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hello, this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment. this is bbc news. first the headlines: one of england's world cup—winning the headlines at 11:00: heroes, martin peters, who scored in the 1966 final, one of england's world cup winning heroes, martin peters, who scored in the 1966 final, has died at the age of 76. has died at the age of 76. a catastrophic fire warning is issued for parts of eastern australia, including sydney, amid record—breaking temperatures a catastrophic fire warning following months of severe drought. is issued for parts of eastern australia, including sydney, amid record—breaking temperatures following months of severe drought. these are very difficult and trying times. we are now up to day 105 of this bushfire emergency across new south wales and the community really these are very difficult and trying is going to have to stay times. we are now at 105 days and alert and understand what they are going to do if threatened by fires. the community really has to stay the government approves the takeover of uk defence and aerospace specialist, cobham, alert and understand what they have to do if they are threatened by by an american company. prince philip has spent day fires. in hospital in london, the government approves to be treated for what's the takeover of uk defence being described as
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and aerospace specialist, cobham, a pre—existing condition. by an american company. prince philip has spent day in hospital in london, to be treated for what's being described as a pre—existing condition. and another victory for fallon sherrock, the first ever woman to beat a man in the world darts championship, has won again and is now hello and welcome to our look through to the third round. ahead to what the the papers will be and we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers martin lipton and penny smith — stay with us for that at 11:30. martin peters, one of the all—time greats of english football, and one of the goal scorers in the world cup—winning side of 1966, has died at the age of 76. peters won 67 caps for england and made over 700 appearances
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for clubs throughout his career. west ham, the club he first joined as a 15—year—old, said he passed away peacefully after a long and courageous battle with illness. many tributes have been paid. on twitter his world cup winning team—mate sir geoff hurst, who said... 0ur sports correspondent, natalie pirks, looks at back at the life and remarkable career of martin peters. with all eyes on hurst, the danger from martin peters went unnoticed.
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commentator: and a chance on goal! peters! little wonder they called him "the ghost." there's martin peters, the man who scored the goal which could well win the world cup for england. it didn't, of course. geoff hurst claimed that accolade. but though many called peters' strike the forgotten goal, he had a different take. if i hadn't scored, we would have lost 2—1. so, yeah, it was an important goal because of the situation. his journey to world cup greatness had begun seven years earlier. instead of following in his father's footsteps to become a lightmerman on the river thames, west ham came calling. he made his debut for the hammers in 1962 and won the european cup winners' cup in ‘65. sir alf ramsey said his style and ability was ten years ahead of his time, yet, amazingly, he didn't receive his first cap for england until the may of 1966. peters has scored! by 1970 his legend at west ham was secure.
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he left for spurs in a deal that made him britain's first £200,000 midfielder. oh, what a beautiful goal! what a glorious header that was from martin peters! with tottenham, he went on to win the league cup twice, the uefa cup, and he became club captain. he lived and breathed football. his family said they would find him practising headers in his sleep. but there are fears heading the ball helped cause his disease. like some of his former team—mates, he had been suffering with alzheimer's. in the last few years he had withdrawn from public appearances. dementia had robbed him of many of his most precious memories. but he remained one of only two englishmen to ever know the joy of scoring in a world cup final. the emotion wasjust like being struck with lightning. it was just unbelievable. hurst's hat—trick may have made history and bobby moore may have lifted the trophy, but peters also left his indelible mark on footballing history. martin peters, who has
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died at the age of 76. the prime minister has defended the decision to approve a four—billion pound takeover of the british defence company cobham by an american private equity firm. speaking as he visited british troops in estonia, borisjohnson said he was satisfied the deal didn't raise national security issues. the company employs 10,000 people here in the uk. lady nadine cobham, from the family which set up the company, is among those strongly criticising the decision. she called the takeover "deeply disappointing". our business correspondent katy prescott reports. one of the uk's oldest defence companies. a pioneer of air to air refuelling, critical to the uk military. providing high—tech engineering jobs at their headquarters in dorset. for the last six months the government has been grappling with whether to allow its sale
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to the american private equity firm, advent, which aims to buy companies, improve them and sell them on. borisjohnson, having christmas lunch with uk troops in estonia, defended last night's decision. a lot of checks have been gone through to make sure that in that particular case, all the security issues that might be raised can be satisfied. the uk will continue to be a very creative and dynamic contributor to that section of industry and all others. cobham started life in the 1930s as a flying circus. shareholders voted for the sale. the founder's daughter—in—law is critical. she says... in a heavily redacted document in the run—up to the sale,
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the ministry of defence said this raised national security concerns because of access to information and ongoing defence projects. the home office said they were concerned about access to the uk's emergency services' radio systems, which they said could prejudice ongoing operations. to allay those fears, the government says advent has agreed to keep sensitive government information protected, honour the terms of existing contracts and tell the government if it plans to sell the business. but critics say the sale is a mistake. this is an amazing british company. it is a world leading british company that has very important, nationally sensitive contracts with the ministry of defence. yet it has taken just a week after the election for the conservatives to sell out to donald trump. the government says that the agreement with advent is legally enforceable and any breach could be pursued through the courts. the low pound has made british
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companies attractive to american buyers and this is a high—profile example of the latest sale. katie prescott, bbc news. detectives are linking a fatal stabbing in hertfordshire and the discovery of a man's body in a car in london. a 30—year—old man was found with stab wounds in the boot of a car in barnet, in north london on thursday evening. he died a short time later. a 35—year—old man was also discovered with stab wounds in elstree in hertfordshire on friday and was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they believe both victims are eastern european and cannot rule out a potential organised crime element. "saturday has been an awful day" — the words of the new south wales fire chief as a catastrophic fire warning was issued for parts of eastern australia, including sydney,
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as record—breaking temperatures and sudden strong winds fanned the flames of bushfires across the region. officials are warning that fires will remain out of control until there's rain and there's none forecast. prime minister scott morrison has cut short a holiday in hawaii after being criticised for leaving amid the crisis. here's our sydney correspondent shaimaa khalil. this was said to be one of the worst days australia's most populous state has ever seen, and it's lived up to every urgent warning. huge flames spiralling out of control, moved by strong, unpredictable wind. this is the second time in less than two months that new south wales has seen catastrophic fire conditions. firefighters have been patrolling this area throughout the day. they have been keeping an eye out on the smoke, just behind that tree line. this is where villagers have fires at an emergency level and they've been told to evacuate
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and they're concerned that embers will blow this way. elizabeth maclaren evacuated her house a few hours ago. she packed the necessities and a few other things she couldn't afford to lose. her family's ok, but she worries about those she left behind. i hope my house doesn't burn down but, ultimately, a lot of my friends stayed to fight the fires at their house. they can't get out now, so i'm just hoping that they're safe. i can replace my house — i can't replace lives, you know? helen has also evacuated her home, taking all of her dogs and cats with her. where will you stay? in the caragain. at the car park? yes. we did it the other night. it is fine. uncomfortable, but fine. australia's prime minister, scott morrison, has cut short his holiday to hawaii, as criticism continued to mount of his leadership during the bushfire crisis. it's brought the divisive debate about global warning
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back to the fore. scientists have long warned that a hotter, drier climate would contribute to australia's fires becoming more frequent and more intense. shaimaa khalil, bbc news, mittagong, new south wales. dozens of flood warnings are in place tonight across parts of england, with heavy rain expected to continue and many rivers close to bursting their banks. a small tornado at chertsey in surrey brought down trees and damaged vehicles. there are warnings that heavy rain and localised flooding could affect many people taking to the roads for the christmas getaway. the duke of edinburgh is continuing to be treated at a hospital in london, after being admitted yesterday. the queen remains at her sandringham estate in norfolk. 0ur correspondent tolu adeoye is at sandringham. all quiet at sandringham this evening. this is where the duke has spent much of his time since he
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retired in 2017 and where he left yesterday morning to go to hospital in london. around the same time, the queen was arriving for her christmas break here and it is business as usual. not a huge sense of alarm around the fact that the prince has been admitted to hospital and they say it is a pre—existing condition and they have described it as a precautionary measure. we know that when he got to hospital, he walked into hospital and buckingham palace have not given us any further details today stop of course, that would not give a running commentary on the prince's condition. 0ne would not give a running commentary on the prince's condition. one key question lots of people want to know is will he be ok for christmas day. lots of senior royals have arrived here. the cambridge is, the duke of duchess of cambridge and other senior royals will be here. they all
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hope the print is able to join them. the man who fought off the attacker at fishmongers hall near london bridge, using a narwhal tusk, has given a dramatic account of how he was able to stop the knifeman and pin him to the ground. two people died in the attack last month. civil servant, darryn frost, has described how usman khan was running towards people with knives, raised above his head, and wearing what looked like a suicide vest. this report from rich preston. this is the dramatic moment passers—by attempted to stop usman khan. his attack had begun at fishmongers hall where he had just killed two people. darren frost, a civil servant, took on usman khan. describing for the first time what happened, mr frost told the press association that he took a task to defend himself after hearing a commotion on the floor below. he
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went on to recall chasing usman khan onto london bridge where a group wrestled him to the ground, stopping what they thought may have been a suicide vest. talking about the two victims killed, mr frost says he will always feel the deep hurt of not being able to save them. he hoped that by speaking out he could get people talking about terrorism and also raise money for the victim's families. the headlines on bbc news: one of england's world cup winning heroes. martin peters, who scored in the 1966 final, has died at the age of 76 a catastrophic fire warning is issued for parts of eastern australia — including sydney — amid record—breaking temperatures following months of severe drought. the government approves the takeover
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of uk defence and aerospace specialist, cobham, by an american company. sport and a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. we start with the death of martin peters — one of england's heroes of ‘66. he was a west ham legend, and the club say that he passed away peacfully this morning at the age of 76, after a long illness. sir geoff hurst stole the headlines with his hat—trick in the 1966 world cup final, but for a while it looked like martin peter's goal might win it before west germany equalised. peters also won honours at west ham and spurs in a career that spanned more than 20 years. one of peters' former team mates at west ham is sir trevor brooking. everyone would be very sad. martin lived locally, as such, and i was
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lucky as a young apprentice and is tojoin west lucky as a young apprentice and is to join west ham lucky as a young apprentice and is tojoin west ham in 1965 lucky as a young apprentice and is to join west ham in 1965 and they had won the fa cup and in 66, as you said, we all said west ham won the world cup. bobby, the captain, geoff, the hat—trick and martin the other goalkeeper —— goal scorer. i was lucky to be an apprentice at the clu b was lucky to be an apprentice at the club when they were training and i made my debut with all three of them still in the team. people were intrigued. martin never levelled it 01’ intrigued. martin never levelled it or anything, he was low—key but as i say very humble and would company
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but stop —— never went looking for any headlines. liverpool have won the fifa club world cup — after beating flamengo 1—0 in extra time. the main incident of the 90 minutes came in injury time when the referee awarded liverpool a penalty after sadio mane was brought down. he then reversed his decision after looking at the var monitor. but then roberto firmino, who scored the winner in the semi—final did the same again. it's the first time liverpool have won the competition in their history. game after game after game they really showed their desire to take the next step and win the next game, show their desire to win the next challenge. and we could not do more than winning this game, winning the first time for this wonderful club, the team world cup and the club world cup. and i said before the gamei world cup. and i said before the game i didn't know how it would feel and now i can say it is outstanding. absolutely sensational. i am so proud of the boys and it could not be better. liverpool remain ten
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points clear at the top of the premier league table after a battle between their two nearest rivals saw manchester city fight back from a goal down to beat leicester 3—1. jamie vardy silenced the etihad stadium when he scored the opening goal in the first half but city hit back with strikes from riyad mahrez, a penalty from ilkay gundogan and then a third from gabrieljesus. pep guardiola's side stay third despite this victory, a point behind leicester and 11 behind the leaders — who have a game in hand. so is the manchester city manager taking some time off for christmas? britain's daniel dubois was on devastating form tonight — with a big second round knockout, of japan's kyotaro fujimoto. fujimoto was caught with powerful right hook from the undefeated dubois. it extends his winning streak to 1a as the hype continues to build, for a shot at one of the main heavyweight belts next year. a real story to bring you in the darts — the queen of the oche,
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fallon sherrock, continues her remarkable journey at pdc world championship. after beating ted evetts in round one, to become the first woman ever to win a match, she was victorious again tonight at the ally pally — beating 11th seed mensur suljovic by three sets to one. the victory puts her into the third round — and faces 22nd seed chris ‘hollywood' dobey next! that's all the sport for now. from next month, around 2000 children with severe epilepsy, will become eligible for a cannabis—based treatment, on the nhs in england. the charity ‘epilepsy action‘, said it could be life—changing as our health editor, hugh pym reports. two types of severe epilepsy will be eligible for the cannabis based medicine. they can suffer multiple seizures each day. it has been shown by clinical trials to reduce the number of seizures by 40% in some children if used in combination with
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another medicine. it will be available on prescription on the nhs in england from january six and is already accessible to patients in wales. it is still being appraised by regulators in scotland. the medicine contains the cannabis compound cbd but not the psychoactive give component known as thc. campaigners argue that only treatments with both constituents will help most children with epilepsy. after a huge amount of campaigning by brave families, the laws changed on november one 2018 so that specialist doctors could write a prescription for medicines containing the cbd and the thc, even though they are unlicensed, they have the right to put those prescriptions out. shockingly, to oui’ prescriptions out. shockingly, to our knowledge, since the law changed, not a single prescription has been issued on the nhs for the medicines that contain both cbd and thc. charlie hughes used to have up
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to 120 seizures a day. but since he has been treated with cannabis oil, that number is down to single figures. the family, however, needs to spend more than £1300 a month to get the treatment through a private prescription. the latest announcement will not help them. tokyo's olympic stadium has officially been opened. 60,000 people were given a glimpse of how the 2020 opening ceremony might look, with traditional drummers and a parade of dancers in vivid colours. mark eames reports. expect a few more drummers when they do this for real next year. in just over seven months time, the tokyo 0lympics get under way in the stadium that will be the centrepiece for the games and also the paralympics has for the games and also the pa ralympics has officially for the games and also the paralympics has officially been opened. the success of the recent rugby world cup, aided by the host nation's run to the quarter—finals, was given sport injapan a big boost. the stadium, which cost
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nearly $1.5 billion will hold 68,000 for the olympics. those lucky enough to get tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies will see more of this nextjuly closing ceremonies will see more of this next july but closing ceremonies will see more of this nextjuly but on a far bigger scale. if you are celebrating the opening of your 0lympic scale. if you are celebrating the opening of your olympic stadium you need a highly decorated 0lympian. they don't come much bigger and better than this man, usain bolt certainly knows a thing or two about winning 0lympic titles. the crowd delighted to welcome the eight time gold—medallist and he was persuaded to ta ke gold—medallist and he was persuaded to take part in a relay race which used the olympic rings instead of batons. even though the jamaican has been out of the spotlight since his retirement he was impressed with the atmosphere. it was a great experience, actually, to be in here in front of so many people. i was happy and excited because i won't be competing at the olympics so the fa ct i competing at the olympics so the fact i got to run on the track was an experience in itself. the drums,
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the dancing in the spectacle. japan certainly knows how to put on a good show. stadium hosts its first sporting events, on new year's day. the first athletics comes in may with the test event for the games invent —— games themselves. one of itv‘s most popular shows — dancing on ice — is to feature a same—sex couple as contestants when it goes to air with its latest series tomorrow. the steps singer ian "h" watkins is teaming up with professional dancer matt evers. 0ur correspondent lizo mzimba reports. dancing on ice is one of tvs most popular shows, often producing memorable moments... of all different kinds. ian h watkins and matt evers have been rehearsing for week and when the programme returns tomorrow night they will be the first same—sex couple seen competing ona first same—sex couple seen competing on a prime—time british show like this. if we had had something like
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this. if we had had something like this when we were children, perhaps i would not have felt so isolated. i would not have run away from home. in everyday life we see gay couples and we see same—sex couples so it should be no different for what we're trying to do here. it something that is already in embraced in other countries on similar shows. israel's dancing with the stars featured a same—sex celebrity couple back into thousand and nine. last month, strictly sold to male professionals dancing together. it prompted around 200 complaints. 200 people complained but there were millions of people who stood up and applauded.- million. 10 million viewers and there were 200 who complained. perhaps the strongest message so far has come from denmark's dancing with the stars. last month, a celebrity same—sex couple w011 the stars. last month, a celebrity same—sex couple won with the public deciding. something that h and max will hope to repeat here in the uk. two cruise ships have
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collided in the caribbean. the carnival glory, seen here on the right, was manouvering to dock when it struck the carnival legend, which was already moored in the mexican resort of cozumel. six guests suffered minor injuries — but the operator says both vessels are still seaworthy. and we'll be taking a second in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers penny smith and martin lipton — that's coming up after the headlines at 11:30. before that, the all—important look at the weather. the mist is thickening now and there will be fog issues again as we head through the night and at this time of the year, with little strength in the sun it does not clear quickly. the other major concern is the amount of flood warnings that we already have and we
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have more rain falling across southern areas currently. so there are weather warnings out as well as flood warnings out and you can find those on the web this massive cloud here is responsible for the rainfall currently across southern areas which will continue as we go through the night before finally clearing out way from eastern areas tomorrow. this driving area from the north—west will still bring showers so as we north—west will still bring showers so as we head towards morning the cold est so as we head towards morning the coldest spots will be up towards the north and east here with icy patches and fog anywhere in even among the rain in southern areas that will really d rag rain in southern areas that will really drag its hills to clear as we go through sunday morning. that fog could be slow to clear as i mentioned already otherwise sunny spells and showers, a brisk wind picking up and as you can see in the south, carrying showers eastwards in and west otherwise temperatures same as today so sunshine into the afternoon not feeling too impressive but probably quite fresh across
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scotland. not too unlike the temperatures that we should see at this time of year and the outlook is that we keep the status quo average. nothing cold nothing and we are stuck in between those air masses. we continue with the westerly wind and showers mostly across northern england through sunday to ease off on the south, why? because we have next area of rain gathering towards the south later in the day. and that sta rts the south later in the day. and that starts to lift the temperature just a degree also in southern areas, again around average. 0n a degree also in southern areas, again around average. on monday night it looks as if it will bring in some rather wet weather across the southern half of the country. 0nce the southern half of the country. once again moving eastwards and clearing so another dollop that we see at the moment five to ten millimetres of rain, holding temperatures up to the north with showers and frosting be quite icy. 0n showers and frosting be quite icy. on christmas eve we are slow to clear away and the weather front is lingering potentially on southern areas otherwise it looks as if we
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will see drier weather on christmas eve. not especially warm however, again, and hopefully into christmas day as well. however, as you watch the weather system out towards the west you can see the potential is there as we go towards the end of christmas day and boxing day for another deep area of low pressure, not just rape another deep area of low pressure, notjust rape snow potentially in strong wind as well. as ever we will keep you updated. —— and notjust 00:28:29,835 --> 2147483051:51:00,082 snow, potentially strong wind as 2147483051:51:00,082 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 well.
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