 people in northern finland has cut c02 10,000 people in northern finland has cut co2 emissions by 80%. elsewhere in europe, the average rate of reduction is less than 20%. this woman is leading the green revolution in acro one. this is the city with all these fresh ideas for how to really tackle climate change. by how to really tackle climate change. by 2025, ii wants to be the first town in the world to produce zero waste. a goal supported by all generations. we are heading to the centre of ii. it houses our two—thirds of the energy ii needs is 18th century. the changes started seven provided by hydroelectric power yea rs century. the changes started seven
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years ago. ii stopped burning fossil stations. but it has a fuels and began to build drawback in a town traditionally built on wind farms. they have switched to fishing. renewable energy only. wind, hydro, solar, and so this is the fish farm geothermal. we understood here in ii. there is a lot in ii, seven geothermal. we understood in ii, seve n years of small fishes, geothermal. we understood in ii, seven years ago, that climate change salmon, trout, a little is not coming, climate change is bit, more here. and we cannot expect the rest than1 million, salmon, trout, a little bit, more than 1 million, fish salmon, trout, a little bit, more than1 million, fish are here. of the world to do anything for our salmon are migratory and make their sake. we need to way up the river try to do our to breed. but the best, and take this into our damn walls and turbines brought a own hands. stop to this. in an effort they believe the key is to early bolster the number, the hydropower education. this station is funding a primary school breeding programme to compensate for the has falling fish stocks. 100 children to measure the aged effectiveness of the breeding programme, workers mark the fish by 7—12 removing their top fin before releasing them into the river. of course, green or clean energy is very good but there is also a in all schools across
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negative impact. so without this town, older type of action, there will be kids men taught younger kids about climate change. in our no fish anymore. ii school, we do has seen a something very similar. 50% drop this in energy use in the last ten years. 15—year—old is one and waste has been of the mentors.” cut by 25%. mum have had great help to younger a lwa ys and waste has been cut by 25%. mum always says that ten minutes children to do the better choices and help the environment. they are is enough. kia, the 15-year-old climate doing so leader, is using leftoverfood well already. enough. kia, the 15-year-old climate leader, is using leftover food to make pancakes with herfriends. sofia and leader, is using leftover food to make pancakes with her friendslj make pancakes with her friends.” quite often just look at the fridge 0tto's job to check if the and doa classrooms have the right quite often just look at the fridge temperature and and do a meal or some desert out of lighting levels. leftovers, like for exa m ple pa nca kes or pizza. it is important to not a lwa ys or pizza. it is important to not always buy new food and of course it saves energy and also the packing materials like plastic. we stopped using plastics. we have bamboo stores now. we recycle everything. we are pretty
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strict. it is not bubbling hard enough yet. we are pretty strict. it is not bubbling hard enough yetm we are pretty strict. it is not bubbling hard enough yet. is there enough flour in this? the girls are concerned about climate change about hopeful they can have an impact. there is going on concerned about climate change about hopefulthey can have an impact. i'm not mad, i'm just big climate worried and kinda crisis. we have to work together frustrated about the to stop the climate change and help the state of this environment. many of you planet. if we, may think, like, work together what can one and we, like, believe that it is human do? well, really happening, yeah, i think we actually, the small, better choices can stop it. we just get these big that we make to switch off leaders to believe in it, i think the lights, that's probably the easiest everything's pretty much possible. thing you can do. when you combine them all together, it really makes a i think it is important to eat food big change. that is, like, all schools grown locally and and ii get not, like, shipped from other back 50% of the money they have countries like avocados or saved on utility bills. the other bananas. 50% goes back to even in winter i go to school the local by bike. it takes time authority. this certificates to get there are more than in the autumn or spring from our project. we have because, you know, there is usually saved lots of money and students can themselves a lot of decide the way snow but i
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can deal with they use this it. over the money. last few years, for example, those things you saw ii has before have been bought with this become a green champion. money. ii has got it's only only two happened because of the collect of supermarkets. people make a effort of the big effort to eat community. and tackling climate change brings people together —— locally produced food. collective. hunting and fishing is an important pa rt hunting and fishing is an important part of everyday life. we are ready! yes! let's go! this man is a it is so good to retired engineer. he see you! every is heading to week, we a are gathered together and jumping in river near ii where finland's august the frozen river. it is something pike was that we do together. this is caught. we my team hunt and who works for we the climate catch fish, and we get also berries communication. we do it every in the summer but we are going to thursday, jump in the freezing ta ke in the summer but we are going to take some fish from the lake. we river, and then have a trap we feel so there, we hope good. thursday, jump in the freezing river, and then we feel so goodm feels like a newborn baby when we there are big pikes, dive in,
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yeah. it but we feels so will see. good because it makes you feel alive. nothing else makes you feel this good. you are a part 0nly little fish! maybe of nature. you have all the power in 30, a0. but maybe we put the world. and you do it it back. fishing together. that is is a the matter of luck. we thing. have no luck today. for us finnish people, it is important to denature. next to this river we do find is one of our peace, our soul, important to denature. we do find our peace, oursoul, in important to denature. we do find europe's biggest peatlands. our peace, our here, soul, in the people have been forest. burning peat for —— important to be near nature. centuries to generate electricity. but peat can store twice as much carbon as forests, so now they are being restored to fight climate the most beautiful thing, though, is
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change. this man the collaboration with the schools. so the children learn that it is is the landowner. possible to make actions he used to be the chairman of the local electricity company. for the he used to be the chairman of the local electricity compa nylj he used to be the chairman of the local electricity company. i do this better of environment and climate because i want and it is also profitable at this peatland to the same time. we have been able be as it used to be. this to cut c02 same time. we have been able to cut co2 emissions so much, and i do is, of course, very hope that everybody in little thing the world would and the find the same will and want to do it global scale. he believes because it is possible. we need eve ryo ne global scale. he believes we need everyone in the world to fight climate change. it is an investment for the future of our planet, on a very small scale. it's not in that way that i do it only to make myself feel good, but i know that if i can contribute to this, maybe other people want to do the same hello. it may be a windy, showery, thing.“ and quite cold weekend to come but at least there will be some has made headlines around the world sunshine occasionally. here is the picture. forfighting has made headlines around the world for fighting climate change, low pressure dominating the scene,
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these disturbances moving has made headlines around the world forfighting climate change, and others want to follow in their on through with drier, brighter gaps and the isobars footsteps. lena has quite close been invited to together. speak at a conference attended by there are drier more than 200 politicians, scientists, and youth gaps between them leaders. and the isoba rs more than 200 politicians, scientists, and youth leaderslj more than 200 politicians, scientists, and youth leaders. i am going to tell about possibilities at there are drier gaps between them and the isobars are the local level. what can cities and close together towns do and the isobars are close together and it will be windy and too much for too much of a frost to start to tackle the day for saturday with pockets in climate change. 00:13:26,714 --> 2147483051:43:28,071 for 2147483051:43:28,071 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 the scotla nd day for saturday with pockets in scotland and icy patches where we have had some showers overnight as well so some sunny spells around to start the day but let's talk about the showers. 0ne batch spreading north and east across england and wales with brighter skies following on behind, showers, some wintry, on hills feeding into northern ireland and frequent into western scotland, and frequent into western scotland, a heavy downpours to lower levels and in the hills here, we could see some heavy snow at times so hillwalkers take note. these other wind gusts, it will be windy wherever you are but particularly down towards the south—west of england where the wind was make strength and later again during the day. as for temperatures, single figures and many of us around mid single figures. very windy to end the day through south—west england, this next batch of weather
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moves in. we see some snow around the hills of wealth in northern england and perhaps the midlands and relatively modest hills as well overnight into sunday, a bit cold across northern britain as we start off on sunday so again, wintry showers here giving some icy patches in places. but not be surprised if it is a fairly wintry picture for some of us to relatively modest hills through parts of wells, northern england and perhaps the midlands as we start the day on sunday morning but there is a bit of a gap between weather systems though on sunday before this next one comes in later in the day, a bit of uncertainty about timing but for many of us it is looking quieter for a time on sunday enjoy some dry, sunny conditions with fewer showers around the will still keep them coming into scotland mr wintry on hills, and then as we enter the morning into the afternoon with parts of southern england, wales, eventually in the midlands, the next batch of showery rain moving in and the wind gusts for many of us not
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quite as windy on sunday but the winds strengthening again down to the south—west of england, south wales, as is the next system moving in later in the day and most of us are in single figures. for the weekend then yes, some sunshine occasionally, blustery, wet at times, and not all of us seeing some rain, some snow on the hills and maybe not always a high hills.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm james reynolds. our top stories: borisjohnson is celebrating the biggest conservative victory in over 30 years. he now leads a government with a majority of 80 seats. thank you for the trust you have placed in aft and in thank you for the trust you have placed in aftand in me, and we thank you for the trust you have placed in aft and in me, and we will work around the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a parliament that works for you. mr chairman, there are 23 ayes and 17 noes. the article is agreed to. in other news, one step closer to impeaching the president? a committee in the us congress approves two charges against donald trump. un investigators accuse chile of torture, ill treatment and sexual violence against protesters. and, the search resumes for two remaining bodies following the
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volcanic eruption in new zealand. hello, and thanks for joining us on bbc news. the british prime minister, boris johnson, has hailed the conservatives' resounding election victory as "extraordinary"
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