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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 10, 2020 6:45pm-7:01pm BST

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an interesting mix for the premier league sides left. one other line of football news — and liverpool captain jordan henderson will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. the midfielder scored in the 3—1win against brighton on wednesday before limping off late on in the match. he won't need surgery and should be fit in time for the start of next season. everybody felt for him, absolutely. he deserves to lift the trophy and he will lift the trophy. i said no surgery, no surgery needed, that is the good news. and for all the rest, maybe we can make our own decisions, a few decisions how it will be around the trophy lift, but henderson will lift the trophy.
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it is formula 1, max verstappen was started in second practice. lewis hamilton was down on sex. jenny has more. a lot of people are holding their cards close to the chest and expecting a lot of weather on saturday. we were expecting thunderstorms and rain which could see has had very limited running. there was a strange day. daniel ocado in his renault had a terrible day, they crash in the second practice so he got almost no running in that section. hamilton off the pace in his mercedes wasn't happy with the carts i still work today. max verstappen was the man who didn't even finish the race because of reliability problems with his red bull last time out. so i think it will be an interesting weekend. va ltteri bottas will be an interesting weekend. valtteri bottas is the man who leads the championship, 13 points ahead of lewis hamilton at the moment. the pressure is on hamilton to get a decent result this weekend. tell me
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about charles leclaire and the warning he has received. he said an official reprimand and a letter from the fia because in between the two races, everybody is meant to be in the safe bubble. he and another driver, valtteri bottas, decided to go back to monaco. valtteri bottas stayed in his bubble, went home with his girlfriend, when cycling and came back for a sub —— couple of days. leclaire got photographed in a nightclub with friends. that is definitely not part of his double so, yes, he's got a rat on the nipple, i suppose, so, yes, he's got a rat on the nipple, isuppose, and so, yes, he's got a rat on the nipple, i suppose, and told not to do it again. —— he gota rap on nipple, i suppose, and told not to do it again. —— he got a rap on the knuckles. i suppose it is a clarification for the driver is moving forward. they have to stay safe and they have to stay on the right side of the fia. let's take a quick look at some other stories making the news now.
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the scottish premiership season will kick off on the 1st of august after receiving written approval from the scottish government. clubs can arrange friendly matches as long as players are tested for covid—19 weekly from monday. wimbledon will distribute £10 million of prize money to the 620 players who would have taken part in this year's championships. it was cancelled for the first time since 1945 because of the coronavirus pandemic. and leicester tigers have confirmed that england international manu tuilagi is one of five players to have left the club after failing to agree terms on an amended contract. tuilagi is expected to move to a club in france. staying with rugby union and some premiership clubs will be playing once every four days to get the season finished. premiership rugby says protecting "the integrity of the competition" is why clubs will play seven games in four weeks when
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the league restarts. here's our rugby union correspondent chris jones. throughout this process, the premiership have been keen to com plete premiership have been keen to complete the campaign in its entirety where is the pro 1a has had to reshape their competition in the french top 1a have scrapped the seasonal together. the premiership are ploughing on, they want to finish all rounds of regular action before the semifinals and the final. but with a european cup still to be played, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, the fixture congestion is very alarming. the premiership have announced this afternoon that the season will resume on the 14th of august, a friday night clash between harlequins and sale. the final will be at twickenham on the 24th of october but there is so much to cram in in between. they will be three rounds of midweek matches, a real rarity for top—flight rugby union, games are mondays, tuesdays
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and wednesdays, with some clubs being asked to play as often as every four days. now, premiership rugby had said this afternoon at the clu bs a re rugby had said this afternoon at the clubs are all on board with a schedule and are really looking forward to it, they say it is maintaining the integrity of the competition. but with the season now going from august and october, the four internationals and then the next season starting in november, not to mention the lions tour coming up not to mention the lions tour coming up whenever it might be next summer, we are entering into an unprecedented 12 month period perhaps of solid rugby, which is going to put unique strain on clubs and players alike. a bbc investigation has found that there has been more than 160 cases of sports coaches engaging in sexual activity with a 16 or 17 yearold in theircare, over the last four years. it has prompted campaigners to say the law must now be changed. the charity the nspcc has renewed calls for a legal loophole to be closed, to ban anyone who has a position of power over a child,
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from having a sexual relationship with them. our sports news reporter laura scott has this exclusive report. it's an area of law that's been a subject to scrutiny. this nspcc campaign is calling for any adult in a position of power over a 16 or 17—year—old to be banned from having a sexual relationship with them. i spoke to a young swimmer, whose instructor was close to her parents‘ age. i metjeff, who was my swimming coach, through our local swimming coach when i was at primary school age. things changed quite dramatically now, looking back, i would say, when i turned 16. one day, he gave me a hug. it got more physical. he would ask me not to tell anyone because people would judge us. i trusted his judgment and take on things, and that he was an adult i'd known for a long time, and almost talked myself
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out of the fact i felt uncomfortable with it. the sexual offences act prohibits certain professions, such as teachers and social workers, from engaging in sexual activity with a child in their care, even if they are over the age of consent. it doesn't apply to sports coaches outside of school settings, driving instructors or faith leaders. across the 131 councils in england and wales that responded to our freedom of information request, there were 1,481 cases since 2016 involving sexual activity with a 16 or 17—year—old, by a person potentially in a position of trust that would not fall under the sexual offences act. 164 cases related to sports coaches, or adults who worked in sport. as far back as 2017, the department for digital, culture, media and sport announced there would be a change to the law, but this hasn't happened and it's been kept under review ever since. now mps have renewed calls for there to be action. there is a gaping legal loophole that perpetrators of child abuse are walking straight into. i've been raising this
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with government for six years now, and my frustration is that we keep on having reviews, and in those intervening years, while the government hasn't acted and hasjust had consultation after consultation, more children have had their lives wrecked by sports coaches. the ministry ofjustice says it will set out its plans for the legislation in due course. sports coaches and teachers shape childrens‘ careers and often spend solitary and intense time with them. the law treats them differently. laura scott, bbc news. across the world we have seen the return of elite sport — albeit with a different look and feel. cardboard cut—outs, equipment disinfected and pre—recorded crowd noises — to name just a few. well this weekend the ultimate fighting championship (ufc) are upping the ante — renting out an entire island to stage their latest series of events. dubbed fight island — it has already proved controversial — with one of the headliners having to drop out after testing positive for covid—19.
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nesta mcgregor reports on this one. in the field of mixed martial arts, there is a fine line between receiving or landing the perfect strike. speaking of landing, this private plane arriving in abu dhabi — onboard some of the sports biggest names. on arrival, the latest checks and testing before heading to their hotel for a 24—hour quarantine period. i think we have been tested, i want to say four times, already. i've been taking my own precautions but, you know, i just... been taking my own precautions but, you know, ijust... i naturallyjust sort of social distance anyway. the night will be headlined by kamaru usman — the nigerian welterweight championship will face
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americanjorge masvidal — a late replacement after his initial opponent tested positive for the coronavirus. other precautions have been taken and after i go out there on saturday and after i go out there on saturday and get my hand raised, i am glad to know i will be returning back home to my daughter covert three. you said you are going to bless his face with your fist for 24 minutes, the fight is scheduled for 25, would you be disappointed in a first round knockout? i'm not going to lie, i'll ta ke knockout? i'm not going to lie, i'll take it. if i knock him out in the first round, i will take it and go home. but i want to break him, mentally. i want to break his spirit. there is something about a man, when you break his spirit, every time he walks by you, he knows that you are a better man than him. the best fighters arriving on an island to compete may sound familiar. it's the plot line to bruce lee's 1973 film enter the dragon. over the next month,
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more than 100 fighters will be flown out to compete — at times leaving some of the countries worst affected by covid—19. brazil's president has tested positive for coronavirus. .. obviously, it is going through a bad time, but we are looking at a brighter side. we have had some life style brighter side. we have had some lifestyle changes we have had to go through but i have taken all the necessary precautions and it really wasn't that of a problem for me. any outbreak of the island could be catastrophic. maybe both financially and for the ufc‘s reputation but its owners are adamant all precautions have been taken to execute a sporting first of its kind. nesta mcgregor, bbc news. that's all from sportsday. we will see you again soon, bye—bye.
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hello there. despite there being more sunshine around across the uk as a whole today, there were some pretty hefty showers across northern and eastern parts of the country behind me, you can see the heavy shower clouds there and red and cleveland and rumbles of thunder heard but through tonight, most of the showers will fade away as the pressure continues to build. the winds turned light with the cooler air mass in the clear sky turning quite chilly. high pressure continues to build in. it kills off the showers which will eventually fizzle away, leaving clear skies with barely any cloud. there will be a bit more cloud across the north and west of scotland, here a bit more of a breeze, so when to showers at times, but elsewhere it will be drier and much cooler as well. lows of six to nine degrees quite widely. pretty cool for
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the time of the year. so into the weekend, looks like high—pressure dominating and plenty of dry and sunny weather around, with light winds and it will be drier for most with there will be a little bit of rain arriving across the northwest of the uk during sunday. the high—pressure really establishing itself across the country for saturday, so a fine start to the morning, a lot of sunshine around, pretty much how it will stay with fairweather cloud bubbling up at times. around the edge of the high we could see stronger westerly winds through the northern isles in north west of scotland, so breezy here in a bit more cloud and perhaps a few showers pushing in here but lighter winds for the south, pretty strong sunshine this time of the year. it will feel warmer with top temperatures, 21 or 22 degrees here. the mid to high teens further north. high pressure is still with us into sunday. subtle changes and we see this low pressure system and the weather front starting towards
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the northwest of the uk. the skys will turn cloudy for northern ireland and western scotland through the day, increasing breeze and outbreaks of rain arriving here later on. for the rest of scotland, england and wales, another dry day and plenty of sunshine, light winds and a bit warmer across the board, high teens in the north, we could see 23 or maybe 24 degrees in the southeast, so closer to the mid—20s there. that area of low pressure across the north and west starts to bring more rain and cloud across northern areas as we move into next week. the further south you are, it tends to stay drier, with variable cloud, and it will be a bit warmer here too.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. more than 65,000 coronavirus cases are confirmed in a single day in the us — we report from the worst hit state. we ask what may be some delay covert hotspot. arizona is now the coronavirus hotspot notjust for the united states but the world. —— what meaty son built coronavirus hotspot. as face coverings become mandatory in shops in scotland, boris johnson hints england, could face similar measures. travellers arriving in the uk from more than 70 countries and overseas territories are no longer required to quarantine for two weeks — making it easier to go on holiday. in thejohnny depp libel trial, more allegations of arguments


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