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tv   The Queen  BBC News  December 25, 2019 4:15pm-4:31pm GMT

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reports from australia. taking a brief christmas break before heading back to the fire front lines. many of these firefighters have been working nonstop for weeks. despite a lull in the weather, with cooling temperatures and predicted rain in some areas, the risk is not over. teams brace themselves for hot conditions later in the week. the new south wales rural fire service is the world's largest volunteer organisation, with more than 70,000 members. most are local volunteers who have taken on the task to project the rural communities. and many have been overwhelmed by how people responded to their work. just overwhelming support, like. obviously all the presents and stuff for the kids. that's just what they need at the moment. i haven't even got my
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christmas shopping or anything for my daughter. she's about to turn one injanuary. 0n the 11th. just thank you, thank you very much. last week's catastrophic fires have been fuelled by record temperatures of more than 41 degrees. an extreme heat wave swept across the country, combined with strong winds and dry conditions. australia has been fighting wildfires for months. the early start to the fire season is stretching already scarce water resources. pictures of a thunderstorm in the north—eastern city of brisbane showed some respite in the hot weather. but firefighters say a lot more rain is needed in many more places, with not much for over the next few weeks. bumpy, bbc news, sydney.
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the headlines on bbc news... the queen has delivered her annual christmas message — highlighting the need for reconciliation — in what's being seen as a nod to the divisions caused by brexit. an investigation has begun in spain after a british man and his two children drowned in a swimming pool at a resort on the costa del sol. in the vatican, pope francis says "god loves everyone" — "even the worst of us" — thought to be a reference to abuse scandals in the catholic church. now on bbc news, another chance to here her majesty the queen's christmas message. music: god save the queen
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as a child, i never imagined that one day a man would walk on the moon yet this year, we marked the 50th anniversary of the famous apollo 11 mission. it's still looking very good. your go. the eagle has landed.
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as those historic pictures were beamed back to earth, millions of us sat transfixed to our television screens as we watched neil armstrong taking a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, and indeed for womankind. it's a reminder for us all that giant leaps often start with small steps. this year, we marked another important anniversary, d—day. on 6th june 1944, some 156,000 british, canadian and american forces landed in northern france. it was the largest ever seaborne invasion and was delayed due to bad weather. i well remember the look of concern on my father's face. he knew the secret d—day plans, but could of course share that burden with no one. for the 75th anniversary
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of that decisive battle, in a true spirit of reconciliation, those who had formerly been sworn enemies came together in friendly commemorations either side of the channel, putting past differences behind them. such reconciliation seldom happens overnight. it takes patience and time to rebuild trust, and progress often comes through small steps. since the end of the second world war, many charities, groups and organisations have worked to promote peace and unity around the world, bringing together those who have been on opposing sides. by being willing to put past differences behind us and move forward together, we honour the freedom and democracy once won for us at so great a cost.
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the challenges many people face today may be different to those once faced by my generation, but i have been struck by how new generations have brought a similar sense of purpose to issues such as protecting our environment and our climate. my family and i are also inspired by the men and women of our emergency services and armed forces, and at christmas we remember all those on duty at home and abroad who are helping those in need and keeping us and ourfamilies safe and secure. 200 years on from the birth of my great—great—grandmother queen victoria, prince philip and i have been delighted to welcome our eighth great—grandchild into our family. of course, at the heart of the christmas story lies the birth of a child, a seemingly small and insignificant step overlooked by many in bethlehem.
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but in time, through his teaching and by his example, jesus christ would show the world how small steps, taken in faith and in hope, can overcome long—held differences and deep—seated divisions to bring harmony and understanding. many of us already try to follow in his footsteps. the path, of course, is not always smooth, and may at times this year have felt quite bumpy. but small steps can make a world of difference. as christmas dawned, church congregations around the world joined in singing it came upon the midnight clear. like many timeless carols, it speaks not just of the coming ofjesus christ into a divided world many years ago, but also of the relevance even today of the angels' message of peace and goodwill.
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it's a timely reminder of what positive things can be achieved when people set aside past differences and come together in the spirit of friendship and reconciliation. and as we all look forward to the start of a new decade, it's worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change. and so i wish you all a very happy christmas. # it came upon the midnight clear # that glorious song of old # from angels bending near the earth # to touch their harps of gold
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# peace on the earth, goodwill to me # from heaven's all—gracious king # the world in solemn stillness lay # to hear the angels sing # for lo the days are hastening on # by prophet bards foretold # when with the ever—circling years # shall come the age of gold # when peace shall
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over all the earth # its ancient splendours fling # and the whole world give back the song # which now the angels sing. # hello, the weather's gift to us today was a lot of dry weather. many of us got to see a lot of sunshine. that a lot of sunshine. was for a weather watcher earlier that was for a weather watcher earlier in dumfries and galloway. but an area rolling in from the atlantic, a system that will bring outbreaks of rain on boxing day. in the shorter term, fog could bring problems this evening across central and eastern england and northern
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england and southern scotland. that fog could be quite dense but i suspect it will not last all night because we will see cloud rolling in from the west so a lot of fog will tend to lift but we will see fog rolling in through the night. 0utbreaks rolling in through the night. outbreaks of rain and strengthening wind as well but it will be mild across the south and west of the uk. in scotland, some spots will see a touch of frost. tomorrow, boxing day, a different sort of day with a weather system pushing east with outbreaks of rain at times but not all the time. this first band of rain will drift its way through northern ireland, out of wales, north—east across england and southern scotland across the high ground of the pennines and scotland we could see temporary snow. behind that, some spells of sunshine and showers but more persistent rain getting back into the south—west later in the day. turning milder, ten in london, 11 in cardiff, 12 in plymouth, still cool across the northern part of the uk. still generally a windy day particularly in the south—west of england, gusts
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of a0 mph or more at times. through boxing day, a band of rain making progress north—east in association with this warm front that will drift across all parts into the first part of friday. that will bring rain for a time on friday morning, lingering across east and northern areas. as the wind and rain clears through, it isa the wind and rain clears through, it is a warm front so it would bring some mild airfrom the is a warm front so it would bring some mild air from the south. is a warm front so it would bring some mild airfrom the south. 0n friday, losing rain from the south—east areas. brightening up. have a look at the afternoon temperatures, far higher than they have been. 10 degrees in newcastle, 12 in birmingham, 13 is the high in london. as we look to saturday and sunday, similar weather, staying mild, a bit of rain in the north—west but most will be dry.
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you are
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a you these are the headlines. the queen highlights the need for reconciliation in her annual christmas speech in what is being seen christmas speech in what is being seen as a christmas speech in what is being seen as a nod to the divisions caused by brexit. an investigation has begun in spain, after a british man and his two children died after they were found unresponsive in a swimming pool at a resort on the costa del sol. in the vatican, pope francis says god loves everyone, even the worst of us are thought to bea even the worst of us are thought to be a reference to abuse scandals in the catholic church. hundreds of people in australia have been forced from their homes for the holidays, as the country continues to battle some of the worst bushfires in yea rs. i will be back at 5p and with all the latest news but right now, our correspondent sarah campbell looks
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back at the key events of the year for the royal family. review back at the key events of the year for the royalfamily. review 2019 the royal year. just to let you know, her film the royal year. just to let you know, herfilm contain some the royal year. just to let you know, her film contain some flash photography. archie's first royal tour. the duke and duchess of sussex make headlines in southern africa and reveal the pressures of life in the royal spotlight. for me and for my wife, of course, there is a lot of stuff that hurts, especially when the majority of it is untrue. i will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum. a no—holds—barred interview by prince andrew fails to draw a line under his friendship with a convicted sex offender. we try and uphold the highest standards and practices and i let the side down. it's as simple as that.


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