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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  December 29, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm GMT

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in the lead but it all got a bit heated towards the end and the chiefs had finish the game with m men after harry williams was sent off for his part in a mass brawl. they managed to see out the win though and are now one point above northampton at the top of the table. we know the identity of the first two semi finallists at the pdc world darts championships. 2014 runner up peter wright, you can't miss him with that haircut, hit 12 1805 in a 5—3 victory over luke humphries. earlier, nathan aspinall reached the semi finals for a second straight year. he saw off a spirited performance from belgiam's dimitri van den bergh to also win 5—3. he'll play either michael van gerwen or darius la banuskas in the last four. manchester after taking into — zero
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lead over... at the end howe stadium. i'll be back with another round up at 7:30. this week on the travel show i am in the jungles of borneo exploring malaysia's biggest estate. sarawak. in the western corners of malaysian borneo, sarawak has some of the world's most spectacular and diverse ecosystems. but it can be overlooked by tourists drawn to the bright lights or the resorts of neighbour states. so i am going to discover for myself the sights and inhabitants of this remarkable state. along the way i will be hanging out with these guys. claiming jagged peaks. easily one of the most beautiful and one of the most difficult hikes i have done.
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i love sarawak. we are very unique in sarawak. we have 26 ethnic groups in sarawak. my trip starts here, in sarawak‘s biggest city, kuching. and the word kuching, it means something special? yes. it means cat. like the city of cats? yes. cat city. 0k, we are starting here in the state capital, kuching, and travelling all the way over year to the highlands. it is going to be a journey. on my first stop, i am going to meet one of the state's most iconic residents. birdsong and here he is. the orangutan.
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there is so much soul in their eyes. 97% of their dna is shared with humans. that is where they get the name, orangutan means man of the forest. orangutans are native to only two islands in south—east asia. some live on sumatra but the vast majority with your in borneo. ——live here in borneo. i have come to the nature reserve where the rangers are preparing for the morning feed. the reserve took orangutans that have been rescued from captivity or suffer from habitat loss and taught them how to live wildly in the surrounding forest. since then, the rehabilitation programme has been moved elsewhere but the forest is still home to 33 orangutans and tourists have a chance to glimpse those tempted back by a female. ——by a free meal. it is very different to a zoo, there are no
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orangutans in cages here? yes, it is totally different to a zoo. this is edwin, one of the biggest males in the park. like the ranger said, this is not a zoo. the orangutans can come from a direction at any time. you have to be a little bit careful, especially around the big males like edwin here. while these orangutans are used to people, they are still unpredictable, so tourists are kept at a safe distance. edwin is 23 years old and was born in 1996 and he was the first male offspring born here. sadly, despite conservation efforts, orangutans face in ——an uncertain future. over a 16 year period the numbers in borneo fell by
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more than 100,000. a decline that is blamed on hunting and deforestation. it is now estimated that there isjust over 100,000 orangutans left on the island. the facility here, how does it help? by having this centre, people still get the sense of seeing the wild orangutan and not disturb them their natural habitats. the feel of excitement of seeing wild orangutans will bring you closer to conservation efforts. it really means something. next up i am crossing the state to reach a national park, sarawak‘s biggest piece of protected rainforest. this place is teeming with wildlife.
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over 4,000 species of plants, 20,000 species of invertebrates, that means hundreds of different kinds of spiders and beetles and butterflies, but no orangutans. not here. this is also home to groups of one of the last remaining hunter gatherer tribes in south—east asia. a lot of their traditional tribal land has been lost to deforestation so the vast majority now in settlements like this one. so, these are flutes, right? blow pipes? you make these? can you show me? ah, i see, so you do it by hand? so many times. that will be countless hours.
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oh, i see, there we go. mike corey, blow pipe maker. blow pipes are the traditional hunting weapon of this tribe. they are loaded with darts tipped with a strong poison extracted from the bark of a local tree. and you would use one of these big ones? wow, i am about six feet tall. that is 1.8 metres. ok, so we are here like this. it goes on the back. armed and dangerous. you first.
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safety off. sharpshooter! i guarantee i will not... like this? and then... 0k. here we go. hopefully there will be some beginners luck. i hit the target! further inside the park there is a truly unique landscape. it is home to some of the world's largest caves, formed from limestone and shaped by millions of years of ground and rainwater. this process also created a bizarre collection of stone spires above the ground. at almost 50 metres tall, the pinnacles are an
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imposing spectacle but to get there sightseers face a long and brutal track through the rainforest. caution, a high degree of physical fitness is required past this point. an eight hour round trip. lead the way. let's go. i havejust 60 minutes to make it to be mini pinnacles, the first checkpoint. you weren'tjoking! how is it? steep! the checkpoint is less than a kilometre up the slope but the humidity makes it feel a lot further. heavy breathing we've only just started and i am already exhausted. and we are here! the pinnacles! not quite, right? mini pinnacles.
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that is not a joke. having reached the checkpoint within the time limit, it is another kilometre before we reach the most treacherous stage. this is the first ladder. 0k. woo—hoo! right, almost on, right? who was first? after you. ok, after me. 0k! one down and 70 more to go. it is beautiful limestone cliffs, they are sharp, but at least there are lots of places to grab onto. it looks like it has rained down there. you think it is going to rain? yes, heavy rain.
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heavy breathing 500 metres to go, 100 metres to go. hopefully we get there before the rain. what ladder is this? the last ladder? this looks like the summit. is it? yes. we are here, guys. oh, wow. yes! and there are so many of them. this is beautiful! just daggersjutting out
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from the forest canopy. thank you. yeah, it really is spectacular, right? yes. hello, it's been a mild and quite a day across the uk and tomorrow will be similar. a slight difference for scotland and northern ireland. today we had some cloud and rain and perhaps tomorrow the clouds will be more substantial with more rain heading into the north—west of the uk. through tonight, you can see outbreaks of rain on the western isles the bulk of scotland, northern ireland and the rest of the country.
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overnight temperatures, three or 4 degrees. where the clouds hang around it will be milder. here is the weather front for tomorrow, perhaps some rain in glasgow and edinburgh but for england and wales will be a dry day with temperatures around ten or 11 degrees. new year's eve looks dry as well. just watching out for a bit of fog. goodbye.
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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at eight: five people have been stabbed in new york state, during hanukkah celebrations, at the home of an orthodox rabbi. a man has appeared in court. this is terrorism. it is domestic terrorism. these are people who intend to create mass harm, mass violence. the mayor of sydney says the new year fireworks display will go ahead as planned — despite a petition calling for it to be cancelled out of respect for those affected by the ravaging bushfires. we meet the uk's first paramedics trained to prescribe — in an effort to ease pressure on the nhs. liverpool beat wolves to extend their lead at the top


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