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to staff the itsn ”luff ii‘ul‘ei hhs? ill "lff il-‘ll hhts lu— could do to staff the nhs rather than work on a reserve force. we recruit the retired? we saw it happening aureus or movies and dads army films but i'm not sure. to try and plaster over the huge wounds left by various cuts made by government, the lesson we have learned is that we have never needed oui’ learned is that we have never needed our nhs workers to be on point, trained, motivated and not have a huge turnover that we have recently seen. and that is the last word. thank you to both of our guests. it's the film review next. hello and welcome to the film review
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with me, mark kermode, rounding up the best new movies available for viewing in the home. from eliza hittman, writer—director of the brilliant beach rats, comes another drama that manages to combine the gritty authenticity of a documentary with the poetic sensibility of pure cinema. that looks like a positive. if it's positive, is there any way it could be negative? no. a positive is always a positive. in never rarely sometimes always, hittman investigates an urgent
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contemporary issue but does so through a coming—of—age story that presents a perfectly observed portrayal of female friendship. sidney flanigan is autumn, a 17—year—old from pennsylvania who discovers that she can't get an abortion in her hometown without parental consent. quietly desperate, she travels to new york with her cousin, played by talia ryder, where these young women find themselves effectively living on the streets while waiting for the procedure that autumn was denied in pennsylvania. where's the rest of the money? the title, never rarely sometimes always, comes from the multiple—choice answers to a series of questions that autumn is asked for the procedure — questions about her health, her history, and most importantly, her safety. touching upon subjects of coercion and abuse, these questions and the responses they elicit — which include significant silences — speak volumes, not only
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about autumn's experiences but also about those of the many women who, for whatever reason, find themselves in a similar situation. don't you everjust wish you were a dude? all the time. with reproductive rights currently under attack in the us, hittman's film, which includes scenes of anti—abortion protesters, strikes a particularly timely note. but it never wears its politics on its sleeve, focusing instead on the day—to—day reality of these young women's lives and the growing bond between them. hittman describes her film as first and foremost a narrative about a girl carrying around a lot of pain and burden, and the loneliness of it all. unobtrusively lensed by helene louvart and combining the melancholy realism of midnight cowboy with the humanist art of the dardennes, never rarely sometimes always is a remarkable film from an outstanding film—maker — honest, truthful and powerful. it's available from wednesday.
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today, you will do your first word in the whistling language. which is? mama! he whistles but first, you will do it separately. ma—ma. he whistles not mamu. mama! romanian director corneliu porumboiu, best known for films like 2009's police, adjective, displays a playful attitude to genre in the whistlers, a twisty crime thriller with a colourfully noirish tinge. vlad ivanov is cristi, the corrupt bucharest cop who's knee—deep in the money—laundering scandal he's meant to be investigating. his equally corrupt superiors are onto him and he knows it, right down to the location of the surveillance cameras they've
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placed in his apartment. catrinel marlon is the femme fatale who also knows more than she lets on. in fact, all the characters in this enjoyably double—crossing drama have secrets, many of which can only be spoken in the whistling language which cristi must learn on the island of la gomera — a secret code that the cops can't crack. flipping back and forth in time, with multiple chaptered viewpoints, the whistlers is a rip—roaring ride in which everyone's playing a role and no—one is to be trusted. i enjoyed the heck out of it and you can find it on curzon home cinema, where you can also find porumboiu's previous film, the 2018 documentary oddity infinite football.
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sticking with documentaries, camino skies follows six modern pilgrims from new zealand and australia as they walk the historic 800 km trail that leads to the cathedral of santiago de compostela in northwestern spain. i'm going to die. i'm going to die in the ditch. 0h, all right. each of the walkers is facing their own personal challenges, whether it's the rigours of age and failing physical ability or the spectres of grief and loss which haunt so many travellers on this trail. it's hardly ground—breaking fare, but you'd have to be pretty hard—hearted not to be moved by these stories of hope in the face of adversity, sensitively gathered by the film—makers. you can walk alongside these pilgrims, albeit vicariously, on curzon home cinema.
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from uplifting truth to grisly fiction, the wretched is a horror film whose title invites critical scorn but which actually delivers a neat mix of character development, narrative tension and selectively deployed monstrous effects. the plot centres around a tree—dwelling witch that not only devours their victims but also makes everyone forget they ever existed, a neat narrative device. john—paul howard is ben, the sullen teenager who resents his father's new girlfriend and has little enthusiasm for his summerjob ata marina.
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but when the neighbours start acting weird — to the terror of their young child — ben becomes convinced that something wicked this way comes. nodding its head to a diverse range of sources, from rear window to fright night, via the woodland iconography of the blair witch project, the wretched is an effective genre exercise from the pierce brothers, who made the anarchic zombie flick deadheads and who here conjure up some eerily atmospheric chills and a few skin—crawling transformations. you're a very stupid boy. you think i don't know what people see? gawking at me, their eyes are like pin balls. " look anywhere but at the gork" — that's what's in their minds. but out of their mouths, we're "special needs". one must be pc after all. at the opposite end of the spectrum, more beautiful for having been broken is a very personal passion project from writer—director nicole conn.
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cale ferrin is terrific as freddie, the precocious young boy with a rare genetic condition whose mother becomes unexpectedly involved with an fbi agent, on the run from the ghosts of her past. a strange blend of televisual intrigue, romantic drama and unexpectedly adventurous dance, conn's film suffers somewhat from a superfluity of contrived backstory plot which threatens to get in the way of the characters, the most interesting element. but it's hard to fault the sincerity of the film—making, which clearly mixes personal experience with dramatic invention. poorjojo. what's wrong, little man? hi, adolf. want to tell me about that rabbit incident? what was all that about? they wanted me to kill it. i'm sorry. i couldn't. don't worry about it.
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i couldn't care less. but now they call me a scared rabbit. let them say whatever they want. people used to say a lot of nasty things about me. "oh, this guy's a lunatic!" "oh, look at that psycho! he's going to get us all killed!" i'll leave you with news that jojo rabbit, for which taika waititi won a best adapted screenplay oscar, is coming to dvd. we need somebody to walk the clones. following in a great tradition of films like chaplin's the great dictator and roberto benigni's life is beautiful, this uses comedy to address and deflate the horrors of nazism, with waititi playing a slapstick version of hitler, the imaginary best friend of a young boy growing up under the third reich. despite the potentially incendiary premise, ifound jojo rabbit to be rather bland — neither sharp nor funny enough to cut to the heart of its controversial subject. many others disagree, and the film has provoked heated debate since first opening in cinemas. you can make up your own mind about it on dvd from monday. that's it.
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thank for watching the film review. stay safe and i'll be back next week with more home viewing treats. you aren't eating. no, i am not that hungry. i might eat later. for now, i'm just going to chew on these grapes. a recent scene in shetland behind me, imagine that. the second week of may, strong arctic winds blowing in some show, as may, strong arctic winds blowing in some snow, as that cold front swept across the country. you can see it here, this line of cloud. and this is an animation of that cold air screaming out of the arctic region through today and into tomorrow. you can see that cold air spreading into other parts of europe as well, so it is not just us other parts of europe as well, so it is notjust us feeling that she'll, certainly france, all the way to berlin as well, all that cold air moving in on monday. on monday is certainly going to be a chilly day,
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needless to say, but it is going to be quite a sunny and at the very least bright day for much of the country. now, this is what it looks like through the night, so a lot of clear weather, and quite often when the wind is strong, temperatures don't tend to dip so low. but because the air is so cold coming in from the north, we're still going to getan air from the north, we're still going to get an air frost. —i from the north, we're still going to get an airfrost. —i in from the north, we're still going to get an air frost. —i in glasgow, from the north, we're still going to get an airfrost. —i in glasgow, and evenin get an airfrost. —i in glasgow, and even in the south, in rural areas, temperatures could get close to zero. in london, six degrees is pretty nippy for a night. now, here's the forecast for monday, so a lot of bright weather with some scattered clouds, a few showers as well. still a very strong wind blowing out of the north, so if you are out of the sunshine, in the shade, it is going to feel nippy. temperatures, say, only about nine oi’ temperatures, say, only about nine orio temperatures, say, only about nine or 10 degrees for many places. and on tuesday, we are looking at this little area of weather here coming into scotland, again, from the north. this is almost like a secondary cold front. we have just had one sweep through. this is going to be another one that's going to temporarily bring slightly colder airto temporarily bring slightly colder air to scotland. so for a time we could see some sleet and snow
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falling in scotland, even down to low levels, and it will be particularly cold here. only around five degrees in aberdeen, five there in lerwick, but south of that, it would be quite so chilly, maybe 11! degrees in cardiff on tuesday. so let's have a look at the middle part of the week, then stop not much change overall and the weather pattern. it's still going to be fairly bright, but the winds will slowly, slowly started to ease. so even though the temperatures are going to be similar, say, ten, 11, 12,13, going to be similar, say, ten, 11, 12, 13, with lighter winds and in the sunshine, itjust going to feel that little bit less cold. and i wa nt to that little bit less cold. and i want to show the outlook now for the rest of the week. you can see those temperatures gradually rising. certainly by the time we get to friday we could get up into the middle to high teens again, and by the weekend, possibly 20 again.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. i'm james reynolds. the british government announces a plan to end its lockdown — but there's disagreement from scotland, wales and northern ireland. we are taking the first careful steps to modify our measures. but the opposition says it doesn't answer crucial questions — and trade unions call it a recipe for confusion. south korea faces a second spike in infections — just a few days after beginning to ease its own lockdown. coronavirus infections in thailand remain surprisingly low — but restrictions are likely to remain in place for the time being.


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