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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  December 31, 2019 8:00am-9:00am GMT

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making steady progress every day. we camped for the first week it will still be feeling mild, we're hanging onto those temperatures as we get to the end of the week. but it is going to be a very overcast to 2020. have a very happy new year, i'll see you soon. i'm back with the latest invisible ledge, but you can't see from the ground, three feet wide and 30 feet long, and we moved our from the bbc london newsroom in half—an—hour. country that had attacked the second plenty more on our website at the usual address. now though it's back pa rt country that had attacked the second part of the wall. so sleeping in a to louise and dan. bye for now. tent over a massive drop? yes, essentially tents that can fetch two people in them. there we are. how do good morning, welcome to breakfast you sleep in that? you do get used with louise minchin and dan walker. to it. you don't want to sleepwalk our headlines today: in that! you are attached to a safety line. it does not look safe the terrifying moment thousands of people take refuge but it is. people with a fear on the beach in australia to escape heights will not imagine themselves bush fires — military helicopters are deplyed to help them. doing this but climbing is growing we were bracing for the worst because it was black. sport. in the last few years more like, it should have been daylight and it was black like midnight and we could hear the fire roaring. indoor climbing wall that popped up around the country so it has become the uk government says it's more accessible to people. you don't seriously concerned about a fair trial for the british woman have to do stuff like this to go convicted in cyprus of lying
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climbing. it doesn't feel like sport about a rape claim. or hard work because it is so much fun. a lot of problem—solving and it is really enjoyable so that is why good morning. the minimum wage for over 25s it is becoming more popular. to be is to rise by sip an hour. it means a pay rise the first woman to climb debts, for 3 million workers, invited onto the expedition, tell us and comes into force in april. how that process works. leo holding football's law—makers claim the use of the video asistant referee is being used too who led the mission, probably forensically as calls grow everybody knows who he is, he for changes in the use of technology. contacted me out of the blue and we meet the climber who broke suggested coming on the expedition records by getting to the top tea m suggested coming on the expedition team and! of a remote mountain in the heart suggested coming on the expedition team and i just suggested coming on the expedition team and ijust agreed because you can't say no to something like that. ididn't can't say no to something like that. i didn't know what i was letting of the south american rainforest. myself in for but ijust agreed. good morning. we had some fog to i didn't know what i was letting myself in for but ijust agreedm looks staggeringly beautiful. when watch out for this morning across you get to the top what is the the south, in the south and also in feeling like? we were really lucky. wales today, fairly cloudy. further roraima creates its own weather north, a frosty start for some but systems because it is a big plateau and the biggest prominence there and it creates a lot of cloud that comes more sunshine. if you are staying up round the face. when we got to the to see the new year in, for most it top it cleared and we could see will be dry. more later. right the way across the jungle and all the ground we had covered. it it's new year's eve. was pretty amazing. what is next? i our top story:
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would love to go back to guyana at thousands of people were forced to shelter on a beach to escape some point but i am not sure. there bushfires in the australian isa some point but i am not sure. there is a lot of climbing i would like to state of victoria. the seaside town of mallacoota, do in the uk. so how do you prepare east of melbourne, was surrounded by a wall of flames for something like that? most of it as the sky turned red. was done on a difficult climbing in the last few minutes, we've heard wall in this country. yes, the that the australian defence minister climbing trainingi has authorised hellicopters and navy vessels to rescue those wall in this country. yes, the climbing training i just wall in this country. yes, the climbing training ijust do on an stranded on the beach. indoor wall. but you can't train for there are also multiple emergency thejungle indoor wall. but you can't train for the jungle without being in a jungle warnings in victoria because it is a different and new south wales. environment but all the climbing several people are missing. training was done inside. from sydney, phil mercer reports. you've got to be super strong, stuck in a nightmare. haven't you? these are some of the the sky in mallacoota turned a grotesque red as strong winds pushed out of control bushfires most amazing pictures we've seen for towards the popular a long time. good luck with whatever seaside town about 500 you're up to next. it's 8:45am. kilometres east of melbourne. thousands of people were trapped it turns out the perfect gift isn't and sought shelter on the beach. always waiting under the tree on christmas day, with many of us wanting some waded into the water to escape to take things back red hot embers that rained down. for a refund or an exchange. i fundamentally disagree with that! 0thers fled by boat, you can't do it! if you do, what are but most waited patiently for the danger to pass, or for help to arrive. your rights? the first present that
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it's still a dynamic and dangerous situation, so we've got embers was returned this christmas was at going into mallacoota at the moment. we've got 4,000 people on the beach there that are being very well protected by our firefighters. 7:02 on christmas morning. they the australian navy could be brought in to provide food, water, don't need to know. that's the whole and power to communities isolated by the fires. point, you don't need to tell them. but you know! you are now once again, very hot temperatures and gusty winds have combined implicating me! you take the gift to make this another dangerous and destructive day. and give it to someone else. one in at least two people have died ten people will return something and several others are missing, they were given this christmas. what as dozens of blazes rage in south—eastern australia. are your rights, how confusing is the authorities say that many it, do you need a receipt? we are houses have been lost. going to answer your questions. the new south wales rural fire loads of you are getting in touch service commissioner, about this. we went to manchester shane fitzsimmons, says this and spoke to people about whether is the state's worst bushfire season on record. they want to return their gifts. the crisis shows no sign of ending. i think it was an iphone 8 that my wife bought me, and i had an iphone 9 already, for many australians, so it was, you know... the new year will bring it wasn't the ideal choice more anxiety and fear. of christmas present. phil mercer, bbc news, sydney. i once returned a present off dad.
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0h, did you? yeah. david jeffery runs a b&b and he pretended like he was ok in mallacoota and was forced to flee with it, then you could just to the beach when the fires tell he wasn't happy. it's the biggest waste of money to give someone a present that they don't struck the area. like and then keep it. i'd much rather, like, if i gave someone a present david, thank you once again for they didn't like, i'd say, honestly, if you don't like it, speaking to us. we can see what is please tell me so we can spend happening behind you. describe what money on something else. you can see and what you have seen i think it were last year, in the last few hours? i got like a wine set or something, and i didn't necessarily u nfortu nately, in the last few hours? like what was in it, so i re—wrapped unfortunately, that's not good, it's someone‘s dreams going up, their it and gave it to someone else. precious house and hopefully the people are not there. the authorities are going out and collecting water here, doing what regifting is one thing you can do. they can. it feels like a dream, martyn james is a consumer rights expert with the complaints website resolver. hejoins me now. just unreal. the authorities have give us some tips. what you need to been amazing, honestly. ijust want know? if you've got something you don't want or like, it doesn't fit, to say, your prayers are being can you take it back? you can but answered. we had a bit of rain. there are always caveats. let's do behind me, where there are so many there are always caveats. let's do the basics. if the goods are faulty houses... after the initialfront that came through, 4000 people here or have been misrepresented, you've
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got lots of rights under the consumer rights act. you can get a we re that came through, 4000 people here full refund within 30 days and there were safe. dealing with the wind and are other things you can do. more importantly, if you simply don't like the goods, and i know this is all sorts of things... what we going to divide the nation! laughter didn't realise, what happened next you do have a few rights but it often you do have a few rights but it ofte n co m es you do have a few rights but it often comes down to the gift receipt was just house after house after and the store policy. the law isn't house. it wasn't one house burned. that clear on what to do if you don't like something. loads of it was that bad... it's not about people are sending messages. julie says, i want to return an item but they are closed between christmas and new year. me, buti it was that bad... it's not about me, but i thank god. thank you for your prayers. thank you for all the the good news is working days can prayers. david, can i ask you about may be what's been going on with you string things out. most high street and the other people who have been on the beach? as you say, you are retailers will have extended rights over christmas but they will vary. watching houses and businesses in the background. i'm sure there must the longest ones go to the 315t of be conversations about whose houses they are and who is safe and who january but they can sometimes be a lot shorter so have a look online hasn't come to the beach for safety? and don't hesitate. thank you. so
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it is gut—wrenching, we don't know who is back there and who is not. many people will be in that there were homes that i knew people position. andi there were homes that i knew people and i couldn't even bear to watch. i could look across to what i thought was mind—bending and i could handle that because when you go through pain, other experiences in the past, you just know it's going to be a without the original receipt, the tough road. some of them, who knows gift receipt was useless. what if they have insurance. 0ne happens with that?” tough road. some of them, who knows if they have insurance. one guy i was speaking to in the high street, gift receipt was useless. what happens with that? i love how that he always give me the most difficult his health survived but he didn't have insurance. not everyone are questions! laughter the answer to that is it depends on millionaires and i am certainly not. the shop policy. however, if you can sometimes people cut corners and establish what the goods cost hope this doesn't happen. but it beforehand establish what the goods cost before hand then you establish what the goods cost beforehand then you can argue the does happen. it's australia, it toss when you take it back. do some eucalyptus bush. i want to thank the authorities and the fire brigade. the fire brigade has also donated research. bear pies, so people are getting fed here. there is a big naval boat out policy or if you've got any proof of argue the toss but remember to at sea here. the army is involved. i smile. i've got one here, kerry
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don't know the details, you can get says, i'd tried to return some gifts it off the prime minister and other with a gift receipt and was told i could only have a gift card in important officials. i'm just a b return. i was told it didn't and b owner and someone who guarantee a refund. is that legal? survived, i'm a survivor. ifeel for the people. i mean, that have lost yes, individual shops have their own their homes. hopefully they didn't policies. never lose sight of the fa ct policies. never lose sight of the fact this is only for goods you lose their lives. thank you, don't like. if there is something eve ryo ne lose their lives. thank you, everyone worldwide who has prayed. wrong with it, you can still get a refund. this is off message but jesus has intervened. thank you from about regifting, my mother—in—law the bottom of our hearts. we are wa nts about regifting, my mother—in—law getting through this and, yeah, wants gifted me an item i had given her the year before and was there is a lot of love, a lot of com pletely her the year before and was completely oblivious! laughter good anzac spirit was not something it's not illegal either! every year just give it back! until it goes in these... something unique in every different culture, there is something unique that is there that back to the person who originally sent it. one last one, my daughter makes them, when the chips are down, bought a jumpsuit, it was too short they get up and look after each but it was after the 28 days by the other. there is a lesson for the time they got the receipt. they did rest of the world. build each other have the receipt but after the time up, don't tear each other down.
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limit stop play again, if the thank you very much. david, really jumpsuit isn't as advertised, if it good to talk to you, thank you for that. thank you for telling us exactly what has been going on on the beach. david mentioned about the clearly isn't the size. this happens vessel he had seen on the shore and to me all the time with trousers. thatis vessel he had seen on the shore and that is part of the change we have heard in the last few minutes. laughter we know military helicopters are you can argue the toss. it's always being deployed as well as the navy to specifically help the 4000 people who have been on that beach over the worth a try. absolutely. thank you. last few hours. 8:08am. the government says it will raise concerns with the authorities in cyprus about the fairness there's loads of advice on the bbc of a trial of a british woman convicted of lying instagram and other social media about being gang raped. pages. did anyone own up and say lawyers for the 19—year—old insist she was pressured by police they had received a gift and then into changing her story. they say she wasn't given a fair trial, and they plan to appeal. asked for the receipt? yes, plenty. katy austin has been following the story. and he says, i love my christmas the young british woman at the heart present this year, it's from a proud of this case hasn't been able to leave cyprus sincejuly. yesterday, she was found guilty grandma annie. that's the christmas of making a false statement spirit for you. thank you. now the about a crime the country's law says was imaginary. weather. we are running out of time. her lawyers insist both the police investigation and the court process were flawed.
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they plan to appeal. the young israeli tourists carol, good morning. who were originally accused of raping the young woman, good morning. if you are stepping outside it is a chilly start to the were freed and allowed to fly home after she retracted the allegation. day across northern ireland and she says she only did that scotland. we had some frost but because she was put under huge pressure by police questioning generally speaking, a dry day and a bit colder than yesterday. we've when she was vulnerable. unusually, the british foreign office has made also had some patchy fog extending a public intervention. a spokesperson said the uk from somerset towards sussex and kent. it is patchy and a lot of it was seriously concerned will lift into some hill fog or more about the fair trial guarantees in what it called a deeply distressing case. it said it would be speaking fog. some rain coming in in the to the cypriot authorities about it. we are glad the foreign office is finally assisting with the case. the south—west during the day. fairly patchy. north of that in the foreign office showed, we say, help midlands and northern england, for a british people when they get in time northern ireland and scotland, trouble at a much earlier stage but some sunshine and sunny intervals we do welcome the support of the foreign office with this case. across east anglia. windy across the north and the west, especially the women's rights activists northern and western isles. demonstrated outside court. they argue that the young woman is a victim, not a criminal. temperatures only reaching 4 degrees
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she told the sun newspaper in glasgow and edinburgh today. the judgment was not a surprise, but she would fight it, 0vernight, the cloud moving saying one moment she was north—eastwards. some clear skies the victim, the next the accused. across eastern scotland and eastern england for a time. it is clear you sentencing is due on the 7th of january. ajail term of up to a year is a possibility. need to wrap up warm because it will katy austin, bbc news. bea need to wrap up warm because it will be a cold night. some of this cloud the national living in the west will be thick enough for wage is to rise by 6.2% from april next year. some drizzle. 0ne the hourly rate for people under the age of 25 will also rise. ben is here with all the details. in the west will be thick enough for some drizzle. one or two holes in the fog and mist around the london this is good news for a lot of people, isn't it? yes, a new year area. the same across scotland, a pay rise for many. comes into force lot of cloud but a way to the east and still the northern and western in april and will rise pretty isles. through the rest of the night, the cloud continues to push significantly, up to £8.72 an hour for anyone over 25. if you are under across night, the cloud continues to push a cross m ost night, the cloud continues to push across most areas. temperatures will 25, you might be eligible for the rise. there will be patchy fog as minimum wage. that will go up, people on apprenticeships and that well. in ten years day, transient sort of thing. that increase high pressure ridge with a squeeze tra nslates sort of thing. that increase translates to 51p extra per hour. a in the isobars indicating it's pretty significant rise. four times windier in the north and west. still
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the rate of inflation. this is an the cloud picking up in some areas annual thing, it happens every year and is set by the low pay for the odd spot of drizzle or the commission, who look at the cost of odd light shower. some breaks in living and come up with this figure. it has been announced a little bit wales, north—east england and north—east scotland for example. earlier than normal. the government saying this is a pay rise for the nation. a lot of business owners will look at this quite closely thursday sees a change in the forecast, it will be windy and we've because whilst it is good news for workers, more money in their got weather fronts coming our way. pockets, it also increases costs for business. a lot of them will be those were fronts bringing in some trying to work out how they can rain and some of it will be heavy, afford it and if they can put up particularly in the north—west their prices to pay for it. a bit of highlands. coming into northern a double whammy, that they might end ireland and northern england in two up a double whammy, that they might end up putting up prices so the pay rise parts of wales as well through the you get might not go as far. but a day. ahead of it, one or two brighter breaks but temperatures pay rise to £8 72 p. another story 9-12. that's it has got the business world talking. brighter breaks but temperatures 9—12. that's it from me for today. to everyone, are very happy new year! studio: and a very happy new year, carol. she's lovely. then man who led nissan and turned around its fortunes, this is him. you might remember he was arrested if you like your sport or you're a bit of a film buff then you'll in november 2018, accused of have plenty to choose from in 2020. embezzlement, using company money the olympics and the euros will no
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for his own ends and also doubt provide plenty of thrills and spills while the new bond movie underreporting his own salary. he is among many blockbusters set was arrested and three days later to leave you shaken and stirred. was arrested and three days later was fired by nissan and he has let's take you through some of the key ones now with former team essentially be under house arrest gb hockey star sam quek and film since he has been under video surveillance, he has had to hand in critic siobhaun synnot. his passport and ask for permission to spend just a couple of nights away from home and quite clearly not where shall we start? i'm going to able to leave the country. this morning, he has resurfaced in say it early, the first big event lebanon. he is from there now for me is a grand national. gordon launching this campaign to clear his name. he denies all the allegations against him. in a pretty damning elliott is going to create history statement he says he is no longer and go for three in a row which is being held hostage by what he calls where i'm going to start. and the a rigged japanese system where guilty is presumed, discrimination is rampantand 0lympics where i'm going to start. and the olympics on the horizon as well.|j guilty is presumed, discrimination is rampant and basic human rights are denied. he says now he is out of love the olympics. every four years the country, he wants to start as well. i'm going to experience it clearing his name and speaking to the media. there will be a big as well. i'm going to experience it questions about how he was able to asa as well. i'm going to experience it as a spectator this year and i'm incredibly excited. it's one of leave japan given how he surrendered those moments where the country his passport. very interesting, we comes together. we have something in will keep an eye on what happens next. thank you for that. common to cheer about and ultimately dina asher—smith is going to be our
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golden girl. then you've got the the rail minister has written to train companies saying he is unhappy that some operators are not running fully accessible veterans, max whitlock, jade jones trains for disabled users. going for three golds. adam peaty. new legislation comes into force tomorrow although ten companies have been forced to apply for temporary exemptions. the chief executive is going to be incredible. we've got of the rail delivery group, which represents rail companies, a lot of stars and rising stars has insisted the industry is committed to making coming through the ranks, the likes the railway more accessible. of sky brown, an 11—year—old thousands of heterosexual couples skateboarder. it is going to be a in england and wales are expected to enter into civil fantastic olympics. we watch it all? partnerships from today. it comes after a long legal battle i watch i was and hours of its against the law that had previously only permitted same—sex couples to become civil partners. doubly definitely. you get sucked in it'll offer the same legal rights as marriage, but without the religious links. to sports. this is the opportunity it is 8:13am. you are watching for athletes. let's talk about brea kfast. it is 8:13am. you are watching breakfast. 0ne it is 8:13am. you are watching breakfast. one other story i wanted films. we've got wonder woman, bird to talk about, sharon stone. she went on to bumble and then she was banned because they thought it of prey and also we have black widow wasn't her. she is back on it. she is on page nine and so are you! with scarlett johansson. we've
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of prey and also we have black widow with scarlettjohansson. we've got of prey and also we have black widow with scarlett johansson. we've got a year without a star wars movie! but trolls force bbc star to quit social media. you are off! we do have a tom cruise film, top you know i have been off it for a while. you are still on instagram? i gun is back! could it be a flop? do look at twitter but possibly maybe once a day. i have deleted the app. will you go back to a shall i quote what i really love about top gun is tom cruise is now 57 but they can't you? this will you go back to a shall i quote you ? this is will you go back to a shall i quote you? this is you. she said... "you have a boss younger than him. they might think i'm oversensitive, and pro bally might think i'm oversensitive, and probally am. you might think i need to grow a thicker skin. the truth is have a boss younger than him. they have brought one into tell him for being too cocky half. people love a ican to grow a thicker skin. the truth is i can read hundred nice comments about me but it will be the nasty one i remember try as i might to war film. being too cocky half. people love a warfilm. 1917 is meant to be brilliant. it's been a break-out, shrug it off." there are some horrible people on there. that is a it's going to be featured in the problem for me, lots of people say nice things but i find it hard when oscar nominations. directed by sam people say not to forget the nasty mendez. it follows two young men things. so how's it been? going from the trenches to deliver you have been smiling a lot more, an urgent message. it should get a louise! i have really enjoyed it! i find things, for example on lot of technical awards nominations christmas day, i didn't have my and also a lot to look forward to
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phone all day. so not onlyjust off with the irish man, once upon a time social media, just doing stuff at home. it has improved your life no end. well done. i'm glad it's made such an improvement! in hollywood. and also the new james let's find out, carol has the bond. no time to die, they've had an weather for us. good let's find out, carol has the weatherfor us. good morning! eve ntful bond. no time to die, they've had an eventful production, the set blew up good to hear, good morning, and he has been injured. it's coming everybody. this morning's weather out at easter. daniel craig's last not bad at all. this weather watcher picture. we have some patchy fog one, let's hope it's good. a lot to across some southern picture. we have some patchy fog across some southern parts of look forward to in 2020. england. if you are travelling, bear that in mind. the new year's eve that's all from us for today. itself, mainly dry today, a little colder than it was yesterday. a cold we see the other side of 2019. start across parts of northern breakfast will be back tomorrow ireland and scotland in particular, morning from 6:00am. enjoy the rest of your day. where we have had temperatures below goodbye. freezing and some frost around. here, along with northern england, east anglia, midlands, starting on a sunny note. cloud will encroach on northern ireland through the day and already cloud across wales, southern england and the south midlands. the fog we had this morning along the m4
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corridor will lift into cloud on the hills. maybe the moors as well in the south—west. in the south—west, the south—west. in the south—west, the arrival of some rain. nothing particularly heavy, not far away from the isles of scilly and getting on across the channel islands and possibly into south wales through the day. temperature wise, for in glasgow, ten in london. as we head on through the evening, you can see how the cloud in the south moves steadily north—eastwards but eastern parts of scotland, eastern parts of england generally having some clear skies. if you are going to be outside at midnight, this is roughly what you can expect. quite a cloudy picture across much of england and wales, with one or two holes, especially in the east. northern this is bbc news. ireland, cloudy for you. especially in the east. northern ireland, cloudy foryou. breaks especially in the east. northern ireland, cloudy for you. breaks of cloud in the south—east. it will be i'm simon mccoy. the headlines at 9am: thousands of people seek refuge holding those breaks and we could on the beach and in the sea see some patchy fog forming to see to escape bush fires in australia — in the new year. for the rest of the military helicopters and the navy are deployed to help them. it's gut—wrenching. night, this cloud continues to push
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steadily northwards and eastwards so temperatures will not be as low by you don't know who's back the end of the night. in some there and who's not. you know, i can't... there was homes that i knew people in and ijust eastern areas. mind you, if you are couldn't even bear to watch. just coming in from a party at this former nissan boss carlos ghosn flees to lebanon, despite being under house arrest time, it will still feel pretty nippy. as we had through new year's in tokyo on financial misconduct charges. day itself, we have this high the national living wage pressure a cross is to rise in april by 6.2% — day itself, we have this high pressure across england and wales four times the rate of inflation. keeping thing settled. breezy conditions across the north and west heterosexual couples in england of scotla nd conditions across the north and west of scotland in particular. that and wales will be able to enter quite a lot of cloud. not surprising into civil partnerships from today, because that is how we ended the giving them similar rights night was that we will see some to people who are married. brea ks night was that we will see some breaks in the cloud in the shelter of the hills, so parts of north—east the government says it will raise concerns with the cypriot wales for example, parts of north—east england, north—east scotland. the cloud will be thick enough and western areas just for some spots of drizzle. as we head on into thursday, a bit of a change in the forecast. windy where ever you are, as you can see from the isobars and a couple of weather fronts coming our way. that means we will see some rain. notjust that but gales across the northern and western isles, windy where ever you are. this rain could be quite heavy as it moves in from the north—west,
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slowly sinking south—eastwards. temperatures up a touch but tempered by the wind. so you give with one hand and swipe it right back with the other. that is just the weather, isn't it! i'm sorry i didn't reply to your text on christmas day but i didn't have my phone until boxing day! i was day! iwasa day! i was a broken woman!” day! i was a broken woman! i felt terrible. i'm glad i apologised in person! i responded, carol. thank you, very nice of you! i sent naga a few text messages! laughter brilliant. as we near the end, we nearly there, 2019 is amassed over. we have been looking back over some of the moments we have had on capnext of the moments we have had on capn ext brea kfast over of the moments we have had on capnext breakfast over the past 12 months. in may you made quite a bold statement. i decided to talk about
8:19 am
menopause, we had a whole series called wake up to menopause. i was touched by so many people getting in touch to talk about their experience and the issues you are having and also to talk about the kind of love and affection in which you held your loved ones and got so much understanding about them because we talked about it. it was even mentioned in parliament. it made such a big impact and you are worried about it but having all those comments in the huge response, i think you are now thankful you did it. iam.| it. i am. i went to have a talk to some of the women part of our series or who watched it as well. here they are. i'm 47. i didn't imagine, in my complete ignorance, that that would happen to me at that age. i thought i might be sort of 55 or something. kind of these swings of mood that i'm not accustomed to. i think one of my daughters put it really well, that i just don't feel myself. i don't feel quite myself, there's something, you know, i'm a bit uncomfortable in my own skin.
8:20 am
for the first time, we saw somebody who was fresh, who's getting up at silly o'clock in the morning to go to work and showing that you can be going through the menopause and you can still be a strong woman, who is living life. you know, i'm kind of putting on a face for you when i wake up up every morning and, actually, behind—the—scenes, i was holding on by my fingernails, is what i was doing, like probably most of us are doing most of the time. 26, 27 years' service. i was responsible for international police development. and then suddenly i started going into work... decision—making was becoming shocking. i was becoming really quite quickly ineffective at work and i couldn't understand why. without the hrt and my husband's support, i wouldn't be sat here today, i wouldn't be at work. i'd have resigned. one of the big things for me when i was poorly and i had
8:21 am
to take some time off was — what do i go off sick with? i went off sick with depression, but now we can go off sick with menopause—related illness. would you like that and all the other things you're doing to be rolled out across other companies as well? 0h, definitely. when you speak about what we're doing in greater manchester police, the light bulb moment happens and they're really working hard towards it. a lot of organisations around the country and the world. and it has been taboo, so i've become a meno—bore! laughter. hashtag meno—bore! wake up to the menopause! even though i'm still going up and down, the days when i have this confidence, of power, i feel strong in a way i never did before. on my good days, i'm invincible, in a way that i never, ever was before. i always used to be like quite a shy little girl sitting in the background, and now,
8:22 am
some days i'm like, shut up! just the power and strength you feel on those good days and i'm like, if this is what it's going to be like once i'm out the other side, i can't wait! wow. definitely. it is positive, you know? we shouldn't allow it to define us. it is a transition. it's a very difficult transition but, you know, i'm the other side and it is a fantastic place to be. there's a complete new sense of freedom. we met via the bbc breakfast over twitter. yeah. and after bbc breakfast, there was very much a buzz, i think, of something's happening. the genie's out of the bottle. yeah, there's a change, there's something in the air. an energy. yeah. i was in the gp‘s one night, looking at all these posters for everything, thinking, why is there not a poster for the one thing we should have? to see a list of symptoms and to be
8:23 am
able tojoin the dots yourself and go in and say, "this is what's affecting me". for me, it would have made such a difference. we've been told its going to go in every gp surgery in wales. so you've started in wales. the ambition is where, after that? everywhere! we want it all over the uk. you've been all over the world with this poster. those joyful pictures! i've taken it up to mount everest, underthe indian ocean... she is literally the poster girl for you! she's incredible, yes. absolutely. lots and lots of different places that poster's been. # we're going to take, take world by storm... i am going to ring my gp. this cannot go on any longer. # we've got magic in our bones # just like the stars, we're going to shine...
8:24 am
i'm going to use the change tojust make the most of my life. to feel more positive, to feel good about myself. # to take the world, the world by storm...#. didn't mean to make you cry! i'm feeling really positive. that's wonderful! we didn't mean to make anybody cry but i think they were tears of relief, actually, in so many ways. let's speak now to gp dr nighat arif, who specialises is women's health. you are part of our series, thank you so much for that. i want to rewind a bit because there will be new viewers. the number one thing i took away from it, i had no idea, even though i was going through it myself, that there were so many different symptoms of menopause and if you could join the dots, if people out there watching go, look
8:25 am
at what they are. i play menopause bingo with my friends now to see how many we've got! it sounds like a fun game! it can be funny. it's important to get that message across, isn't it? i think important to get that message across, isn't it? ithink you important to get that message across, isn't it? i think you have hit the nail on the head, joining those dots together and all the symptoms. there are something like 40 different symptoms and also they star quite young, early 40s. if you have one of the subtypes within menopause, it can happen even younger and that's what hits women. they realise, i shouldn't be experiencing these symptoms just yet and wake up to the menopause allow people to put the dots together, which you guys did amazingly. it made people realise that this isn't just a women's issue, it's everyone's issue. i would have meant asking me about it, boys want to know what their mother is going through. daughters wanting to talk about it. that's what's most important thing about this campaign, it became more inclusive, it's not a
8:26 am
gender issue, everyone will be affected by it. the who started all of this, make menopause matter said an amazing line, everyone knows a woman, knows a woman, loves a woman, they should be aware of what the menopause is about. for you and also louise, it's been a really positive thing in the back of notjust the conversation having on bbc breakfast that so many people became involved and having conversations and hopefully a more positive life after that. so many people did come together. you have had no the menopause ladies. and you translated into urdu for them. yes, one of the biggest thing is language barriers. these are individuals who can have their language skills and also the words in their language and what i realised, that actually i didn't know the word. i speak punjabi fluently but i didn't know the words we would use in our language so i
8:27 am
had to go away and research and found that there are actually words. what's happened is that people had started to use menopause, the english words, within their vocabulary, within their language. that has made it even more inclusive for women from south asian ethnic minority communities. that poster has gone global. and one thing, with all these different symptoms it's easy to be misdiagnosed and that brings other issues as well? yes. that thing is when you can'tjoin the dots together, like you said earlier, you start giving women the wrong diagnosis. women themselves don't believe that it could be the menopause. so we are either diagnosed with depression or especially from my community, when i see south asian women, they always complain of head to toe pain and that gets diagnosed as fibromyalgia. if that is the diagnosis they get given, they are given high—dose steroids and at higher risk of osteoporosis, one of the risk
8:28 am
factors of having the menopause anyway! you find ten years on, these ladies who are in the menopause are not being treated with things like hrt actually end up with fragility fractures. fragility fractures cost 4.4 billion in the uk on average. that is a preventable fracture if you give a woman hrt. 0r that is a preventable fracture if you give a woman hrt. or even discussed the possibility she could have it. one last question. we have done that and hopefully moved on the conversation, what now? we are going to move on and keep doing this. i keep saying 2019 is the year of the women and we are definitely going to make leaps and bounds. if i could make leaps and bounds. if i could make just make leaps and bounds. if i could makejust a make leaps and bounds. if i could make just a quick plea to everybody, please sign the make menopause matter campaign. we are up to 2500 signatures. they will find! finder and sign it, we need to get into the millions. we need to make sure eve ryo ne millions. we need to make sure everyone is aware of it. doctors get mandatory education around it and also the workplace as welcome some women are aware of their rights in
8:29 am
the workplace. also, we translated other leaflets within ethnic minority groups, there is lots of things happening. the sisters group are going leaps and bounds. south asian workshops have started. i could go on! we will continue the conversation, i promise. we need another week! i know! laughter i know you want to talk but we are literally running out of time. thank you so much for coming in. thank you for everyone who got in touch and is getting in touch now. best of luck. there is hope out there. right now, news travel and weather where you are watching. see you in a few minutes' time. i'm tarah welsh. 0n the eve of a new decade, one of our most famous landmarks turns 20. built for the millennium, the london eye was only supposed
8:30 am
to be in place for five years but is now a permanent fixture on our skyline. it was designed as part of a competition with its 32 capsules representing each one of the london boroughs. we wanted the capsules on the outside so that when you were at the very top you had an unimpeded 360 degree view, a bit like being on top of a mountain in the middle of a city. we then had to figure out how to make that work, how to keep the capsules horizontal while the wheel went around and that was complex. the landmark will be one of the key attractions in tonight's event on the south bank. 12,000 fireworks will be let off from three barges in the thames and on the london eye. and the team only has a couple of hours to rig the display. it's round about 9:30, ten o'clock, when we finally get the iron to lockdown, so two hours, two and a half hours to go till midnight. that's when we find out if we've got some of it, all of it or none of it so fingers crossed it will be all of it. it's a very anxious moment
8:31 am
when we run that test at ten o'clock in the evening with two hours to go, just praying green, green, green across the board. a reminder from the police that tonight's event is ticketed. but it's sold out so anyone without one will be turned away. don't worry though, you can always watch the coverage at home right here on bbc one. that's what i'll be doing. let's take a look at the travel situation now. 0n the tubes the picadilly line is closed between uxbridge and rayners lane. great western railway is running a reduced service today because of major engineering works. because of prepartions for tonight's event, westminster bridge will be closed from 2pm and waterloo and lambeth and blackfriars bridges will also close early this evening. will the weather hold out until the new year? here's gill brown. hello there! well, the final day of 2019 is here and it's a very misty and murky start. there's a lot of low cloud and fog around this morning, so do take care. it's also going to be a cloudy
8:32 am
end to the year. we are hanging on to that cloud. this is the scene this morning. plenty of cloud around, a very grey and overcast day on the whole. it's a little cooler than yesterday. we're still hanging onto double figures — just. top temperatures of ten degrees. but the good news — if you've plans tonight for new year's eve it should be dry. there is a of cloud, but i think nothing a few fireworks can't brighten up a little bit later on. and overnight, i think we'll see those temperatures fall away as well to around three celsius. so, it's a grey end to 2019, and a bit of a grey start to 2020 as well. it will still be feeling mild. we're hanging onto those temperatures as we get to the end of the week. but it is going to be a very overcast start to 2020. have a very happy new year. i'll see you soon. i'm back with the latest from the bbc london newsroom at lunchtime. plenty more on our website at the usual address. now though it's back to louise and dan.
8:33 am
hello. this is breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. let's get you up to date with our main story here. helicopters and navy vessels are being sent to help tackle the australian bushfires, and rescue a number of people stranded on beaches because of the blazes. at the same time, volunteers have been working around the clock to provide support for people who have been affected. noel clement is the ceo of red cross australia. hejoins us now from melbourne. good morning and thank you very much indeed forjoining us. how are you helping and what are the biggest issues? the red cross is involved in around 60 evacuation centres over recent months and particularly in recent months and particularly in recent days. victoria, we have seven or eight evacuation centres. we are providing psychological first 80 people dealing with really significant trauma at a time like this. —— first aid to people. we are providing basic food and water. and other support to people who have
8:34 am
lost their homes, we are providing direct financial assistance. it must bea direct financial assistance. it must be a credibly difficult time for them. what financial assistance can you give them if they have lost their homes? it is a difficult time for many people in those communities. many people don't know if they have lost their homes. they are in evacuation areas and evacuation centres. it is a really difficult time and people are very anxious and uncertain. volunteers are providing really practical psychological first aid support to people. 0nce psychological first aid support to people. once we do know whether people. once we do know whether people have lost their homes, there is all sorts of support that we can provide. we have emergency grants which we are providing at the moment right through to longer—term recovery to be there communities because we can take some time to a number of years to get people back on their feet. we are seeing pictures of communities devastated by the fires. and we know that helicopters are now helping and the navy has been sent in. it's enough
8:35 am
being done, i suppose that is the question? events are moving very quickly. if you had talked to me yesterday, we had nowhere near the scale of events that are happening in some areas. some of the fires have doubled in size over 24 hours and it is very fast moving. a lot of agencies are doing all they can to support communities. keep in mind that in one area alone there evacuated an area half the size of belgium, soa evacuated an area half the size of belgium, so a massive area to evacuate in a 24 hour period. and looking to the future, how will you continue with your help? we are actually doing some fundraising tonight with our national broadcaster as part of new year's eve. that is to enable us to scale up eve. that is to enable us to scale up our support to those communities and to be there for communities that u nfortu nately we and to be there for communities that unfortunately we know will be impacted in the future. it is very early in oursummer impacted in the future. it is very early in our summer season. we have been responding to disasters since september and ordinarily peppery and much would be the busiest time for
8:36 am
bushfires. sadly there is a long time still ahead and we are keen to be there to support communities through these events. best of luck with all of that. noel clement from the red cross australia. thank you for joining the red cross australia. thank you forjoining us on breakfast. good morning. 8:36am. new years day tomorrow and lots to look forward to in 2020. john is here tomorrow with one of the topics of debate which has caused a lot of issues. it is interesting reading the papers today. they have put forward a premier league table as to how it would look without var. who is top? actually, livable! but we know they have a 13 point lead and it would only be six points without var, so it goes to show how previous seasons might have looked if the technology had been there. and a number of incidents over the weekend have prompted the debate about whether var should be used for offside and it is interesting to know that the rule makers of football think it is
8:37 am
being used to forensically. lukas brud, the general secretary of the ifab, says there may need to be a re—adjustment around var and its use. he said when it comes to offside var should not be too forensic and should only be used to reverse clear and obvious errors. the debate raging after a number of offide incidents over the weekend. suggestions that there could be a change to the rule. the brighton head coach graham potter says he's not sure where the use of the technogolgy will end. the next thing we're going to do is probably get rid of the referees, get rid of the linesmen, because we want everything so correct. i don't understand why we want that. but if we want everything so correct, then in the end just do away with linesmen, referees, put drones up, use computers, artificial intelligence. and i'm sure we'll get all the decisions correct, but i don't think anybody will really like football any more. i'm not sure that they will come any time soon. —— that day.
8:38 am
david moyes had a strong response to any west ham fans unhappy with his appointment as manager. he said winning is what he does and that the club are getting a very experienced manager. west ham are 17th in the table. he'll be in the dugout for their game with bournemouth tomorow. well, i'd say that what they're getting here with me here is a very experienced premier league manager. arguably there is only two or three who have got more experience, games in the premier league. i think i've probably got the biggest win rate out of a certain amount of managers as well. so i think if you're putting it that way, that's what i do, i win. and i'm coming here to west ham initially to try and get us wins and away from the wrong end of the table. a defiant david moyes. michael van gerwen is one match away from successfully defending his title at the world darts championship. the world number one is through to the final after beating nathan aspinall six sets to three. van gerwen's trying to win the title for a fourth time. and you won't miss his opponent, peter wright, who beat gerwyn price. this was a much frostier affair.
8:39 am
wright egging him on after winning the first set. but price got his own back after winning the second set, letting rip with a huge cheer which was directed at wright. but wright kept his cool to win it. no handshakes at the end though. a little bit better between the two as the fans celebrated that victory. —— bitter. you won't miss it, will you? you —— bitter. you won't miss it, will you ? you never —— bitter. you won't miss it, will you? you never do. some serious gear. that roaring gets on his way as he heads towards the dartboard and you think to yourself... it is a good job christmas has gone because there wouldn't be any presence between them. we are talking about how to retain christmas presents shortly actually. —— how to return christmas presents.
8:40 am
atjust 21, anna taylor scaled new heights when she became the first woman to complete one of the toughest climbs in the world. she was part of a six—strong team to trek through 33 miles of south american rainforest before taking on the 2000—feet wall of mount roraima. we'll hear how she did it in a moment but first let's take
8:41 am
anna taylor is here now. just watching that makes me nervous! well done to you. fantastic. just tell us about the difficulty of the climb first of all. yes, the rock face itself is 400 metres high and it took us two weeks to reach it in the first place and it is incredibly steep so the climbing is really physical. it was quite a challenge. just give people an idea. you are going up the face here thatjust
8:42 am
before you get to the sheer face, which is the height of ben nevis to climb, which is a difficult climb on its own before you get to the 400 metres of cliff face. yes, the approach in some ways was more difficult than the climbing itself. we did about a week ofjungle trekking from a very remote village to reach the base of the approach to the wall, which took seven days, 100 kilometres through the jungle. from there, this action is the height of ben nevis and you gain all that height and we had to take all our stuff in the bottom of this to the 00:42:34,494 --> 2147483051:58:03,275 bottom of the world, and so we had 2147483051:58:03,275 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 to
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