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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 26, 2020 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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and an olympic committee member refuses to rule out the 2020 tokyo games being cancelled completely, amid the spread of coronavirus. hello and welcome to the programme. chelsea have a seemingly impossible mountain to climb if they are to have any hope of making the champions league quarter—finals. the english premier league side were outclassed in london by bayern munich, the german league leaders cruising to a 3—0 win. ian dennis has more. bayern munich were outstanding and outclassed chelsea. they were the superior side, but chelsea them at bay in the first half, caballero twice denying robert lewandowski. muller's header hit the crossbar. the shot from marcos alonso were skipped away. but there was no escape in the second half of the ruthless bayern munich held off their advantage. lewandowski set
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them off in the second half. they combined minutes later for serge gnabry in the second before lewandowski tapped on the third and the knockout blow. alonso was sent off seven minutes from time, to compound chelsea's misery. there's no point in back on anything else other than the fact of where we are. we are now fighting to try and come in the top four this year, because we want to then improve in the summer. we want to then improve in the summer. we also have to go to munich and play with a lot of pride in a few weeks' time, to see what we can do there, and today was just a clear show that there is a lot of work to be done. the other match on tuesday saw barcelona travel to napoli, wnd while the la liga leaders came away with a crucial away goal, they were far from impressive in their 1—1 draw and had a man sent off. our football reporter rob schofield explains. they are going to have to play better than they did today, though, gavin. they were below par, it must be said, and dries mertens got natalie off to a great start in the first half. he has actually equalled
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thejoint all—time top first half. he has actually equalled the joint all—time top scorer for the joint all—time top scorer for the club with marek hamsik. 121 goals for the belgian, he is a free agent in the summer. natalie played tight on the back, played on the break and got their goal. but after the break, antoine griezmann equalised, the ball across the box and he smashed it home, surge playing an instrumental part in that goalfor barcelona. he playing an instrumental part in that goal for barcelona. he will miss the second leg for a booking, as will arturo arturo vidal, as we see here. he put his head in for a challenge, locked horns with the opposition player and got a second yellow for that one. he will miss the second leg at the new. this wasn't a great game for barcelona —— camp new. not the best preparation for our classico on sunday, but they got their away goal —— camp nou. five serie a games this weekend will be played behind closed doors due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, the biggest one at the allianz stadium, where leadersjuventus host third—placed inter milan. league and cup football injapan
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will be suspended until 15 march. over 150 people have tested positive for the virus in japan. the olympics are due to start in five months‘ time, but the governor of tokyo says they haven't reached the point to be concerned yet. however, the organisers of the games insist preparations are continuing as usual. but the former vice president of the international olympic committee hasn't ruled out them being cancelled completely. it is the first time cancellation has been mentioned by anyone linked to the organisation. dick pound, the longest standing member of the ioc, was asked if the games, due to open on 2ajuly, would have to be postponed or even called off. in a worst—case scenario, yes. i think it's much too early to reach that conclusion, and i know the ioc is in daily contact with the who to get the best possible advice as to whether it's peaking, whether there's a vaccine in the works that might be helpful,
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and all of the range of countermeasures that are available. at a certain point you have to make a call, and i'd say over a ground—glass lens. the focus will get sharper and sharper as you get to the point of go or no go. meanwhile, ireland's health minister has recommended that their match against italy in rugby union's six nations should not go ahead. the irish health minister, simon harris, has said it is of significant risk to the public if the match were to happen. however, the irish rugby football union says they are hoping to meet with harris to discuss the matter further. the very clear view of the public health emergency team was that this game should not go ahead, that it would constitute a significant risk, because a very large number of people would be travelling from what is now an affected region. so my department will be contacting the irfu. i know this will come as a cause mof
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great disappointment to many, but it's important we make decisions with regards to public health above and beyond all other considerations. to tennis, and second seed stefanos tsitsipas cruised past pablo carreno busta in the first round of the dubai championships, just two days after winning the title in marseille. the greek player took the victory in just 94 minutes, and afterwards admitted he was tired after his win in france. tsitsipas, who is last year's losing finalist, will play alexander bublik in the next round. meanwhile, dan evans came from a set down to beat the fourth—seeded fabio fognini of italy in a match lasting two hours and 39 minutes. the briton will face france's pierre—hugues herbert, who beat japan's yoshihito nishioka in the last 16. to the wta event in qatar, where the world number one, ashleigh barty, is through to the third round after a straight—sets victory over laura siegemund. playing the tournament and her opponent for the first time in her career, the number one seed, barty, booked her place in the next round injust over an hour.
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up next for the australian will be a rematch of her australian open third round against elena rybakina. petra kvitova moved into the third round at the qatar open too, after a three—set win over unseeded carla suarez navarro, the eighth seed winning the clash of the former doha champions after coming from behind to take the victory. kvitova will facejelena ostapenko in the last 16 on wednesday. to the women's t20 world cup now. west indies take on pakistan on wednesday, but before that, england will face thailand. england captain heather knight and her team are expected to win, against the tournament debutants, who haven't been playing at the top level for long. but, asjo currie explains, they are ready to make an impact on the biggest stage of all.
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they have come a way in a short amount of time. the thailand women's cricket team only came into existence in 2007, just 13 years later, and they now find themselves competing on the world's biggest stage, with many of them recruited from softball and baseball. they are a great bunch. they are absolutely fun people, they are always smiling, and you will rarely find anybody sitting alone or sitting quiet and not feeling it. but they enjoy each other‘s company, and is a very strong, rotary between them. they made their world cup debut against the west indies and pushed the 2016 champions harder than expected. next up, it is heavyweights england, who despite the golf inexperience say they are taking the tired threat seriously, even if they are not entirely sure what to expect —— thai. we don't know too much. i think will focus on us as a team and
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that will be the same for the other games. we do look at the opposition and their strengths and weaknesses, but as long as we don't focus too much on them, if we focus on us, thatis much on them, if we focus on us, that is when we play our best cricket. thailand insist they are not just here cricket. thailand insist they are notjust here to make up the numbers, but if they did win a match, that would be one of the biggest shocks this tournament has ever seen. but rather than it be all about results, they say it is also about results, they say it is also about legacy. everybody likes successful tea ms, about legacy. everybody likes successful teams, and successful teams, you know, create more interest. so if we perform well at this stage, even as a player, as a team, we give reasonably good performances, that will make the players back home very proud of the team. as well as inspiring the next generation in their own country, these players are hoping to show other developing nations what is achievable. britain's adam yates has won the third stage of the uae tour, taking the victory at the top ofjebel hafeet. the mitchelton—scott rider made his decisive break from the front of the peleton with around 5 km to go and crossed the line on his own, well ahead of tadej pogacar and alexey lutsenko.
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the brit now takes the race leader's red jersey. there is much memorabilia out there celebrating the life and career of the one and only cristiano ronaldo. the man has his own museum in his hometown. but perhaps this memento takes the biscuit — a statue made of him entirely from chocolate. it is the creation of portuguese chocolatierjorge cardoso. it took around 200 hours to create the sculpture, which is being exihibited in ovar in northern portugal as part of their carnival celebrations, before going in cristiano ronaldo's museum in madeira. iam not i am not sure what he would make of it, to be honest. it is being exhibited in northern portugal. let's hope they have the air—conditioning on, otherwise it would wouldn't it? —— it would melt, wouldn't it?
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you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that is but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. we're stuck in this colder air stream through wednesday and thursday, and that means more showers, more wintry showers as well, and we've already seen snow falling to quite low levels. now, as those showers ease off across central and eastern parts of the uk, we'll see temperatures dropping away. many areas having a touch of frost. particularly cold though, again, in the north—east of scotland, and given those showers, some icy conditions, especially for northern and western parts of the uk, where those showers keep going into the morning. in general, fewer showers, perhaps, on wednesday. a few will get across to the midlands, eastern england, and eastern scotland, but most of them, certainly during the afternoon, towards northern ireland and western scotland. snow mainly over the hills. some heavier showers, mind you, and temperatures of 5—9
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degrees once again. chilly in the breeze, but it won't be as windy in the south—west of england. here, during the evening though, cloud is thickening up. we've got some rain moving in. that's moving into the colder air. so there's the threat of some snow overnight in the brecon beacons, perhaps a centimetre or two of wet snow over the cotswolds, and later into the chilterns as well. it is mostly rain. further north, the air is colder, of course. wintry showers keep going, and there will be some icy patches around as well. now, it's this area of low pressure that brings the threat of some wet snow across more southern parts of england and wales. that then moves away into continental europe on thursday. but it could take much of the morning before that wetter weather to clear the south—east of england. once it does, we're all into that cold north—westerly airflow. sunnier skies, showers mainly for northern ireland, northern and western scotland, and the north—west of england. but many places in the afternoon, away from here, i think will be dry. still, temperatures struggling to 5—7 degrees. another frost, actually, on thursday night. and then we look in to the atlantic to see more weather systems moving further north across the uk.
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it'll be a cold start, cloud will increase. we'll see outbreaks of rain moving in from the south—west. you can see how the wind direction changes. we pick up more of a south—westerly wind. we may well find some snow over the tops of the pennines, southern uplands, towards the latter part of the day. temperatures 6—7 degrees for most, but milder, perhaps double figures, for southern parts of england and wales. but that rain may well get steadier and heavier, actually, on friday night, saturday morning, before pushing away. then a few more isobars in the chart as well. and we're back into that colder, showery airstream as saturday goes on. so remaining very unsettled over the weekend. a spell of rain and some showers, wintry over the hills, more rain on sunday, and feeling chilly in the wind.
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welcome to bbc news. my names's mike embley. our top stories: the coronavirus spreads across the globe as countries from iran to italy try to contain the cases and american officials are braced for the impact. global markets have tumbled for the second day in a row as fears of the economic fallout grows. the democratic presidential candidates are going head—to—head in south carolina. who is leading the debate? we'll have the very latest live from charleston. more than a dozen people are killed in the indian capita — it's the worst rioting between hindus and muslims for decades. and shutting down the internet is the new weapon of choice for governments
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wanting to crack down


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