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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 11, 2020 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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hello and welcome to sportsday. coming up on tonight's programme... a leeds united legend, a world cup winner and the man credited with changing irish football. tributes to jack charlton, who's died at the age of 85. the end of the road for norwich — officially relegated to the championship as another defeat leaves them firmly anchored to the bottom of the table. england's batsmen hit back against the west indies in southampton to leave the first test finely balanced. and lewis hamilton storms to pole with a masterclass in the rain at the styrian grand prix.
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welcome to tonight's programme on a day we're remembering one of football's legendary characters. jack charlton — a world cup winner with england in 1966, but there was so much more to his remarkable career. a record breaking player with leeds united and a manager who would make history with the republic of ireland — today credited as the man to change irish football forever. earlier i spoke to former england striker gary lineker who told me charlton had the right personality to be a great manager. jack was a natural leader. he was a fighter in the way he both played and managed. and the way he got his teams to play, they were part of his
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personality put up he was a hard man but he was gentle. he seemed incredibly warm towards his players, and how funny he was as well, and quirky in his management. i'm not sure they would be too many managers like that around now. you don't get many englishmen coming over in the 80s to manage ireland, and he is probably the most loved englishmen of all time in ireland. quite a legacy he left there. and rightly so. legacy he left there. and rightly so. he did such a brilliantjob, and he did it in his own style, his own way, both on the pitch and off it, and obviously got a few players to go over there with irish history somewhere or other. true story, i saw him once and it was not long after he'd been in charge, and i was already playing for england and he said, oh, i missed out on you. i'm sure you'd be able to find an irish relative somewhere. i said, i don't think so, my dad did go fishing in ireland at least once a year,
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usually twice, since he was about 20, and he went, i'd have made that work. that was really kind. mostly for me, the memories are around him actually managing rather than playing. because of those epic encounters we had against each other, which were so tight and so difficult in that time, and i was pa rt difficult in that time, and i was part of those, and he'd always have a quip on the sidelines at the end of the game, whatever it was like. he was always very generous, and warm, andi he was always very generous, and warm, and i think those are the two things that will come through to me, even after we'd had tough games, he'd always come up and say something, and that meant a lot. gary lineker paying tribute to jack charlton. well, today the premier league honoured the world cup winner by observing a minute's silence before kick—off this afternoon while the players wore black armbands in his memory. for norwich city, there was a sense of inevitability going into their match against west ham earlier — knowing anything but a win would mean their relegation to the championship. their fate was sealed
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with a 4—0 defeat. ben croucher was watching. it's been a long time coming, not that that makes it any easier. admittedly, a three month hiatus extended norwich's stay in the premiership longer than many expected but their eviction notice has now been served. location has been on the cards for a while, but confirmation swiftly delivered, just 11 minutes for michail antonio to be given the freedom of the norwich six ya rd given the freedom of the norwich six yard box, and west ham were ahead. even when they put defenders on him, it didn't make much difference. norwich manager daniel farke has seen this far too often, a lack of goals and a defence full of holes, partly as a recipe for survival, and so partly as a recipe for survival, and so it proved us once more still in for his hat—trick, and his fourth didn't flatter west ham either. norwich sunk with barely a whimper, socially distance at the foot of the table. of course we are disappointed andi table. of course we are disappointed and i feel really sorry especially for our supporters and everybody
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connected with this yellow shirt at the club, and we need to beat the odds again and after the dust has settled you have to say, the outcome was probably just what was expected. it's been a long season for norwich and notan it's been a long season for norwich and not an easy one. in a season we questioned whether or not it would ever end, for norwich that finality is now a certainty. elsewhere watford came from behind once again to beat newcastle and open up vital breathing space as they battle to avoid relegation. troy deeney scored two second—half penalties in their 2—1 victory and give watford those priceless three points. i felt i should have scored two more within the game. i had big chances but come on the face of it, it doesn't really matter because we wa nted doesn't really matter because we wanted to win, and that's what we did. great character shown from the boys twice this to come from behind and scored two goals. we'll take the
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wins, the performances are getting better, but i'd like to have a match for, but it is what it is. chelsea suffered biggest premier league defeat since their first game of the saeason — beaten 3—0 by sheffield united. david mcgoldrick opened the scoring before oli mcburnie made it two before half time. and mcgoldrick got his second to wrap up the win. those his first goals in the premier league this season. the blades move up to sixth with that win. chelsea stay third — just a point ahead of leicester. leicester play bournemouth tomorrow. champions liverpool dropped points at anfield for the first time this season. they drew 1—1 with burnley. andy robertson's first half header was cancelled out by jay rodriguez. burnley could have snatched it late on too only forjohann gudmundsson‘s effort to hit the crossbar. the point is enough to see burnley up to 9th. still to come tonight — it's brighton v manchester city —
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that's at 8pm. in the championship, brentford are still firmly in contention for an automatic promotion place after a 3—1 win at derby county. with west brom only drawing at blackburn, brentford are just three points off second place with three games remaining said benrahma got brentford's third — a real stunner — to seal victory. the bees have now won seven games in a row, including all six since the league resumed on 20th june. here's the rest of the results. hull's 1—0 defeat leaves them in the bottom three, while barnsley stay bottom after a goalless draw with wigan. wigan are appealing a 12 point penalty for going into administration. if that appeal fails they would go to the foot of the table. west indies have their noses
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in front heading into the fourth day of the first test in southampton. england's batsmen improved on their brittle first innings effort but lost five wickets for 30 runs to end the day 284 for 8 — to give them a lead ofjust 170. here's our sports correspondent, joe wilson. 0na sunny on a sunny saturday, west indies captain would have told his team they could take wickets. be patient, look into his eyes. of course, he meant it, but it was tough work. conditions were good for batting, and england were all good with that. 0dd bursts of energy, fine, slowly burns and siddeley gave england a solid start and all that early graft meant could expand. zak crawley on his way to 76. a similar idea from joe denly, but into the hands of jason holder, and the west indies seemed happy to celebrate with full hand—to—hand contact. with ben
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stokes batting like this, england's lead would surely take care of itself. about as good as you'll get. thank but one captain dismisses the other again, thank but one captain dismisses the otheragain, an thank but one captain dismisses the other again, an exceptional game within the game, and cue stokes at 446, and how quickly things can shift, now zak crawley up. alzarri joseph the bowler and catcher, and look at the reaction of the west indies captain. it was onlyjust beginning. listen to the stumps. butler gone. next was dom bess. and then 0llie pope fell, too, as the match suddenly turned towards the west indies. england's lead is far from comfortable. any result is still possible. it was wet and it was wild. but today lewis hamilton was in his element — giving us a masterclass in wet weather driving during qualifying at styrian grand prix. he had the fastest time in all three sessions.
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taking pole ahead of red bull's max verstappen who later admitted he couldn't see a thing in the treacherous conditions. nick parrot was watching. no circuit has held two races in a formula i season prior to this year. formula i season prior to this year. for those thinking that might be boring, the weather solved that. rain delayed things for 46 minutes, but the action was worth waiting for. britain's george russell has been hampered by his slow williams but he skilfully guided it six places higher than last week. heading in the opposite direction was charles leclerc, warned for breaking coronavirus rules and then penalised for impeding another driver in the second session, he'll start from 14th. at the front, provisional pole or swapping between max verstappen and the mercedes of lewis hamilton and valtteri bottas. max verstappen‘s final chance to give red bull first pole of the tract they own slip through his
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fingers. and, as if to emphasise his brilliance in the wet, hamilton went on to increase his advantage to more than a second step what a tricky day, the weather is incredibly difficult out there for all of us, and a lot of the time you can't even see where you are going to stop i had one big moment, the lap before the last, a big aqua claim, and i had my heart in my mouth. and cue a return to form in the rain for the reigning world champion. so a great day for lewis hamilton. here are the thoughts of our formula one reporterjennie gow. we had to wait a long time for qualifying, we had to wait a long time for the season, four months, but what a season is proving to be forced to race one, brilliant and unpredictable. qualifying two, unpredictable, but hamilton was imperious. 1.2 seconds up the road from anybody else stop it puts him in the best position possible for this race, and he is 13 points behind valtteri bottas in the championship, so he needs to claw
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back some points. it's all going on in austria tomorrow, and it should be fascinating to watch, because i think yet again it will be unpredictable, with a few people out of position, including colour sense for mclaren, who starts third. and finally the 12—1 shot 0xted won thejuly cup at newmarket. ridden byjockey cieran fallon, 0xted was pushed all the way but pulled clear to win by a length. it's the biggest win of the 21—year—old's career. frankie dettori finished second with sceptical. that is all from me for now. there is more on the bbc sport website. goodbye for now. hello. when you consider that our recent weekends have been dominated
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by low pressure wringing wet, windy and quite cloudy weather, it's been quite a welcome change today, hasn't it? high pressure with us, lots of sunshine, though we did see some cloud building through the early pa rt cloud building through the early part of the afternoon and tending to spread across the sky in northern and eastern areas. that is strut or cumulus. the fine weather is brought by this high pressure. still on the chart for sunday, but this approach in weather system is to the north—west, bringing some changes to stop overnight tonight, the cloud will tend to thin ad break, so close bells will be increasingly lengthy, the extension northern scotland. in those clear moments in the countryside, turning quite cool, with temperatures down to about six 01’ with temperatures down to about six or seven. tomorrow, for most of us, we get off to a lovely start to the morning, with plenty of sunshine and barely a cloud in the sky in scotland, england and wales but, through the day, cloud will build back into northern ireland, so the best of the sunshine here in the morning at the afternoon eventually
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with rain arriving from the west. if anything, it will be a bit warmer than today, temperatures up to 20 in edinburgh, 22 in cardiff, and 24 in london. the weather is set fair for the england against west indies test match at southampton, with the sea breeze causing the temperatures to level up at about 21. still plenty of warm sunshine. looking at the early pa rt of warm sunshine. looking at the early part of next week, the high pressure starts to slip away, low pressure starts to slip away, low pressure m oves pressure starts to slip away, low pressure moves in, but the scent of that low is quite a long way to the north of the uk, so its effects are relatively weak. 0n north of the uk, so its effects are relatively weak. on monday, more cloud and patchy rain coming from the north and west, little rain affecting southern and eastern areas, where the best of the dry and weather will be. temperatures 23, but turning cooler and fresher in the north—west, as the weather turns increasingly breezy. that's not the only low pressure we will see during the week ahead, with more low pressure starting to dive in for tuesday and wednesday. each of these
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bringing renewed bouts of cloud at outbreaks of rain, especially across more than at western areas, so it's not exactly going to be a subtle sweet but, the further south and east you are, the better chance you have of the weather dry and relatively sunny. tributes pour in forjack charlton — who played in england's world cup winning football team and managed the republic of ireland — after his death at the age of 85. another one of the 1966 world cup squad to have died. but you know, he will obviously be remembered very fondly. he was a great character. 0pen air theatres, live music venues and swimming pools re—opened today , in the latest easing of the lockdown in england. labour calls for the uk government to clarify its position on face coverings , after the prime minister said a ‘stricter‘ approach was needed in england. bosnia has marked the 25th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre, in which 8000 bosnian muslim men


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