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tv   Coronavirus  BBC News  May 29, 2020 9:30pm-9:46pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines... a man — sacked as a police officer following the death of unarmed black man george floyd in the us city of minneapolis — has been arrested and charged with third degree murder and manslaughter — it follows three consecutive nights of rioting. president trump attacks china's plans to impose new security legislation in hong kong, and says the us will no longer give hong kong special treatment. the uk governement announces changes to the scheme that covers the wages, of furloughed workers, affected by the coronavirus lockdown — businesses will have to start paying contributions, from august. and spain's left—wing cabinet has approved a flagship national plan to pay the poorest households a basic income. the amount will range from just over 500 dollars a month for people living alone to more than 11—hundred dollars for households
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of five or more people. at 10pm, clive myrie will be here with a full round up of the days news. first, the film review with mark kermode. hello and welcome to the film review with me, mark kermode. rounding out the best movies now available for viewing in the home. the most high—profile release of the week is the high note, a musical drama that clearly wants
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to be a star is born though for me could easily called the star is a bit boring. margaret! hi. what you think of this? do you think it's too booby? yes. no. perfect. you can go. dakota johnson plays maggie, personal assistant to failing diva superstar grace davis played with gusto by tracy ellis ross, daughter of diana ross and star of tv show black—ish. # i #iwas # i was out, i was going to go to work. # had my coffee and went back to bed. maggie's tasks are menial but she has her sights set on becoming a producer, jennifer gracewhose music she on the quiet awe for the young musical prodigy she met in a local grocery store and swapped clunkily scripted
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quips about don henley and sam cooke. maggie. david? this is david played by calvin harris junior who is so great and last year's waves and has less chance to shine here. david is an enigma, living in the kind of lavish pool laden pad that should be the layer of an international rock star. where does his wealth and musical talent come from and what will grace make of maggie's new hook up? stop, stop, stop. i am not going to tell you guys you are great if you're not great. directed by the same director who made the so—so emma thompson tv satire late night, it is gently between the passably innocuous and frankly ridiculous dishing up sub—fidelity conversations about the pros and cons of pop music interspersed with the kind of fanciful music production sequences that make 2006's wish fulfillment fantasy bands land look like a hard—hitting rocking entry.
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you said you would listen to me this time. there are a couple of nice supporting performances most notably from ice cube, grace's managerjack, a man desperate for his client to accept the celine dion style residency vegas so he can have his cake and eat it, both literally and metaphorically. you always walk away. grace. but for its vinyl loving hipsters schtick, nothing in the high note rings true, leaving this forgettable fairy tale to hit more brown notes then les dawson playing the piano without the crowd pleasing results. it is available to rent now. altogether more adventurous is only the animals, a sinewy french mystery thriller based on a novel that you can catch on home cinema.
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jessica? joseph? unfolding in a non—linear segments that flit back and forth and time like tarantino's pulp fiction, it follows the story of characters whose lives variously play out in europe and africa whose lives are linked to the disappearance of a woman. in the snowy mountains of southern france, an illicit affair and an abandoned car seem to offer vital clues to murder most foul. but as director dominic mall, who made lemming, shifts the perspective from one character to another, you realise that nothing is what it seems. to us or to them. like who you think i am, which came to uk streaming services in april, only the animals uses the anonymity of the internet as a key plot device in one of its many unraveling strands.
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this is ultimately a story about loneliness, about the way people can interact at a distance without ever understanding the true nature or effect of their actions. it is also a damn good thriller, a riveting puzzle that will keep the audience guessing, visiting and revisiting events from different angles allowing us to only see fragments of the picture until it all finally falls into place. the result may be massively contrived but there is a touch of real hitchcockian magic in the dramatic way this story is told. dramatic story telling was the stocking trade of mike wallace, the american tvjournalist who became infamous for his hard—hitting interviews and 60 minutes. his life and times are chronicled in mike wallace was here. there is a new billionaire and town, donald trump is the name. he is a major deal—maker and swashbuckler. donald, you are in your late 30s...
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you have a0 years to live, minimum. i hope you are right about that. what are you going to do? there are a lot of things to do, a good imagination, it is amazing what he be thought of. so many things to do. politics? no, not politics. starting off as a cheesy tv start to advertise cigarettes, wallace made his mark in the 50s with night beat, a no holds bar interview show that proved to be ahead of its time. you are not answering the specific question i put. a decade later he was back in a spotlight on cbs, earning himself a reputation as the most feared interrogator of his generation. but was wallace's combative style journalism or theatre and what were the demons that made him such a divisive fate figure? told entirely through interviews with no need for post hoc narration, the director of ‘s grazing characters standing boasts a wealth of archive footage from good of the early tv appearances to ground—breaking coverage of vietnam, watergate, iran
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hostage crisis and beyond. throughout we see wallace holding politicians and celebrities to account. whether it is putin, or kirk douglas or shirley mcclain. i am very pleased to receive you as my guest. anyone who enjoyed michael mann's true life thriller the insider where wallace was played by christopher plummer, will be intrigued by the doc‘s struggles that delayed his interview with the tobacco industry whistle—blower memorably portrayed by russell crowe. but the real revelations here are closer to home, and wallace's account of his personal insecurities, anxieties and struggles with depression. it is an engrossing portrait of a man in his profession and legacy, a legacy which arguably pave the way for both the best and the worst in modern tv journalism. this is the news for the hour. tell us about yourself.
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ido i do not know. you act like a science girl, tell me about science. a wannabe radio started trying to get a break around the same time that mike wallace was making waves in the late 50s is at the centre of the vast of night and an award winning pick that won a prize at the sundance last year and is now available on amazon prime. they work in a small town new mexico radio station and telephone exchange. number please. hello? there is a flying object hovering over my land. one night strange noises and reports of something in the sky lead them into a twilight zone style tale that may involve the soviets or something more out of this world. they have come here before. they like this place. it frames the upset of the paradox of the year it tv show and filled with deliberately alienating devices.
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it is a audacious feature debut from andrea patterson whose breeds strange new life into familiar old risk. the cinematographer performs wonders with fluid camerawork following characters through the streets, buildings and car parks and breathlessly flowing fashion before coming to rest on their faces, knowing exactly when to move and when to just stay still. people are saying there is something in the sky. from new mexico to south korea, the satirical classwork masterpiece
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parasite finds two families from opposite ends of the economic spectrum hunting each other‘s lives. designed with the same architectural elegance as the astonishing home in which much of the action plays out, this note perfect in became the first film made entirely in a foreign language to win the oscar foreign language to win the oscar for the best picture. it is now available both digitally and on desk with limited addition steel blood blu—ray including the black and white version of the film when she first unveiled at the rotterdam film festival earlier this year. it was held as the best film of last year i will leave you something from a movie that was widely considered to be the worst. spotlight and a drum roll please. #isit roll please. # is it what i had known, when i thought it would be? adapted from a long running stage show hit, it
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drove booze and not even a star—studded cast including judy dench, taylor swift, idris alba and rebel wilson could convince people to pay for this turkey which is reported to have lost over $100 million and cinemas. maybe it will make some of that back on desk and download or maybe not. that is it for this week, thank you for watching the film review, stay safe andi watching the film review, stay safe and i will be back next week with more home viewing treats. that is not going to work, is it. hello and welcome to the latest and
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oui’ hello and welcome to the latest and our special programmes on the coronavirus pandemic, i am victoria derbyshire. 0n coronavirus pandemic, i am victoria derbyshire. on our programme we hear from front line health workers and their fears of from front line health workers and theirfears of a from front line health workers and their fears of a second wave of covid—19 infections plus how a team of scientists are working out how it impacts different people in such extreme ways. you can always keep up—to—date with the latest information about the pandemic on oui’ information about the pandemic on our website. first the world health organisation has warned of a second peak of coronavirus cases. if lockdown restrictions around the world a re lifted lockdown restrictions around the world are lifted too soon. the threat of a possible second wave puts front line health care workers underfurther puts front line health care workers under further pressure in puts front line health care workers underfurther pressure in many countries. the bbc has been given unprecedented access from one hospital and the heart of london who have been coping with the pandemic. to hear their fears about the possibility of a second wave. the
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reports... it is in times of crisis we find out who we really are.|j have felt broken on many an occasion andi have felt broken on many an occasion and i think a lot of my colleagues have. when souls are laid bare. and this time of coronavirus one hospital and one community reflect on these troubled times. coming up forairto on these troubled times. coming up for air to reveal their souls to us. we saw the fragility of life. for air to reveal their souls to us. we saw the fragility of lifelj for air to reveal their souls to us. we saw the fragility of life. i will ta ke we saw the fragility of life. i will take out your team know. we saw its strength. how does that feel? yeah? all the while one fear wins, another
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peak of infections to rival the first. do not be fooled by the gentle pace. time is twisted here. 0n the royal london one—day cup hospital's coronavirus wards, while many patients inhabit ventilated worlds of slow—motion dreams, the doctors and nurses charged with bringing them back to life, their time moves too quickly as the cruel disease eats away at human lungs with frightening speed. let's do a couple more sections. but the medical staff have their own nightmares. are you expecting a second wave? yes, i have to say yes because i think once the lockdown is relax people of course are going to have more contact with each other so thatis have more contact with each other so that is the way it will spread. if the lockdown completely disappears, then i suspect that the case will
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rapidly rise


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