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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  March 12, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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hello, i'm philippa thomas, this is outside source. boris johnson spells out the government's latest plans for tackling the coronavirus pandemic. the prime minister calls it the worst public health crisis for a generation. i must level with you. level with the british public. more families and many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time. france closes all schools and universities — across the country. president macron asks people over 70 to stay at home. in rome, catholic churches have been ordered closed, that's never happened before in modern times. and global stock markets are hit by spectacular falls — recording some of their biggest
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ever one—day losses. as the virus impacts industries all around the world we've just heard that disneyland is closing in california — that's on top of major broadway shows. here in the uk the government's emergency cobra committee has been meeting to decide measures to help contain infections. two more people have died from coronavirus, bringing the total to ten. the patients, one aged 89, the other in her sixties, both had underlying health conditions. there's been another jump in confirmed cases — just short of 600. but health experts believe there could be up to ten thousand undetected cases. so far nearly 30,000 people have been tested.
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the government's medical advisers say britain will not see a peak in infection rates for several weeks — we're running about a month behind italy. so, for now, there will be no uk wide ban on large sporting gatherings and schools will also remain open but as britain moves from the containment phase to trying to delay the spread of the disease there was this advice: if anyone in your family or workplace starts has a persistent cough or a fever, they should stay at home for a week. here's more from the our uk political editor, laura kuenssberg. for self—employed mike, stuck at home waiting for tests... there is no statutory sick pay for me and i haven't earned a penny since the start of march and i'm now hoping to get on with life. 0r kay, who has been told to wait for her symptoms to go before she goes out again. it's my husband's birthday tomorrow so we have cancelled our plans and will have an isolation party at home, just the two of us. johnny has symptoms but can't get a test. in some ways it is understandable
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because i am young, fit and not likely to die from this thing, but at the same time, the day before i came down with it i spent it sat next to my 90—year—old grandad watching the england against wales rugby game. now, there could be many more changes to most of our lives. good afternoon, everybody, and thank you very much for coming. the virus is already affecting many of us and from tomorrow we are in a new phase with some new rules, but not yet the most drastic action. this is the worst public health crisis for a generation. i must level with you, level with the british public. more families, many more families, are going to lose loved ones before their time. from tomorrow, if you have coronavirus symptoms, however mild, either a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, then you should stay at home for at least seven days to protect others and help slow the spread of the disease. we advise all those over 70 with serious medical conditions
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against going on cruises and we advise against international school trips. how sure are you that the approach you are taking, holding back from some of the more drastic measures, is the right one? asking elderly people to stay at home, that's one thing you've really got to time, as chris and patrick have been explaining, so that it coincides with the period at which the epidemic is really at its peak. people start off with the best of intentions but enthusiasm at a certain point starts to flag. if you start too early and then people's enthusiasm runs out at the peak, which is exactly the time we want people to do these interventions, that's not a productive way to do it.
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but hang on — in scotland, the first minister has pushed further. mass gatherings require to be policed and require emergency ambulance cover. we are minded now that we will advise the cancellation, from the start of next week, of mass gatherings of 500 people or more. that is principally to protect the resilience of our front line workers. and listen to this — ireland's leader taking more drastic steps already. schools, colleges and childcare facilities will close from tomorrow. where possible, teaching will be done online or remotely. cultural institutions will close as well. our advice is that all indoor mass gatherings of more than 100 people and outdoor mass gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled. number ten is well aware, outwardly they are taking a less stringent approach than some other countries, even our near neighbours. but that is based on what they say is the best scientific evidence they have in the genuine belief we are in this for the long haul,
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perhaps three months from the worst. and more draconian measures will only have an effect if they are taken at the right time. rushing into drastic action might not be the safest route. should schools be shut? above all else, this pandemic means the firstjob is to protect the nation's health. but this is also a test of the political judgment and competence of those in charge. france is the latest country to take drastic measures to control the coronavirus pandemic. 61 people have now died from the virus in france. president macron made an address on national television this evening. it as of monday and into teddy make it until further notice, colleges and universities will be close. this
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is very simple reason. 0ur and universities will be close. this is very simple reason. our children, according to scientists, spread the virus more quickly, even for children they still have no symptoms. but they do not seem to suffer from acute forms the disease. this is both to protect them and to reduce the spread of the virus across our reduce the spread of the virus across oui’ country. president macron did say that local elections planned for sunday would still go ahead. for more on what mr macron has been saying, here's hugh schofield. that saying, here's hugh schofield. is the highlight, thir of that is the highlight, this measure of schools and university life could change quite a bit shutting down the schools and also creating also the problems in families, childcare, people are going to have to work from home much more and look after the children. businesses are being asked to extend home working as much asked to extend home working as much as possible and there will have to be some kind of guiding of children are looking after the children of
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the parents were also in the health system because we cannot have them looking after the children when they're looking after victims of the coronavirus on top of that. but, i think we need to draw a comparison of italy and point out as drastic as this may be, it's not as drastic as what is in place in italy. for example, public transport is going to keep going and elections on sunday are going to go ahead and these are very important times and i think we continue with this impression that france draws is the distinction between itself and italy and the lesson that we do not want to go down the italian road and they say eventually but friends simply saying that we will eventually but they can delay and by time and that means the bigger lump, the big wave of infections which are windows going to come his later and lower and that is the plan. that is the tactical step everyone knows that
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there is a big splash to arrive in france and wished expected to break over france the next couple of weeks, but the country must not come toa weeks, but the country must not come to a complete standstill seems to be his message. financial markets have continuted to fall on concerns over the virus and the falls today have been huge. the ftse100 has closed down 10.9% — its second worst day ever. spain's ibex 35 is down more than 14 per cent. and the dowjones industrial average of leading shares closed down almost 10 per cent. i spoke with our business correspondent on wall street, samira hussain. it is not is much safer outside than inside, we have seen the financial records and it is closed down almost 10%. this is the biggest one—day drop that we have seen since the
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stock market crashed back in 1987, a full week minus a day of continuous losses on the financial markets. a real clear indication that the investors on wall street are just scared of what will happen with the economy both you and the united states and around the world as eve ryo ne states and around the world as everyone grapples with this coronavirus outbreak. here's reaction from one strategist. speaking to the financial times. do you think there is something in that? look, us investors were looking for clear leadership, some clear direction and it is been looking for it all week. on monday,
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we heard from president trump outline a possible cut that will benefit companies and workers, but we have heard nothing since then. and on wednesday evening we heard this unprecedented evening speech in the second time the president has done that and again, investors are looking for clarity but the message was not clear at all. it was not clear when he made the announcement about the travel ban, whether included just people purchase goods and trade saw that the administration had to then play catch up to try and explain this to people. and in terms of any sort of economic stimulus, we have not seen any of those details. i have spoken with traders on the floor and they say that is all that they want, they wa nt to say that is all that they want, they want to see more action, more cuts, more stimulus but right now they don't have any. so i would suggest that it don't have any. so i would suggest thatitis don't have any. so i would suggest that it is probably not the worst characterisation of what mr trump at the night.
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the move us president donald trump decided to make late on wednesday was to ban travel from europe for the next 30 days. let's look at how wide the us ban is in practice — it applies to the 26 countries that are a part of the schengen border—free travel area that you can see marked here. it also affects anyone who has been in these countries in the past 11; days. the concern from the us is simple. the large outbreaks in italy, france and spain are spreading the virus throughout europe — mr trump fears travellers there could carry large numbers of cases to the united states. but the european union thinks differently. here's the european commission's chief spokesperson. at the european union disapproves that their decision to impose a travel ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation. the news was clearly a shock for many passengers. some who had onlyjust arrived in europe. here's one woman, who had just arrived at london's heathrow airport. so, we've got on the plane from denver to london and we were
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travelling to ireland and assumes we got off the plane, we had several text messages and we checked our phones and obviously donald trump at us phones and obviously donald trump at us travel ban singulair to go home. —— saying we had to go home. and the situation is the same across europe, with people having to cancel their trips to the us and american citizens trying to just find a way home. 0ur correspondent anna holligan has been speaking to passengers at amsterdams schipol airport. it is one of the biggest travel hubs in the passenger are —— passengers from all of the world. some are trying to read books, worried they will not be able to return home and others are from the us exempt from the travel ban but worried by the time he comes from them to go home, the flights across the atlantic will it stop. so this is just another example of how the implications of the coronavirus are spreading. through going to see if we have a
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flight, it through going to see if we have a flight, it might be cancelled and we just want to make sure we can get back home when it's time to go home. in the us, joe biden — who is the front runner to face donald trump in the election later this year — has joined the criticism of the president's travel plan travelling from europe or any other pa rt travelling from europe or any other part of the world, these show you, they will not stop it. the travel restrictions based on favouritism and politics rather than risk will be counterproductive. well our correspondent gary 0'donoghue has spent the day at washington dulles international airport, the main airport for the nations capital. we saw some really slow traffic here this morning but we first arrived, not many people here at all. some say they have never seen it as slow as that for a thursday morning and it has picked up a little bit as you can see now, but people are still trying to observe the details of this band, wondering how it's going
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to work. a lot of confusion when it was announced last night. it was not made clear by him during that announcement that it wouldn't affect us citizens. they did will affect those with green cards and permanent residency or in the united states and all that stuff all they had to be mopped up afterwards and we are getting to the stage where it is almost a little over a day until the band took place and still a lot of the questions about how people will be processed remain unanswered. we know there are 11 gateway airports where the us citizens and others who are allowed to come back during that period will come through but where they'll be tested? 0nly period will come through but where they'll be tested? only those symptoms detested ? —— they'll be tested? only those symptoms detested? —— be tested and even the scientists in charge of the flight even the scientists in charge of the flight against coronavirus, pressing that the testing regiment is totally inadequate. while we've heard about france,
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the situation in other european countries is also becoming much more serious. the number of infections in spain has soared to nearly 3,000 today, with the number of deaths almost doubling to now stand at 8a. madrid has borne the brunt of the crisis with 1,388 infections and 38 deaths. the prime minister has approved a package of 2.8 billion euros or three billion dollars to help regional authorities mitigate the economic impact from the virus. while a further one billion euros has been set aside for the health ministry. here's what the prime minister had to say. translation: if we want to defeat the virus as soon as possible, discipline is essential. major changes in hygiene, meeting, being at work, leisure activities and travel habits. the government is taking charge of this. every citizen must take care of their own health in order to help others, especially the most vulnerable groups.
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mr sanchez is having to hold all of his meetings by video conference. that's after his deputy prime minister, pablo iglesias, put himself into self—isolation. that's because his wife, irene montero, seen here with mr iglesias, tested positive for the virus. she is also a minister and her positive diagnosis has meant that all ministers and the royal family have had to be tested. ms montero is one of more than 120 thousand people who attended a march last weekend to mark international women's day. the march took place just before authorities detected a huge spike in the number of infections. to bring us up to date on what's been happening i've been speaking to guy hedgecoe. you heard about them being tested there, they're meeting competing all there, they're meeting competing all the time, shaking hands and they have a lot of contact with the
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government in the cabinet ministers as we heard there were those cabinet ministers assistance to positive. —— has tested positive. and up and drive some to ordinary people how widespread it is and it is notjust people, ordinary workers were picking up this infection and it is politicians and possibly members of the real family. how is it politicians and possibly members of the realfamily. how is it affecting other aspects of everyday life? sport has been quite heavily affected and until today, we have been told that sports events will be held behind closed doors, big football matches and so on, but today that is changed and spain plus plus top—tier and well—known for real madrid barcelona and so on, the less games will be cancelled
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altogether and we were told that they're going to be behind closed doors believing cancelled altogether so that is a big deal for sports fans. but in general, life is been quite heavily affected especially here in madrid and several of the regions with the closure of the museum here, perhaps most famous museum here, perhaps most famous museum in spain, cultural centres, libraries, theatres, all of those have been shut down here in madrid and status similar case across the rest of spain and many other parts of spain as well. i saw something on the wire about china sending up to italy and spain, masks and so on. yes. that is right. there was an offer of help from the chinese authorities that the spanish government has confirmed that and we do not really know much about that. it seems to consist but some kind of medical supplies but we do not know what quantities, we do not know when
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the help will come, but i am guessing that the spanish government will probably welcome that kind of help because it knows that the health care system is going to be under a tremendous amount of pressure. it already is but the authorities are bracing themselves for much more pressure as the infection increases. as the virus continues to spread globally, it's leaving a mark on all aspects of our daily life. new york state will ban gatherings of more than 500 people beginning on friday. it'll have a big impact on entertainment in new york city. here's the state governor. those new rules are going to affect a five o'clock on friday except for the broadway theatres in manhattan where it will go into effect on five o'clock today and yes, that is only several hours, we have been talking to the broadway theatres and they are aware that we are going to be
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this. from broadway to films. you may recognise this: the trailer for the upcoming fast and furious film. universal pictures have cancelled the release of the film in may. and another film — a quiet place part two — has also been delayed. actor tom hanks and wife rita wilson say they have been diagnosed with coronavirus. he's the first hollywood star to be infected, and has been placed in quarantine in an australian hospital. the couple, both 63 years old, sought medical advice after experiencing the symptoms of a cold on the gold coast in queensland, where he was filming for an upcoming film about elvis presley. he posted on instagram to say that the couple will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires.
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and in the past half hour. from reuters in sport, we can tell you something about baseball. there has been a lot of talk about the tokyo 0lympics, and whether it will be able to go ahead — and if it does — will things be different? well, the olympic torch started its journey today in athens, home to the first ever 0lympics.
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this is an event that normally attracts a large crowd of spectators but this time it was held in an almost empty arena. 0nly selected officials — about 100 in all — attended the event at the ancient stadium in olympia. and the nba has been suspended for the rest of the season. this is the moment that happened. confusion on and off the court — when fans in the stadium — and players were all told to leave the venue. one of the teams playing there was utahjazz — this is their centre rudy gobert. at a press conference on monday he did this. touching every microphone and recording device as an apparent joke to show he wasn't concerned about the disease spreading. well, he's now tested positive for coronavirus and is now in quarantine. in the english premier league football, three leicester city players have self—isolated after showing symptoms.
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here's team's manager brendan rodgers. this is about health. this is more than football, more than players in theirfamilies than football, more than players in their families and children. than football, more than players in theirfamilies and children. so than football, more than players in their families and children. so for their families and children. so for the risks that are there for their health and everyone else's, we have to mitigate against that. and in the last hour, we've learnt that philipjansen — the chief executive of telecommunications company bt has tested positive andwill now self—isolate. media next — and the people who bring you news of the virus are of course not immune from it. the bbc‘s us broadcast partner cbs, had to move its breakfast show, this morning, from their studio in new york to 350 kilometres away in washington. here's anchor anthony
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mason explaining why. welcome to cbs this morning from washington. the coronavirus pandemic is starting to affect all aspects of american life and that includes us here at cbs. cbs news has two known cases of coronavirus and so we have closed our new york broadcast centre to clean and disinfect the premises and likea to clean and disinfect the premises and like a lot of folks, we are not working from home but another home here in washington at our bureau. and south china morning post is reporting that in hong kong, the world's first dog believed to have coronavirus has had a blood test and tested negative. the pomeranian — belongs to a patient in hong kong. it was found to have a low—level infection earlier this month —
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and will now have further tests. that is getting you up—to—date on all of our coronavirus developments and a lot of politics in britain today have been focused on how the uk responds we can take you next to our life edition of newscast over the bbc studios in westminster. we had a sense for a while over how big an issue this would become god, but if anyone is in any doubt as far as the uk is concerned,. coronavirus is here. it's real. it's going to affect many, many many people. we are in it for the long haul. no question. everyone wants to be reassured by politicians or by medical experts,
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but anyone who says they definitely know what's gonna happen to all of us is lying, because it's a new virus and we just can't tell. and also it doesn'tjust virus and we just can't tell. and also it doesn't just affect virus and we just can't tell. and also it doesn'tjust affect people, it affects every area of national and international life. it quite astonishing. loads of questions to grapple with and try to answer. plenty of time to do it. newscast. newscast from the bbc. going to pizza express in woking is an unusual thing for me to do. you are a white, privileged male. nobody has a bleep clue what brexit is. this is not an elitist issue. this is a quality of life issue. i urge everybody to find closure and let the healing begin. you have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. you are failing us. it's adam in brussels. chris at
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westminster. with us we thought we would have someone who knows what they're talking about in the context of health and medical side of coronavirus as well as the contact itself. and just generally. enter our bbc health correspondent. have a seat. here's a pair of oversized headphones. i feel so privileged. james has his own coronavirus podcasts. is that allowed? hopefully you will be here to give insight and information because within the last couple of weeks, we've been talking about how coronavirus is going to become this enormous political story. it'll be something that affected all of us. no question now at the prime minister's press conference this afternoon with the chief medical officer alongside him, there's no question now. downing
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street very much in the mode of preparing the public for something very serious. this is the worst public health crisis for a generation. some people compare it to seasonal flu. alas, that is not right. 0wing to seasonal flu. alas, that is not right. owing to the lack of immunity, this disease is more dangerous and it's going to spread further. i must level with the british public. more families, many more families are going to lose love ones before their time. more families are going to lose love ones before their timelj more families are going to lose love ones before their time. i was thinking, i don't think in my lifetime, i'm a0 next month, i've ever heard of british prime minister conduct a news conference like that. using the kind of words the prime minister is using their in terms of preparing for what's coming. almost
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kind of a more fitting style scenario. two experts doing their thing that's way above party politics. talking about a challenged the nation is about to face. politics. talking about a challenged the nation is about to facelj politics. talking about a challenged the nation is about to face. i can't remember another occasion in my lifetime where you heard any prime minister actually say more people are going to die the normally die, and this is an extremely serious thing, andi and this is an extremely serious thing, and i want you to be prepared for this as a nation. it comes to some of the difference in how we are handle it, whether the government to be so confident, butjames, listening to that conference today, what was that your impression?” found it striking that they don't think they can contain this any more. for a long time to chat has been —— this is something that can been —— this is something that can be controlled. that was very clear from borisjohnson, but no, this is going to hit. we need to decide how it can minimise how hard it will hit. this is something that is
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